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Online Shopping Habits for Back to School


Recently I was chatting with friends about our back to school shopping habits during this time of year. Specifically, online or in-store? While we all had varying preferences when it comes to our purchases, we all were in agreement on one particular aspect – sticking to a budget and saving as much as we could along the way. 

Visa Canada announced the results of their Back-to-School online spending survey, and here are the major factors:

  • Canadians are being more frugal this year in their back-to-school shopping, and are looking online for better prices and deals
  • 90% of Canadian shoppers will be setting a back-to-school budget
  • 87% of shoppers surveyed admitted to “showrooming” – looking at items in store before buying them for less online 

I’m nodding my head in agreeance to all of these highlights. For myself, my back to school shopping routine is the same as any other time of year. I shop online ONLY if I can score a great deal on the item, plus get very cheap if not free shipping. I’m more likely to purchase clothes if I’ve tried the brand before and know the sizing well.

Whether I shop online or in-store, Visa’s right there with me. I’ve personally had no issues shopping online at a trusted store, I have confidence in Visa’s many layers of security including Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, Verified by Visa®, E-Promise, AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (the three-digit code). 

Yet for those that still don’t like to use credit online, using Visa Debit is a safe and convenient alternative. Another option? Visa gift cards! Many online retailers take those gift cards as well, so don’t feel that you are stuck using them just in-store. 

I have made a few Back to School purchases lately, online and in-store as well. Shopping for those indoor shoes for my oldest came early when she needed them for indoor rock climbing with the discovery that last years indoor pair blew a hole in them. Off to the store we went, a Visa Gift Card in hand, and a pair of indoor shoes we did get.

Gotta love her admiration for bright colours! I couldn’t get a sale price on these though they were reasonable. The need for them the next day, prevented me from shopping around.

visa canada back to school giveaway myorganizedchaos

Yet, my online purchase for shoes for the twins was another story. I shopped for a brand that isn’t sold in my city, yet I found a deal on them online – for over 50% off. Choosing sizing was simple since they’ve worn this brand before, so I was confident in the purchase and very happy about the price. 

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 8.45.03 AM

Shipping wasn’t free like I had hoped but it was just a few dollars, so I didn’t mind considering how much I saved on the price-tag. Their shoes should arrive just before school starts, so I’m glad I ordered early. Yet would love if shipping time wasn’t so long with some online shops! I think arrival time is also a big factor in the great online/in-store debate.

Disclosure: I was provided with Visa Gift Cards to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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  1. My favorite part of online shopping is forgetting you bought something then having the package arrive in the mail. It’s like Christmas!

  2. My fave part is I can do it anytime and I dont need to fight the crowds and line-ups

  3. I can take my time shopping and I love to go online in the late evening when the house is very quiet to do my shopping. I hate going to the mall so online shopping is the best for me.

  4. I love sitting in my pj’s and ordering gifts for the kids online, and no one having a clue because it arrives in a plain brown box!

  5. I think my favourite part of online shopping is doin it.. anytime! I’ve done it in the middle of the night when I had insomnia, I love I don’t feel the need to brush my hair or even get dressed…

  6. Shopping from my deck, in the evening while the kids are asleep and I enjoy the summer weather is the best part of online shopping.

  7. I don’t shop online. I check things out, compare prices, etc. but just don’t trust the system. thanks

  8. I LOVE online shopping! Love how convenient it is,and not having to tackle all the crowds at the store,especailly holidays and back to school season!

  9. I like the convenience of shopping at home & getting a great price for my purchase since I can shop around easily.

  10. I love being able to find my size when I shop through the online “store” which usually gathers inventory from all the physical stores.

  11. My favourite part of online shopping is buying stuff that I can’t get in my small town.

  12. I can online shop anytime convenient for me. Often it is 2 am in the morning in my pj’s

  13. I love shopping online because its fast, easy and I avoid line ups and the weekend shopping rush!

  14. Online shopping is great because I can shop anytime I want (day or night), I don’t have to get dressed up and there are no line-ups or crazy parking lots. A win-win.

  15. My favorite part about online shopping is that I don’t need to leave the house, wait for a bus, transfer busses/trains a couple of times, etc. Getting to the shops can be a real pain!

  16. i love shopping and i love to shop and go out walk enter from shop to another one but the online shopping is an other world when i feel more free and more comfort set on my bed enter the store and buy from it and i love to buy from the online store when there is no time to go out or feel so tired

  17. I like to go directly to the sales/clearance so when I’m online shopping it’s easier to get right to it. I can also quickly price compare if I’m not sure if I’m getting a good deal!

  18. I love not having to fight the BTS crowds and being able to shop when it’s convenient to me.

  19. With online shopping most time you can get the items in your size without having to drive to a store and find out they don’t have the item in your size.

  20. My little one isn’t going “back to school” till next year, all this stuff is making me really sad at how much she is growing.

  21. You don’t have to pick through things! You can check right away if what you’re looking for is available or not! You can also shop when the kids are asleep!

  22. not having to go anywhere, being able to have things mailed to me is the best, no line-ups, no wasted money on gas

  23. shopping without trying to get three kids out the door!!! its hard to squeeze time in between feedings for my newborn and nap time for DS3

  24. How easy it is to do and I have more options since we do not have many stores in this small town I live in.

  25. Love when the packages come in the mail…feels a little like Christmas 🙂 Who doesn’t love good mail, when usually its just bills?! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. My favorite part of online shopping is I can do it from home without the hour long drive to the mall then the hour drive home again!

  27. The best part of online shopping is how easy it is. No running around looking for the best deal. Click and done 🙂

  28. The independance on-line shopping has given me is life changing! Due to health issues I am not always able to go out and about so I love shopping on-line!!!

  29. I like shopping online because going to a mall with four kids is sometimes impossible!

  30. Online shopping allows me to find what I want, in my size! Plus, I love receiving packages in the mail 🙂

  31. No crowds no lines no choldren asking Can I get this PLEASE! ! Online is the way to go oh and the surprise when it shows up in the mail. Whats not to like!

  32. I like that I have the luxury of comparing prices and that I can do it in my PJ while spending time with hubby & puppy

  33. Love shopping online since it take 1/2 to 3hrs drive depending what store I need! Live in rural Alberta!

  34. I like the idea of online shopping but, don’t like the idea of having to wait for your stuff to arrive!

  35. Seeing as how I never seem to sleep.. I love being able to shop online at 1 or 2am in my pajamas on my couch 🙂

  36. My favourite part of online shopping is not dragging cranky kids around the mall with me!!

  37. I love shopping online to avoid line-ups and get stuff delivered right at my doorstep.

  38. My husband & I are both very “scent” sensitive to so when I can buy online and not have to stand behind someone at a till lineup that has marinated themselves in strong perfumes…..I do it!! 🙂

  39. My favorite part of online shopping is the deals! It makes so many things so adorable especially when you live in a super small town like me.

  40. I enjoy that I can shop without being interrupted by a CSR looking for a commission. Sorry CSR’s

  41. The best part of online shopping for us here is when the package actually arrives at the door – everyone sees a box and wonders, is it mine?

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  42. I like the research that I can do online shopping, and that I can do it whenever I want to.

  43. Really tight so help to send a teen to school would be great!
    I will likely look around online and some stores but try and reuse as much from last year as possible.

  44. I love the convenience of relaxing in my home and surfing different retail webpages to shop.

  45. It very quick and easy to do price comparisons and find the best deal and it’s also helpful to read the various consumer product reviews

  46. The convenience. I also love that I don’t have to waste gasoline and can often find what I want online for the same price (or cheaper) than what I can buy locally.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I love online shopping because I love getting mail; nothing more exciting than coming home to find a parcel!!

  48. Being able to order what I need, not overpay, and have it waiting for me when I get off the road!

  49. I like that I can shop from home when I online shop and do other things like watch tv or try to get things done around the house and take breaks by searching the items I would like to purchase. No crowds.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  50. I like that it is delivered to me door and I don’t have to find a parking space or fight the traffic

  51. When it’s cold out and I have a coffee and in sweats or PJ’s and don’t have to go out.

  52. My favourite part of online shopping is that I don’t have to leave home. I also like that I can take my time comparing features and prices, and can sit at my desk to make notes about the various items.

  53. Not having to worry about parking and waiting in long lineups is a plus, I am able to shop online anytime of the day

  54. the time I save not having to deal with getting to the store (and shopping in my ‘jammies!)

  55. I love being able to shop when I want to shop. Sometimes you just can’t make it to a store while it’s open! I also love that I can visit tons of stores without the travel time.

  56. Just letting you know that your Blog Lovin’ link doesn’t lead directly to your BL page! And a few pages come up in search so not sure which to follow.

  57. Honestly – Back To School can make me tremor/shake – sooooo many late shoppers like me. So when I am in the quiet of my home, with a coffee and a list in hand – I love to online shop for the convenience the quiet and definitely at peace avoiding angry shoppers yelling at their kids. Hold on a second – “Evan turn that TV down…….*chuckle*…

  58. My favorite part of online shopping just sitting in the comfort of my own home, and not fight crowds or line-up for the cash and best of all not driving around the entire mall looking for parking.

  59. With prices rising on food and so many other items, online shopping can help you to find specials etc., many have contests you can enter, then buy local or at least find what else is out there that you can budget wisely with. I wish all my fav local businesses were online as it saves me time.

  60. I love being able to see everything on one page instead of wandering around a store all day!

  61. I prefer shopping in stores but, before I head out the door I check online to see deals/promotions.

  62. Fave thing about shopping online is I can compare prices without running from store to store

  63. I love the selection available online because I am from such a small town with limited options.

  64. I like looking at the cute stuff. I love that you can find nice things for better price on online.

  65. I have two fave parts to online shopping: 1 – no crowds or pushy salespeople! 2 – getting a big package in the mail! So much fun 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  66. I like finding the item I’ve been dreaming of without the hassle of driving all over town to ‘try’ to locate it.

  67. best part about online shopping you can do it when you want and search for the best deal

  68. Online shopping is quiet! Coffee beside me and having the luxury to shop anywhere in the comfort of my home. It really is perfect!

  69. My favourite part of shopping online is avoiding the lineups and crowds. It is so relaxing to shop online.

  70. The best part of online shopping is that you can do it sitting in your underwear…..seriously!

  71. not having to leave my house, i work in a mall so going to the mall on my off time is not my idea of a good time

  72. being in the comfort of my own home. i also don’t have a car so it helps when the stuff is shipped TO you!: )

  73. my fave part of online shopping is not having to get dressed, just sitting in my pjs, nice and comfy.

  74. Not having to look all over for sizes, you choose the size & find out what they have in it, way easier than scouring racks, especially with 3 kids in tow

  75. i like how it easy to get and find things i can buy any thing from internet store while i am sitting in my kitchen make dinner

  76. Online shopping as a university student means I can search multiple places for what I need without taking time out of my hectic schedule.

  77. I love the convenience of online shopping. It is so nice to avoid the driving, looking for parking, crowds, line-up … all the hassles of having to shop in person!

  78. Favorite part of on line shopping is that I don’t have to do my hair or make up and don’t have to worry about warming up the car in the middle of winter.

  79. I like the convenience that online shopping offers, Shopping in the comfort of your own home (no crowds to deal with), can do in your pjs, can shopping anytime you want to and are not restricted by store hours.

  80. I love shopping online because I can do it at night when everyone is in bed & I have some peace & quiet!

  81. I love shopping on line as I live in a small town. When I go on line to shop I can find things that are not available here!

  82. My oldest son spent the past month visiting grandparents in Nova Scotia. Since he wasn’t home to do back to school shopping, we both logged on the computer and he chose out his styles and I purchased them from here in Ontario. It was a great way to get his back to school shopping done even tho we were half a country away!

  83. My fave part of online shopping is that you have a better opportunity to compare and get the best price, and often shipping can be pretty quick.

  84. I love the convenience of it, esp with 2 young kiddies, I can price match and shop multiple stores without dealing with tired kiddos and fighting traffic/the business of the malls/stores!

  85. My favorite part of online shopping is not having to take 3 children to the story.

  86. I love that I don’t have to fight traffic just to arrive to find out an item is not in stock

  87. My favorite part of online shopping is not having to fight traffic and shopping whatever time of day I fancy.

  88. No crowds! I don’t enjoy being around large groups of people so malls tend to stress me out. I love online shopping and discount codes!! It’s so easy to do… almost to easy lol
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I love love love doing all the research. I love finding the best prices, and discount codes, and feeling fabulous about having made a great purchase at a really fantastic price. Very satisfying indeed!

  90. My favourite part of online shopping is not having the hassle of going out to a mall/stores. I can relax and browse around anytime.

  91. The best part is avoiding all the lines! You can shop at your own pace and have great selections.

  92. I love how I can find more options online than in stores. Right now I’m focussed on finding things I need for my baby to be this late Fall. This prize would be a super help. Thanks for the chance, twitter fan@plumerea

  93. I love how easy it is just to sit there and browse and find anything you want! Stores sometimes never have what your looking for, i love the free shipping too!!

  94. No hunting from location to location for sizes & colours – if they’ve got it, its online!

  95. My favourite part of online shopping is you have all the time to make a decision. You can find it one day and take a few days to really decided, all from own home.

  96. My favorite part of online shopping is not having to haul three kids with me through a store.

  97. I like being able to take my time and decide which items I want. Sometimes, in a store you can feel rushed.

  98. I love online shopping because in a store it can take forever & your kids will be running around because they are bored. I know my son does that so I know what it’s like, LOL.

  99. I love being able to find brands that I couldn’t find in store. And, more sizes and options are available.

  100. I DON’T have to deal with parking. Other people. A nine year old whining about how much longer this is going to take. Lugging shopping bags through the mall.

  101. it is easy, saves me on gas, and I don’t have to deal with crowds (or my kids being fussy)

  102. I like online shopping because I don’t have to drive to places, and I can find anything I want, without leaving my house or getting dressed!

  103. My favourite parts of online shopping are scoring awesome deals, getting cash back, no line-ups/crowds, and not having to get dressed or do my make-up to leave the house.

  104. I like being able to have several store websites open at once so I can compare prices.

  105. I love searching for deals when I shop online, it is like a challenge and so much fun, not to mention so convenient especially when you can get free shipping.

  106. My favorite part of online shopping is finding the great deals – I know what I want and I can check a variety of places for the best price. Plus its like getting presents in the mail when your item arrives

  107. I’ve never shopped for school for the kids online before but it looks like it could save me a lot of time and money

  108. My favorite part is the freedom to filter my searches, for example, all shoes that are only black or all shoulder bags only.

  109. Being able to shop whenever the mood hits (especially in comfy jammies!) makes online shopping the best!

  110. I entered your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a $100 Visa Gift Card.
    In response to your question of What is your favourite part of online shopping ?
    My favorite part of online shopping is not having to stand in line to pay for your stuff
    and there are no crowds.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  111. sitting on my butt in my cozy pajamas and not having to drag my girls shopping, that and finding great deals and comparing prices

  112. Getting to try things on at home, especially shoes, without a salesperson hovering!
    (Sorry, used wrong email!)

  113. my favourite part is that I can do it from the comfort of my own home with a cup of coffee at hand

  114. My favourite part is having so many choices to choose from compared to shopping in a physical store.

  115. My favorite part of online shopping is being able to do it no matter how I feel, and to be able to wear PJs!

  116. I love that I can do it anytime and dont have to leave my home. With 7 children I dont always have the time to go shopping so online makes it way easier

  117. I like the ability to easily comparison shop between different vendors and being able to search for promotions or discount codes when shopping online.

  118. My favourite part is having so many more options as far as which stores to go to and what types of products are available than regular shopping

  119. Best part of online shopping is I can sit at my computer in my pj’s and no one can see me. 😉

  120. I like that with online shopping I can browse & take my time by shopping in the middle of the night! Shopping with the kids is always a rush !

  121. My favourite part of online shopping is shopping from home. I can comparison shop and make a decision all in my pj’s!

  122. I love the fact that I can shop at anytime. So kids are sleeping and mom is shopping online. 🙂

  123. I like that there are sites out there, like that will give you cash back for your purchases.

  124. Not having to bring my boys with me,they never sit still,so online shopping is best when they go to bed at night.

  125. I love getting the “surprise” packages in the mail. It’s like Christmas!! ALso, there are amazing deals to be found:)

  126. I love being able to take my time to browse and not feel pressured from any salespeople.

  127. My favourite part of online shopping is to be able to compare prices and finding good deals without having to rush.

  128. I love the fact that I can get my items shipped right to my door and not have to take my 2 young children out and about.

  129. I love not having to drive, find a parking place and then wander from store to store, comparing prices. I do it all from home with my 10 little fingers and the internet. Yay, on line shopping!

  130. not going to a store and online has more selection and sizes (rafflecopter name marie cat)

  131. I love shopping in my pjs from my couch.. No stress and I can usually get what size and fit I need ..LOVE online shopping

  132. Being able to shop from the comfort of my own home, no mad crowds at the mall to content with.

  133. I can shop till I drop and not spend anything. Also its mighty convenient not having to leave the house and visit as many stores as I want!

  134. The anticipation of waiting for your new item and then finally getting it. and unwrapping it.

  135. Shopping any time I want – I especially like shopping online late at night when my family is asleep so I can spend as much time as I want without being interrupted.

  136. My favorite thing about online shopping is the selection and I can shop any hour of the day or night.

  137. the best part of online shopping is that you don’t have to bring grouchy kids with you.

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