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Downy Infusions and Unstopables Scent Boosters


The only plus side to doing laundry, as I see it – is the smell afterward. I’m a total sucker for a deliciously scented fabric softener. Let’s call it one of life’s simple pleasures, one which makes me smile a little when I catch a whiff throughout the day. I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this – there’s nothing quite like clean sheet day. Ahhh!

So, what’s my scent of choice? Well, lately I’ve been crushing on one in particular…


You must try Downy Infusions: Honey Flower, it’s divine! That blend of jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and sweet rose is a sweet perk to doing laundry in a house of 5.

OK, another confession: I hide the bottles of my favourite fabric softeners so that hubby doesn’t overuse it. My precious! Yep, it’s the simple things in life, right?

Besides hiding your favourite fabric softeners and only using it for *special* loads of laundry only? {*special means just my own}, there’s another secret to making that fresh scent, last and last. Did you know that you can use Unstopables Scent Boosters with Downy Infusions to keep that scent for 12 weeks?!


Here are the featured Infusions fabric softeners:


Here are the featured Unstopables Scent Boosters:


Amy, the Fortune Smeller, can reveal your scent personality, perhaps she will reveal your favourite Downy combinations?



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WIN IT: One Canadian reader {excluding Quebec} is going to get a Downy prize pack which includes the three {3} Downy Infusions fabric softeners and three {3} Downy Unstoppables Scent Boosters.

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  1. I like the blue one the most which I think is call Fresh havent tried the other liquid stuff yet

  2. I love the Downy UNSTOPABLES™ Fresh In Wash Scent Booster and the Downy Infusion Citrus Spice. Both are amazing

  3. Fresh scent, I even put some in a sandwhich ziplock bag and leave in my locker at work…Everyone comments on the nice smell 🙂

  4. I normally buy Fresh Unstoppables but I just bought the Shimmer and they smell sooooo good! My daughter says they smell like princesses

  5. I love Shimmer, but normally buy Fresh because that’s what Costco carries.

  6. My favorite scent is “Fresh” scent. It really does make my clothes and towels smell fresh!

  7. I really like the Fresh scent! Doesn’t quite beat the smell of laundry off the line, but it’s a close second 🙂

  8. I would love to win this! I always add Downy to my wash now but would love to try these!!

  9. my favourite that I’ve tried already is Shimmer… but I really like the sound of Glow, too.

  10. at the moment I’m using Fresh Unstoppables and it’s fantastic (my daughter recommended it to me 🙂 ). I’d love to try the Downy Infusions Cashmere Glow.

  11. I love the Downy Unstoppables Shimmer, especially love using it in the towels

  12. I would like to try Shimmer, but I know I would like all their scents, they haven’t let me down, thank you:)

  13. I think I’d like Downy UNSTOPABLES™ Spring In Wash Scent Booster – because it’s supposed to smell like candy. Who doesn’t want to smell like something everyone loves?!?!?


  14. I had the shimmer sample from (im not sure lol) but it was such a nice smelling load of laundry

  15. I think that the Citrus Spice sounds delightful… I don’t use fabric softener (I know, I am a terrible mom!) but I did recently bust out a sample of the Unstoppables and it was pretty great. I loved how it made the laundry (my clothes of course!!) smell 🙂

  16. Downy UNSTOPABLES™ Glow In Wash Scent Booster: Sounds Amazing =) Thank you for the Chance =)

  17. I think i would like the fresh scent. I have tried the shimmer and that is really nice.

  18. i think i’d like the citrus spice!!! I love fresh laundry!!! Im doing laundry right now!!!

  19. Absolutely adore the shimmer…..smells so good, and teamed up with some baking soda sprinkled in, I finally conquered the dreaded man smell!!!

  20. I’d like to try the fresh scent I think – although a store sniff test may be required LOL

  21. My daughter uses them, she says they smell awesome! Would love to win and try them myself! 🙂

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