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Walmart Online Shopping – Look at me go!


Thanks to an especially chaotic Fall schedule, I had {and still have} little time to hit multiple stores to do my Christmas shopping. What up Tammi – shop online! Well, truth be told, I oftentimes look at a price and think ‘I just know I can get this a lot cheaper at Walmart‘. That statement right there is what always prevented me from doing the majority of my shopping online. 

As soon as December 1st arrived, I knew I had to tackle that shopping list once and for all. While I already had quite a few items collected from sales through the year, I still had a lot to purchase. We all know the few weeks before Christmas are like a whirlwind and if I didn’t stand up and be the master of my to-do list, I’d be so stressed out. Walmart online

Thing is, December came with a guest – in the form of a blizzard that caused the city to go into a state of emergency. Fantastic. 

This was right when I had planned to go to Walmart for groceries and to get gifts. *sigh*

What perfect timing – I was asked to complete a $100 shopping challenge with Obviously I needed that excuse to do some online shopping, so I was game. So, in the middle of a blizzard and all comfy in my PJ’s with a coffee, I went shopping! … and didn’t have to pack up the kids. #winning

If you haven’t checked out in a while, go right now and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Go ahead, take a peek – I’ll wait …Walmart online



The site is kinda like shopping in-store, yet online. Add things to your basket, and check-out with Free Shipping {no minimum purchase required}. The site also has a new design, providing a smooth shopping experience no matter which device you are on. 

As I browsed the site I noticed that the online store offered the same low prices as in-store. FYI – I know this since we are there so often. Small city Mom of 3? Yeah, I know my Walmart prices people!

I searched for items on my list, and easily put a handful of items in my cart for family members. Oh, and if you are a family member, kindly close this page now. Peeking at gifts is frowned upon. Seriously, buh-bye!

Carrying on …

I also got some household items that I needed as well. You know, those stragglers that you ALWAYS forget when shopping in-store and then realize you forgot them when you get home? Yep, those.

Garbage bags and batteries – into the cart you go! With free shipping, I’m thinking I’ll be ordering a lot of stragglers from now on. Again, #winning. 

There are food items on the site, but there isn’t a huge selection yet. I did see a lot of Gluten Free foods though, so make note those who shop for these items. I hope there will be more grocery items added soon, I’d love to be able to purchase school snacks and pantry goods and have them delivered right to my door. As the products available increase, so will the amount I’ll shop on the site.

Same low prices + free shipping + one less run to the store = Bring it on!

So, my total came in just under $100 and I got 11 items, 8 of which are Christmas gifts and 5 of which are DVD’s. Good score on the $2.97 one, right? 🙂


Another truth: This was an easy task, I easily found great deals and loved the ease of this shopping experience. Will I shop at again? Absolutely!

In fact, I placed another order the next day for a bigger ticket item from my shopping list. Not telling what that is though, I’m sure some curious family members are still reading {cheaters!}. 

Needless to say I’m completely happy with my purchase and will be shopping at more often!




Disclosure: I was provided with a Gift Card for my participation in this challenge. As always, all opinions are my own.




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  1. That’s a great deal. I haven’t been on the site in a while the last time I was on there really wasn’t much to buy, but I see they have improved a lot now

  2. Thats awesome, great deals for sure. I love walmart. I have purchased a few gifts so far from

  3. Shopping made easy! Gotta love online shopping. I have to check out walmart’s site sometime. Thanks for blogging about it

  4. I love Walmart – great prices and products and fast shipping. 90% of my holiday shopping is done here!

  5. Wow, you did great! I have also bought quite a few of my children’s gifts online at this holiday season. I am super impressed with their fast shipping too!

  6. I am definitely going to go and check out We have a Walmart but it is limited to what and how much it brings in. This might just be the answer to that.

  7. I do a lot of shopping online as well, we live in a rural area so it’s very convenient for me since the big brand stores aren’t very close by.

  8. I have seen the Walmart site online but we only live 5 minutes from the Walmart store so we usually just go there. I find it easier to take something back if its broken or doesn’t fit.

  9. Online shopping is convenient but oh so risky. I have bought way too many pairs of shoes online.

  10. Nothing makes me happier than being able to find the things I need for cheaper, thank you for showing me your tips, I will put them to use.

  11. I do most of my shopping at Walmart, and very seldom go any where else, because of the friendly staff and great prices, but never thought to shop online with them thank you you have just saved a lot of hassle, and anything I can do in my pj’s is awesome:)

  12. i do most of my shopping online now. amazing deals! love shopping walmart online

  13. I love shopping online plus loving Walmart to do my everyday shopping so this is a win win.

  14. I am not opposed to shopping online but I usually do my shopping in person. I never know what to get someone for gifts so I tend to wander until something hits me. In terms of Walmart I have gotten some great gifts from there, including my moms laptop.

  15. Love that Walmart now has online shopping! And that shipping is free! Win-Win if you ask me and the fact that I can do it in my pj’s – bonus!

  16. I did’t know that Walmart Canada offered shopping online. We live in a remote community, and having to drive 2.5 hours to Prince George when I don’t have to does not appeal to me in the slightest. The free shipping is absolutely amazing. I believe that this may make up some of my Christmas shopping 🙂
    Thanks Tammi!

  17. That really is fantastic, I had no idea that Walmart was now on line for shopping too. AND free shipping, really can’t beat that can you. It’s often the shipping costs that otherwise make a reasonable article just too expensive.

  18. lol….i really love your style of writing Tammi!! and your right about those last few little items that you remembered that you forgot!! I usually remember those the minute i walk in the door and drop all my bags on the floor!!! No better way to ruin what you thought was a successful shopping trip!!! but how easy is it to quickly adjust your shopping cart online!!! now thats #winning!!! thanks for the great read!!

  19. I do online shopping sometimes, but usually only if they are offering free shipping.

  20. I havent shopped but i do look at the website sometimes before i go to the store, i should try it soon tho

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