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For the Chaotic Schedule: Smart Ones


The time isn’t even here yet, and my Fall schedule is already jam-packed. I take a look at my upcoming calendar and I cringe – this will require some strong ninja tactics to survive this chaos! 

There are a couple days each and every week where the activities are so booked that I might be home for maybe 30 minutes from the time school ends until bedtime. I have thought of these days for weeks now and think, ‘Umm, what about that thing called dinner?’. 

To avoid the drive-thu pitfall, I have goals to meal plan, use the slow cooker and will most likely will rely on brown bagged dinners for many of these nights. Yet, having as many meal options as I can, might be the key to surviving this schedule mess. 

weight watchers smart ones review

I was offered the chance to try some Weight Watchers Smart Ones and I realized that I haven’t tried any of their product before. I knew my husband buys them often, for dinners at work. He’s always raved about them, yet I never thought to try them myself. Why not?

Turns out they have many meal solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The selection is quite huge actually, how could I walked by this section of the freezer aisle so many times without a second glance? 

smart ones cranberry turkey medallions

My favourite thus far is the Cranberry Turkey Medallions meal. It comes with roasted turkey medallions in a cranberry sauce with roasted potato wedges. You know when you crave a turkey dinner and need that fix, fast? Yes! 

weight watchers smart ones

This meal is so flavourful, and the spices on the potatoes and vegetables are delicious! In the past I’ve passed over microwavable meals due to them becoming soggy or bland. This one is divine, the vegetables crisp! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this one again.

slow roasted turkey breast smart ones

I also like the 200 calorie Slow Roasted Turkey Breast Meal {yes, another great turkey meal}. This one has a gravy that beats many that I’ve had before. The potatoes are spiced and fluffy. I do wish this one has some veggies included, then it might have been my top pick. Yet, toss a quick salad to go along with them meal – and you are set. 

smart ones review

I guess my husband was onto something before I was this time, I can see why he raved about them for quite a while now. I’m interested in trying more Weight Watchers Smart Ones in the near future and see what other meals make re-appearances in my freezer. 


Have you ever tried Weight Watchers Smart Ones? Which is your favourite?


Disclosure: I received compensation for this post, opinions are my own.


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  1. These look scrumptious!!! I can relate to those busy fall schedules! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Smart One but I believe they had a swedish meatball meal that was deelish!

  2. I think I’m going to be stocking up on these as school will be starting up again..! these are great for days when i just don’t the strength to cook lol

  3. I’ve tied the cranberry one before, it’s really good. I’ll have to pick up the other and give it a try.

  4. I love Weight Watchers Smart Ones. I tried a few of them so far and my fave was the Orange Sesame Chicken. Super yummy! Great for a quick, healthy meal!

  5. I love these meals, we get them all the time for work. Also keeps me out of the vending machine there. 🙂

  6. These are by far my favourites from all the frozen meals that you get in stores, all the Smart Ones I’ve tried taste really good. I like the fettuccini one the best!

  7. I will admit that we often depend on Smart Ones for easy work lunches and also for “Fend for Yourself” dinner night (which has been happening more and more as I get farther along in my pregnancy). I love the wide variety available!

  8. Haven’t tried smart ones before but they look yummy! Will have to try them out when i a in a rush these days!

  9. My favorites are Brocolli – Cheddar Roasted Potatoes & Homestyle Beef Pot Roast. I have them for lunch once or twice a week.

  10. I’ve never tried these before but now may just the time, with both my sons in University it’s challenging to cook just for myself. Smart Ones look like they would definitely do the trick. Thanks for the review.

  11. I have never tried them either since I am not a big fan of the frozen dinners but maybe I should try one out after reading your review.

  12. I’ve never tried Smart Ones before, but I’m going to now. The Cranberry Turkey Medallions look GOOD! Thanks for the review!

  13. I haven’t had a frozen meal in a long time, but I’ve seen them in the grocery stores, and they have certainly come a long way in terms of nutritional value.

  14. I’m always looking for something like this to take to work for lunch–I’ll have to try Smart Ones. They look pretty tasty!

  15. I’m not much of a fan of frozen dinners but we have tried Smart Ones and they are pretty good for a quick lunch with a salad. I like the roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy one the best so far.

  16. I take these meals to work at least once a week to get away from sandwiches. First few ones I’ve tried I must admit to being surprised at how good they tasted.

  17. I’m not usually a fan of frozen dinners, but I’ve tried a few of the Smart Ones, and I’ve really liked them. You’d never know they were Weight Watchers either!

  18. When I did Weight Watchers last year I ate Smart Ones twice a week for lunch and I found them to be quite tasty. I was surprised how good their pizza one is, great for a treat to keep me on track with my points. I no longer go to WW but I do use the point system still…well most

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