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Get Back to Basics with Adams Natural Peanut Butter

 I admire those that live as mother nature intended, eating and using only {mostly?} natural products. They make it look so easy! Onlookers like myself can’t help but feel overwhelmed. Where to start?

I’ve come to realize that it takes one small change, to cause another. Don’t ever expect huge changes to happen overnight, just start with one and go from there. In this case, try introducing one natural product into your home at a time and build that inventory!

One delicious yet easy change?

Get back to basics with Adams Natural Peanut Butter. Made with only peanuts and a dash of salt, Adams is the perfect way to simplify your life, and get back to what is best and easy for you. It contains no added sugar and no trans fat and tastes divine!


The trick is to find new ways to enjoy the foods we love. It needs to be easy, especially with today’s busy schedules. So I worked with Adams Natural Peanut Butter on snack and smoothie recipes that can be made in minutes.

Yet trust me, this peanut butter is just as good on its own as well. Pass the spoon, right?

peanut butter and jam coconut smoothie

The PB & J Popcorn and PB & J Coconut Smoothie recipes that I featured last week keep the taste of natural peanut butter in every bite or sip – and are convenient to enjoy with any active and busy schedule. It’s easy to experiment with simple, yet delicious PB flavour combinations.


natural-peanut-butterThe full product line is currently available in British Columbia and Alberta {I recently got mine at Walmart} and includes a variety of options to satisfy different natural peanut butter preferences:

  • Adams 100% Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Adams 100% Natural Creamy Unsalted Peanut Butter
  • Adams 100% Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Adams 100% Natural Crunchy Unsalted Peanut Butter

If you haven’t yet done so, check out my PB & J Popcorn recipe and PB & J Coconut Smoothie recipe. Find these and more simple and naturally delicious recipes at

PB and Banana recipes

natural-peanut-butterThe recipes found at Adams Natural Peanut Butter use flavourful ingredients, such as coconut, banana, oats, yogurt and 100% natural peanut butter. Even dark chocolate can be combined to make simple time-saving recipes that can be made in minutes.

One easy change, right? Naturally un-overwhelming. I love that! 


What is your favourite recipe to make with peanut butter?


Disclosure: I was provided with product and compensation to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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    1. Ha, I’ve been hearing that a lot! You know, it’s a combination that I’d never have thought that I’d care for. Turns out – it’s WAY better than you’d first think. You must try and see for yourself! YUM!

    1. Right now it’s only available in British Columbia and Alberta, but I’ll keep you updated on availability elsewhere. Keep your fingers crossed, it’s so good we Westerners need to share!!

    1. Your friend is a wise woman! lol
      I’m sure she’d love to see the recipe on the Adams site as well!

  1. I couldn’t imagine life without peanut butter. My favourite way to have it though is toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich. Comfort food.

  2. I love the Adams natural peanut butter. We eat a lot of classic PB&J sandwiches at my house. But I also love PB and Banana sandwiches. Toasted ones are even more delicious!

    1. Agree! I found that if you mix it really good, you don’t need to unless a while passes since you last used it.

  3. I would love PB in a smoothie.
    Problem is…my son has a horrible nut allergy.
    So I get my PB&J fix once he’s gone to bed, then I have to clean everything I’ve touched.
    I hope he grows out of it because the health benefits of peanuts are amazing.

  4. I loooove this PB, it’s the only brand I use πŸ™‚ I didn’t realize they had unsalted versions though!

  5. We buy only Natural Peanut Butter. Taste so much better. I have not seen this brand around.

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