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Visa payWave It Forward program


I was out with a friend the other day running some errands and we decided to grab a quick cup of coffee at the McDonald’s drive thru. When I got to the window and the employee handed me the reader, I waved my Visa, grabbed the coffee and was on my way in a matter of seconds. 

‘Waved my card’?

Do you have this symbol on your Visa credit card? Depending on the card type, it could be a different colour though. Mine is white. 



This symbol means you have Visa payWave, a convenient feature that lets you pay with your card by simply waving it over a secure reader instead of inserting or swiping your card. There’s no need to key in a PIN, sign a receipt or look for change. Just a simple close wave and you are done. 

Visa payWave is for transactions of $50 or less, including taxes. So it’s ideal for places like fast food restaurants, gas stations, movie theatres, pharmacies and convenience stores. You know, those purchases that you hope will be short and sweet so you can get on with the other billion things on your errand list.


This feature is so helpful, right?

Well, to help Canadians contribute even more, Visa Canada and key retailers are teaming up to support charities with the Visa payWave It Forward program.

For a set period at participating retailers, for every payment made with Visa payWave, Visa will donate one dollar to the retailer’s charity of choice {up to a maximum donation amount}.

A Visa Canada survey shows that 71% of Canadians donated to a charity last year. Almost 1-in-4 {24%} say they’d give more if they had a more convenient way to donate. Well, here it is, Canadians!


With the Visa payWave It Forward program, you can give more, just with your simple everyday purchases. In fact, Visa Canada is donating $1 to Ronald McDonald House with each and every Visa payWave used at McDonalds across Canada from now until November 25th. 

In other words, using Visa payWave to purchase my usual $1.89 coffee was not only a quick and convenient way to pay – that small purchase also gave $1 to the Ronald McDonald House. Ahhh, now that’s some easy donating.

visa paywave mcdonalds donation charity

 The next day I was out again running errands with my oldest {story of my life!}. We stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee for Mom and a Mango Smoothie for my daughter.

Again, our purchase using Visa payWave donated another $1 to Ronald McDonald House. So, make sure you use your Visa payWave if you’re stopping at McDonald’s anytime from now until November 25th. 


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post yet all opinions are my own.



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  1. Most of the time I ‘donate’ (tithe) at my church but occasionally donate to random charities, especially ones involving children and animals.

  2. I donate every month through my bank account, as well as at work, as we support different charities (BC Children’s Hospital, Run for the Cure and the United Way). I give money, buy fundraising merchandise, and help raise money through bake sales and bbqs

  3. We have 2 that we donated to yearly, and then make smaller donations throughout the year to other causes (like giving an extra $1 at the checkout etc).

  4. I donate something at least weekly, from food bank donations to supporting friends in their fundraising efforts. I also like to lend via Kiva, a microfinance organization.

  5. I dont have a very high income so I dont donate tons I do mostly local school fundraisers etc and I volunteer in local things and small donations locally as well

  6. Bi-weekly, a donation comes directly off my husbands paycheck through his work for the United Way. We also donate to the food bank and healthcare charities throughout the year when the opportunity arises.

  7. hubby donates monthly off cheque plus we donate every grocery to the food bank box at stores., and always christmas

  8. As often as we can. Whenever they do the food drives where they pick up at our house I always donate (that would be to the food bank). I try to donate at least one or two brand new toys at christmas time for one of the christmas toy children’s charities. When they hold the food drives at the kids school we always send food as well. I donate our used clothing, used toys, etc. We will donate when they ask us to add an extra dollar or two to our bill at the checkout at walmart or the grocery store most of the time too. Wish we could do more but our income is extremely limited.

  9. I make a monthly donation to the Canadian Red Cross, and periodic donations to the SPCA and Pit Bull Rescue organizations.

  10. I donate a few times a year to our local telethons and when organizations come to our door.

  11. We donate all throughout the year but mainly at Christmas. I save all of my winnings and split them up between 3 different charities. They each get boxes full of appropriate donations!

  12. A couple times a year for sure and bits of change here and there in tins at registers

  13. I have two charities which are important to me which I donate to yearly. And throughout the year if I see a need, I will donate again.

  14. Small amount monthly. Bigger amounts amount at random times for certain events that I usually donate to or for disaster relief like right now for the Philippines.

  15. I don’t donate regularly. I donate to one of the local churches for their shop whenever I have something for them and I also buy there too.

  16. We give to the food bank quite often, do gift baskets for the local holiday toy drive and bring food, etc to our local animal shelter when possible. I have found that purchasing items through Unicef/World Vision is a great way to “give” a gift to those hard to buy for people on my list. They seem to look forward to it.

  17. I have several charities that I donate to on a regular basis. I also donate to local causes such as schools and hospitals.

  18. My favorite charity is Ronald McDonald Houses! For us northern people it has been a home away from home to a lot of people I know! I give to that charity every time I see one of their boxes (very often!) This makes donations of about a weekly rate because I also donate the girls grown out stuff (clothing toys ect) to the women’s crisis center in my city!

  19. I have a sponsor child in Thailand so give every month, been a sponsor long enough for one child to graduate from the program and our new child is now 7 years old.

  20. I usually have a set number of charities I donate to every year, but I do donate when people are collecting randomly depending when I have change and if I’m not in a hurry!

  21. I donate as often as I can at christmas time evertime I leave the stores I give to salvation army, give to food bank monthly with my couponing.

  22. I donate a couple times a year, but some years it’s more depending on what’s happening in the world. For example, I just donated yesterday to the Red Cross for the Philippine typhoon relief.

  23. Annually at Christmas we donate to Santa’s Anonymous/Edmonton Food Banks/Salvation Army. However, donate to Terry Fox Organzation/Alberta Heart Stroke/Royal Alexandra Hospital throughout the year – finances permitting. We are all in it together…giving is what it is all about.

  24. I donate at least a couple times a year. Especially when family members are involved in a fundraiser

  25. I usually donate a collection of clothing and toiletries to local shelters once or twice a year.

  26. This year is our first year doing a big donation. We are donating toys/household items/mens, ladies things.. in memory of my grandson who passed away Nov 22nd last year at 10 months old of SIDS. We donate off and on multilple times to Ronald McDonald house. We support our children’s schools as well.

  27. Haven’t been able to donate money to a charity for a few years now but we did donate about half our belonging and books to various charities before moving to Canada

  28. Not sure how much but we donate clothes and toys a lot and when shopping and they ask if you would like to donate we do that quite a bit. For sure more than a few times a year

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  29. I do donate often, to womens shelter, baskets at christmas time for families and saving bottles and cans for kids bmx’ing

  30. Donate 2-3 times a year but also extra when disasters happen (easy text donation) or giving change at stores to collectors or at cash when asked

  31. I donate bi-weekly (comes directly off my pay) and usually on my dad’s birthday, fathers day, and on the day he passed (those all go to the Cancer Society as that is what took him from us)

  32. We donate to a few charities annually, however we often donate at store checkouts for various charities on a weekly basis.

  33. I usually take Sara to Santa’s Anonymous. We receive a card for a girl/boy and age with a description of what they would like for Christmas. Once we have purchased those things (plus a few extras) we take it back to SA and they wrap the gifts up and distribute to the child’s family.

  34. I donate clothes about once a month.. and then always contribute to the Stars Air Ambulance charity here!

  35. not as often as i wish i could – but i do whenever it is possible and have certain select charities that i’ve always supported and always will

  36. I have charities that I donate to off of my paycheque bi-weekly, I throw change in at counters and I give for natural disasters when then government matches.

  37. Cash 4-5 times a year , dry and canned goods to the local food bank every time I grocery shop (they provide a box near the checkout), at Christmas toys to the local CAS.

  38. We donate mostly through our local church and do this regularly. I also try to make quarterly donations of items to Value Village, Goodwill or places like that.

  39. I donate about 2-3 times a year…I like to switch charities to give everyone a fair chance. There’s so much out there that I feel passionate about.

  40. Everyweek on tuesday is a small collection that is donated to charity of the month. Each month we pick a different one to donate to.

  41. I donate once a year, usually not very much. I’d like to do more, but there isn’t much left after bills are paid.

  42. I donate monthly right off my paycheck and we also donated to 2 of our favorite charities twice a year.

  43. We donate to local events in the area, we always hope that everyone stays healthy and they are not needed.

  44. I donate through payroll deduction and by providing food to our local food bank a few times a year.

  45. I usually donate a few times a year. This is not including the dollar or two for raffle tickets or chocolate bars.

  46. I try to donate as often as possible. I support fellow workers who do walks, rides etc. and take part in a walk myself

  47. i donate my time once a week and make cash donations whenever I can especially to the food banks- about once a month.

  48. Money is tight with nursing school, but when I go through the cashiers, when they ask for donations, I always give something.. even if its just $2-$5, its something. I donate my clothing and household items monthly as well. 🙂

  49. Not often, when we can afford to help others we do. around the holidays we do, and at the cash places that donate a dollar

  50. I donate monthly through work and also monthly outside work to different charities.

  51. We have 3 specific charities that we donate to at least once a year, and then we make smaller donations when the need arises e.g. Red Cross relief funds etc.

  52. we donate cash about every quarter but we donate used clothes, toys and household items each month

  53. I have one set up as a monthly donation, and others I chose randomly through the year. I try to set a yearly budget to donate and then make sure at the end of the year I have met it.

  54. We donate a few times during the year and then to several places at Christmas.

  55. we donate when we can, childrens charities are very close to the heart for us as well as heart and stroke

  56. Apart from regular fund drives, we like to direct points from loyalty programs into charitable donations a couple of times per year.

  57. I make a bi-monthly donation to a local animal shelter and donate a few times a year to other causes I support.

  58. We try to make donating a part of every day life whenever possible. At the grocery store, the bank, anywhere someone is raising money. Every little bit helps!

  59. We donate quite regularly. Kids sports groups, disaster relief, local charities etc.

  60. I don’t donate cash very often, as we live paycheque to pay cheque… but I do donate my time, along with my kids as often as we can.

  61. At least a few times a year and especially at christmas time with toys for the local toy drive.

  62. My wife donates monthly to the Church we attend but generally not directly to charities as the Church we tithe to does giving as well

  63. Excellnt idea and a wonderful prize, thanks for the contest. I tend to give at the checkout and also around Christmas time to animal causes and local foodbanks.

  64. I donate a couple times a year to the Children’s Hospital where my daughter sees a doctor from and some other charities through the year too.

  65. I donate to various charities at least once a month. So many great causes local and international to give to.

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