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COLD-FX Celebrates 20 Years in Canada


It’s time to drop the puck Canada! The regular hockey season is nearly here and so is the 20th Anniversary of COLD-FX, Canada’s #1 natural cold remedy brand.

For the last two decades, COLD-FX has helped both professional and amateur athletes stay healthy and active, and to celebrate its 20th Anniversary this fall, COLD-FX is saluting our national passion for hockey.

Plus, all hockey fans can celebrate with a Special COLD-FX 20th Anniversary Edition DVD of Rock‘em Sock‘em Hockey, available free with purchase of specially marked packages of COLD-FX 60’s. Table hockey, a greatest hits DVD and COLD-FX – it’s the ultimate hat trick for hockey fans from coast-to-coast.


My husband was excited to receive this limited edition pack of COLD-FX, he’s a firm believer in the product and loves this DVD. I suggest gettign this pack to have on hand, for when beginning signs of the man-cold start to show. Take this, watch this and maybe the day will be easier on everyone. heh. 

Don Cherry, long-time supporter of COLD-FX and someone who is synonymous with hockey and Canada: “I love a Canadian success story, and you won’t find a better one than COLD-FX. I discovered COLD-FX years ago when I found out members of the Edmonton Oilers were taking it. Now, it’s part of my daily routine and I’m so excited to work with the team at COLD-FX on the Table Hockey Tournament and special edition of Rock‘em Sock‘em Hockey to mark their 20th Anniversary. Pick one up… you won’t want to miss it!”

Make sure to get your $5 off coupon for COLD-FX on their website and join the #COLDFXTableHockey conversation on Twitter!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.




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    1. It has worked for us, yes. I know there’s varying opinions out there. But for us, yes, at first signs of feeling blah, I’ve taken it and did not get a cold.

  1. I have never used it. The price of it always prevents me from buying it. Will get the coupon and maybe if I can find it on sale I will buy one to have on to try this winter.

    1. Understandably, I have seen it at a few stores and have also cringed at the price. Yet, with the coupon and price comparing, you can get a good deal!

  2. I use it every day starting in the fall through to spring, I think it helps I get less colds then other’s in the house..

  3. 20 years! Woo! I have actually never tried it – but it’s longevity on the market makes me think it MUST work!

  4. Since I have lung disease I’m going to have to look into this, I can’t risk colds or lung infections. Thank you

  5. COLD-FX always works like a charm for me. I don’t always use it because it’s on the more expensive side, but I might splurge just for limited edition…!

  6. Before being diagnosed with Celiac I used this the moment I felt a cold coming on and by the next day my symptoms were gone! Definitely a product I recommend for people with weaker immune systems 🙂

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