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Is there ever an opportune time for sickness? Why do those nasty bugs show up at the worst of times?

As if colds, fever and sniffles aren’t bad enough on their own; they also come with a complete disruption of planned life. Total chaos can ensue from a runny nose!

Earlier this month my twins started getting a cold. I could tell by the 4 sneezes that morning and a change in their tiny little voices. My first thought? Oh no you don’t!

This was the worst time, as usual. There was school, activities, a cheer competition coming up, 2 birthday parties. Not to mention Valentine’s Day which included a Kindergarten party, and my twins would have been devastated if they missed it.

Also, for the first time in a long time, my husband was home from work for Valentine’s Day and tending to sick kids wasn’t included in our plans!


 My husband and I were both looking forward to a special dinner at home, and some quiet time during an especially busy week. Last time I checked, there was nothing ‘quiet’ when it came to kids being sick. It’s not the ‘whine’ I wanted to toast with on this day. So, this cold had to be stopped in its tracks, there was no time nor the energy to fit sickness into my schedule. 

Orange Naturals, recently awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Winner’s Seal of Approval, had sent me their Cough & Cold for Kids Tincture. Perfect timing right?

Fighting an infection? Reach for Cough + Cold Kids tincture formulated specially for kids. It combines the power of echinacea, the number one herb for colds, along with thyme, licorice and chamomile to help fight off infections – especially those that settle in the nose and chest. Thyme is an wonderful herb with antibacterial properties, while licorice can clear away congestion and calms coughs and chamomile ensure your child gets a restful sleep. Cough + Cold Kids version is found in a sweet glycerin base to suit the taste buds of your little ones. Strong enough for adults but made especially for kids.

Benefits of Cough & Cold for Kids

  • Fights infections of the upper respiratory tract
  • Relieves cold symptoms
  • Helps in the treatment of common colds
  • Shortens the duration of colds and upper respiratory tract infections
  • Helps to relieve coughs
  • Reduces symptoms of bronchitis
  • Calms
  • Sleep Aid

What did I have to lose but two colds, right?

My findings are … Katie stopped sneezing and sniffling by the next morning. One full day of taking the Cough & Cold for Kids {and nothing else except a warm bath and drinking plenty of water}, and her cold symptoms stopped completely. Sophia, she took an extra day to get rid of her sniffles and sneezing.


 Like her sister, her cold was very short lived in comparison to their usual run-ins with sickness. They always had signs of it for 2-3 days PLUS full-on sickies for a week after the fact. This time, they only showed mild symptoms for a very limited time and that is it.


 While colds and flus disrupt all facets of life when they decide to shake up your life, I have to say with a chuckle … NOT THIS TIME!

Check out the article on 3 Simple Immune-Boosting Lifestyle habits on the Orange Naturals blog. ‘Cause having your plans not fly out the window, is such a sweet small victory!

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  1. Aw, your girls are precious. I’m glad they started feeling better. Our kids always seem to be able to bounce back a bit quicker than we do.

      1. but then we force them to rest, while we still go go go despite being sick. Perhaps a lesson in slowing down when you need to!

  2. anything I try to ward off colds doesn’t seem to work, I’m going to try this next time. Thanks for the suggestion, a cold free house is a happy house!

  3. that was close, happy to see things turn around, sounds like a great product to have on hand!

  4. We have been lucky with no colds yet this year, but you know one is coming. I need some of this just in case.

  5. Great writing, Tammi. I will have to give this one a try. Amazing results and I am glad that the girls didn’t suffer longer than they had too.

  6. So hard on the little ones when their sick.. and their parents :)… I’m so very happy to see those beautiful faces feeling better and beaming with smiles again!

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