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Reader Reviews: New Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel


Last month I posted the New Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel Sampling Opportunity. In this opportunity I gave 20 of my Canadian readers the opportunity to review a new product just like I do here on My Organized Chaos.

I thank you all for being so eager to test out this new product, which is on shelves now. The interest shown was outstanding!

skintimate shave gel samling opportunity Since my own review, I also had the chance to try this product before my trip to Mexico. After all, vacations are one such event that women need to shave for. The fantastic citrus scent really helped get me in that tropical mood, and the softness stayed for the duration of my trip.


Yet, I’m not the only one that was able to try out the new Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel. Let’s hear what my 20 readers and testers had to say:

1. Lori J

I LOVED the smell and to us girls smell means alot! It left my skin so soft and left me with a real feminine smell and feeling. Cant wait for summer to wear shorts so people can see the glow off my legs! Such a quality made product and now I look forward to trying new scents they offer!

2. Charlene B

I love the smell, I am a citrus lover. LOVE this shave gel. Perfect foam consistency, smells delicious, and works exactly how you’d hope. Super smooth, it makes shaving super easy. And didn’t dry out my skin. Which is great !!!

3. Kristy S

I usually use body wash and a puff to shave. In face it has been a very long time since I have used shave gel and let me tell you boy was I missing out! First off the smell is to die for! I love how even though the weather is cold outside I escape to a tropical paradise in my shower. The gel lathers beautifully and a little goes a long way. The razor glided over my skin and there was no chance of nicking myself. I found my legs to be very moisturized afterwards and did not even need the usual gobs of lotion! I would highly recommend this product and I will for sure be using it from now on!

4. Tara L

I have had a chance to use the Skintimate you sent a few times now, and I’m pretty impressed! I gave up buying shave creams and gels a few years ago. The cost was getting a little high in my opinion, and I never got the results I expected. This kind was nice though. It smelled great, I was able to get a close shave and my legs felt soft and smooth when I got out of the shower. I was still disappointed with the price I saw in store though, and for that reason am unlikely to buy it in the future. Unless I see a great sale or find coupons that is. But I will probably keep an eye out though, cause it really does smell fantastic!

5. Sarah M

I am someone who more often than not just shaves in the shower with no soap, shave gel or anything other than water. I have used many shaving products in the past though. The Mandarin Burst has such a refreshing fruity scent, its uplifting and invigorating to use and it last for a while. It is very creamy and luxurious to apply and left my legs feeling silky smooth and without irritation. I will definitely continue to use this product, in the summer when the scent seems most fitting, but also during the winter when that extra moisturizing is much needed.

6. Jonnie H

The first thing I noticed about the Skintimate Mandarin Burst shave gel was the scent. It smells just like a fresh mix of citrus fruits that reminds me of summer. When I started to apply the shave gel to my legs I was really impressed with how little I needed to use. The product spread out very smoothly and wasn’t runny at all. One can of Skintimate will definitely last a long time! After shaving, my legs were super smooth and my skin was nice and soft. The shave gel rinsed off of my hands easily and didn’t leave any residue. I really liked that the lid of the can was ridged, making it easy to pull off even with wet, soapy hands! I wouldn’t change a thing about the Mandarin Burst shave gel.

7. Josie

When I first opened my package I loved the bottle! The colours made me feel like summer. I love the bright colors! I have pretty sensitive skin so I was a little worried about using a scented product. I got in the shower and pumped some of the gel into my hands. Orange! Love it! I could instantly smell the citrus. It was very invigorating. A great smell first thing in the morning to help me wake up. The gel foamed up very quickly and easily. After shaving my legs and drying off I noticed my legs felt very smooth and I didn’t have that super dry skin feeling that I usually have after shaving. My skin wasn’t irritated at all. No little red bumps like I usually get. Overall I’m pretty impressed! I really love it!

8. Amy H

Luscious and refreshing! Skintimate moisturizing shave gel gave me a perfect divine shave. A great smooth and silky texture with a fresh spring scent. Only a very small amount turned into a terrific foam! What a cost saver. It left my skin feeling very well moisturized and soft and it had an unbeatable razor protection. The gel was very soothing and the Mandarin Burst scent was a luxurious scent that lasted for a while. As a first time user of this brand, I am now hooked!

9. Kristine S

One of my favourite smells is mandarin or orange, so I was extremely excited to try the new Mandarin Burst for that very reason. When I opened the lid to smell the gel I was extremely pleased with the aroma: it was de-stressing and flavourful. My favourite Skintimate shave gel smell to date. I have tried Skintimate products before, so I knew I would not be disappointed with the outcome. It has been a long winter which resulted in hairy legs that needed a shave (hard to do when you have two little ones). I love how easily the shave gel came out and how I didn’t need a whole lot of gel to cover my legs. It went on smoothly and made for an easy shave, plus my legs felt really moisturized after the shave.

10. Eithne

Winter has been fairly harsh on my skin and I will admit to being lazier about shaving during the cold weather, I don’t take as much time and sometimes just used one with a moisturizing strip or hair conditioner rather than shave gel. That being said, I have been getting ready for the warmer weather and that includes getting my legs ready to peek out of clothing. Skintimate was such a treat compared to my regular brand of shave gel, it comes out as a thick gel and foams up into a rich lather which both spreads easily but also stays on the leg while shaving. My regular shave gel does not have such a rich consistency and sometimes it slips while you are shaving leaving areas that are not as lubricated. The Mandarin Burst scent is not as strong as I would have thought, it mixes well with the other citrus fruits for a light fresh scent – which also means that he has been stealing it to shave since it is not all that girly scented. It left the steamy bathroom smelling great too. My legs felt really soft and the close shave allowed me an extra day before needing to shave again. Even before I moisturized, they were soft and less rough/scaly looking so the Vitamin E definitely works but the biggest different was my armpits. I often get red bumps after shaving but there were none after using Skintimate. I will definitely be buying it in the future.

11. Cheryl P

When I dispensed a small amount In my hand I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough, but when I slathered it on my legs it foamed up and there was more then enough to cover my whole leg, you don’t need very much at all. The second thing I noticed was the smell, it was absolutely heavenly, I love it. After I finished shaving, my legs felt silky smooth and even smelt like mandarin burst. Sometimes after shaving I get bumps or itchiness on my legs but after using this my legs felt smooth and moisturized, the vitamin E, Olive butter and 6 moisturizers are probably the reasons for that. I was never a huge fan of shaving cream because I didn’t feel like they actually were helping the skin. After trying this new shaving cream I will never shave without shaving cream. This is my new favourite brand and scent, this really is a luxurious product.

12. Erika B

I live in Alberta where it is VERY dry, and therefore in the winter, my skin gets so dry and very itchy! So I need to use a good shave gel with a good moisturizer in it. So I was really excited to try new Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel! I REALLY LOVE the fresh mandarin fragrance! This shave gel really gives you a close shave, and leaves your skin feeling so soft and so moisturized! I didn’t even have to use lotion after shaving, like I usually do, because this awesome shave gel has it all, 6 moisturizers! It really gets the job done! My legs were silky smooth, with not a patch of dry skin at all. I would definitely recommend this shave gel, and I will buy it again!

13. Amy L

Firstly, I was very impressed with the size of the product. Its just under a full-size product. Very generous. When I first applied the product I was overwhelmed with the mandarin scent. And as I shaved, it kept getting stronger as if I was actually eating a mandarin. It lathered up very well, and my legs, which border on the sensitive side, especially in the winter months, felt very hydrated and smooth. Even after I had finished shaving my legs were still moisturized enough that I did not feel the need to apply lotion, like I usually would need to do. I am very impressed with this product. I love the scent and I love its moisturizing benefits. I will be buying this again in the future. I would also recommend others give it a try!

14. Carly B

If I’m being honest, it’s been a while since I last shaved my legs. Before you raise an eyebrow, it’s been a very long, cold winter. So with my razor in one hand, and Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel in the other, I got down to business. While I’m not a huge fan of shaving it is a necessary evil, and I’ve been using Skintimate since my very first shave. The first thing I noticed was the invigoratingly sweet citrus scent! A combo of mandarin orange, lemon, and lime make this the perfect summer scent. The super moisturizing gel foams into a rich lather, and helped to protect me from getting any nicks, cuts, or razor burn. I got the closest shave without irritating my skin. The end result? Summer-ready stems that are incredibly soft and mini-skirt ready. Skintimate transformed the mundane task of shaving into an enjoyable experience for my legs and my senses.

15. Natasha S

{who wrote her own blog post on it!} This specific Skintimate shaving gel has Vitamin E and Olive Butter which is makes my legs feel amazingly smooth. It also contains 4 more moisturizers! This shaving gel is my new favourite one! I love how tight the lid goes on. My girls have a habit of wanting to play with “Mommies Shaving gel” as they think its a playtoy. With that Lid they couldnt get it off! This is one of my favourite feature! I advise anyone that shaves should buy this Shaving gel!

16. Lori G

Shaving is part of my daily routine so having a gel that was tailored for women is always appreciated. I am all about the scent of products, and this scent was gentle and refreshing. A scent that will give me that energizing boost I need in the morning. I liked the nice pink colour, as well as the creamy lather the gel had. I find my skin can be very dry and itchy, and this gel has the moisturizing content I need to help with both these issues. The Skintimate® Signature Scents® Mandarin Burst gets five stars from me, I will definitely continue to use this product.



  New Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave GelAs mentioned in my sampling opportunity post, all testers who submitted their brief reviews after trying the new Skintimate Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel – were also entered into a draw to win a $100 gift card.

So, I dusted off {hello, old friend!}, this generator will randomly draw a winner from the participants listed above.

Drumroll….. and Congrats Amy L!


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.27.07 AM


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  2. Sounds like a great new addition to the Skintimate line up. I’m going to have to see if I can find it in my local store. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic reviews!! I usually buy the pink Skintimate but I love citrus scents so I will buy this next time 🙂

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