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Tips for Impromptu Entertaining

My mission these last couple of weeks, has just been to survive. Honestly, my fridge calendar looks like one big glob of pen, highlighter, sticky notes and asterisks. School events, appointments, some travel, to-do lists … it’s a good thing I’m somewhat organized or I’m sure I’d be consumed by June.

Promise is getting me through. Promise of not-so busy days, promise of no school and of summer. You guys, it’s almost July!

One thing we haven’t been doing that much of lately, is entertaining. I guess there’s comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one that is scarce this month. Everyone is just too busy right now, but soon, we’ll all need some relax time.

July will be our excuse to unwind, visit with friends and toast to the fact, that we made it out alive! Most likely it’ll be in impromptu ‘we’ll be over in an hour’ type of evening, a spur of the moment celebration and one that leaves little time to prepare.

So, with such little time to prep for entertaining, how do you best use that time to get your house ready?

Delegate: The kids can tackle the little piles of toys in the common areas. Turn it into a timed game to see how quickly they can clean up the toys, making it fun always helps. This may take up all the time, but at least it’s one thing they can go with little interference.

Have the Goods? You’ll need food and drink for your guests, so scan the pantry, cupboards and fridge for the goods. Again, you could delegate if your spouse is around, if a quick run to the store is needed. Depending on time you could make some quick appetizers, or decide the route you’re taking even if it’s a mid-afternoon visit. Then, you might only need a meat, cheese, cracker and pickle tray. Make it easy though, you need some relax-time too!

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Know the hotspots! Guests won’t be in some areas of the home, yet know which ones they will be. Make sure the bathrooms are clean {not spotless guys, just all the toothpaste wiped off the counter}. Of course, this brings us to the main hotspot …

Heart of the Home It’s the kitchen where most people gravitate, it’s the heart of the home, so ensure it’s tidy. This means moving all those paper you might have piled on the counter, and odds and ends that make their way into the kitchen. I’m a firm believer in ‘clean as you go’, so I can’t say that my kitchen is ever in complete shambles. I use small amounts of time in the kitchen, to keep up on the mess.

Yet, ensure the dishes are away, clutter is gone and the counter is wiped. It helps to have Frigidaire Gallery® and Frigidaire Professional® stainless-steel appliances that have a Stainless Steel finish, and a new anti-smudge technology that resists those little fingerprints and is easier to clean than traditional stainless steel surfaces. In fact, other than appliance handles, I rarely even have to wipe down my Frigidaire’s! One less thing to get done in the day.


How does the technology work? Frigidaire® uses high-grade stainless steel coated with layers of polymers, resulting in a sleek, beautiful stainless steel finish that is both durable and resistant to fingerprints. As a result, homeowners can have the look of stainless steel without the traditional maintenance typically experienced with standard stainless steel.

What are your tips for impromptu entertaining?


I am part of the Frigidaire Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada {#testdrivemoms} and I receive special
perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. I like to have some frozen appetizers on hand, just in case. Not the best way to go, but it’s saved me many times.

  2. Great tips, I especially love “Know your hotspots”, so true. we have an anti-smudge dishwasher and it is a breeze to keep clean. Our stove on the other hand…not so easy!

    1. I don’t get all stressed about having a perfect house, I never will and my guests know that 3 kids live here and it’s not a museum! Yet, I do like those hotspots to be clean, and it really takes no time at all.

  3. I try to keep certain items on hand for impromptu visits thankfully it does not happen very much.

  4. Agree on the hotspots, I focus on those areas too. I tend to clean these places more often anyway.

    1. very true Kelly, the heart of the home is also the one that gets the most dirty. That’s why I appreciate the little things like the anti-smudge, it helps out!!

  5. I wish we had appliances with a beautiful stainless steel finish that is both durable and resistant to fingerprints – you should see the fingerprints on our fridge! And I don’t have any kids!

  6. I usually have something either in the freezer or baked fresh for family and friends that drop by. I love the oven…I am actually warming up to the stainless steel look.

  7. I always have cheese and cold cuts in the house. It would only take a moment to throw a platter together. Hey, cake mixes are a girl’s best friend.

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