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Hilroy Canada Goes Back to School


With more than 20 brands – including Hilroy – under the ACCO Brands Canada umbrella, they have you covered with the greatest gear for the school year.

Parents today will remember Hilroy Canada as a trusted resource for finding everything you need to get back to the books in style, without breaking the budget. I still remember my own Five Star binders with the coolest designs, chosen with care just for that school year. Actually, I still have a few in storage from my college days – would that qualify as vintage Hilroy? heh.

This year’s gear takes glam to new heights with bold and bright colours, textures and patterns all designed to make Back-to-School anything but boring…

Add some funky phonics to their backpack with Letterplay notebooks, pencil pouches and binders that spell F-U-N {Available at Walmart}


Neon Nature and Colour Splash supplies are drenched in colour and guaranteed to brighten any school day. These binders, notebooks and duo tangs inspire creative kids with a whimsical twist to folders, notebooks and binders {Available at Walmart}. 

back to school hilroy canada

No backpack is complete without Zwipes – take notes and write reminders right on the cover – messages stay on permanently until you want to erase them. Cool right? Choose from Zwipes Zipper Binders, Notebooks and Dividers. Add your class schedule, photos and more then write overtop with the special Zwipes marker and express yourself {Available at various retailers}

Take note people: A new range of planning products – Organizher – is available exclusively at Target Canada this year. Fashion forward and fit for any busy woman, the lines include everything from scheduling and organization supplies, to meal planning and expense tracking tools, in coordinating colours and the latest designer-inspired prints.

With items like the pretty Loyalty Card Organizer and Password Keeper, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. I love the vibrant colors of these products as well as the durability. I put the Loyalty Card Holder under a lot of work, since I carry only essential cards with me daily and not a huge wallet full of them. So, I’d guess that I’m using this holder about 3 times a day, at minimum. It’s showing no signs of the constant use and is so easy to flip through and find what you are looking for.

Hilroy Organizher back to school

 I have been using the Organizher Shopping Companion this week, and so far it’s working to ensure all that’s needed goes into my cart. My goal is to fine tune my grocery shopping this year, all part of starting to meal plan. This Organizher product is going to be a big key in my mission! I adore that there’s special spots to hold all my coupons as well. No more carrying around lists separate from envelopes of coupons. Great product!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I could use some Zip Tote Binder Assorted Colours 2 Inches for my genealogy research!! 🙂

  2. The “Clutch” Tablet & Ereader Holder Product # 50241, would be ideal for me and my kiddo!

  3. Our daughter who is high school could definitely the Zwipes Customizable Zipper Binder with the Zwipes Dividers.

  4. I really, really, really need 7 Pocket Expanding File With Reminder Tabs. We have so much going on it’s hard to keep track of.

  5. My 7 year old will definitely need a new back pack and pencil pouch! I always got new ones every year, so I extend the same to him!

    1. I know the feeling, the list of items we need to buy is getting longer and more expensive.

  6. everything! sketch books, lined paper, back packs, binders…i have 3 going into school (kindergarten, grade one and grade 10)

  7. She’s going into Grade 1 and needs bunch of the 72pg Recycled Exercise Books – plain, interlined, half interlined etc.

  8. We homeschool…and I would LOVE some extra clipboards for my kids to do schoolwork on when they are not at the table!

  9. Well, I need a lot of things, haha, but this year, since the kids are so small, they only need inside shoes, backpacks and lunch bags (the school prefers cash!). I love me my school supplies though, I am a freak for unique things, and I am a huge note maker! (We go through notebooks around here so quickly, both big and small)

  10. We could use quite a bit of these back to school items but these would come in handy
    Fashion 120 Pages
    Product # 66937
    10.5″ x 8″, 120 pages

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  11. we nee almost everything on the list above lol and we always need new backpacks every year so the Backpack
    Product # 77296 is one I have my eye on

  12. My daughter needs the 1/2 plain, 1/2 interlined notebook.

    I love office supplies. Seriously. This is my favourite time of the year because I get to look at all the stationary goodies I want!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I hope I win. If I do, I’ll throw everything on my bed and roll around on it. Oops, have I said too much?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  13. My son really needs a backpack – he went through 2 of them last year so the more durable the better in my humble opinion!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!


  14. ps – do they really sell loyalty card holders? Cool! I use a ring I bought in a craft holder and punch a hole in mine but that is sooooooooooooooo much cooler!!


  15. Hilroy really does mean back to school doesn’t it? I know a child that would love their Starter’s Artists Kit. They would sketch all day if allowed. What a great gift idea. Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  16. A binder with a zipper is on my son’s list this year and they have really nice ones

  17. This would be so great to win, two more girls going to school and this would really help!

  18. OOh I love patterns and colours, I’d get these just because they are different. Maybe my kids could have some for school 😀

  19. My oldest starts Middle school this year. The key item he needs will be a 1.5″ Tech Zipper Binder to help him keep organized between moving from classrooms. We will laminate his schedule to go in the from and make sure he has an extra pen stashed in the pocket too!

  20. My son will need the 5 pack of Dividers and the 1.5 “” Customizable Zipper Binder.

  21. Um, can you say “everything”? My kids want it all. And me, I can’t live without index cards

  22. my daughter definitely needs some glitter and some animal print in her school supplies this year!! (as well as a lunch bag, and a backpack, and so many other things!!)

  23. The zipped binder and pretty much everything on the site lol, back to school cost a lot but you can save wih your products 🙂

  24. Yes the start of school is just around the corner and our household is heading out to get everything from lined paper to backpacks.

  25. 1 of the things we are going to need is a pencil pouch. I love the recycled pencil pouches on the site!

  26. My daughter could really use the 2″ Tablet & E-Reader Tech Binder With Handle. Awesome product.

  27. 2 teens, a 2yr old, 3 buisnesses run from home we need a lot of binders, files and dividers!

  28. Thank you Hilroy for being part of my life since I started school back in 1962! I’d love to win this for my son who is going back to school as an older student this year

  29. We need a cool lunch bag for my son. The Animal Print one that is online at looks pretty cool for Kindergarden.

  30. We need new binders and maybe even a new lunch kit, hilroy has so many cute ones this year

  31. Well it would be for my niece and nephew, they both need more durable zip up binders, Nephew is starting first year of high school and would love to help the kiddos out!

  32. I would love to win this for my daughter. Money is kinda tight this year and it would help alot

  33. I would totally love to win this and donate it to some kid in need of school supplies and who can not afford them

  34. 5 out of 5 grandchildren (same family) off to school this September, ranging form pre-school to grade 7! You name it , they need it!! Binders for sure, lunch kits as well. The Grammas like to help out at this time of year, it really is costly!

  35. with 4 kids 2 of them going back to school and with my hubby just graduating from college we need everything for back to school.

  36. My granddaughter would love the Butterfly recycled pencil pouch. She loves anything butterflies.

  37. I’d love to win this – I am a teacher and know many families in need that would appreciate this more than you could ever imagine!

  38. To be honest, I haven’t even started school shopping for them yet, so we need everything! Backpack, binders, pencils, pencil crayons, you name it we need it lol

  39. as a single mum raising four boys, two in high school, one in middle and one in younger, I need all the supplies I can get.
    thanks for the contest.

  40. The 1 1/2″ zipper binder in fashion designs for my high school bound daughter!

  41. thanks for the chance to win! We need binders!! Actually, we need most of it.. lol!

  42. I would love to win this for my niece! She’s a big fan of the “Zwipes” line. 😀

  43. My oldest will be using pencils at school, but we don’t really need anything. However, I love their products and a bit of a you-can-never-have-too-many-notebooks mentality! I just bought a really super cute one that has black flowers all over it!

  44. My son needs a new backback, he broke the zipper on his last one! lol Good luck everyone with the contest!

  45. hi with 5 kids back to school is really really expensive so i could really use this thaks mary

  46. Would love to win this prize pack for my granddaughter who is starting high school in September!

  47. I’d love to have a zwipes binder for myself to stay just a tiny bit organized for a change:)

  48. With 3 boys in school now, we need lots of supplies to go around. We need new backpacks for the boys and workbooks and math sets.

  49. Id love to win a back pack and all the great stuff we need to fill it 🙂 It would be so helpful!

  50. My teens really need more organization. Dividers, binders, notebooks, things with pockets and such are all good because there will be a place for everything and everything in its place. No more papers sitting in the bottom of lockers or scattered around. Makes for better grades and less stress!

  51. Dual Compartment Lunch Bag would be one of the top items for my daughter going back to school

  52. We need new backpack, pencil case (with crayons of couse) and lunch bag! Thanks for contest! 🙂

  53. The back to school stuff available these days is so much cooler than what was available to me as a child. My kids will love these great designs and colors!

  54. I am a teacher and I love school supplies!! I could use all of these fun things!!! But all my kids need new backpacks this year!!

  55. The zippered binders look nice and can always use a new back pack, they have a great assortment

  56. My daughter needs a lunch bag. She loves the butterfly and rose Dual Compartment Lunch Bag by Hilroy

  57. We go through backpacks way too fast so we could certainly use a new backpack, one that can withstand a tough young man. 😉

  58. I love the Ergo Backpack – Large and it is definitely needed this year. I also love Hilroy for their notebook options.

  59. Wow, thanks for alerting me to that loyalty card organizer… I’m going to have to definitely check that out!

  60. My nephew ride backpacks so hard every year by december it looks like the pack has been on a trip across the world and on it’s last legs, lol. He needs backpacks like it’s going out of style!

  61. My oldest would love a couple of the Zwipes, every time she sees them in the store she is almost begging. Being in grade 8 she definitely needs binders and dividers.

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