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Fresh Clean Clothes are a Breeze this Spring

You guys!! It’s Spring!!

Ok, so rejoice when looking at the calendar, yet out my front window? Not so much. Yes, it’s still cold and yes, it’s still snowing. BUT, it can’t last long, right? It’s this fact that makes me so deliriously happy, instead of months of cold we have maybe weeks. I’ll take it!

It’s almost time to fold up the snow pants, tuck away the winter coat and box the mittens and hats. All this clutter that has been taking up my entranceway will be gone, very soon.

I’ve already started clearing out the winter gear, little by little. I can keep a few of the essentials out but the bulk of the items can be finally stored. I’m thrilled to be replacing this bulky gear with lighter jackets and sweaters, sun hats, sunscreen and even bug repellant. 



Right now we you can transition too – start the {happy} packing away of the winter clothes and bring the ‘in-between’ wardrobe pieces to the front of the closet in anticipation of warmer weather.

With twice the laundry on your plate, ensure you get the results you are looking for fast, so you can spend more time doing what matters most to you.

Finally, a laundry detergent powerful enough to be called OxiClean!

Fresh Clean Clothes are a Breeze this Spring: OxiClean™ is here to help ensure the whole family’s winter snow pants, woollens and fleece are cleaned, stored and ready to be boxed up.

Avoid packing away that favourite sweater with spots of coffee – and if this is the last season for some items make sure you still wash them before donating to a friend or charity.

Whatever the season might throw at your clothes {or whatever your kids throw on themselves}, at least you can be sure that your winter wardrobe is clean before it heads back to the basement/attic/back of the closet.

This spring, the maker of OxiClean™ Stain removers has launched a brand new line of powerful laundry detergents that clean clothes deeply and removes a wide range of everyday stains.


So why is OxiClean™ so powerful and how does it work? This new detergent is powered by three high-performance colour safe enzymes, to fight a wide variety of complex stains and provide brilliant whites and bright colours. Tough, dried on stains including grass, soil, clay, fruit, chocolate, grease, oil, blood & more.

I use OxiClean all the time in my kitchen and now I’ve trusted it to work some magic in the laundry room. Since the Winter clothes will be packed away for as long as possible {woot!}, I want to store them *knowing* they are clean. 

Now that we have a product that can help clean winter clothes and make them ready for storage, all we need is the warmer weather to hurry up and get here ….

I’m waiting at the door with my sandals!!


oxiclean-logoAvailable now in a liquid or convenient Pak at Walmart and other fine retailers across Canada. 

Liquid Detergents: 1.77L (38 loads): $7.99, 3.43L (74 loads): $ 12.99, 5.10L (110 loads): $17.99 Detergent Paks: 729g (27 paks)

 Visit for more information.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always, opinions are my own.


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  1. It’s spring? Somebody forgot to tell Ontario 🙁 I’m eagerly awaiting the warmer weather so I can pack all this bulky gear away for a few months!

  2. Ah, I totally can’t wait for spring! This chilly weather just won’t seem to leave us this year! Maybe some spring cleaning will help give it a push? This sounds like an awesome detergent!

  3. I am so anxious to put our winter clothing away! Especially the winter boots and coats! I have a box in the living room ready and waiting for it all to be put in! I almost had it all gathered up and then it snowed last week and we had to pull it out again. /sigh. One of these days I will get it put away into storage and then I can pull out the spring clothing and get it washed.

  4. Oh my goodness, we would not be able to live without OxiClean. It is the only thing that really works on the dirt that my kids bring home on their clothing.

  5. I love OxiClean, thanks for sharing, it sure gets my kids play clothes super clean…

  6. I use the spray bottle but haven’t given this a try. I love how it works, so I will have to get it next time I am out.

  7. I didn’t even know they had a laundry detergent! My husband is an OxiClean fan and does all our laundry, so I’ll have to share this with him.

  8. I actually put my sandals on the other day and walked around the house in them. Can’t wait to rid myself of those hot, confining winter boots. I’m going to look for this in my local store. If it works as well as the stain remover I’ll be happy.

  9. I have not tried this product. By the looks of the snow around us and more to come tomorrow I am not sure if I will get to put away the winter clothes this year. Had my snow pants on last night shovelling and definitely going to need them again.

  10. We’ve lucked out on the BC west coast. We’ve had an awesome winter and spring! Can’t wait to try out this new Oxi detergent.

  11. Oxyclean is great. It gives a nice fresh scent to my laundry. Stuff I put away last season still smells fresh. (Am I the only one that likes to sniff the laundry?)

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