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Lalaloopsy Dolls for the Birthday-Gift Win!


When my friends at MGM Entertainment recalled the upcoming twins birthday, and offered the chance to gift them something really *sweet*, I could not pass the opportunity up.

lalaoopsy dolls review canadian mom blogger

They sent my twins two new dolls to celebrate the ‘big 5’! The Lalaloopsy Scoops Waffle Cone doll is a triple scoop of fun who always keeps her cool. How could kids not love this ice cream theme? Also gifted to the girls was April Sunsplash, a brightly coloured Spring-themed Lalaloopsy doll.

So, when they opened these sweet gifts on their birthday, they were more than excited!

lalaloopsy waffle cone doll review

 All the little girls attending their party gushed over them as well. How adorable are the handles on the boxes too?!

lalaloopsy doll review myorganizedchaos

They are huge fans of Lalaloopsy, yet only have the little character toys. They were impressed at the grand size, sure to expand their play even more.

The durable Lalaloopsy dolls have different features yet have these similarities: 

  • Articulated head, arms, and legs.
  • Shoes and clothes can be removed for fashion play.
  • Product Measures: 7.25″ x 4″ x 13″
  • Recommended Ages: 4 years & up

Lalaloopsy Scoops Waffle Cone comes with a little friend cat and April Sunsplash has a fun colourful skirt much like an umbrella. She also comes with a little friend, what looks to be a fish. 

The girls love the little shoes that come with them, which I note are ones that shouldn’t get lost too quickly. They fit very well and don’t fall off during play. The dolls also have a lot of weight to them, one of the first things I noticed when I picked them up.

lalaloopsy review

Adorable and very popular with girls, I like that Lalaloopsy offers tiny and bigger dolls in their collection. Usually I don’t notice the fun themes that each dolls has when passing by them in stores. Yet it’s worth taking a closer look. These two are idea for the Summer months and I’m sure will even brighten the long Winter ones. 

As well, as proven with my twins, they make an excellent birthday gift for ages 4+!


Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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  1. Those are cute. They are way bigger than I thought they would be looking at the stock photo. I dont know much about la la loopsy as I have all boys but they look like a lot of girly time fun.

    1. I know, I didn’t expect them to be so big! When I see measurements, I don’t break out the ruler, do you? Much bigger, yet a whole new level of play compared to the little versions!

  2. My neice loves these dolls! I don’t know much about them yet but seeing i have a toddler in the house i think its in my near future!

    1. I have watched this brand be a HUGE SELLER during the last 2 holiday seasons at least, my suggestion is to put them on the list and get them no – chances are, they’ll be asking anyway! Beat them to it!

    1. My girls are crazy about them. I haven’t pinpointed exactly WHY they are fascinated with them, but they are!

  3. they look so happy, great gift indeed. Happy belated birthday to you twins, hope they enjoy their lovely dolls!

    1. They’ve had many years of popularity – I’m thinking this is a great toy that can be passed down to the younger kids as well. That saves money!

  4. Those dolls are so stinking cute!! My daughter just reached the age where she really can interact and appreciate these dolls. Now she wants them all. lol.

    1. That’s sweet! My girls take the little ones in the bath too – Take note since bath toys are harder to find as the kids get older. In and out of the tub – I love multipurpose toys like this!

    1. Thank you Shannon. They were excited and I loved the chatter between them and their friends – comparing which ones they have and want. So cute!

    1. Great! my oldest is nearing 9 and still plays with them. I love when there’s toys that suit ALL my girls.

  5. These dolls are super cute, but your daughters have them beat! Happy birthday to them!

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