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Netflix Canada for the Holidays


Tis the season for a lot of things: comfort meals made in the slow cooker, bulky coats and boots taking up all the space in the entry and my family cuddled up in a blanket watching movies.

More so that the Summer, this is the time of year that we watch the most movies. Even though the schedule is hectic, we always make time on the weekends to slow life down and snuggle in for some flicks.


Do you have Netflix, Canada?

There’s something to be said about a soothing movie night when freezing Canadian winds howl and there’s that chill in the air that you just can’t shake. Sure you could rent movies {No, I don’t want to go outside actually} and you could purchase the download, yet Netflix is the most affordable solution. 

At just $8/month for Netflix Canada, I’m really not sure why anyone wouldn’t want a Netflix subscription {I’m honest!}. From kids TV shows, drama series, movies and more – it IS the affordable solution. Plus, I can always find something to watch on Netflix. Always.


That being said, why not gift a Netflix subscription this year? It’s a great gift for the whole family, and surely doesn’t break the bank. Here’s an idea – why not make a gift basket of a Netflix Gift Card, some popcorn, candy and a snuggly blanket – you have a winner of a gift!

Practical, affordable and offers non-stop entertainment!

Family-friendly documentary coming to Netflix:

Netflix will launch “The Short Game” on Thursday, December 12th at12:01 AM PT. The documentary, which will be the first original documentary available on the service, follows eight of the most competitive golfers around the globe, all who happen to be under the ripe age of seven years old, as they train for and compete in the World Championship of Junior Golf.


The Short Game’ provides a highly entertaining, family friendly and joyful vantage into a unique world that most people fantasize about: being the best in the world at something. The fact that this dream is pursued by children playing a grownups’ game is intriguing and inspiring,” says Lisa Nishimura, Netflix VP of Original Documentary and Comedy. “We seek to provide the very best storytelling within the documentary filmmaking category and ‘The Short Game’ is the rare example of a beautifully told and heart-warming tale which appeals to all generations.”


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. No i do not have a subscription but have been looking in to it and would love one .I would rather that than pay for tv .. TY for gveaway .

  2. We don`t currently subscribe to netflix, I had a membership a few years ago for the winter, but cancelled for the summer because we weren`t home to watch tv much, but I would love to get it again, especially for this winter, we have 4 kids, so we love to sit as a family and watch movies together… 🙂

  3. I do subscribe to netflix, and the whole family LOVES it. To get six months free would be an added bonus.

  4. Love netflix. we all watch it here. its pretty much the only tv i watch (on the computer though lol)

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    2. Following on Pinterest…Lisa Neutel
      Liked and commented on Facebook Lisa Knox Neutel

  5. we dont, but looks awesome we have missed so may shows even seasons & would love to catch up on them

  6. We do subscribe to Netflix and I’d like to win because we watch it more than we do cable lately. I would enjoy it even more if it were free!

  7. Netflix is developing as not just a place to watch movies and tv shows, but also a source of great unique content!

  8. I do not subscribe. I hear there are a lot of amazing shows on Netflix, so I would like to win, so that I can watch them too.

  9. Yes I do subscribe currently and we LOVE it!! To win 6 months free would be GREAT!!

  10. We just recently purchased Netflix & cancelled our cable (to save a TON of money!!) & we LOVE IT! We had a Walking Dead marathon & watched all 3 seasons just before the 4th season started! I would love to win to save even more money.
    I highly recommend Netflix to anyone who is considering it, they have SO many T.V. Seasons of popular shows along with tons of movies!

  11. We don’t. I’m not really sure what shows and movies are available on netflix to even know if it is worth the money.

  12. No I don’t, but would like to win to catch up on all the series everyone is talking about.

  13. No I am not a subscriber which is why I would love to win the 6 month trial..I’ve heard such great things about Netflix.

  14. I do not currently subscribe to Netflix. I want to win so I can finally watch all those shows that everyone else is always raving about & all I can do is nod in agreement as if I’m in the loop.

  15. I don’t have Netflix. Would love to win because we don’t have a television and being able to watch shows and movies on our computer would be awesome!

  16. I am a subscriber and love it! I mostly watch old tv shows like the X-files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would love to win to save a few bucks for popcorn! Lol!

  17. our cable bill is scary, netflix has so many great kid options that i would love to switch to them and lower our bill!

  18. Yes I do subscribe for almost two years now. I would love to win 6 months for free haha who wouldnt!

  19. I don’t have Netflix, but have heard it’s really good and would love to give it a try.

  20. I have been a subscriber for years. Cannot say enough good things about this service. I would love to win this for my friend.

  21. I do subscribe to Netflix…to win would be a huge plus and budget saver! Thank you for all of the great reviews, life stories and giveaways

  22. I do subscribe every month! I LOVE netflix! would be amazing to have 6 months free 🙂 thank you~

  23. Yes I have Netflix; so having 6 months free would help so I won’t have to pay those months although it is worth it

  24. I don’t subscribe to Netflix but I would like to. I would totally get rid of cable if I found it pleased all of our viewing interests.

  25. I don’t currently subscribe. I’d like to win so we can start having movie night at our house and the kids can watch some of their favourite shows

  26. I currently do subscribe to Netflix! I would love to win ,so I wouldn`t have to pay for it for 6 months,how great 🙂

  27. Yes we do and I’d love to win because there is always a new documentary for me to see!

  28. I do not currently subscribe to Netflix, but I would really love to. I hear they have a wide selection of children’s programming, which my toddlers would love!

  29. I do subscribe to Netflix, and a six month subscription package would make things a little easier.

  30. I subscribe and use it on the weekends. especially now with the weather getting cold.

  31. I do not subscribe to Netflix and the reason I would like to win this is because I so want to watch Orange is the New Black.

  32. No we dont subscribe..heard about it..would like to win so I can try it out for free

  33. No but my brother and his family do and I have used it before to watch Breaking Bad

  34. I would love to try a subscription so we could finally find some movies to watch as a family.

  35. Yes I do and my kids love watching it all the time and we hook the laptop up to the big screen tv and enjoy family night movies together.

  36. I have a brother I would love to give it to, as I already have Netflix. I think it WOULD make a lovely gift. 🙂

  37. No I don’t! However, I do have a son that is a movie fan and does
    not even have cable so spends too much money on buying movies…..

  38. I used to be a subscriber, and I would love to re-discover Netflix as I hear it has changed a lot.

  39. I currently Subscribe to Netflix! Not having to pay for it for a few months would be great!

  40. We do have Netflix! I would love to win to extend our membership for free for 6 months! =)

  41. We have netflix but this would be a great gift for my step-kids who live in another city,

  42. We have Netflix! The girls love being able to watch movies and there are SO many movies I’ve been able to see as well!

  43. I don’t subscribe. I do tend to watch a lot of stuff online because I always miss shows/movies due to doing a million things and not being able to catch them on tv. I’d love to win because it is definitely something we’d get use out of!

  44. I just did a free month trial, but I canceled because I am currently paying for movie central and HBO. I love Netflix, its a great price and you get a ton of selection!

  45. I am a Netflix subscriber and love it. I would love to win and not have to pay for it for 6 months.

  46. no I don’t subscribe but it would add more variety to the TV programme so it would be nice to have it.

  47. Awesome give away – I’ve been reluctant to try Netflix (heard the Cdn wasn’t as good as the American)

  48. I do not have subscription and would love one because it’s all everyone talks about! There’s so many shows I would love to be able to see!!

  49. We subscribe and it would be nice to win to still continue on the subscription and it would help out.

    Thank you

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  50. I do! I love Netflix, we don’t have cable, Netflix has everything we need. I’d like to win because I’ll be paying for it otherwise… better to not have to!

  51. Not yet a subscriber but seriously considering it. Would be more compelling if Super HD content were to find its way to Canada.

  52. Yes I have Netflix, but I would love to win in order to put that money towards Christmas gifts.

  53. Yes I do currently subscribe to Netflix! I would love to win to continue enjoying our movie nights!

  54. I used to subscribe to Netflix but an injury has me off of work and I cancelled it as I was looking to save money anywhere I could. Would love to have it back! I miss my Community and Walking Dead.

  55. we have been wanting to check out a few netflix series but don’t have a subscription… would love an opportunity to try it out!

  56. No I don’t. I would like to win so we we can save money and cancel our cable.

  57. i didnt subscribe to it, and i love the fact i can watch everything online and not have to wait for it!

  58. I have Netflix, and six month gift subscription would really help my budget out a little bit.

  59. We do not subscribe to Netflix, but have considered switching to save money from our current satellite service.

  60. I do suscribe to netflix. If I won this I would give it to my parents so they could enjoy netflix too.

  61. We do not subscribe to Netflix. It would be nice to have because there are not many shows on television that I like to watch. I am sure I could find lots of good movies and shows to watch with Netflix.

  62. We has Netflix in the past but cancelled our subscription. Would love to have it again. So addicting!!

  63. we do not subscribe to netflix. It would be great for hubby since he loves a lot of the old tv shows

  64. I do but my Mom has been talking about subscribing for ages. I would love to win and give it to her so she could try it first.

  65. I don’t yet subscribe to Netflix (I’m on one of those evil internet plans) with a 6 month subscription I could really get to know how wonderful it is before going “all in”

  66. I do not subscribe to Netflix, but have been thinking about it. It would be nice to not have to deal with finding something to watch, when you just want to veg out! Or live with channel surfers.

  67. We subscribed in the past but had to cut out it when we were trying to save some money. Would love to sign back up.

  68. no i dont have netflix but i hear so much about it and so many people have it. would LOVE to see how it is

  69. We used to have a netflix subscription. It was convenient and inexpensive. Love that you can watch it on computer, tablet, TV. Great when travelling.

  70. We’re near the end of our 1 month free trial. My husband is getting to enjoy shows he couldn’t watch when they were on and our boys are too!

  71. I don’t subscribe yet. I would love to win so that I can snuggle on the couch this winter and watch some great movies!

  72. I’m the only one without Netflix! Everyone around it has me; I need more than regular cable!

  73. Yes, I do currently subscribe (we don’t have cable, or satellite, just netflix) I would like to win it for the kids! You can only have 2 people streaming at a time, and if people wanted to watch different shows, it would be nice to have a second account.

  74. i never had netflix before. A lot of my family and friends have it and it would be great to have because i’m behind on my shows.

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