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M&M Meat Shops for the Holidays


Christmas is just a couple weeks away, which means my to-do list is jam-packed. Wrap presents, do some baking, attend seasonal activities and gatherings … that’s just a few, not mentioning the ‘usual’ suspects on my to-do list.

One thing I’m looking forward to getting done, is to shop for our annual appetizer night which happens on Christmas Eve. It’s become a tradition for us to host a casual and relaxing evening with appetizers and drinks. It’s fairly low-key, which is exactly what I need the night before Christmas, like a wind-down after the rush and some peace before the big morning with the kids.

While I make a few dips and appetizers myself, I do rely heavily on pre-made appetizers for our function. You know where I’m going with this, right? M&M Meat Shops! The store has become my go-to for Christmas Eve appetizer night since we started the tradition. The selection, quality, price – it just can’t be beat.

So this year, my to-do list contains a to-buy shopping list for Christmas Eve. Not wanting to wait until last minute and add even more stress to myself, I plan on going to M&M Meat Shops tomorrow to stock up. Great timing too – they are having a 3 Day Sale!


My top picks for appetizers to serve during the holidays:


bacon wrapped scallops hoiday appetizers

Bacon Wrapped Scallops – My Fave!

Keep these on hand to serve and surprise guests. Plump and juicy Canadian sea scallops wrapped in pre-cooked smoked bacon. They just melt in your mouth. 20-24 pieces.







holiday appetizers M&M meat shops review giveaway

Hors d’Oeuvre Quartet

 Impress your guests with four delicate puff pastries – Roasted Red Pepper with Asiago Cheese Puffs, Mushroom and Leek Triangles, Caramelized Onion and Three Cheese Crescents, and Spinach with Feta Cheese Puffs. 10 of each. 40 pieces






oriental party pack holiday appetizers

Oriental Party Pack

One of our most popular specialties! This enticing array of appetizers is ideal for party platters and Asian-inspired meals. 12 mini Potstickers, 12 mini Vegetable Spring Rolls, 15-16 bite-sized pieces of Breaded Chicken Breast, and 15-16 bite-sized pieces of Breaded, Boneless Pork Loin. Approx. 60 pieces. 





homey garlic chicken wings

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

 These fully cooked wings are covered in a sticky sweet honey garlic sauce. They’re great for parties or snacks. Tips removed. 22 to 28 pieces.







shrimp party pack appetizers M&M meat shopsShrimp Party Pack 

 Our sumptuous Shrimp Party Pak is an extravaganza of shrimp! We’ve used authentic Thai recipes to create this irresistible collection of Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Purses, Curry Shrimp Samosas, Savoury Ginger Shrimp Twists and Sweet & Sour Wonton. 40 pieces






What are your favourite appetizers at M&M Meat Shops?  


Disclosure: I was provided with a GC to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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  1. I would get bacon wrapped chicken, wings and maybe some of there prepacked meals like, sheppards pie ect for the family.

  2. We LOOOOOOOVE their Chocolate Chunk Buttercream Bars, they are such a treat during the holidays!
    We also have appetizers all night long on New Years Eve so will be stocking up on Battered Zucchini Sticks & Bite Size Sausage Rolls – yummmmmmy!!

  3. We always buy the oriental packs when we have company but I would love to try the crispy torpedo shrimp, battred onion rings and the french onion soup!

  4. M&M’s Stuffed Red Jalapeño Peppers are new, the cheese inside is a delicious twist! Superb holiday appetizer!

  5. Love to try all ur wounded meet haven’t been in the store yet please and thanks u

  6. Their soups are delicious, and I like the gourmet chicken breasts. I think I would treat myself to a delicious box of nanaimo bars as well.

  7. Love seafood so I’m definitely picking up that shrimp tray!
    My kids love meatballs and chicken. 🙂
    Thanks for the yummy giveaway! Will come in handy for the holidays!

  8. I would get chocolate chunk buttercream bars, cabbage rolls, stuffed chicken, bacon wrapped filets.

  9. I’m totally with you, with their Bacon Wrapped Scallops. They’re soooooo yummy!!!

  10. Oh my, such a hard decision to make…If I had the money, I would buy most everything in the store…:)

  11. Potato skins, bacon wrapped scallops, mozza sticks and most of the desserts!!!

  12. I would get Crunchy Almond Bars, TOO TALL® Red Velvet Cake, Salt & Pepper Calamari Rings, Korean Style Beef Short Ribs and Spaghetti Bolognese 🙂

  13. The Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Shooters, Extreme Crunch Chicken Chunks and the Too Tall Red Velvet Cake

  14. Too tall tuxedo chocolate cake (amazing!!), mini vegetable spring rolls, mini quiche florentine

  15. i want everything!! lol i love their ice cream, juices, and not to metion the potatoe (stuffed)

  16. I would like to buy the extreme crunch chicken chunks and the salt & pepper onion rings. The Pulled Pork Potato shells look tasty too!

  17. I love M&M Meats..I would buy the Oriental Party Pack and the Bacon wrapped scallops!

  18. I love M&M meats! Their cheesecakes are to die for. If I had that gift card, I bet there will be quite a few cheesecakes (chocolate swirl is my favorite), some extra crunchy jumbo wings and their tempura boneless chicken. The oriental pack is a favorite here as well as the potato skins so I can see quite a few awesome goodies to choose from.

  19. I love their White Chocolate Raspberry Too Tall Cake and their Broccoli and Cheddar stuffed chicken breast!


  21. mmm I love M&Ms . we love the slow cooked pot roast, and meatballs are always winners at my house!

  22. Want to buy the chcken strips, shrimp ring and a few other treats for my elderly parents. They don’t cook for themselves very often now and want to jsut be able to heat something up. It would help them immensely!

  23. French Onion Soup, Battered Zucchini Sticks, Buffalo Style Chicken Wings and Shrimp Party Pack.

  24. Oriental part pack for sure! But I love their cabbage rolls, can cabbage rolls pass as an apply!

  25. Beef wellington bites, louisana style chicken wings and too tall tiramisu cake all look amazing, definitely must pick up!

  26. I buy my husband M&M wings whenever they go on their $10 a box sale – totally worth it!

  27. I would love to have some tomato and provolone party spirals!!!!!!!!!! also love the sausage and pastry!!!

  28. I love scallops so naturally my favourites are the Bacon Wrapped Scallops , hmm delicious. Mind I do like most that are on offer 🙂

  29. I’ll have the French Onion Soup for starters then move on to the Wrapped Scallops, lots and lots of them.

  30. I want to buy their Nanaimo bars and Loaded baked potato soup and cabbage rolls.

  31. I love M&Ms . My Mom got me going there and I haven’t stopped. Good luck everyone.

  32. Oriental Party Pack, a New years tradition in our house and quiche for the morning after!

  33. chicken wings, bacon wrapped filet, mozza sticks, stuffed potatoes and sooooo much more lol

  34. The chicken and dumplings, the white chocolate raspberry cake, the wood fired veggie pizza, and some app samplers to name afew Thank you for chance.


    All for our games on Christmas Eve!

  36. I’d love to try their Mac & Cheese. Their Caramel Apple Blossom looks to die for! I really wanna try their Apple Butter Tenderloin!

  37. I like getting the mozza sticks… mmmm…. husband loves cheesecake. or anything that’s a dessert

  38. I’d love to get Mozza Sticks, French Onion Soup and Louisiana Style Chicken Wings.

  39. I would love the HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN WINGS the Teriyaki Sirloin Steaks and the Caramel Apple Pie

  40. I want to buy the oriental party pack, bacon wrapped chicken and chocolate chunk butter cream bars.

  41. Christmas Eve isn’t complete at our house without the Oriental Party Pack and their wonderful selection of different shrimp

  42. We stop there all the time. We love their fall off the bone ribs, sample party pack, mozzarella sticks, and shrimp tray

    1. They just had their shrimp tray $8 off on Vancouver Island. Love their shrimp tray 🙂

  43. I love their chicken wings, fries, and especially the oriental party pack! 🙂

  44. I will take any of the desserts from M&M , they are a meat shop but they have awesome desserts!!!!

  45. Potstickers and mozza sticks , meatballs and a hot dip. Just add guests and we’ll be all ready for holiday fun!

  46. I would get the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, sausage rolls ( my son loves them) and some bacon wrapped scallops

  47. I love the oriental party pack, the lasagna and the skinless boneless chicken breasts

  48. I love their Mozza sticks , chicken nuggets , steaks ALL lol , tasty burgers oh YUM

  49. My fave appies are the Hors d’Oeuvre Quartet and Zucchini Sticks!
    Their Bumbleberry Blossoms make AMAZING desserts served with whipped cream! YUMMY!

  50. I would buy the Shrimp Rangoons,
    Louisiana Style Chicken Wings and their Too Tall Lemon & Cream Cake

  51. I would love to buy their desserts for christmas especially the TOO TALL® Cranberry Cake.

  52. I want to buy the “Fall Off the Bone”® Barbecue Pork Back Ribs and 6 Cheese Tortellini Bowl

  53. we had our wedding in our home and cooked all our own food. the oriental party pack was on the menu that night. sometimes I cook up a few pieces just for myself for lunch. love their alfredo. so many yummy deserts. I can never remember the names but I just describe it to the person working and they know what I’m talking about.

  54. I’d get some Teriyaki Sirloin Steaks and some dill salmon. I also stock up on frozen vegetables and some butter tart squares!

  55. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering. One of my first picks is the Shrimp Rangoons. I would also love to try the Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Shooters,Mini Lobster Pub Pies and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Puffs.

  56. I love the Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars and their stuffed chicken breasts are really good too. And I always have an Oriental Party Pack in my freezer for company!

  57. Wow, everything looks so good! I would love to buy the Festive Yule Log and the Cheesecake Variety Pack!

  58. Assorted Macaroon Party Tray
    Caramel Apple Blossom®
    Both are things I would love to buy.

  59. What doesn’t??? Yum! I would get some Nanaimo bars, individual soups, cabbage rolls, salmon portions…

  60. Oriental Party Pak is my all times favorite. And I would love to try Salmon Wellington. Now I’m hungry…

  61. I’d love to try the ssorted Macaroon Party Tray, their crunchy almond bars and the BISTRO CHICKEN® RICOTTA & SPINACH

  62. i love m&ms im going today to get chicken strips 9.99 nanamo bars 9.99 and french onion soup yummy

  63. I love their jalapeno poppers, Nanaimo bars, chicken Kiev, and strawberry shortcake bars.

  64. Chicken Breast Grills, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Strips (we love chicken!) and a Chocolate Truffle Dream Cake

  65. I love M&M Meat Shops and shop there quite often. What is on my next want to try list is the Salt & Pepper
    Chicken Chunks, Firecracker Shrimp, and Beef Wellington Bites. Thanks for a delicious give away and Happy Holidays!!

  66. Definitely, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tournedos, Italian Sausage and Penne Bowl and Vegetable Spring Rolls

  67. I want to buy Shrimp Rangoons, MOZZARELLA STICKS and Popcorn Shrimp. Appies are one of my husband’s favourite parts of the holiday season

  68. We love their chicken breast and the oriental party pack! the Tiger brownies much more


  70. I would love to try the oriental party pack and the cabbage rolls. Both sound wonderful!

  71. I would get Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Shooters, Fig & Brie Phyllo Cups, Vegetable Egg Rolls and Shrimp Platter

  72. i love there bacon wrapped steaks and there chocolate peanut butter ice cream and there steak pie and the list goes on.

  73. I love their desserts and would get the Too Tall tuxedo truffle cake and chocolate truffle dream cake.

  74. I want to buy their meatballs, apple blossoms and broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts

  75. Wow, I’m browsing the site and I didn’t realize what a large range of products M&M carried! So many yummy sounding items! I would definitely love to try the Hors d’Oeuvre Quartet, the Wood Fired Margherita Pizza, the 6 Cheese Tortellini Bowl, French Onion soup, and the mozza sticks. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. I would like to buy Popcorn Shrimp, Salmon Wellington, Crunchy Almond Bars, Sweet Potato Fries and Wood Fired Ricotta and Spinach Pizza! mmmmmmmmmm!


  78. I love M&M chicken breasts, breaded chicken chunks and their soups! I can’t wait to try the bacon-wrapped scallops. Yum!

  79. We actually just had their beef roast for dinner tonight, and I called my Mom and we agreed we’ll get a few more for Christmas Day and save ourselves the time and hassle of doing it ourselves. Their peanut butter ice cream is amazing. And of course we love the chicken.

  80. I’d love to try the Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet Mignons & the Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake.

  81. I visited and want to try their Salmon in Dill Sauce and their Macaroon Madness Bars, both sound delicious!

  82. i would get some chicken tenders, buffalo chicken wings, tuxedo cake, apple blossoms, spring rolls, single serve lasagne …lol can you tell im getting hungry LOL

  83. Their chicken breast and their cabbage rolls are awesome…I would purchase those items.

  84. Popcorn Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, North Atlantic Lobster Tail, Boneless Chicken Chunks, Buffalo Boneless Chicken Chunks, Shrimp Party Pak,Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Puffs, Savoury Cheese Trio,Assorted Macaroon Party Tray, TOO TALL® Tuxedo Truffle Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo, Chocolate Truffle Dream Cake™, Choco-Banana Skewers,

    I had to stop looking there are so many things that look good

  85. don’t have to visit as I have my list right here, mozza sticks, chicken wings, Creamsicle too tall cake

  86. i’d love to try the SALMON WELLINGTON, HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN WINGS, and the BATTERED ZUCCHINI STICKS. Great product selection!

  87. yummmm I would get a few oriental packs and some of the taters for my kids, they love them,

  88. I would totally buy some mozzarella sticks, brie bites, crunchy almond bars and a yule log!

  89. I would get a few soups (French onion is my fav) , Jalapeno poppers, too tall strawberry shortcake, oriental party packs, some of their single serving microwave dinners.

    We love M&M Meats

  90. Bacon wrapped scallops and their french onion soup and chicken wings for the kids. Although the Asian party pack would make it easy to host any party.

  91. Oriental party pack for sure!!! What is winter without…FRENCH ONION SOUP! MmMm Peanut Butter Ice cream!!! Oh and the Roast Beef…is also a fav in this house!

  92. I would like VANILLA SUPREME BARS® and I always buy CALIFORNIA STYLE MIXED VEGETABLES so will buy MORE!! 🙂

  93. Kids love the honey garlic chicken wings and I am a huge fan of their frozen chicken breasts. Never any fat to clean on these and so easy to use, just thaw and use in any recipe you need.

  94. mmm they have great stuff, nanaimo bars,, oriental party pack has great snacks,, & mozza sticks,

  95. Definetely will by the Tall Strawberry shortcake. makes a nice lite dessert, also some chicken breasts

  96. I would like to get the Shrimp Rangoons, Salmon Wellington and Raspberry Fruit Juice Bars
    pam w h

  97. I need to pick up a couple Oriental Party packs and some chicken strips…..soo good!!

  98. I would like to try the shrimp and scallop pasta bowl and the cheese ball. I used to buy the stuffed chicken all the time but when I went in the other day it was discontinued! A sad day for me because that chicken was so good!

  99. I’d like to buy M&M Meat Shop’s Chicken Satays with Warm Peanut Dipping Sauce, and Too Tall Tiramisu Cake.

  100. We love M&M’s for holiday appetizers (let’s face it – anytime appetizers) One of our favourite weekend nights will be appie dinner night. I always try to keep a few different kinds in my freezer for those and any other occasion. I like the oriental party pack and the hors d’oeurves quartet.

  101. mmm bacon wrapped scallops! We have always had the meatballs and oriental party pack – always a crowd pleaser!

  102. love the zucchini sticks . mozza sticks, coconut shrimp and shrimp ring is a staple!!

  103. I love their bacon wrapped scallops and the Italian meatballs are the best I’ve ever had from a store.

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