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Taking Care of My People

Mother’s Day has come and gone, yet I neglected to share how my special day went! Typically the day is filled with flowers, homemade cards, and many hugs through the entire day.

It’s a special day to celebrate and appreciate Mom, and while I do get some extra special attention, I do believe that families should cherish each other any day of the year.

Yet, this year, my Mother’s Day was a little different than usual. I spent my Mother’s Day in
Turks & Caicos! 


Peaceful coffee on the patio, morning hugs, and hey – I didn’t have to cook or clean at all that day. Bonus! Looking back, it was a Mother’s Day to go down in the record books since I was surrounded by tropical beauty and I was with my family. Indeed I felt very blessed. 

Thing is, no matter where you are, being with family brings that comfort and happiness like no other. After all, hugs from my kids are just as important at any time.

I really don’t know what I’d do without my people. Which is why taking care of everyones health {including my own}, is one of my top missions as a Mom.

A lifestyle with a balanced diet, exercise, plenty of rest and water is always on my radar. Take your vitamins, wash behind your ears. 

Orange Naturals has helped me in my mission to take care of my people. We start most days, here or anywhere, with our ND Shakes. Smoothies are tasty and the kids can’t get enough, yet I know they are always packed with the good stuff to keep them healthy.

May Long Weekend bring the opening of our farmers market again and I can’t wait to get some fresh fruits and vegetables, to add to our morning smoothies.


The ND shakes come in womens, mens and kids formulas – specifically made with what each needs. Featured on the Global Morning Show and on Steven and Chris – check out the smoothie recipes to try, especially my own Berry Good Smoothie!

I’m thankful to have my family, and I want to celebrate all those moments with them for years to come. For all those hugs and smiles, here or there and everywhere, the health of my people is crucial. 

Connect with Orange Naturals on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget their Naturally at Home blog as well! 

Stay healthy!



I am an Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part
of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. We have been making morning smoothies as well with all the fresh fruit around. I love having a product that not only tastes great but adds to our families nutrient intake. With farmer’s markets opening soon it will be nice to “hide” some fresh veggies among all the yummy fruit.

  2. I am all about smoothies as a healthy breakfast when I don’t feel like eating a “real” meal. I need to check out these ND shake powders.

  3. A Mother’s Day for the record indeed! Getting to spend it in a tropical setting WITH your family and not having to clean or cook or entertain-I’d say that’s one fantastic Mother’s Day 🙂

    Those shakes sound quite interesting! I’ll have to look into them.

  4. OMG! I am on a quest right now to find healthy meal replacement options for my son who is over-committed in sports and cant eat a meal between practices and games. This sounds perfect for him!

  5. Aww it sounds like you had an unbelievably amazing Mother’s Day! These shakes sound amazing, I have been drinking a lot of healthy shakes and smoothies lately. I need to check these out, thanks!

  6. This would be a great option for me. Because I hate food in the morning. I’m just not a morning person. so I could definitely use a nutrition packed shake for the mornings.

  7. That would be a totally awesome vacation. Sounds so nice and peaceful and that you got pampered. Sound like the drinks just added a little more pampering to the day.

  8. What a gorgeous place to visit – even better to be there on Mother’s Day! How will you top it next year?

  9. Sounds like a great Mother’S Day… I love the beach, too.. thanks for sharing, I had never heard of Orange Naturals, soo gonna check it out, sounds interesting, thanks for sharing

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