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Sponsored Post: Never Say Dieting Oath


A few years ago I wrote about how my daughter, who was 6 at the time, thought a perfect body created a perfect life. My daughters’ statement has crossed my mind countless times since then, that small conversation sent a huge ripple in my world of parenting and still effects me today.

Knowing how much kids take in and imitate, I’ve always been conscious of my own words and actions. I know that my girls’ values and attitudes rest heavily on my own perceptions, speech and actions. That is why the word ‘dieting’ is never ever spoken in this house. To me, it’s a self-shaming word. Restrictions and harsh limitations that is placed on yourself to change your body. 

Instead, when I made changes to my diet and exercise routine, I say things like ‘mom is trying to live healthier’ or ‘mom wants to be stronger and have more energy‘. I have even coughed uncontrollably or have started a conversation when a diet commercial comes on TV, to break my girls attention from it. Yep, I detest that word and what it can do to a woman. 

 A recent survey commissioned by Multi-Grain Cheerios examining young women ages 10-17 revealed some compelling stats:

  • 3 in 5 women have been on a diet
  • 52% of girls get their information about dieting and nutrition from family members
  • 1 in 5 girls under 18 is currently dieting

These statistics make me terribly sad, and in saying that I can then say how much I love that Multi-Grain Cheerios has launched “Generation Healthy”, a program aimed at encouraging women to recognize their self-worth and become part of the solution as a role model living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

It’s an initiative to stop using this word and giving it power over ourselves and our lives.

Never Say Dieting Oath

To help create a world without dieting, Multi-Grain Cheerios is encouraging Canadians to take the first step in being a positive, healthy role model by taking the “Never Say Dieting Oath” at This is an oath I can completely stand behind. 

Along with this, is a video from Canadian Olympic Champion Silken Laumann. She addresses her daughter Kate, speaking to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and of eliminating the word “Dieting” along with all of its negative connotations from the vocabulary of people across the country.

If you have girls, it’ll hit you hard. If you don’t please still watch since I know there’s a young woman in your life that it’ll remind you of. This is beautiful …


This post has been sponsored by Multi Grain Cheerios, but concerns our own opinion.




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  1. You are so right. Plus, dieting doesn’t work. The only thing that works is changing your way of eating and exercising. Doing those stupid quick fix diets never work in the long run.

  2. Ugh I’m so guilty of using the word Diet with our girls around. These days we’ve chosen a healthier eating/living style and focus on that instead.

    1. Good for you, I know that word made me feel uncomfortable as a kid, I don’t want to add stress to my own kids. Growing up is hard enough.

  3. I love this!!! I don’t use the word diet either. I do my best to make healthy life choices. Diet just implies that yo-yo effect of eating cabbage soup for a week and then gaining back 5 lbs the next.

  4. It is amazing to see just how young the impact is on our young ones. My son who is six often talks about him being too skinny. We need to focus on health rather than size. I love your post!

  5. What an important and relevant post. I have a 15 year old daughter and she is constantly worrying over her body image. No matter how much I praise and assure her, she still feels she needs to diet.

    1. Awe, that truly breaks my heart. I think we’ve all been there ourselves, it’s tough and it’s so hard to convince someone otherwise. 🙁

  6. What a fabulous movement and one I’d definitely enjoy promoting. I have been trying very hard to make sure my daugther not only knows that I think she’s beautiful, but that she knows I think I’m beautiful as well. No matter my size.

  7. I love this Tammi. I totally agree. I don’t use the word in my house but it’s interesting how the word still makes it home from school or peers. A healthy lifestyle should definitely be the focus.

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