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Canon EOS Rebel SL1 #Giveaway – Capturing Life’s Moments


I make it no secret here on My Organized Chaos that I adore photography. A professional I am not {not even close}, yet I appreciate, value and respect memory capturing and the beauty of preserving life’s moments. 

It’s been a true passion since my Mom gave me my first camera in about Grade 3, evidenced by countless photos and albums I’ve collected since. Yes, I am that Mom, that woman – always with a camera in hand. I do have a *tiny* collection of cameras from point and shoots all the way to to, yes, a few advanced series DSLR’s. My husband would say that it’s borderline hoarding, but I’m writing this and not him {heh}.

canon-eos-rebelsL1-review-giveaway Canon EOS Rebel SL1

What a perfect match, I’ve partnered with Canon to test out the EOS Rebel SL1, and both the 18-55mm IS STM Lens and the EF 40mm f2.8 STM Lens.

If you haven’t seen this 18mp DSLR for yourself, it’s one of the smallest {if not the smallest} and lightest DSLR to fit in the hand. For a Canon digital, with interchangeable lenses – this my friends, is a pretty big deal.

myorganizedchaos canon canada mom blogger Canon EOS Rebel SL1

** Photo taken with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 {EF 40mm f2.8 lens}, SOTC except resized for web use & addition of watermark

The above photo is an ordinary afternoon spent at the park with the twins. Not a ‘huge’ event, as simple as they come. Yet, it’s captured beautifully by the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, both my daughters personality and the season. Everyday moments are precious, aren’t’ they?

Over the next while, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the camera {whoa, features!!} as well as life in general as seen through these lenses. I’m having so much fun getting to know the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. Yet, I shouldn’t be the only one having a blast right?

Disclosure: Canon Canada provided me with the before mentioned products, all opinions are my own.



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    1. Definitely helps when you’re the kind of photographer who shoots more movement-oriented subjects πŸ™‚

    2. The continuous shooting feature would also be my pick to capture my super active husky!

  1. Would love to win this so I can take professional-quality photos of nature/birds. I’m a birdwatcher, so this would be amazing to have!

  2. I have to agree with Angie! The continuous shooting mode! Seems like every photo of my 2 year old she has her eyes closed or looking elsewhere lol.

  3. The Creative Filter. I would love to have this camera. Thank you for this giveaway.

  4. Ohhhh the continuous shoot feature is awsome! I photograph little ones all the time and I love to take lots of pics all at once to try to capture the “perfect” one. Sometimes those moments are missed when there is a delay

  5. Wow the quality is beautiful.. recently our camera was stolen from our car and Id love to surprise my hubby with a new one.. Baby on the way too.. would be using it A LOT.

  6. Full had video recording and the fact that it’s compatible with lots of lenses! Size tho however it’s great!

  7. All of it sounds great but for me mostly the Hybrid CMOS AF II delivers accurate AF tracking during Live View shooting, because no one ever stays still!

  8. I would love the continuous shooting, that would be an awesome feature to get all those fun shots of the kids πŸ™‚

  9. I would love how light it is….and the ease of taking photos would be great for my two daughters. Love to take lots of photos! Sounds like the continuous shooting feature would be great for getting shots of them when doing horse back riding lessons!

  10. The size and feel of this camera have me wanting to take the next step to greater photos.

  11. the interchanable lens is a feature that interests me the most….all those possibilities to expand the camera, to try new things

  12. Great prize! We would love to win this – a friend has one and they rave about it. We’re avid amateurs as well, and I love Canon’s new products. Thanks for putting on this great contest!

  13. I really like how very versatile it is being the smallest and lightest DSLR and is packed with all sorts of awesomeness in it!

  14. Im most excited about the Kids Scene Mode!! with a toddler it’s so hard to capture the little guy as he is ALWAYS on the move! with my current camera, all i get is blurry photos!

  15. Love the continuous shooting mode at 4fps I should be able to get at least one picture that is just right!

  16. I would love to win this, my goal is to learn how to take awesome photographs of my family and this camera is definitely on my wish list!

  17. Love the continuous shoot feature and I love that it is small and light. I have an older Canon DSLR and I often don’t both taking it with me because of the size

  18. I love the enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System , nothing is worse than trying to ensure you take perfectly in focus pictures!

  19. I’ve always wanted a DSLR but found them too clunky to take on active vacations. This looks amazing! Would love to win!

  20. The continuous shooting feature is my favourite as it is very hard to catch great shots of a ever moving toddler! Thanks!

  21. I love that it is so small…would love a DSLR but normally find them too clunky to take on active vacations. Would love to try this one out!

  22. The continuous shooting feature. The camera I have now has this delay and the kids are always moving so I do not get the shot I want.

  23. The continuous shooting is definitely an awesome feature so you know you won’t miss out on a fantastic shot!
    I also love how light-weight it is. Hard lugging around a heavy DSLR with little ones.
    Thanks for the chance!

  24. Gah. My Mom is a huge photography fan. For as long as I can remember, she’s had fancy cameras.

    My Mom’s canon is getting a little old and really wants the 60D for herself (on sale for $999 at Costco lol). So maybe I could potentially win this for her… for Christmas!!!!!!!!! AHHH.

    Fav feature on the EOS Rebel SL1: it’s smaller and lighter than reg. DSLR’s (easier to carry around especially on your neck w/ a strap) and I also like any camera that has a feature where you can set a continuous shooting mode – especially if we’re taking snaps of my little nephews!

  25. Can’t choose one so here are a few of mine πŸ˜‰ Continuos shooting, low light performance, HD Video Recording, those would be my top 3!

  26. I would love the continuous shooting. I always take dozens of photos of my little guy just to get one with a smile & eyes open. πŸ™‚

  27. The exciting feature for me is- Continuous Shooting Mode lets you keep pace when the action speeds up by shooting a high-speed series of photos.

  28. Would love to win this camera. Food styling is something we are playing at quite a bit lately and this camera would be perfect.

  29. Would love this! I especially like that it’s a smaller and lighter DSLR camera. It has so many great features! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera for a long time but money has been tight and winning this would be amazing. I’m still sort of a beginner but am learning as much as I can. It’s fun seeing what I can capture and being creative.

  30. Would love to upgrade my old camera. I love to photograph my 3 boys and DSLR’s take amazing shots! The smaller size would be so handy to carry with me all the time so I never miss another shot!

  31. Would love to win this camera to take pictures of my 3 busy boys. The small size seems awesome for a DSLR to carry with you at all times – never miss another shot!

  32. The continuous shoot feature is perfect for capturing all of the priceless moments of my very active little grandson.

  33. I like that this camera has a 18-megapixel CMOS sensor takes advantage of large pixels combined with gapless microlenses to deliver enhanced light gathering, higher sensitivity and less noise at the pixel level.

  34. Full HD video so I can share with my son who does tech product reviews and for me for my new blog. Love that there are so many compatible lenses too

  35. I love that it’s smaller & lighter weight! Easier to lunk around than the bigger ones πŸ™‚

  36. I love the Continuous Shooting mode. Definitely needed to get that perfect shoot when you have little ones and kids/ spouse in sports

  37. I love the feature that it is World’s smallest and lightest digital SLR camera which is great when you are carrying a camera around with you all day while on holidays.

  38. I’ve been researching Canon and Nikon’s for the last few weeks as my Olympus DSLR is a piece-of-you-know what! This model was/is on my short list. Would love to WIN it!! GO CANUCKS GO!!

  39. I like that you can freeze movement that would help as I get a lot of blurry pictures and the Wide Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus is really great

  40. I too am ‘that’ mom with either my older model DSLR or unbreakable Olympus water/dust/shock proof point and shoot, or at the very least y iPhone in hand!!
    I have loved capturing photos since I was young as well, starting with a very simple free camera from a bank in holland, then a real camera for my 12th birthday (I ws over the noon!) – my camera getting progressively better over the years.

    I have many photographer friends, while my talents don’t even come close to theirs I too LOVE taking ad showing off my work – I thrive on the feedback.
    Thank goodness for the digital world as my photos would be much less organized without it!!

  41. For me, it’s everything. I never had a pro camera, all I ever had was a digital one, but the quality was never as good as a camera like this… This is such an awesome contest. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  42. Photographing a moving object without blur! Wow! During a recent move my little point and shoot lost a piece and is now inoperable. I now have to replace it and Canon Rebel came highly recommended. I like that it is lightweight as well. I too am a blogger so I really need to replace my camera! Thanks for the contest!

  43. What a great camera! I looked at all the features and they are amazing. I love the Creative Filters. Can make me look creative, when I’m not. Love the fish eye look. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  44. I could take pictures of my family without asking them to stop and look at me, I hate blurry pics, the continuous shoot feature is awesome.

  45. Most excited with being able to edit a photo right on the camera and the low light performance1

  46. I love that the Kids Scene Mode has the ability to freeze movement, so even the most energetic little one can be photographed without blur!!

  47. This camera out does the T3i Rebel with all it’s features and I hope to win it to take out family Xmas pics this year. thanks for yet another awesome contest.

  48. I love the idea of the kids scene mode. My kids and pets all move so quick they are blurry in the photos.

  49. Wow this looks like the camera to have mine is so old and I use my phone need good quality to get back to the love I once had with photography

  50. I think a Canon with not one but 2 lenses and light weight…what’s not to like. Sara bought a Canon DSL online…unfortunately…it broke a week later and she was simply left with a broken camera. This under the tree…well…I would be hero Mum!! Sara is passionate about photography and she dreams of making a living out of it!!

  51. I am looking forward to the Full HD Video Recording. With our first baby due in a few weeks, we’d be using the video a lot!!

  52. I love that it has Amazing Low Light Performance. Can’t wait to test it out on those late night Bonfires.

  53. The continuous shoot feature! That would be so amazing for shooting my fast moving toddler.

  54. This looks like an unbelievable camera with tons of great features (hard to choose just one to be excited about) but the EOS Full HD Movie mode did jump off the page at me because with two little kids I always feel like I should be taking more video than I do. How convenient to have this awesome video capability included with your camera! Only one camera to carry on vacation, etc..

  55. Kids Scene Mode and continuous shooting mode, especially the latter – my husband only takes a couple of shots and says thats enough. Having more pictures to choose from would be wonderful πŸ™‚

  56. The kids scene mode would be ideal. I can catch my kids without making them stop to pose!

  57. The high speed continuous shooting and that it’s compatible with the full line of Canon EF and EF-S lenses are some of my favorite features. Thanks for this giveaway! Excited for an opportunity to win.

  58. Love the fact that it is compact and also a continuous shooting feature. I spend a lot of time photographing my dogs which are constantly on the move. The zoom will help me too!

  59. Kids scene – I can really use that feature & I love that it is small & light … would carry around a camera more!

  60. Love the continuous shooting feature; would love to get some great shots on my kiddos constantly changing facial expressions!

  61. I love both the fact that is small and light and the continuous shooting mode which makes it great for sporting activities.

  62. I’m most excited for it Amazing Low Light Performance. It would be wonderful to have a camera that works really well in low light and not require a flash.

  63. I love the continuous shooting mode. I purchased a canon hybrid camera a few years back, and althought its been decemt, that is one feature I really wish I had, especially as I was photographing my niece learning to walk

  64. What an amazing camera! There are so many great features. I think the size is perfect!

  65. This would be a dream come true!!! My point and shoot broke in February! I have been saving for one of these bad boys actually but my boyfriends work transferred him from Sask to BC so my camera budget has gone to moving expenses!! This would be perfect for my first Christmas home with my family in 5 years to photograph all the little ones!!

  66. I love these cameras. My favourite features are Hybrid CMOS and Full HD Video Recording.

  67. I like the Continuous Shooting Mode as this would be great for when you go to events or from taking pictures of things that keep changing so quickly.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  68. I love that it’s their lightest and smallest DSLR. I would love to win this and give to my daughter for Christmas. She will be going away to college next year and has always had an interest in learning photography.

  69. I like the High-speed continuous shooting up to 4.0 fps allows you to capture the action! Imagine getting a few good shots when shooting action! Sounds like an awesome feature to me.

  70. This—Kids Scene Mode has the ability to freeze movement, so even the most energetic little one can be photographed without blur

  71. continuous shot for my kids in sports so you don’t miss that special moment would be wonderful!

  72. The fact that it’s Canon’s smallest and lightest DSLR yet makes me excited! I have very small hands, and find other DSLRs are very cumbersome.
    I think their new Candlelight Scene mode would be perfect for Halloween pics too!

  73. The fact that will take stunning photos – I never have much luck mastering my photography skills and I know this one would make all the difference (I’d give my eyeteeth for a Canon DSLR!)

  74. I’m most excited about the size and weight of the camera itself. I have an old beast that takes up my whole entire purse

  75. I love that they have added Kids, Food and Candlelight Scene modes to the camera.

  76. I like the Kids Scene Mode. My daughter rarely site still, so it is hard to get a good picture of her. I like that I can freeze the picture so it won’t come out blurry.

  77. 18.0 megapixel sensor and DiG!C 5 image processor for exceptional image quality in stills and video.

  78. I absolutely love the continuous shoot. Its so hard sometimes to catch those really cute moments without turning my poor granddaughters pose in to something not as cute lol ( to me shes always cute) so the continuous shoot I am bound to get the right look.

  79. I love the continuous shoot picture, as I am always striving to capture the “perfect” moment.

  80. This feature excited me the most: Five incredible in-camera Creative Filters.
    Cheers and Thanks for a great giveaway!

  81. I love that it is Small and light. I used to have a slr and while I loved it, it was very heavy lugging around.

    Diana C

  82. I love photography and Canon tops my list of cameras (I am definitely a Team Canon – LOL!)… There are a lot of wonderful features, but the two that top my list are:

    – 4 Trillion Colours which allows one to capture the full spectrum of vivid and vibrant colours in this beautiful world.
    – Creative Filters which will allow me to add special effects directly into the picture; its a nice option even though most often I add said effects in Photoshop or using the regular screen filters.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. I’m very excited about the size and weight. The CMOS AutoFocus System is also very cool!! Thanks for this fab opportunity

  84. It is small and light, so I would be more inclined to carry it everywhere and it has the enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System.

  85. I currently only have my phone and am always missing my sons action shots! Would love the continuous shooting function!!! And the quality!

  86. I really like the idea of the creative filters. It would be fun to experiment but not worry about messing up the shot. I also like the fact that it offers a wider AutoFocus area. I need all the help I can get when taking photos.

  87. I love how lightweight the camera is, and how quick the shutter speed is- perfect for capturing high-quality action shots!


  88. I’m excited about the expanded ISO range for Amazing Low Light Performance. I always have trouble with dark and grainy indoor photos and I hope this would help.

  89. The enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System is my favourite, helps get marvellous photos of excited children, animals, athletes etc etc.

  90. I really could use a decent camera, taking pictures with my phone isn’t quite the same thing.

  91. the Hybrid CMOS auto focus system to catch my girl in constant motion sound super helpful, thnx

  92. I love the size of this camera!! I need a camera that takes amazing pictures but I don’t want to carry around a massive camera with me. That’s just one of the features I love….this camera looks great!

  93. The size for sure!! I have a old old canon rebel xt camera which I don’t use much since its heavy to lug around. I would love to win this one since you wouldn’t even notice it was there and it would be so lightweight. πŸ™‚ I also love the huge screen on the back!! ANd that it does video.

    Thank you!!!! πŸ™‚

  94. I like that the camera is light (some SLRs are whompers), and that it takes great pictures in low light.

  95. The feature that excites me most is that it’s the world’s smallest and lightest digital SLR camera!

  96. I am crazy excited about the video feature and the low light shooting feature. I would love to find this camera under my tree.

  97. I think the Continuous Shooting feature would be great for taking action pictures.

  98. I like that it doesn’t weigh much – that makes is so much more useable since you’re likely to carry it around.

  99. I love the Kids Scene Mode feature that it has the ability to freeze movement, so even the most energetic little one can be photographed without blur. I have two kids, this feature would be very helpful!

  100. I love that it’s small & light, just perfect for travelling overseas! cheers!

  101. The Amazing Low Light Performance would be great – so helpful when taking pics in poorly lit areas

  102. I would absolutely love to win this one. My sister is a wedding photographer and I’ve helped her out a few times. I have used canon and love it, but I always feel that I don’t know how to use the camera. Big difference from the iPhone camera! By winning this, I would take so many more photos and learn to use the camera. Would love to take some classes as well – then I can show my sister that I can take more photos than just the food and flowers!

  103. It won a TIPA award for best entry level DSLR camera, which is great, cause that is exactly what level I am. It is the smallest and lightest DSLR available and therefore easy to take on vacation. I am sold before I have even tried it.

  104. I have a Canon Snappy (old school, I know) but find I use my iPhone more as it can take a few more shots at the same time. I see that is called continuous picture taking and it makes sure “the moment” is caught and you can then delete the unflattering shots when eyes are closed I would love to win this camera and walk proudly into the 21st century.

    1. snappy … I have to admit I’m unfamiliar.
      Good luck in the giveaway, I think you might need an upgrade!! lol

  105. I love taking pictures. I’ve never been able to afford a true DSLR. This would be wonderful!

  106. I love the fact that it has a kid mode. On-the-go toddlers don’t make for great photo ops! The compact size is what I love most, though. I can’t be lugging around a giant camera when I’m wrangling two kids!

  107. The reduced weight of the camera is a great feature for carrying around on long hot summer days,

  108. I really like the full HD video recording! No more lugging around both the video camera & regular camera!

  109. A) It’s lightweight and small and B) If you have kids that run away fast, you need continuous shooting. Did I mention my SLR is broken?

  110. I love that it’s so compact and lightweight! I’ve been contemplating buying an SLR, but don’t want to pull out a huge camera at every event.

  111. I like that its Canons smallest and lightest DSLR. I sometimes skip bringing my DSLR because its so heavy! This one would go everywhere with me. Oh and the fisheye lens is pretty neat! mm i want that 40mm lens so so bad the camera is pretty sweet too what a great giveaway.

  112. I Love that it has all the great features of a canon but it is also their lightest camera! It would be nice to not have to lug around a heavy camera!

  113. I like the small size and light weight. My current Canon is great but larger and heavy.

  114. It’s been so long. I have an SLR, but it takes film so that makes it impractical. I would love to have control over the photos I’m taking again. I’m excited about the possibilities.

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  116. The enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System quickly and steadily keeps track of your focused subject.

  117. There are so many features that impress me about this camera including the small size, light weight, the 18.0 Megapixel CMOS, and the wide Touch Screen. Gorgeous camera and awesome give away…thankyou!!!

  118. Pictures taken with my phone, don’t always capture the moment. I have wonderful views from my home and I can’t capture them the way that I’d like to. I want to share with friends and family so they can see it the way I see it, but my phone just doesn’t cooperate and that is why I’d like to win.

  119. I would love to win this for my daughter. She is a fabulous photographer. Many of her Nature picks are framed and on my walls.

  120. The fact that it’s small and light. I don’t have a nice camera yet, so I don’t know alot of the technical terms, so I’m not sure what would excite me the most about it’s technical features, but I hope I win so I can learn more about using camera’s like this!

  121. I already mentioned this in my above comment, but I’d like to win so I can learn to shoot more professionally. Right now I have a small digital camera and my iphone that I use.

  122. The continuous shooting feature would help me capture more moments as they happen!

  123. I could use a new camera, because my old one now sucks batteries dry even when not in use.

  124. Hybrid CMOS Autofocus System is the best feature..RAS – Restless Arm Syndrome *jiggle*

    eva urban

  125. Must admit cell phone pictures – can’t equate to a quality professional photograph, plus the memory on my phone is almost full yet again.

    eva urban

  126. I would love to win because I enjoy taking photographs, capturing priceless moments and would love to take photographs at my friend’s upcoming wedding πŸ™‚

  127. This camera is beautiful. I would love taking pictures of wee miss with it! The light weight body would make taking it on family vacations a treat and the quality would make me excited to look at my pictures for years to come.

  128. I would love to win for my daughter Sara. She is so passionate about photography. She bought a Canon Rebel online (I recommended Costco but teens know best) only to have it not work and without a warranty she was stuck with this very expensive piece of equipment.

  129. I’d LOVE to win because I’ve always wanted a Canon Rebel since Andre Agassi did their ads and my point & shoot digital camera is so old, I have to buy the smaller format memory cards online – the stores don’t carry them anymore.

    1. I was interested to know that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is the smallest and lightest camera in the world.

  130. I’d like to win because I love taking pictures. I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography and take a course, but never bothered because I couldn’t afford a better camera.

  131. I like how small it is but still big on performance. As a mom on the go, I need to have as much stuff, in as little space, as possible. This camera would fit right into our busy lifestyles!

  132. I would love to win this camera so I could work on my camera abilities and capture some beautiful pictures of my boys before they’re all grown up.

  133. I would love to win because my camara is really old and I love taking photos, this would help so much!

  134. I would love to win this camera. I love taking pictures and would like to learn more about photography but the camera I own is bulky and not easy to take everywhere with you. This looks like a great camera to learn some new skills on.

  135. I need a camera in the WORST way possible! I currently use my iPod for everything and while its fun, it couldn’t compare to the quality and level of awesome that a Canon camera would bring to My 3 Little Kittens!!! *Fingers Crossed*

  136. I would like to win as the Canon EOS Rebel comes highly recommended. I hear the picture quality is very good, and the camera is easy to use.

  137. there is sooo much to love with the new canon rebel!! but i would have to say i like, no love, the small size and light weight. the rebel amazes me with the incredible quality and features so compact and easy to grab/take with you

  138. i would love to win the rebel as i have so many friends & family …. and critters, that i would love to get pictures of. we are a family of picture lookers πŸ™‚

  139. I’ve been wanting a larger camera for some time – the continuous shoot is a must with my two active kids so i can get that great picture while they are running around and playing!

  140. I would love to win! I am actually looking into a smaller camera for traveling since hauling a regular DLSR can be…awkward to say the least! And then there is always the possibility of damaging it!

  141. i would like to win as our current camera won’t zoom anymore to focus for taking pictures of the kids!

  142. well I have a small canon point and shoot and wouldlike to take it to the next level

  143. love to win because I have been wanting a good camera for a long time and hinting to hubby hasnt been working. tired of using my phone as good as it takes pictures some are usually blurry or off colour.

  144. I’d love to win this giveaway! I hardly ever use a real camera anymore due to the convenience of my iPhone. I’d really like to get back into the swing of things!

  145. I’m embarrassed to say I’m a travel blogger who doesn’t own a digital camera (unless you count an iPhone as a camera). I love the film Canon Rebel that I use, but I can’t imagine how wonderful it’d be to shoot with a digital.

  146. Such a nice camera
    Continuous shooting mode and more. I would certainly make use of this dslr

  147. I would love to win this because I don’t own a good camera. I see all the beautiful pictures people have taken, yours included, and I realize a need a good camera to get quality pictures like that.

  148. I have a special needs child who is constantly fidgeting with limited focused eye contact, & although he’s very photogenic, it takes many shots to get the perfect one. The continuous shooting would be ideal for our household!

  149. I’d like to win because we travel a lot and I want to capture the images from these travels for my scrapbook but my current P&S isn’t superfantastic like this camera is!

  150. this could replace my ten year old digital camera, luckily technology hasnèt changed that much rightÉ haha

  151. I light the amazing low light performance. I hate that I can’t take a decent picture when it isn’t bright enough and using the flash just drowns out the image.

  152. I would love to win this camera because I would like to upgrade from my point & shoot Canon to take pictures of my recipe trials.

  153. For me it would have to be the Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System as it quickly and steadily keeps track of your focused subject.

  154. I love the small size of the camera and that it can take a good picture even when there is a moving target that it has to capture

  155. I would love to win this canon as the camera that I have is a basic digital camera of point and shot

  156. I like all the creative filters that are built into the camera. Thanks for the chance to win.

  157. Another fan of the continuous shooting feature. I have four grandchildren who never stop, so taking pictures is very hard. This feature would make it so much easier to capture those special moments!

  158. I would love to win this camera because it looks like it would be easy to operate as a lot of the features do it for you. Just the camera I need. Thanks

  159. This would be great to win as it sounds like a great camera and it will capture memories of our lives.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  160. I would LOVE to win because I have a Canon Rebel XT that is around 7 or 8 years old. I’ve been wanting to upgrade it for ages but unfortunately money is rather tight right now. Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  161. I would love to win this because I would like to get some really good action shots when the kids play sports

  162. I would love the continuous shoot so I don’t miss that perfect shot or expression.

  163. I would love to win and have all of those amazing pictures for my memory box rather than those so so pictures.

  164. I would love to win, I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I’m always the one with my camera taking pictures. I can take some very nice pictures. I would to have a new camera..

  165. The continuous shooting mode, great feature, especially for taking pictures of my busy little boys!

  166. I don’t have a camera or a smart phone so this camera would be incredible. There’s so much of my world that I’d love to document. Thanks

  167. Would love to win this camera to capture memories of my family and friends during the upcoming holidays.

  168. I’d like to win so that I can use a marvellous camera to take really good photos of my grandchildren, including the new ones due next year in Germany & Australia, then the camera I inherited from my daughter can go to someone else.

  169. I’d like to win because I’ve wanted a DSLR forever.. I don’t have a camera, other than the one on my phone, and I’d really like to be able to take really good pictures of my kids and the things we do. I’d even like to one day hopefully take a photography course.. this would be such a wonderful thing to win.

  170. I have a Canon EOS. Best camera I’ve ever had. Easy, simple and excellent pictures

  171. I especially like the cropping function – it’s more likely to get done if I can deal with it right away.

  172. I’d like to win because, while I’ve used other people’s cameras, the only one I have is the one built into my phone. And I just moved to another province, so it’s harder to find one to borrow than it used to be.

  173. I’ve never had a slr camera before and I would love the chance to sharpen my photography skills.

  174. I m most interested in the create filter and two lenses. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  175. I would love to win because I am expecting and I would love a great new camera to capture those precious first moments. πŸ™‚

  176. The enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System quickly and steadily keeps track of your focused subject.

  177. I’d like to win because at the moment I cannot afford a camera and i really would like one to take photos for my portfolio (i want to be a wedding planner)

  178. I actually want this for my oldest son who has a passion for photography and is taking classes now too so he would be so happy with this

  179. I love that it has low light performance! I am not the best with choosing or having great lighting in photos so that feature will help a lot!

  180. I would love to win this camera because I Love taking pictures for memories! I love scapbooking as well, so nice quality photos would be amazing for all my projects!

  181. Leave a second blog post comment telling me WHY you’d like to win!

    i want to take picture, running for congress..ha ha

  182. I like that it is world’s most compact and lightweight full-featured DSLR. I am tried of my old and heavy Canon film camera.

  183. I would like to win because I need a good camera that is lightweight to carry in my backpack while hiking. We like to backpack in remote places.

  184. Love the compact size and continuous shooting mode, definitely will enable me to get the best shot!

  185. I’d love to win because this would make it so easy to capture all those great family moments!

  186. I’m drawn to the AutoFocus feature — mostly because my husband is not so good at focusing and I’m always a blur!

  187. I’d love to win because my current camera is showing signs of mortal illness ….

  188. I really want to win because i have seen the pictures that an SLR camera can take and those are the types of pictures i would love to be able to take. My daughter steals my snap and go camera all the time, so when I want to really use it, the battery is dead or the sd card is full….it would be nice to just be able to surprise her and give her my little camera if I win this beautiful one!

  189. I’d love to win this for my MIL as we had her camera and the LO cracked the lens, she’d be extremely surprised and happy πŸ™‚

  190. I love that this camera has Continuous Shooting Mode which lets you keep pace when the action speeds up by shooting a high-speed series of photos. This is a great feature for our family because we have two very active toddlers who will not sit still long enough to have a photo taken.

  191. I would love to win this as a surprise gift for my teenage daughter. She graduates high school next year and this would be the perfect gift.

  192. I would love to win because I have been wanting a really nice, new camera for quite some time now, however it just isn’t in our family budget at this time. It would be great to win one in time for Christmas. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Tammi!

  193. The fact that it is both lightweight but still durable and takes high quality, high resolution photos is a huge plus. Being in the travel & tourism/marketing industry, this Canon EOS Rebel SL1 would be absolutely perfect for taking along with me on my travels. The size is perfect, not too bulky, but a big enough lens that those picture perfect moments will brilliantly be captured! Oh, the possibilities!

  194. and of course, the reason I would like to win it so much is so that I can take this beautiful camera with me on my travels everywhere around the world, and capture the great moments & culture. With the great quality shots that this camera will provide, I will be able to share the beauty of my experiences with the world, as well as expose the magnificent abilities of the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 for others to explore!

  195. I would like to win because I enjoy taking pictures of my family and friends especially at get togethers and holidays or just for fun

  196. Great giveaway! I love the continuous shooting, great to capture those special moments with the grandchildren!

  197. Would love to win this because my current camera does not have the continuous shooting and I miss so many moments with my grandchildren that I would love to capture in a photo. Saving memories, that’s what it’s all about for me!

  198. I need to find a Christmas present for my husband and this would be a complete surprise

  199. I’d LOVE to win this because I’ve always wanted a DSLR camera! I love to play around with cameras and would love to have a chance to play around with a great camera! I have a friend who is a photographer who said she would teach me what she knows…I just need my own camera! So fingers crossed!

  200. I’d love to win this camera and begin making some memories. Budget will not allow this splurge, but a contest win would be wonderful. Thanks for the chance!

  201. I am excited that it is lightweight!! My current camera causes pain in my fingers when I use it for long!

  202. I was looking at picking up this model for my wife for Christmas. Then I see you have one to giveaway. What are the odds? I’m finding my phone’s camera is lacking in the creativity and crisp pictures I want for my daughter. It sounds like this camera is just what I’m looking for.

  203. I would like to win as I have been dying to upgrade my camera to something that takes video as well and my husband doesn’t understand so I have not been able to upgrade.

  204. I would love to win this for my dad so he can have a nice camera to take pictures of the grandkids with.

  205. I would LOVE to win because I am currently using a Kodak Easyshare camera that I have had for 7 years,,so definately time for a big upgrade!!! πŸ™‚

  206. Id love to win so I can catch all the good and special memories. Christmas is coming up and its important to have a good camera!

  207. Love to learn more with this DSLR. I have always wanted to learn how to use the manual settings and create something different.

  208. I’d like to win because my camera broke in the summer and unfortunately I’m not able to replace it at this time.

  209. I love that it’s lightweight, & not really big. The continuous shooting feature would be fun to use. I feel like I miss a lot waiting for my current camera to take the picture!

  210. I would like to win because I’m interested in photography, & I’d love to learn more about DSLR cameras. This camera looks like a great camera to learn with.

  211. I would LOVE to win this to give to my eldest daughter! She is a wonderful photographer and I can imagine how good she would be with this excellent equipment!


  212. My camera gave up the ghost. It depletes the batteries instantly. Really need a new camera.

  213. I would like to win because of the beautiful quality of pictures. I love to take photographs and this would just be so amazing.

  214. I love photography and have taken a few classes at NAIT I am an amateur and do not have the greatest camera so this would be amazing!

  215. I love everything about this camera, hard to choose between the Full HD Recording or The enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System!

  216. the continuous shooting mode for sure!! i have a one year old. i love to capture all her movements since they are so different every second πŸ™‚

  217. I’d like to win because I’ve never had a good camera. I’ve missed out on so many photo opportunities with my kids as they grow.

  218. i would LOVE to win so i can give this camera to my sister in law. i know on one hand i would love it BUT my sister in law has a 3 month old and she takes all her photos with her phone. i would love for her to have a camera to capture their special moments

  219. I’d love to win because right now I only have my Blackberry camera to use to take photos and it isn’t very good!

  220. I really like that this camera has continuous shooting feature, for when I take pics of my kitty who is always moves a lot if I have a camera in my hand, thank you:)

  221. I would really like to win this camera for my daughter for Christmas, she is so good with our old film camera, I would love to see what she can do with a wonderful camera, thank you:)

  222. I’d LOVE to win because my step daughter wants my old XTi to learn on so bad! He keeps prompting me to get a new camera so she can have my old one!

  223. I am excited for the Full HD video recording mode.. it would be perfect for my little niece who loves to sing! If she becomes a youtube sensation… she’ll have to thank me!

  224. I mentioned this earlier, but I would love to win this because of the HD quality! It would be so amazing for taking photographs of my growing nieces and nephews, as well as recording amazing video footage!

  225. I would love to win this because I really need a new camera! I would love to be able to take awesome pics of the kids!

  226. I’d like to win because I need a new camera. The one I have has this delay when taking the picture, that I sometimes miss the shot.

  227. Second Comment:
    I’d like to win as this looks like a great camera that is light-weight and it has tons of awesome features.

  228. I have an old Kodak camera it is only 3 megapixels with a 5x zoom. The dock no longer works so a real pain to transfer pictures on to my PV I really need a new camera and want to get away from the point and shoot and get more involved in photography

  229. I would love to win because my camera is not a good one, it’s cheap and doesn’t take any good qualitypictures.

  230. Everything about it fascinates me especially since I don’t own one but would love it greatly if I did own one.

  231. I would love to win and be able to take pictures that are professional looking for my scrapbooks. Also to use at our local Community Center to keep memories alive for many generations to come.

  232. id really like to win cuz my camera broke & my phone camera keeps failing, my girl is 18 months & i dont want to miss the cute things she does, which is so much right now, talking playing & interacting, its awesome, but need to get in on film. thnx for the chance

  233. I’d love to win so it could replace the one we have and that never really worked properly even after the manufacturers defect was fixed.

  234. Would love to win this so I can take photos of my sos’s hockey and soccer games!

  235. The enhanced fancy Auto-focus. Cause I always seem to have issues with focusing properly manually – & I like taking pics of things that move a lot!

  236. I would really like to win, because I used to use an SLR for work, and then changed jobs, and didn’t realize until then just how much insanely different in quality the SLR was from what I was using before. Everything else is just paling in comparison.

  237. I would like to win so I can give my husband this as a huge surprise at Christmas!

  238. I would love to win because I love taking pictures but right now I can only use my phone to do take them

  239. I do not have a camera, would be great to have a nice light one to carry and take pics with.

  240. I would love to win this so I can take better photos. I love this camera for so many reasons. I like the low light capabilities.

  241. I would love to win because I don’t have a camera with features like this one. My camera is old and isn’t that reliable for taking good pictures.

  242. I’d like to surprise my fantastic husband of 40 years who is a great photographer with this camera

  243. I like that it has a continuous shooting mode.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    FB: Alexia Harvours

  244. I would like to win this awesome camera because mine is so old that I need to upgrade to something modern and this fits the bill!
    Thanks – FB: Alexia Harvours

  245. I would wish to win because my family might take my photo taking more seriously? It would be nice to have a really decent camera!! However my kiddo also has a good eye and it would be tempting to *gift* it to him…for a real fantastic present if I should win!

  246. I’m hard pressed to find a feature better than the Continuous Shoot. I have 3 cats who won’t stay put.

  247. Why would I like to win? That one’s easy. Cell phone cameras, despite what the manufacturers trumpet, are useless in the face of a machine as awesome as this Canon.

  248. I do not have a camera that works anymore, and pictures taken on my bb are not great! This would be amazing to win and it would my whole Christmas. Being a single mom of two great kids who one has a brain disorder and my other was just diagnosed with autism (and many other things too!) We havent been able to take pictures in a very long time and I would love to capture memories!

  249. That filter to allow for creative editing is excellent. I love having fun with photos!!

  250. I’d love to win this, because quite literally – our good camera died last night due to the Halloween rain!!!!

  251. The enhanced Hybrid CMOS AutoFocus System quickly and steadily keeps track of your focused subject.

  252. Love how small this camera is! With 15 months old twin girls on the go I am weighed down with stuff as it is. Also adore the continuous shooting, great feature with little ones that are always on the move!

  253. I would love to win because I have always wanted to take better pictures of my family and a DSLR has thus far been out of my budget so winning would just mean the world to me!

  254. It can fit in the palm of my hand! Need a good camera to take pics of my kiddies with, but small enough to cart around everywhere. πŸ™‚

  255. I want to win because I’m ready to take my photo skills to the next level with a DSLR!

  256. I’d love to win because this sounds like a fabulous camera. I’d get some great pictures this Christmas if I won.

  257. As I’m getting older, the weight factor really counts for me. Walking around with my camera is a great source of pleasure to me.

  258. I would LOVE to win as I LOVE taking photos and need a great camera to help me do that better πŸ™‚

  259. My digital camera is a bit old and a bit slow- a new one would be amazing ! I love taking pictures

  260. I would really LOVE to win this, as I am currently without a real camera. I am currently using my cell phone since my last camera gave up the ghost a few months ago. I am an amateur photographer who loves to take photos of my family and nature. I feel lost without my camera, but I don’t have the funds to go and buy a new one at the moment. A Canon has always been my dream to own!

  261. Why? I have loved taking pictures of my kids growing up. I seem to always out use my camera. I need a new one and know that I will not be able to do so before Christmas. Looking at the lovely Halloween pics you took, I can’t help but say heck ya!

  262. because of its size and weight, it would be easy for me to tuck into my purse or bag and take it with me anywhere, and all the time

  263. I’d love to take better quality pictures of my family. My current camera sucks compared to this Canon!

  264. I’d like to win because I am overwhelmed by the choices of DSLR cameras and don’t’ know where to start. This would make it easy!

  265. I really want to win because i take alot of pics and vids of my grandkids and great grandkids and my kodak camera sucks bigtime…alot of pics are blurry and doesn’t have many features.

  266. I would like to win because my Nikon is a few years old and I think I would take better pics with a new one..hehe!

  267. we like to take pictures of nature so the continuous shooting feature would be awesome

  268. I like that it has interchangeable lenses. The camera I have now is just a point-and-shoot that takes average pictures with a built in telephoto lens. I would love to have a camera that actually takes superb photos.

  269. I would like to have this camera because the camera I have now takes barely average pictures since it is a cheap point-and-shoot camera. Every time I try to take a close-up of anything the picture comes out blurry. It’s gets very aggravating when you are trying to get a close-up of a face!

  270. I would love to win so I can take pictures of my family,nature and maybe some selfies! The 40mm Pancake lens is an amazing lens for portraits.

  271. I would love to win because of the great feature of Amazing Low Light Performance. It seems like an amazing camera that will take great pictures.

  272. I would love to win this camera, it is just my speed and knowledge level. Also it would be the right size and weight to take on trips.

  273. I would love to win this camera so I could take pictures of my kids, soon they will be moving out on their own, Going to miss them.

  274. The high ISO for low light performance would be great for photography at home without having to use flash

  275. I’d like to win this camera because of its size. Having a compact SLR alternative would be fantastic.

  276. The autofocus feature is a huge awesome feature for me and keeping my kiddos/subjects in focus

  277. It’s compatible with all canon EF & EF-S Lenses!!! An important feature my photographer! My daughter is an amazing photographer… She really wants a new camera to allow her to change the lense for better photos.. This is it!

  278. I would like to win this for my daughter! She really deserves it and is so creative an amazing photographer. I couldn’t afford to purchase this on my own.

  279. I like to win this because I have two new granddaughters and my old camera is crap!

  280. I like that it’s their smallest and lightest DSLR camera. I don’t like lugging around big things, especially when I travel.

  281. I’d like to win because my point and shoot is not very good with many photo opps, such as in low light, inside, or when I need to move a little (or the subject is moving).

  282. Light and fits in the palm of my hand! My camera just decided to quit on me two weeks ago and now I can’t take any photos of the changing seasons!

  283. I would love to win because our camera broke forever ago, and I am missing life’s moments

  284. I would love to win because I really love taking photos and unfortunately I do not have a good camera. Right now all I have is my Smartphone

  285. The Continuous Shooting Mode would be great, I would be able to get a decent picture of my puppy.

  286. Would love to win this because i create art but I also want the ability to capture what’s around me. I just see so many opportunities for great photos!

  287. I’d love to win because I’m in need of a far better camera. I am photographing a lot more and find I’m very limited with what I have now.

  288. I would love to win this fabulous camera to capture precious moments with my family!!!

  289. Would love to upgrade my wife’s camera, i bought her a Canon Rebel XTi about 5 years ago and it has been great but is starting to show it’s age and has a few issues.

  290. The continuous shoot feature would help a lot when taking my daughters pics. She never stays still!

  291. The lightest smallest slr, great in low light conditions and touchscreen awesome!
    I’ve always wanted one but never could bring myself to spend the money

  292. I’d love to win because I’m usually the designated photographer pretty much wherever we go especially on vacation, plus I love taking nature shots this would make the pictures even better.

  293. I love to take photos but I dropped and shattered my camera this summer not as nice as this one so fingers crossed

  294. I’d like to win because I have a first generation DSLR that is showing its age now and I’d like to be able to improve my photography skills.

  295. The compact nature of this is perfect .. with a bub on the hip and a drink in hand, I need something small to click away at during shindigs and events!

  296. This is amazing!!! I’m a runner, and have been dying to take some shots in te trails while I’m out on my runs. This would be perfect! I’ve always had an interest in photography but can never afford a camera. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  297. I would love to have a great camera to take good pictures of my girls! taking pics with my phone has gotten very old I need good quality like this! Love it

  298. The continuous shoot mode. I have two cats that are always getting into mischief and I always seem to be running a close second. I’d love to get all the action on film.

  299. I’ve starting hanging some of my reproduced photos in my B&B and I’m pretty proud of them. I can only imagine what I could do with a really good camera. you wouldn’t be able to hold me back!

  300. I’d like to win cause this looks like an amazing camera, and I could use a new camera.

  301. I have been dying to win a decent camera being I am stuck with point and shoot $100 camera and a cell phone camera. I want a great camera so bad but they are so expensive.

  302. It’s all about how small and lightweight this model is, as well as the touch screen and continuous shoot feature… Perfect for any food blogger (ahem, us!) πŸ™‚

  303. We really need a new camera for our blog, and this would be a fantastic upgrade for us. Thank you for the opportunity!

  304. OMG!! this is one that is for sure on my Christmas wish list!! HINT HINT to my hubby LOL I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kids Scene Mode because it has the ability to freeze movement!! if you knew my son…he’s 5…he’s super fast and doesn’t like to stay still very long for a picture! it takes about 40 pictures to get that perfect one…so if a camera is fast then I LOVE!!

  305. Why would I like (LOVE) to win…so I can feel like a kid again…you know how we used to feel as kids at Christmas time???!!!! That feeling of being so excited!! I want that feeling…so that’s why I wanna win…plus I LOVE taking pictures!!

  306. I visited Canon’s website and read that the EOS Rebel SL1 is “The World’s Smallest & Lightest Digital SLR Camera” and this excited me the most because I seldom use a camera that is bulky and cumbersome anywhere but at home! I would love to have this camera for using everywhere!!

  307. So many great details on what this camera can do, just awesome, the auto focus is super helpful. my small digital camera broke so i would just die for one of these, my girl is 18 months & hate not recording her & getting great pix, thnx

  308. id like to win because i really enjoy photography, this camera is wicked & i need beautiful pix of my girl

  309. I’m expecting and my current camera leaves much to be desired (it’s a old school point and shoot with perma smudges on the lens).

  310. I love that it’s so small and that all the lenses are interchangeable with other Canon digital cameras.

  311. This would make an amazing Christmas gift for my husband. He’s been wanting a new camera

  312. The Continuous Shooting is my Favorite feature. With 2 active teens I need all the Photo help I can get

  313. Would Love to win this to have Take Quality Pictures of my Family and Friends. Life is Short. Need to document more memories!!

  314. I love the fisheye lens feature. I think that makes for hilarious photos.

    I also need a camera because my *cough * loving husband sold mine without telling me. He insists we discussed selling it, but I think I’d remember something like that.

  315. I would like to win and also NEED to win because my husband sold my digital SLR behind my back. He upgraded his camera and gave me his old one, and next thing I know, BAM, he sold the thing out from under my nose! He says we discussed it, but we didn’t. He owes me a new one now and if I win one, this would help him out of the old dog house.

  316. continuous shooting for my grandson is running all the time , and i love that its small i would bring it with me everywhere i go !

  317. I would love to win this , because my camera is really old and a hand me down , time for a new Canon , i would love to win i would use it all the time to capture the perfect pics of my Grandson !

  318. I think the continuous shooting feature is something I’d appreciate! I like taking pics of people and nature – this would come in handy!

  319. I live for street photography.I live a very large city.Toronto.There is always a unique moment waiting to captured just around the next corner.

  320. I live in Toronto.Its large and very multicultural.I practice street photography as there is something unique happening everywher I view.This is a perfect size for it.

  321. Love that it so small. It will fit in my purse so I will always be ready to capture those perfect moments.

  322. I’d love to win this. Our camera is soooo old and we have needed a new one for a while but haven’t been able to budget it in.

  323. Just the fact that it’s the world’s smallest and lightest wins it for me! With two small kids who never stop moving, it’s a must.

  324. I’d love to win as the only DSLR we have in the house at the moment is quite out of date and belongs to my husband, so it’d be a great upgrade for the both of us!

  325. Have a Rebel T1i which has been fantastic, but unfortunately died on me just days before my daughter’s 4th birthday. Have yet to figure out what’s wrong with and am thinking a new camera is in the future…the SL1 sounds wonderful! Small and light, which really was the only complaint of my T1i, and still can take high quality pictures. The touch screen with filter modes also sounds very intriguing!

  326. Why I’d like to win – I am cameraless!! Haha, I have been lost since my previous Rebel bit the dust. Camera phones do not do justice on fidgety kids! Winning this camera would be amazing and quite honestly perfect timing.

  327. I like the continuous shooting feature and that it is lightweight. Would be awesome to not miss a second of our little princesses birth in January if we were to win with that feature πŸ™‚

  328. I would love to win to capture the birth of my little princess due in January with an amazing camera vs my blackberry camera. It also would come in so handy in the future for family photos and for work on my blog.

  329. The iPhone cameras are just not cutting it with different lenses and continuous shooting. Would love this camera!!

  330. I been shopping for an SLR camera and love the the Canon EOS Rebel is the World’s Smallest & Lightest* Digital SLR Camera. I can carry this everywhere and not worry that it’s too heavy.

  331. Growing up there are NO photos of me as a kid, they were lost in a move and it pains me that I have nothing to show my daughter when she grows up, I take as many photos of her as I can on my iPhone but I would love to have a chance to take better quality, archiveable photos that can print and be saved <3

  332. Id love to win because I do photography for work sometimes and my current camera is getting up there in age and lacking some features that this has!

  333. I want to win because of of the love of taking pictures. To have the different options, views, etc… would make the pictures so much better. People back home could truly see what life on the prairies is like.

  334. The small size of this camera makes it extremely easy to travel with. I would love to use this on my upcoming travels!

  335. I love that the camera has the continuous shooting feature! I will never miss a moment again!

  336. I would like to win because we have a new little one on the way… our first! I want to be able to capture all the precious moments so I can create a baby book and look back on the memories for years to come. The camera on my phone just won’t cut it!

  337. that would be awesome!! We have a son who’s always on the move, so this will come in handy!! Thanks!

  338. our camera broke πŸ™ this replacement seems to have all the features i’m looking for!

  339. LOVE that it is just 14oz in weight. Love the touchscreen, love the speed of the shutter! Look slike a fantastic camera to have in our home to catch all the memories of a lifetime.

  340. I’d like to win because a camera is a fantastic way to capture moments. My damily is very important to me, my teenage daughetr, my elderly parents. My Dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancr adn I want to capture all the memories we have left to make togetehr. Just to know we have his smile in pics and that y looking at pictures we can remember all the good times.

  341. I’m definitely the most excited about the continuous shooting mode. A must have, for sure!

  342. All of them as last month on holidays I dropped my camera and broke the view finder, now I only see half of what I am trying to photograph.

  343. I’d love to win because recently, I was scammed when I was trying to purchase a DSLR. It wasn’t a typical scam, which is why I fell for it. I had sold my higher end P&S so I could purchase it, and now I have no camera…which is essential for my site! It would be a huge blessing to win, since I can’t afford even a cheap P&S now.

  344. I would love to win the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 as I haven’t had an SLR in years and I really miss taking photos/capturing special moments.

  345. I love my digital Rebel, but it’s 10 years old and too large to be my only camera any longer. I love that the new models let me take the same quality photos with a much smaller design!

  346. I love to take photographs! So many great features! Love that it’s on the smaller size. Makes it easier to carry around. I take a lot of pictures and would take more with this camera πŸ™‚

  347. The exceptional low light performance feature excites me the most. I can never get the lighting right when I take a picture.

  348. I don’t own a DSLR, but I really should. I love taking pictures & capturing memories. Nothing beats high quality photos when it comes to sharing memories. Also Canon is one of the best when it comes to cameras.

  349. I would love to win the EOS Rebel SL1 because I still am taking photos with my old digital Kodak, 10 years old.

  350. Just the thought of a new camera excites me! I’m sick of using my phone for photos haha