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Get Grilling with Bick’s #bicksburgers

All hail this beautiful weather and the ability to grill again! Wasn’t it a long and painful Winter?

I can’t even count the number of family barbecues we’ve already had since the sun graced us with its presence again. At home or out at our summer creek property {where we’ve spent the last 5 weekends!}, our trusty BBQs sure are getting one huge workout!

When the mood to grill strikes, I love to try new recipes to change up the ordinary. Even when making an all-time favourite meal like burgers, it’s nice to take a popular burger staple like Bick’s pickles and relishes and kick it up a notch.

Which is why I embraced a mission from Bick’s to come up with my own burger recipe. The Albertan Burger is easily coined the ultimate in burgers. 



Using a Burger Kit from Bick’s which included a variety of their products like Garlic Baby Dills and Sandwich Savers Extra Garlic Pickles, Yum Yum Sweet Pickles, Zesty Onion Relish and 50% Less Salt Garlic Baby Dills – I was able to make one mean burger which left my family and friends wanting seconds. 

My Albertan Burger {recipe at the link} is a blend of all the burger favourites, because, you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to a good burger.

Stacked high and proud this burger is made of 2 kinds of cheese {1 IN the ground beef and the other melted to perfection}, a mayo relish sauce, crisp bacon and of course, Bick’s Pickles {in the burger, in the sauce AND as a topping}.


My Albertan Burger proves you can never have enough of a good thing – summer days, warm sun, good friends and good eats!

If you are looking for some mouth-watering and unique burger recipes to try, Bick’s has quite the new collection to get you grilling this summer. They are called Bick’s cottage-burger recipes – and I’m on a mission to try them all! 

One that has me holding my plate already is the The Poutine Crunch Burger {inspired by Quebec}. Really, they had me at poutine, fully and completely.


On my must-make list is the Stampede Sliders {again, inspired by Alberta. Yahoo!}. You really must see this incredible creation {recipe at the link}, I think this one will impress the guests next time we host a barbecue which will most likely be this coming weekend. 


Yet, that’s only 2 of many. Bick’s has an entire recipe section on their site and it’s stocked full of meal ideas. It’s the season to get grilling, Canada!


Want to Win a Cottage Vacation?


The Bick’s Name a Burger Success Story promotion invites Canadians to name burger success stories at 

Just by naming a burger, you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 4 cottage vacations {awarded as a cheque} where you’ll be able to create your own burger success stories!
Now, close your eyes and picture yourself grilling {or sitting back and relaxing while a family member or friend grills for you}, in the peaceful cottage setting. Isn’t that a nice way to spend the summer? 

You better enter this one, Canadians!

To enter, just name a burger at before September 1, 2014. Plus, you can enter once per day, so set your daily reminder. Also, don’t forget to get your grill-on with one or more of the Bick’s Burger Creations found on the site. 

Cheers with a juicy burger and good luck in the Bick’s contest!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet as always, opinions are my own.


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  1. That burger looks amazing. Burgers are pretty much our go-to meal because everyone in the house likes them.

  2. Those are awesome recipes! I’m so excited for grilling season to finally be upon us!

  3. Those are seriously the prettiest burgers I’ve ever seen. And, yes, this was the LONGEST winter EVER! We’re now grilling everything!

  4. I love unique burger recipes! Your Albertan burger sounded awesome, but these other two you’ve highlighted sound great too.

  5. I made burgers today on an indoor grill because it’s been pouring rain all day. They sure didn’t look this good! These are gorgeous!

  6. All the burgers look amazing. The Albertan looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. It certainly was a long winter! We have had a ton of bbq’s already this year too. Those burgers look amazing!

  8. I love burgers. I have an entire burger board on Pinterest. The burger above looks amazing!!

  9. I am a huge fan of burgers anyway, but this one seriously looks amazing. On another note, your header is VERY COOL!!! Love the rotating pics in the photo spaces.

  10. These burger recipes had me drooling! I am going to have to try them all out as well this summer!

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