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Start bragging with the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest


Hey you! The gig is up.

I see it all over your Facebook page, the walls of your house, your instagram photos, your tweets, all those albums on your phone, in the smile as you look at your kid and even the evidence is on your keychain.

Yes, you have THE cutest baby.

I’m totally guilty too. I myself probably have at least 5 photo albums designated to the first year of my kids lives. Dressed up, not dressed, outside, in the bath, messy faces, toothless grins. It goes on and on.

gerber baby photo contest myorganizedchaos

Want another reason to brag about that adorable kid of yours? Of course, right?!

That precious moment you capture today, can benefit your child when he/she is older. Financially. 

 Nestlé Gerber is proud to announce the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest!

Can you imagine telling bragging to friends and family that your child is the “2013 Gerber Star”? That’s huge, we all know just how famous the gerber baby is. Yet this bragging comes with another sweet bundle too, in the form of a $2,000 contribution to their RESP! Awesome right? 

2013 gerber generation photo contest myorganizedchaos

How To Enter & Start Bragging About The Little One In Your Life:

  • Visit Gerber Canada’s Facebook page {}
  • Go to the app of your choice: desktop or mobile version
  • Upload up to one photo each day until October 27th, 2013
  • All submissions will be entered into the photo gallery – come back daily to vote via your desktop or on your mobile phone!
  • Each photo submission is a chance at winning one of the four weekly prizes!
  • Invite your friends and family to visit the photo gallery to vote every day.
  • To generate more votes from your Twitter followers, share your entry link with the Hashtag #GerberContest too!

The Grand-Prize winner {getting a $2000 RESP} and two runner-up winners {getting $500 and $250, respectively} will be selected by a panel of Gerber judges from the 10 photos that receive the most votes. The Grand-Prize Winner will be named Canada’s 2013 Gerber Star!

PLUS, there are 4 amazing weekly prizes too, valued at $250 each. So, there’s plenty of chances to win.

Since the contest is mobile friendly this year {yay!}, you can easily enter daily using that photo you snap on your phone. I absolutely know countless photos are in there just waiting to be uploaded! 

To make the 2nd annual Gerber Generation Photo Contest even more fun, My Organized Chaos has partnered with Gerber to not only spread the word but to also increase your chances at walking away a winner.

After all, you wouldn’t be able to brag so much without the photos as proof!

Gerber Canada Prize Pack giveaway myorganizedchaos

PRIZE: One lucky Canadian is going to get a Gerber Prize Pack, arv $150.

It includes a Sony Cyber-shot W710 digital camera, equipped with a 16.1MP Super HAD CCD sensor and 5x optical zoom, which can record video and take pics. Bring on the brag parents, because the winner will also get a cute picture frame to show off that darling photo you capture. And hey, you might even be displaying that winning photo in the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest!

REMINDER: *Enter here and also make sure to enter daily on the Gerber Canada Facebook Page. I’d LOVE to do a little bragging of my own, that one of my readers won the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest!

TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



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  1. my niece has stolen my heart. she is such a cutie. so funny and smart for her age. She is 3 going on 15! I absolutely adore her.

  2. My brand new baby great niece! She’s the first of the next generation! I just wish I could get out to BC to visit, the pictures just don’t do her justice!

  3. I have a little girl who recently turned one. She makes me smile every day. She is very happy and has so much personality already. I am excited to watch her grow up and become a beautiful little girl (though not too fast, okay?).

  4. I’ve entered a picture for the Gerber contest. I don’t think the pic shows up right away, so I don’t have a link yet.
    Hopefully it will go up soon, so I can get the extra ballot above.

  5. My son is the light of my life! mischievous grin, infectious laugh, sparkling eyes and beautiful curly hair

  6. I don’t have any kids, but I do have the cutest niece ever!!! If I won I would give this prize to her mom!

  7. Hello! My name is Katie and my son’s name is Tristan. He is currently 4 1/3 months and he has what it takes to be the gerber baby. Everyone calls him it. 😛

  8. I have three beautiful babies
    my biggest baby is 5, my middle baby is 3 1/2 and my baby of babies is 2 months old!!!

  9. lol when my first girl was born, she looked like an old fisherman; cute in some circles lol She had a baby a while ago and she did not look like a fisherman, she was adorable with fair skin and jet black curly hair!

  10. My baby is amazing. He has the chubby cheeks, big brown eyes and the cutest lips on a baby. I’m not going to lie, we stare at the baby even when we should be sleeping.

  11. I have 5 beautiful babies, although they aren’t “babies” anymore. I have 5 boys, ages 19, 16, 6, 5 (on Friday) and 3.

  12. My beautiful baby is a wiggler… in mommy’s tummy! We get to meet her around November 9th – our first child! We can’t wait and this camera would help capture all her moments from birth and on!!!

  13. My baby girl turned 9 this year and is growing up way too fast. My baby boy is 5 and keeps me on my toes but keeps me sane with his dimply little smile :).

  14. I have 3 beautiful baby girls, oldest is 31 she works in security and would love to work as a border control, middle daughter is 25 her dream was to become a prima ballerina, she danced from the age of 4 till her 19th birthday, not sure why she stopped but she is now pursuing dancing again, youngest daughter 14 isn’t sure what she wants to do, she has dabbled into lots of things, karate, baseball, gymnastic, photography, talked about taking drum lessons and violin lessons, everything is on hold till she decides what she is going to do in the meantime she is having the best time as our little girl! I love them all in a different way, they make me proud daily!

  15. My “babies” are 8, 8, 3 and 3! But we have a brand-new nephew who definitely qualifies as a Gerber baby!

  16. My baby just turned 4, and my other baby is 5! I adore them both, they are adorable!!!

  17. I have a wonderful little boy, nearly 15 months old. He has big blue eyes and red hair, and he’s the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen. He’s so funny and clever, he’s the light of my life, as cheesy as that is. We also have another baby on the way, due in February.

  18. I have three beautiful babies. My oldest baby girl is 8 and I have twin 6 year old baby boys. One of my little ones just lost his first tooth – It’s very sad for me as my babies are growing up so quickly!

  19. I don’t have a baby but my god daughter had a baby and asked me to be god mother of her baby now, so cool, he is so cute, love him and so proud she asked

  20. My beautiful baby is 27. My only child, a girl and soon to be a bride. My baby is all grown up!!!

  21. My newest edition just melts my heart! At 10 weeks old, he loves to smile and is such a happy baby.

  22. My beautiiful baby girl is coming up to 11 months and is the cutest!! She’s goofy, serious, curious, sings, giggles with delight and is the joy of my life!

  23. My newest baby isn’t here yet but I can’t wait to meet her/him! My other babies are so big now and would be so mad if they heard me clling them babies!

  24. Even thou my son isnt considered a baby anymore, my son who is 3 yr old son (who is still my baby at heart) is the most handsome looking compassionate little man you would ever see!

  25. I have two babies. A girl and a boy. They are both wonderful, cant imagine life without them

  26. 17 year old Darian is tall dark handsome, broody quiet type.
    15 year Dante is the athletic outgoing social butterfly
    4 year Zavier is the spunky demanding typical 4 yr old…. lol

  27. When my daughter was born, I thought that she’s the most adorable baby. When she first laugh, when she wanted us to play with her, all those were and still are loving memories!

  28. I gonna brag about my beautiful niece, walked before a year, is saying words just after a year and is an amazing eater.

  29. My babies are 23/21/19/16/7 … a grandbaby forever 10 months, & another on the way. All my children are wonderful in their own way, and not so wonderful in their own ways. I love their compassion..

  30. I have two beautiful daughters. I am a single mom so I get them all to myself! How lucky am I 🙂

  31. I have a ten month old son who just started walking and is so curious. I love that his hair is strawberry blonde and he has his daddies long eye lashes:) I’m in love!

  32. I have 3 babies. Well they aren’t babies anymore. Girl 15, Boy 11, Girl 10. But I do have 5 nieces and nephews that are very young.

  33. I am lucky enough to have 2 beautiful babies, boy and girl. my son is 4 and all grown up and he is so smart and so funny. My daughter is 18 months and so different than him. She makes me laugh and I love watching her grow and learn new words everyday. Kids are so much fun

  34. I have two gorgeous boys who are my LIFE…I cannot imagine my life without them. they make me laugh, cry and drive me up the wall! If I won this, I would be able to capture so many wonderful memories for the family photo album.

  35. no little baby here – but I’ll gladly brag about my best friend’s 1.5 yr old who is gorgeous, bright, and always makes me laugh and smile. loads of energy and so much fun to be around.

  36. Don’t have a baby but my niece has a special place in my heart and hands down the cutest

  37. I had three of the most beautiful babies ever. They all have gorgeous grey/blue eyes and curly brown hair. All three of my children are so happy and so smart, I just love spending time with them.

  38. My daughter Molly is the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s happy all the time, and so funny!

  39. I love my little toddler. He is almost 19 months and is almost 30 lbs. He has big, beautiful eyes and a joyful personality. He loves meeting people and playing. He is finally growing hair! ; lol

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  41. I have 4 very special children.. all unique in their own way. My 1st two were born 9 months apart…making them practically twins…as close as you can get anyway ;).. they are both 8 right now until my daughter turns 9 next week…then 4 years later i had 2 more children who are are little more spaced out at 18 months apart..and they are now 4 and 2yrs! 1 girl 3 boys.. craziness always. Never a dull moment round here!!

  42. Both of my babies were so beautiful! My daughter is almost 19 and my baby boy is going to be 16 in 8 days! I cannot believe how quickly they’ve grown up. They are still beautiful both inside and out 🙂

  43. He’s not so much a baby anymore, but I love him & he is my baby. He’s grown into this young boy and I adore him everyday of my life.

  44. I have the sweetest grandson anyone could have. A miracle that doctors said could never happen.

  45. We had three beautiful babies over the years. They are two years apart in age and yet some people think they were They all have beautiful hazel colour eyes with curly sandy brown hair. For me it is their awesome personalities that make them beautiful.

  46. My DD is in kindergarten and is an amazing artist and far from a perfect little lady. My DS is 2 1/2 and says or does things each day that make me just shake my head or want to pull my hair out. but gives the best hugs. and #3 is on the way. i’m sure she’ll be just as wonderful as my first 2, but in her own way

  47. My babies are 14 and 22:) they are both boys. they are wonderful. Now I have two grand daughters and they are my world. I scrapbook and I always taking photos with my camera but would love to have a good camera to take those precious photos

  48. I have a beautiful niece (no baby of my own………… yet………….) and I am a very proud Auntie who loves to scrapbook my sweet adorable niece, so this camera would be perfect!!

  49. I have two kids, and I can’t imagine my life without them. It’s amazing but the moment they come into your life, it’s almost like you can’t imagine how your life was before them.

  50. my baby girl is 10 mths, loves the outdoor life. She loves her family.. More family around the better and she loves her doggies.

  51. My baby has blonde ringlets….pretty adorable, I think! And my other babies aren’t babies anymore but they are gorgeous too!

  52. i have 2 beautiful little girls.. one is blond hair blue eyes and the other brown hair brown eyes.. they are the most beautiful girls in the world!!

  53. My babies are older now. But I would love to have a camera to take action shots at their football & soccer games.

  54. I don`t have a baby *yet*, but my little sister is due very soon with her first and she is so SO excited! I can`t wait to share in some memories with them and I`d love for her to be able to capture every single moment.

  55. I have a beautiful granddaughter named Maya and I can’t get enough of her!

  56. My beautiful baby girl is now 25! Cherish every moment, Tammi – time passes so quickly 🙂

  57. My girl is a year and half, & the sweetest doll to ever see & everyone says so & she knows it, especially now that she says pplllllleeeeaaasssseee!!! it awesome

  58. My two beautiful babies are growing too fast but they were and still are the most beautiful babies/kids I have ever seen

  59. I have 2 of the sweetest boys in the world. They are 6 and 3 now, & I love them more every day. They make me smile and laugh all of the time. <3

  60. I know they say all babies are cute, but our family’s newest wee one is hands down the cutest baby around!

  61. He’s gonna be 1 year old this month and i am super excited to celebrate his first birthday. He is the most adorable baby he listens to mama and most of all he hold all the importance in my life because after 7 years of marriage i was blessed with beautiful baby boy. I love everything he does 🙂

  62. I’d like to brag about my grandsons. Dominik is 4 and has a new baby brother Izaac born in September. I also have a grandson Alezander who is 1 and a half years old. All are healthy, happy and spoiled by me.

  63. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Gerber Prize Pack
    which is a Sony Digital Camera and photo frame.
    My nieces and nephews are the kids in my life and they are awesome.
    They can make me laugh with their jokes and they like it when i win something for them.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!

  64. My guy when he was little was a little chunker! One of those gotta pinch the cheek, always with a bubbly smile and bright blue eyes.

  65. My parents would love the digital frame and would probably carry it all over town to show off their 7 grandkids.

  66. I don’t have one personally, but my brother just got a baby girl 2 days ago! She’s really cute

  67. I have two beautiful babies! Ages 4.5 and 3!. My pride and joy, they’re 18 months and 1 week apart, they’re so close, yet so unique and different =).

  68. My baby is 2.5 years old! She is definitely her mother’s daughter! She is spirited and has one heck of a personality! She is enrolled in ballet and she loves it! She is definitely teacher’s pet and class clown rolled into one small little ballerina lol.

  69. We are surrounded by beautiful babies in our family right now, they are also adorable !! mine are older, and loving it !

  70. No kids yet! but my friend just recently gave birth a girl a couple months ago! absolutely adorable

  71. Genuinely no mattrr if someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other people that they will assist, so here it takes place.

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