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Introducing Orange Naturals


I am many things but a ‘crunchy’ mama is not one of them {not by a long shot}, yet more and more I’m introducing more natural products for myself and my family. Thanks to friends suggestions, my own experiences and plain curiosity – I’m taking small steps to introduce more naturopathic products into our daily lives.

For instance, I’ve researched different natural oils and their effects and started using ones like tea tree oil and peppermint in the last year. Having seen such amazing benefits with these alone, I can’t help but want to expand on it. 

 In my quest to learn more about natural products for my family, I have taken on the role of a Orange Naturals Ambassador for 2014. This is the first month that I’m diving into this Canadian company and their products for men, women and children. I have to say, it’s a great start to the New Year!


My own education on natural products up until now has been a slow process – there is so much information out there due to popularity, it’s so hard to keep it all straight. Am I right or what?!. So, I believe this partnership will help my mission and in tun, help others as well. Maybe you have the same interest as I do and would love to learn more. Exactly!

So, What is Orange Naturals? Designed by licensed, Canadian naturopathic doctors, Orange Naturals combines the core components of natural medicine into a line of professional-grade, yet family-friendly, naturopathic products. Bring natural medicine home. Quality, natural supplements for everyone at every age and every stage – babyhood, school years, teens, athletics, pregnancy, adulthood, men, women, pregnancy, menopause and senior years. 

So, to start off my partnership, Orange Naturals sent me a variety of their items from their very diverse {wow!} lineup of natural products. Included was ND Shake mixes for men, women and children, a shaker, Probiotic Powder for toddlers through teens and Tinctures for my kids {Calm for Kids, Cough & Cold for Kids and Digestion & Appetite for Kids}. 


Each of these items really fits well with my families needs, especially the tinctures. Yet, I’ll save the stories on each for other months, after some more testing with my children. 

For now, lets talk about the ND Shakes.

Can we first say how much the world gone shake-crazy? I mean, I can jump on Facebook at any given time and see a handful of people posting photos and talking about their shakes for the day. With so many shakes out there screaming for attention, it is so hard for anyone to decipher facts from the influx of information. 

Orange Naturals ND Shakes are not a meal replacement, and it’s always best to get nutrients through whole foods. Yet, the ND Shake is a packed full of nutrient goodness, to fill-in where diets lack and ensure optimal nutrition. So, if you know that there are some minerals and vitamins you don’t get in your regular diet {I’m looking at you picky kids!}, this shake serves as the ideal topper to ensure optimal health.

The ND Shakes are a ‘powerhouse blend of easy-to-digest vegan protein, greens, and superfruits, plus a customized multivitamin to meet the specific health needs of each family member’. They contain no artificial ingredients or contaminants and are free of GMO, dairy, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts. A full ingredient list can be found on the site, and they are available in all natural chocolate or vanilla. 


Just add 2 scoops of the ND Shake to your choice of beverage once a day. This is perfect for a snack or breakfast if you are on the go and tend to skip the first meal of the day {I’ve had mine as shakes with yogurt and fruit, with a handful of almonds}. I’m getting better at the whole ‘balanced diet’ thing, yet I know I still need improvement. The kids? Well, kids will be kids and there is definitely need for ND Shakes in their daily routine. 


The kids look forward tot heir ND Shake daily, they opt for it blended with milk and a cup of mixed berried in the afternoon. When it comes to taste, 2 of my 3 kids like the taste of the powder, the one who is always picky will enjoy about half and then pushes it away. So, I’ve started adding more fruit to hers to mask the taste a little, and she is fine with it. 


So, this is just the beginning, an introduction to Orange Naturals, with so much more coming your way this year. 

Orange Naturals has just launched a blog, Naturally At Home, tailored to helping moms bring natural health into their homes! The blogs are written by two naturopathic doctors, a homeopath and a nutritionist – and yes, they have a mom’s perspective! So check it out, especially the information on Vitamin D which is so very important for our long, dark Canadian Winters. 




I am an Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part
of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.





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    1. Let me know if you have any question Tiffany, we’ve gotten pretty used to the mens, womens and kids ND shakes!

  1. I am really liking the ND shakes myself! They are a great quick go-to smoothie and healthy so it’s a win win! I have been having fun making different smoothie concoctions for my kids 🙂 I enjoyed reading your insight!

  2. It’s hard to know which minerals and vitamins are missing in diets – better safe than sorry I say!

  3. I had not heard of ND Shakes but am going to be looking into getting some to try out. I know my daughter will love hearing about this for her little ones as they can be picky and this is great when she is in a hurry and has to get out of the house to take her daughter to school. I think even for myself perhaps I could handle having breakfast if it was something this good for you and so easy.

  4. Thanks so much for this review – I’m trying to be more conscious of what I give my family (it’s scary, some of the things that are on the shelves these days!)… and always love hearing about new natural products for us to try.

  5. I love that they were developed by a naturopathic doctor. I’m a firm believer in natural medicine and in healing the whole person. Prevention is key! Sounds like you’ve got your family onto an amazing journey of health! The drinks look yummy.

    1. Thanks Stacie, you can see why I’m so eager to learn more. So impressed with the products so far!

  6. I’ve never heard of these shakes or these products. My kids LOVE smoothies in the morning and I’m sure they’d love to try these.

  7. Ive heard a lot about this line recently and really like the sounds of it.. Thank you for your review!

  8. I too think this shake and smoothie crazy is…well just plain crazy! This product, however, would be one I’d look at as I have learned just how terrible processed foods are.

  9. This company sounds great! I’d love to try the protein powder. Looking forward to hearing more!

  10. Just came across this product and have never heard anything about it. I have a very picky daughter that will not try anything new…her diet consist of Strawberries, peanut butter sandwich, cheese whiz sandwich, Mr. Noodles and chicken nuggets and french fries, plain greek yogurt. I have tried everything under the moon with her. Just wondering if this is something I should try with her?

  11. Hi! I’m looking for a shake to help my 53 pound 11 year old gain some weight… he’s a picky eater…
    This post is from a while ago, just curious on your current thoughts on ND shakes for kids?
    Would you recommend these shakes for weight gain and not just as a vitamin supplement?

    1. Well, I think adding vitamins and minerals helps with overall health. I’m not a health practitioner, just a Mom – but I’d say give it a try. It might fill some deficiencies that are somehow preventing full nutrition. .. ?

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