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Hot for the Holidays – Monster High 13 Wishes Doll


It was just over a year ago that my daughter become obsessed with Monster High. Like most of her friends, she wants to collect anything and everything that she can in the brand. Water bottles, blankets, posters … here are a few examples:

monster high birthday cake myorganizedchaos

  • She wears Monster High

grade four


  • She colours Monster High

monster high colouring sheets

  • Yet, it all started with a doll, right? She obviously she plays with Monster High dolls.

monster high dolls

Isabelle’s Monster High Dolls are so special to her, always displayed on her desk. Sometimes she’ll let her little sisters play with her Monster High Dolls, yet only under direct supervision so pieces aren’t’ lost.

My girl can rattle off the names of them all, tell you all about them and know which ones she still needs without thinking first. Yep, a TOTAL fan girl. 

I always say when choosing gifts, look to what they love, already have and need for their interest. So, wrapped and under the tree are some Monster High items for my little fan-girl. A t-shirt, socks and something she’s been asking for, for months – 13 Wishes!

Thanks to Mattel, my daughters squeal will be heard across the country. They sent us a Monster High 13 Wishes dolls, one that my daughter doesn’t have and really wanted – Draculaura!

monster high 13 wishes doll review

Draculaura doll is decked out from fang to toe for a rockin’ party! The fashionable daughter of Dracula wears a genie-inspired outfit, including a pink-and-black dress and jewelry with gold details throughout, and she comes with a matching lantern accessory.

Compared the regular Monster High dolls, the ones in the 13 Wishes Collection are from the 13 Wishes Movie! Which is also wrapped and under the tree, it’s one of the gifts that I bought earlier this Fall for her.


So, when looking to gift your little Monster High Fangirl, look to what she has and check whether she has any dolls from the 13 Wishes Collection. They are the newest and most popular right now – and you’ll get MASSIVE hugs for it.

Purchase them wherever Monster High Dolls are sold {like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us}. 



Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.





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  1. My little 3 year old is starting to love Monster High. The dolls are a little older for her, but we do watch the show together!

  2. My daughter loves the Monster High dolls, she says they’re so much more interesting than the usual play dolls since they all are so different and have such colorful personalities.

  3. My granddaughter loves Monster High. The cake is so beautiful and am going to show to daughter so she can try it out for my granddaughters bd in January.

  4. Oh man Monster High is hot! My girls both want the dolls. I haven’t bought them any yet. Maybe for Christmas though. My kids have so many dolls already _ it’s hard to keep justifying buying more every time they like a brand. But they’ve been twitching on these for awhile. So I probably will indulge.

    1. My daughter very seldom is ALL OVER a brand or toy, actually, I don’t think she’s been this toy-crazed before. She’s all about the Monster High, this one. And, it’s lasted for over a year now and shows no sign of slowing down. lol

  5. i have been seeing these dolls everywhere now!! there the “in” thing. there totally cool looking!

  6. my 6 yr old niece is hooked on them. my sister in law said she was too young so when planning her bd party my niece told one of her friends thats what she wanted so they got it for her. very sneaky girl.

  7. I’ve loved Monster High since I first saw them (and my little girl was still a baby) when she was finally old enough to play with them I was super excited! She got a whole collection last year for Christmas, and this year she’s getting a few from the 13 wishes movie =)

  8. I think these dolls are a bit creepy! I’m amazed at how many girls play with these. It is a change from Barbie’s though.

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