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Cloud b Twilight Carz


Cloud b has done it again with providing a sensory product that really ups the fun-factor. Kids love the Cloud b Twilight Carz, a sight product that goes from daytime toy to nighttime sleep essential.

First of all, the Cloud b Twilight Carz is a car {available in red and pink}, which alone is a great idea. Kids are crazy for cars, taking this product from infancy to the older child years.


At night, it’s a soothing nightlight as it projects stars and lightening bolts from the body also with illuminated headlights and tail lights. The entire room will be aglow just enough to settle kids into dreamland in your choice of a red or blue light. It has a 45 minute auto shut-off timer, so that it’s not on all night too.


By day, it’s a fully functioning car and my kids love to zoom it around the house often. So, the lights of nighttime and the play by day make it a dual sensory toy. The Twilight Carz requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included {yay!}.


To use, simply push the rear tail lights to switch between different projection modes, depending on if you want just the headlights on or would like blue or red illumination.

The Twilight Carz and all the other award-winning products by the brand, prove to me time and again that Cloud b truly is a company dedicated to helping children sleep.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


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  1. The Toy of the year caught my eye. I love the idea of the bedtime turtle. Would love to get one of these for my 19 month year old. She hates to sleep in her room by herself and i think this would totally help her.

  2. We love the dumbo soothing sounds, twilight turtle, tranquil turtle, fleece sleep sacs and so many more!!

  3. This caught my eye, thanks for the info 🙂


    Research shows that aromatherapy with lavender can promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. Cloud b’s Slumber Friends include a removable pouch filled with our exclusive lavender blend that soothes and calms. These plush pillows can be used in your child’s bedroom, as well as on-the-go. The familiar scent can make traveling toddlers feel more secure in different environments and offer a bit of home wherever they go.

  4. I like all the Twilight Characters in the Sight category, any of them would be awesome in a room. My daughter would love them.

  5. My son love his Twilight Turtle so much, he would be thrilled by one looking like Flash Mc Queen from the Cars. It’s his favorite movie ever! Thank you for the amazing contest! 🙂

  6. The Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor caught my eye, it detects when the baby wakes in the night and helps to soothe them back to sleep

  7. i love the Tranquil Turtle™ – Ocean, they defibetely have a few products we are considering for christmas this year

  8. these would be awesome for my 2 kids… especially when i tend to my special needs son at night… <3

  9. LullaBag™ – Bamboo/Cotton – LG is my favorite for anew baby! What a great site, thanks for introducing me to it!

  10. I love the Twilight Sea Turtle. That’s what my daughter is asking for for Christmas this year

  11. I love the Twilight Turtle Tunes, oh I do hope that I win. My grandchildren would love this.

  12. I visited Cloud b and the Twilight Ladybug Classic caught my eye. Our grandson LOVES ladybugs!

  13. I read the story, and apparently since this idea came into play, its helped babies sleep through the night, which I need for my daughter! She wakes 2-3 times a night and she is 20 months

  14. The ‘Glow Cuddles™ – Bunny’
    These plush companions combine sight and touch to help deliver the sleepiest slumber. With just a little hug, the touch-activated bear and bushy-tailed bunny give off a soothing glow, as well as the calming rhythm of a heartbeat.

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