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OPI Brazil Collection #giveaway


Released on February 5th, the OPI Brazil Collection brings the colors of tropical rainforests and warm sandy beaches to nails and toes for Spring/Summer 2014. This new collection features a palette ranging from bright hues of red, pink, coral, orange and yellow to earthy tones of taupe, sienna, mocha and jungle green.

It is hues that I was most excited about, catch up by reading my OPI Brazil Collection review!

With sun-soaked shores, tropical fruits, and lush flora/fauna, Brazil is such an inspiring locale,” exclaims Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP. “I wanted women around the world to embrace the energy and playfulness for which Brazilian women are known. Through the Brazil collection, with shades drenched in color and charged with shine, women can express themselves, showing off their sexy, mysterious, fun and exciting natures.


On spring runways, models were seen wearing lots of black and white, with bold accents of orange and yellow and muted elements of taupe and clay,” continues Weiss-Fischmann. “Brazil by OPI provides vivid hues to add a pop of color to a neutral-toned wardrobe, as well as earthy tones that easily transition from day to night.

Nail lacquers will retail for $10.95 CAN each at professional salons and spas across the country. For more information visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

Disclosure: I was provided with product and compensation to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

WIN IT: One Canadian reader is going to get the entire OPI Brazil Collection, arv $130

TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



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  1. I’d like to win because I think OPI polish is fantastic and summer is coming ….. I need new colours!

  2. I cant wear nail polish at work, or Jewelery..but I can have my toe nails all painted as they are covered up…. but after work I live in flip flops.,…

  3. I’d like to win because Opi is a great quality product with an endless line of shades and products.

  4. I would LOVE to win so I can try all the colours before I buy to see if they suit me or not and if not ( some of those really bright ones) I would share with my family and friends, so we all win 🙂

  5. I would love to win because I love nail polish – it isn’t possible to have too many! 🙂

  6. I would like to have a spring mani/pedi party with my girls and get ready for sandal season! Soon please! 🙂

  7. If I won I would share up the 12 opi bottles with my daughter and my Mom so we can each have four so we can all try OPI as of yet, we have not tried any of their products but would luv too try and share..:-)

  8. I like trying different nail polish colours so I would love to try the colours in this collection.

  9. I love nail polish and having my nails done and don’t have any of these colors yet or this brand so would love to win.

  10. I’d like to win because after a day of being in my military uniform, I love to put fun colour polish on my nails!

  11. I love to keep my nails done up and OPI is my fave polish. These colors are amazing! Thank you for the chance, my fingers are crossed

  12. After this long cold winter, it would be great to be able to snazz up my finger and toenails with some beautiful polish! My daughters and grand daughter (2 years old) and I could put a whole new spin on the “painting” party!

  13. i am in need of some new colors. i literally only have two different color nail polishes

  14. I would like to win so I can paint my nails with my Grandmother, Mom and Sister. We love doing Stay At Home Manis and these colors would be so fun!!

  15. so my mom, daughters, grandaughter and myself could have a girls day and paint each others nails

  16. I love OPI nail polish, it is amazing quality ! thank you for the chance, my daughter and I would love to win this one 🙂

  17. I’d love to win the entire OPI Brazil Collection because with this fabulous color selection I can share with all my daughters and granddaughters!! 😀

  18. I need to up my game and want to be more stylish. Nice nails are an important part of this.

  19. I’d love to win these because the colours are gorgeous and my daughters would love them.

  20. I love the colours and since my accident I cant wear any heel so this is the only way top make my feet look nice cuz flat shoes and flip flops suck

  21. I have not purchased a new polish in a couple of years. My collection could sure use some new, fresh colours.

  22. I would love to win because I love nailpolish, I would love to own some of these colors, so beautiful!

  23. Love the bright colours for summer and also some great shades for more dressy occasions, plus the collection is big enough to share with a friend.

  24. I would love to win because I love pretty nailpolishes,,and these are all lovely,,!!

  25. Cause I haven’t gotten new nail polishes in years. These colors are amazing! Love most of them which is pretty impressive!

  26. I’d love to win because I’m a nailpolish addict and could use some fresh stuff! Love these colours!

  27. I’d love to win as me and my step daughter bond over salon time. She would want to do my nails more with all these gorgeous colors to choose from!!

  28. I’m going to Cuba in April and would love to have some pretty colors to wear on my fingers and toes 🙂

  29. I would love to win this collection for my BFF, who is a huge OPI fan and needs a splash of colour to cheer her up after this ridiculous winter

  30. I would like to win because one of my good friends loves nail polish and I would love to give these to her!

  31. I’d love to win because I love polishes and I love the polish colours in this collection

  32. This is a fantastic collection of OPI…I would love to have this to share with my daughter.

  33. I love to win so I could change my look weekly. And add a bit of a pop to my look. Thanks for the contest

  34. Thank you for the contest. Best luck everyone. I have not been much for doing my nails in the past but have been inspired by my Daughter to wear it more often as it makes me look younger.

  35. I’d love to win these. I love OPI, they have such great colors. And its long lasting.

  36. I’d love to win because i like ALL of the colours in this collection. Ususally there are only one or two colours in a collection that i would wear, but i’d wear all of these.

  37. When I babysit my granddaughters they love to have me paint their nails. They would love these colours.

  38. I have always loved OPI products. They are so dependable with such a great assortment of colours. They last waaaayyyy longer than any other polishes out there. These are such beautiful new colours.

  39. I love OPI and these colours are fabulous! I would love to win and set the stage for a new season!

  40. I am entering your giveaway.
    I want to win the entire OPI Brazil Collection so i can give this to my sister and niece to share.
    They love nail polish and i know they would love to have this collection.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I would love to win because I love all the colours. What a treat that will be to refresh my colours.

  42. I would love to win this to have some new & great colours to use this summer! Love OPI polish!

  43. I’d love to win because I don’t have ANY nail polish and I need some before the warm weather gets here!!!

  44. I would love to win because my daughters and I love to paint our nails together

  45. my daughter loves nail polish and doing nails many different ways these would look nice with her collection thank you

  46. I’d love to win because I love OPI polish, and the colours in this collection are amazing.

  47. OPI is my favorite polish! I love these colours perfect for the beach or a night out with my hubby! Thank-you for the chance good luck everyone!

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  49. I love every colour in this set! I am going for a pedi and mani next week…would share with my sisters and daughter!

  50. I’d love to win because I live in northern Ontario, and have just lived through nineteen months of winter. So I need some cheerful funky nail varnish to cheer me up.

  51. Love to win these to share with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Wonderful selection of colours.

  52. I love OPI so much. I only have a couple more months of mat leave before i don’t get to do pretty nails every day! I want a different colour for every week 😀

  53. I would love to win because when I have my friends over we love doing eachothers nails!

  54. I’d like to win because this is the best OPI collection I’ve ever seen I’d wear all the colours and have polish parties with all my besties!

  55. I would like to win this collection because I am a nail polish addict and my favorite brand is OPI! These colors are fabulous!

  56. I’d like to win because all of my nail polish is from before I had kids- so they are all old, chunky, and not very useful! It would be great to update my collection and maybe have a little something to pamper myself with. Thank you for the chance!

  57. I’d like to win so I can keep my nails and my 3 daughters’ nails looking great! I love OPI colours and the quality of OPI is great.

  58. I want to win because I love nail polishes. I am always so careful with my nails so that I don’t break them in order to wear pretty coloured nail polishes!

  59. I would like to win because not only do I benefit from nice fun colours but so does my family! My aunt and cousins usually come over and we’ll paint each other’s nails so it would be fun to share these great colours with them.

  60. I would love to win because I love the variety of colours and now that I no longer bite my nails they are long enough to put nail polish on them.

  61. Those bright colours would cheer up any dreary winter day! They’d make the day seem that much more happy.

  62. I’d love to win because OPI is my favourite polish brand – they are amazing quality for the price, and I love their fun collections. The Brazil collection is gorgeous, I especially love the bright colours, perfect for Spring and Summer! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  63. I would love to win this for my daughter. She loves to collect nail polish and her birthday is coming up!

  64. I have finally after many years stopped biting my nails and I live OPI. Now I can actually use the wonderful colors and shades that OPI is famous for .

  65. Because I LOVE OPI products and this collection has some especially beautiful colours!

  66. I really like to try out new colours but I’m too afraid to buy them because I don’t know if they will suit me or not.

  67. I’d like to win so I can give my 3 adult granddaughters their favorite nail polish OPI

  68. I would love to win because I love OPI nail polishes and would love to add to my collection!

  69. I’d love to win because I need new nail polish and I like the colour combo – some bright and peppy, some more reserved, it’s a great combo for all occasions.

  70. I’d like to win because I’m a Suzi so I LOVE that their CEO is Suzi and I get a polish named after me in every collection!!

  71. I’d love to win so that my daughter and I could do each other’s nails for the spring and summer.

  72. I would love to win because it has been many years since I have worn nail polish and have been wanting to again for awhile

  73. OPI nail polishes are fantastic. Long lasting and colours are endless. They are a wardrobe necessity!

  74. I love OPI polishes, and I love that they are a Canadian brand. I was not pleased when Sephora switched over to their own brand, OPI is so much better!

  75. I love OPI and can never get enough colours. The salons look at me strangely when I bring my own.

  76. I’d love to win this collection because I’m totally addicted to nail polish and nail art! Thank you for hosting this great give away 🙂

  77. i would like to win this because my daughter is obsessed with nail polish and would love her.

  78. I love changing my nail color often – this would be a great collection to have!

  79. I would love to win this, unfortunately can barely afford food with my new job so definitely cant afford nail polish right now and would LOVE some new colours for spring and summer.
    Thanks for giving us all this opportunity 🙂

  80. I would like to win because I only every do my own nails, I have a hard time splurging on manis and pedis. This would give me many more colors, also OPI is awesome and lasts the best once applied.

  81. I love all the new colours in the collection,i would have fun doing my nails with these!

  82. I would like to win because I would really like some new nail polish colors for spring/summer!

  83. I want to win for my sister. It seems like every week she shops for a new nail polish colour. She loves painting her nails. I would love to surprise her with this gift.

  84. To make my friends jealous of my pretty nails, and to get them to go buy some also!!! 🙂

  85. I would love to win because I love nail polish & would love to try out some of those colours 🙂

  86. I like to do my toenails in summer and these would be wonderful to have with so many colors.

  87. My fingernails and toenails are always painted but it’s time for some new shades! I always use OPI nailpolishes because they are the best that I’ve found.

  88. I LOVE OPI nail polish and with my two daughters, we would make great use of this prize!

  89. I’d love to win because OPI to me is one of the best polishes out there. And because I need a new line as the polishes I had we getting old and I sold them in my yard sale to replace with new colors and such but never did so now I just have a non-laquer type brand of just a few colors and they are about gone now too, so I really would love to win. I have been familiar with OPI for a long time. Great product!.

  90. Best quality nail polish around! Little more expensive than most, but definitely worth it! Plus they have the best colors

  91. Saves me time and money!! (No time to get a professional mani/pedi). The colours make me think of Spring and summer. Bye bye winter

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  93. I’d love to win it because my 10 year old daughter and I love to do our nails together!!

  94. All of my nail polish is old and needs to be replaced. Winning this would save me a nice amount of money!

  95. I do my nails so often that these would definitely go to good use! I would really appreciate it!

  96. I would love to win because I am a nail polish addict and OPI is my favorite brand!!

  97. I am a huge OPI fan, but at times can’t always afford their pretty polishes. I would love to win and share the ones that aren’t me. That being said, I might have to try some of the colours that looking at the bottle, I would consider too hip for me!

  98. I would love to win because OPI is great nail polish. I usually have to buy a cheaper brand. This would be an awesome prize for pampering myself!

  99. I would really love to win because I love OPI but its not something I can always afford on my budget. It would be great to be able to win the collection!

  100. I would love to win because I can not go all summer without wearing a nail polish call toucan do it if you try haha

  101. i love feeling girly and feminine and would love to use those colors on my nails because I am just creative and love to shine like a diamond from the inside out.

  102. Because doing my nails feels like I’m spoiling myself with beautiful rich soul-lifting colours.

  103. Because I haven’t gotten any new nail polish shades in a while and it would be so nice 🙂

  104. I LOVE LOVE LOVE OPI, definitely my favorite brand and haven’t tried any from this collection yet!

  105. Who wouldn’t want to win that!? Plus, my toesies could use them, to be honest! LOL

  106. I’m really digging this collection, I need it to make my nails pretty!

  107. OPI is my favourite brands of nailpolish ever and lately I’ve been into learning how to paint designs on my nails. Winning this would be awesome!!

  108. I would LOVE to win because i absolutely love painting my nails, and I’d love to try so many of these colours out!

  109. OPI is supposed to be so good and ive fallen in love with painted hands and toes 🙂

  110. I am just now able to grow out my nails, this would really make them look spectacular!

  111. I’d love to win, as I love painting my nails – but find it difficult to justify the cost per bottle 🙁

  112. My sister and I both love nail polish and OPI is the best. We actually have mani/pedi

  113. This would be awesome to spend some mother-daughter time giving and getting mani/pedis

  114. I would like to win because I love nail polish and I would love to add these to my collection.

  115. I have very little nail polish and I’d love to have more colourful nails going into the better weather.

  116. I would love to win, because I love trying different colours in nail polish. And this is WOW!!

  117. I would love to win because I am crazy about OPI! I’ve had long nails since I was 7 years old. My oldest has long nails. I have 2 little girls so painting our nails is a weekly treat. :).

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