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Snack Healthy with Taste of Nature Bars


A couple weeks ago I made a pledge to snack healthy with Taste of Nature Bars. I, like others, fail when making huge {and oftentimes unattainable} resolutions. That’s a lot of pressure to put onto oneself!

I have learned through the years that small choices are more likely to succeed, like ‘slow and steady wins the race’. In my pledge, I vowed to change my terrible snacking habits and have incorporated one Taste of Nature Bar into my daily diet. Opting for a good-for-me bar that tastes so {SO!} good was exactly what I needed.


This filling snack is full of goodness and I’ve found that it really prevents me from heading to the pantry in the late afternoon like a savage animal. Chances are you could be the same way as more than half of Canadians (54%) say that convenience is a top consideration when making a snack choice, while another 38% point to accessibility.

So, the key for me is to keep healthy snacks like Taste of Nature bars up front and centre so they are chosen first. In fact, my Taste of Nature bars are in a basket right on my office desk, a reminder to stick to my pledge and change my habits for the better. 

So, Why Taste of Nature? Their organic fruit and nut bars are like no other. They are simple, healthy, and delicious, offering a ton of mmm, along with a long list of certifications including:

  • Organic – certified by both Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. and Eco-Cert Canada,
  • Taste of Nature meets the requirements of Canada Organic, USDA National Organic Program, the Japanese Agriculture Standard, and the Europe Union
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Vegan – as certified by The Vegan Awareness Foundation
  • Kosher – verified by the Orthodox Union
  • Certified Low GI – Taste of Nature bars have been clinically tested by the Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc., Toronto, and come in well below the ‘low GI’ target of 55.
  • Gluten-Free – as tested by the University of Nebraska, Taste of Nature bars contain less than 10 PPM (parts per million) of gluten**.

So who’s with me in incorporating simple daily choices that you can stick to?!

Taste of Nature would like you to visit their Facebook page before February 28th and Take the Pledge to Snack Healthy just like I did!

When you do make that pledge you’ll be entered to win a daily draw for a yoga mat and $55 worth of Taste of Nature bars! 

Also don’t forget to enter my own Taste of Nature Prize Pack Giveaway, valued at $200!
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the company, yet as always, opinions are my own.




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  1. I haven’t tried any of these items yet, but they sound delicious and nutritious. I’m always looking for ways to improve my diet without taking away flavour. Hopefully I will be able to find these bars at one of my local stores.

    1. I am a self proclaimed ‘bar snob’, so for me to say I adore these? Yeah, it says a lot!! lol

    1. I agree, what a fantastic find! good luck in the contest, I’d love to hear one of my readers won!!

  2. Ohh these look yummy, I love the different flavor options … I am going to get some and put in my husband’s lunch bag, he will love the Pecan Parade!

  3. These look yummy! I love crunchy snacks but that often leads to unhealthy choices – these have lots of bragging rights!

    1. So true!! I love the taste of these so much, it’s really curbed my snacking on alternatives. So happy I made the pledge, simple ways to make positive changes!!

  4. You know what? I am a horrible snacker… I went to a nutritionist years and years ago who said that I am considered a grazer, so I am always looking for healthy snacks… these look amazing! Thanks so much

    1. Yes! I am probably one of these too, always been my downfall. This is a long due change for me!

  5. I haven’t tried these, but I would love too. I love healthy snacks like almonds, low fat pudding, fruits, ect. These would be perfect!

    1. A great addition to the daily diet! They have some fantastic bars, I couldn’t even name an all-time favourite from them all!

  6. I tried one of these just the other day, it was delicious! Entering their contest and yours, fantastic prizes!

  7. These are so good, I’m addicted to them. Which is a good thing that they are so healthy for you, making that pledge!

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