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Sons of Anarchy: Total Obsession


When it comes to TV watching, I’m picky. Almost snob-like.

A show has to be good {I mean, really good} for me to devote what little tube-time I have, to watch. Thus, I have few must-not-miss-or-else shows on my PVR. One absolute guilty pleasure is one which I would have never expected. Here’s the start of the story, from years ago … 

Hubby: “You HAVE to watch a show with me. About bikers. It’s awesome”

Me: “pass”

Hubby: “No, you HAVE to. It’s like a man soap opera. Only much better since there’s bikes.”

Me: “no”

Well, I was somehow talked into watching ‘only one episode’ of this show with my husband. It only took Season one, Episode one for me to be completely hooked. Completely. 

sons of anarchy someecard myorganizedchaos

Back then, my neurotic mention of Sons of Anarchy to all my friends were met with blank stares of confusion and scrunched up faces. At the time, it wasn’t ‘a thing’. Now? It’s a big/huge deal. Makes me smile though, since I can say ‘I told ya so‘ about a million times over.

Yes, SOA is really THAT GOOD. 

Sons of Anarchy, Season 5 is now in stores for purchase. Hooray, says the addict!

Sons of Anarchy Season Five

While I had fully intended on purchasing it {fyi: even fewer watched TV shows make it to the buy list}, I was thrilled when one came to my door for review. While hubby and I already watching the entire season, I know it’ll be watched again as we wait until the next season to air {9/10, are we there yet?}. 

If you haven’t seen the show yet – catch up already! You might even watch an entire season in a few days like we did years ago.

I’m not about to spoil anything with teasers from Season 5, even though it’s killing me to start rambling about all the story lines and gossip. Yet here is some basic info on the discs themselves and all the extra goodies that come along with it. Which is like extra whip on your hot chocolate that comes with whip already. Or something like that.

Sons of Anarchy Season Five review

Sons of Anarchy: Season Five – From creator Kurt Sutter comes the adrenaline-charged Sons of Anarchy, featuring extended episodes and kicking into high gear with its biggest, most explosive season ever!

As SAMCRO’s new president, Jax is surrounded by ruthless enemies and gut-wrenching betrayal. With Gemma fighting for control of the family and a bloodthirsty Clay out for revenge, Jax finds himself haunted by the sins of his past. Alliances are forged, friends are murdered, and loyalties are put to the ultimate test. Now, with the truth in sight, Jax must do whatever it takes to secure the legacy of brotherhood and protect his family — even if it costs him everything.

Special Features
● Deleted Scenes
● Commentary on “Sovereign” feat. Kurt Sutter, Paris Barclay, Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff & Dayton Callie
● Gag Reel
● Opie Winston
● Kurt Sutter: Creating Anarchy
● Fan Concert at The Club House
● Commentary on “Darthy” featuring Peter Weller

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.



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  1. I was hooked right from the start….can’t wait for season 6…something to look forward to on tuesday night one the kids are in bed 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen even one episode yet–I’m hardly ever home, but this is one show I wouldn’t mind catching up on. It does look amazingly good,, and has gotten the thumbs-up from many of my friends.

  3. I’d LOVE to win because my husband and I are addicted! This is one show I could watch over and over and over again (every episode). This would be great to have and pop in during nights I’m up with our 2.5 month old!

  4. my oldest loves this show. I have never seen it. good christmas present for her

  5. We have Seasons 1 through 4! We both LOVE this show, although I thnk I may enjoy it a little bit more than he does at this point lol

  6. I would love to win because I am obsessed with this show. It is one of THE best television shows out there.

  7. Well you popped by my blog, I guess you saw my SOA devotion, I have an iPad cover with their logo! I’m all for Jax playing Christian Grey. I refused to even consider reading or watching the series until this past weekend when I found out he was taking the lead.

  8. One of my favourite shows. We just discovered it this spring. I’d love to win this for my sister!

  9. I have never seen SOA before.

    There are quite a few positive comments on it here.

    Would like to check it out.

  10. I haven’t watched this before but we have heard so much about it that hubby and I want to watch!

  11. I visited a small town this past weekend and thought to myself “You know, if I wanted to start an MC and deal in guns and stuff this place would make a great base of operations. Get the cops on the payroll. Learn to ride a bike and shoot at people at the same time…..”
    The show is quite addicting!

  12. We’d love this..we are behind as we’ve only seen what is on Netflix so far. AND we have a new 6-week-old son who is named Jax (Jackson) and he and I watch a lot of TV together during middle of the night feedings 🙂

  13. I’ve been meaning to watch this show, but always put it off for various reasons. I’d love to win this as a good kick in the behind to start watching!!

  14. I’ve never seen the show but it’s on my list this winter to do a “marathon watch”

  15. I haven’t seen the show yet but I plan on doing a series marathon of it this winter.

  16. Such a great show, we are addicted to it here at my office and the DVD’s make the rounds and we convert more people every week!

  17. This is an awesome show, I had heard so much about it. I found it on Netflix and began watching from the beginning. It took us about 2 weeks to watch 4 seasons.. Many late nights..with Jax…need I say more.. I need my SOA

  18. I’ve been watching SOA since season 2 (of course, I’ve gone bak and watched the series in its entirety) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  19. We love SOA. It is one of the very few shows that I consider worth turning the tv on for

  20. OMG!!!!! Love this show. My hubby and I r addicted. We have only seen upto season4. Would soo love to win this for him!! Jax is so friggin’ HOT!!!

  21. I have seen SOA. We’ve been watching it from the beginning. I’d like to win because it would be great to be able to see the whole season again on DVD.

  22. I have seen Sons of Anarchy before and I would like to win because I have not seen season 5 yet.

  23. I have seen every single so far, I would love to win so that I can rewatch this again one day!

  24. I have not seen this show, but it is my brothers favorite. I would like to win it for him.

  25. I have not seen SOA, but our oldest son has a few of the seasons. You have me interested now. Sounds like something I might like so I might just have to borrow his copies.

  26. My husband I and are both addicted to the show, just like you I wasn’t interested until I started watching episode one. I would love to give this to my dh.

  27. I entered your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a copy of Sons of Anarchy: Season Five
    because this is one of my favorite television shows.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!

  28. I’ve just recently become addicted to this show! If I were to win this, it’d be a gift for my boyfriend.

  29. I have only seem 1 episode and would like to watch some more! So winning would do the trick

  30. Just recently started watching it, would love to own it because I plan on owning them all eventually 🙂

  31. I love, love, love SOA. My husband and I are currently on Season 3 and are addicted. Would love to win Season 5 so we can enjoy it together!

  32. I’ve been wanting to get *hooked* on SOA for months! If I win season 5, it will make me finally get off my butt and actually watch the first 4 seasons 😉

  33. i would love to win this because my husband loves this show. This would be a great christmas present for him

  34. I have not seen Sons of Anarchy, but I have a few die hard friends. To win, would be a great contribution to me borrowing all their previous seasons!

  35. I would like to win because I watch Sons of Anarchy, but I missed some of the season 5 episodes.

  36. Love to win. I have watched the SOA when I visited my daughter. I like to catch up.

  37. Sons of Anarchy is one of the best shows, my husband and I are both huge fans and already have seen the first episode for this season…amazing!

  38. Haven’t seen it yet and I am hearing good things about it constantly – I’m very curious.

  39. I’d like to win because I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy fan. Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. i love this show seen it many many times. love this shoe especially jax.- hes so cute lol

  41. My husband and I love Sons of Anarchy.
    And I would love to win this for him.


  42. One of my best friends LOVEs this show and I haven’t seen it but I would like to win it for her.

  43. WE love this show. We watch it after the kids are in bed. WE are just finishing up season 1

  44. I’d love to win this for my husband. He loves this show but I haven’t seen it myself.

  45. I would love to win as this is one of my favorite shows and I know that I have missed a couple of episodes. This would give me a chance to catch up.

  46. Yes, SOA is one of my “must watch” shows. Jax is in my “little black book” on pinterest as one of the hottest guys around…with Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt and since he’s going to be in 50 shades of gray, I will watch that too. I want to win just to watch Jax (Charlie Hunnam) again and again!

  47. I would love to win because I love SOA. I have seen every episode except this season. We do not have cable and watched all the previous seasons on netflix, but they do not have season five on there yet. I would love to own this so we can have it years from now to watch over and over.

  48. i’d love to win it because i love it!!! yes i have watched it before and i’m in love with the show!!

  49. Would love to win! I have heard everyone raving about this show but I have never seen a single episode to date!

  50. No, but I heard it’s great and I wouldn’t mind seeing Mrs. Bundy as a whole different kind of mother…so I’ve heard…:)

  51. I would like to win because I have never seen the series and either has my husband. We could sit down and watch it together! 🙂

  52. I have not seen it before but have heard a lot about it .I would like to win so I can start watching it

  53. I would love to win because I am fully addicted!! I have two kids both in school full time and find myself very bored once all the house chores and errands for the week are done. Left with nothing to do at all. I would curl up on the couch and half an afternoon delight with the whole SOA crew.

  54. I’ve never watched Sons of Anarchy before but to be honest this sounds like a good program to watch. I always have free time as a trucker when I am loading and that is three times a night with an hour to load so it would be a DVD per every 2-3 loads or one full shift.

  55. I love SOA and want to own every season so I can watch it over and over. I love this show! Did I mention how much I LOVE this show???

  56. It is the one show my husband and I love to watch together.I would love this set.

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