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Yoshi’s New Island for Nintendo 3DS


There are some things that bring me back to my own childhood and Yoshi is one of them. I still vividly recall renting a game as a child and running home, so eager to play.

Nintendo of Canada sent my girls the new Yoshi’s New Island for Nintendo 3DS and that feeling of nostalgia came flooding back. I smiled as they got so excited to dive into this new game featuring the beloved dino.


While the game says it’s for ages 7+, my twins at 5 adore playing Yoshi’s New Island and this makes it a top contender from the get-go, since all 3 of my kids and their friends can play. 

In this new game, Yoshi goes through 6 different worlds. The mission is to get collectibles, find new paths and secrets with the Mega Eggdozer, to reunite Baby Mario with his kidnapped brother.


If you ask my twins why they love Yoshi’s New Island so much you’ll get a, “because he can fly and I like that“. Yet, at 5 years old, I’ve seen how hard it is for this age to master flying with some games. Making it easier for the little ones, there’s Flutter Wings, which let Yoshi fly through the air.

This makes it a lot easier for them to complete the game and go onto the next level. It eases the frustration and makes it more fun for them. 

• Discover a new island containing six worlds to explore, from slippery snow slopes to watery wonderlands – each filled with creative platforming challenges, rambunctious enemies and a ton of collectibles.
• Use Mega and Metal Eggdozers to find secrets and open up new areas. Launch a Mega Eggdozer to plow through the environment, or skillfully use the heavy Metal Eggdozer to roll over enemies or explore underwater areas.
• Watch Yoshi transform into different vehicles, including a helicopter, submarine and mine cart. All vehicles can be controlled using the gyroscopic controls of the Nintendo 3DS system.
• When Yoshi acquires a certain type of Star in some stages, he can power up and become “Super Yoshi.” He’ll fly like a shooting star through the sky or temporarily be able to run along walls and ceilings.
• Battle larger-than-life bosses and solve challenging puzzles using Yoshi’s egg-throwing and flutter-jumping skills.
• Team up with a friend in the two-player mini-game cooperative challenge mode. Experience this mode with only one cartridge using Download Play, or connect via local wireless. (Additional Nintendo 3DS systems are required for multiplayer mode and are sold separately.)

Just released on March 14 for an SRP of $39.99 here in Canada, here is a list of Canadian retailers that carry Yoshi’s New Island


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Yoshi’s Island was my all time favorite game as a child!! I would love for my kids to experience it too!

  2. I just had a serious childhood flashback. Yoshi was my favorite!!! Looks like a super cute game!

  3. Oh my goodness, my kids would absolutely LOVE this game! They love Yoshi and seriously love their handheld games.

  4. I just loved Mario bros when I was little. I love introducing my boys to what I loved as a little kid.

  5. I have been looking for one more thing to add to my little man’s Easter Basket. I haven’t gotten him a game in awhile so this is perfect!

  6. Yoshi and the Mario characters were always my kids favorites. It looks like your kids had a great time playing.

  7. My son wants a DS. I’m willing, dad says nu-uh (insert tears, lol). I want to play Yoshi’s New Island!! Yep, I said, ‘I.’ haha Pretty sure my little one would love it too. 😉

  8. OMG.. Yoshi.. that’s a flash back.. Sooo excited that he’s BACK.. loved the games.. thanks for sharing, will have to look for this one for the kids.. soo excited

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