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Now or Later? The New Family Vehicle Debate


Do we get a new family vehicle now or later?

It’s been a common debate in our household for about 2 years now. With my last media test drive of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, it’s no wonder that the topic came up. Yet again.

2013 ford explorer sport media drive

It all started when I test drove the 2011 Explorer Limited , a vehicle that impressed me to no end. In fact, poor hubby heard about this SUV more than he’d like to ever since. In fact, I am notorious in comparing it to every single vehicle I saw, sat in, glanced at or thought of – ever since. Needless to say it was one of the vehicles on my wish-list.


So, my recent test drive was a chance to test out the ‘sporty’ features, see what’s changed since the 2011 model. Yet also, it was my way of seeing if it was still ‘I have to have’ or not. Getting back behind that wheel was nice … very nice.

In case you are wondering, it’s much like the 2011 model {detailed review here}, yet this model didn’t have Park-Assist. The kids fit comfortably, even more so since they aren’t in quite as bulky car seats anymore. The driver, oh she was happy too. Comfort, luxury and happiness. From the sunroof & moonroof, the smooth ride, and handy features which make my time driving easier.

2013 ford explorer sport

Yet, the Ford Explorer Safety Features always pulls me in, this one with the superior technology of inflatable seat belts.

Of course the ‘Sport’ in the name applies to the added hotness of the rims, sport suspension and the black grille detail. I always got a kick out of people pulling up next to me at lights, and do the double glance at this vehicle. Then, they’d always stare at the rims, in admiration. 

ford explorer sport 2013

The great debate: Hubby has a good point in saying that a new vehicle should be a purchase when the kids are older. Not the cleanest passengers, there’s always mud on the backs of the seats, and tiny bits of garbage everywhere. Evidence of them is seen everywhere in our current vehicle, right down to the crayon melted into the vinyl of a cup holder {grrr}. Kids are hard on vehicles despite frequent cleaning, it’s true. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if it really gets better as they age, just bigger footprints on the back of the seats?

My opinion: I drive a lot. For most of the year I take 3 trips to the school each day, shopping hauls, to and from many activities. I’d say on average I’m in and out of the car about 7 times a day. Yes, I’d like something more comfortable, newer, safer … and a little sassier. So, I counter with, ‘the time is now’. 

 While the new family vehicle debate still remains a topic of conversation, I’ll still be searching for that perfect vehicle for when the time comes.

Has you family had this new vehicle debate? I’d love to hear your pros and cons!



Disclosure: My family was given a media vehicle to test drive for review purposes, opinions are my own


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  1. it looks nice doesnt look like a typical “van” mind you I wish we had one when my kids were litter. my hubby was so stubborn he always bought cars that there wasnt any trunk and try putting two kids in with stroller suitcases, never any leg room.

    1. I love the room of my minivan – yet hate it at the same time. It was very needed when the twins were tiny, especially with that double stroller. I think we’d need a larger SUV given that. Yet the fuel consumption?! not sure…

  2. That is a sweet vehicle!!

    We are in debates now on the next family vehicle. But the funny thing is that we both know we can’t get a new vehicle for another few years….we have to finish paying off school loans first. But we still like to debate the type and style. And if we should even risk it because of our crazy destructive passengers…dang our boys are so hard on our van. 🙁

  3. Oh, this looks amazing. It makes me want a new car but but not having a car payment and having under 90,000 mile on my 10 year old SUV makes me just stick with it for now!

    1. Oh we always buy used, depreciation is so much it’s not usually worth it to buy new. Loosing 10k driving out of the lot? insane!

  4. you should buy when the need arises, however right now is an opportune moment. with record low interest rates there is cash on the hoods of many popular vehicles. 0% for 84 months (even 96 months) is not unheard of.
    with indications that rates will rise in the coming year, it might be wise to run the numbers today and see if it’s in your interest to buy sooner rather than later.

    1. I hear ya, the financing right now is awesome!
      Thing is, I consider our minivan somewhat of a lemon, we’ve had to do so much work to it in the last 5 years. Plus there’s still things to fix. Never ending with this van, I’d love to give it the boot! grrr!

    1. Good point, they should be made to last my chaos right? I really wish I was happy with this vehicle since we’ve only had it 6 years but … see my reply above. It’s a constant headache!

  5. I love vehicles that give my kids space. I drive a lot, plus usually have more kids than my 3 with me. Makes sense to have something that can accomodate everyone !

    1. You don’t like it Randa? I don’t think I’ve ever even sat in one…
      And yes, the Sync … oh Ford has some fantastic features on their vehicles. Now redesign the Expedition already!!! lol

  6. I’m doing that now. I bought my caliber 6 years ago, about a week before I found out I was pregnant with my second. Otherwise I would have looked at a bigger car. I NEVER wanted a minivan but my friends came over last weekend with their new Town and Country minivan and I fell, hard. I have about 14 months left to pay on my car and then I’m home free, but the urge to get that van is strong!

    1. Interesting that you say that, possibly is was just the minivan we got? maybe others would be better…

  7. I’m semi happy with our family vehicle, just wish it was a little bigger. We’ve had it for 2 years now, and I don’t plan on buying a new one for a VERY long time. So, we don’t have much of a new family car debate happing at our house.

  8. I want to keep my vehicles as long as I can since I don’t owe anything on them. However, you’ve got me thinking it may be time to upgrade! I love the look of the look of the Ford Explorer Sport! That would be awesome to take on family trips.

  9. We had a debate 2 years ago. Our debate was about buying new or used vehicle. After researching what we were interested in, I came across the prefect vehicle for us at a great price. We got a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country. It’s was pre-owned by a rental company so it had no miles on it and it was less than a year old. Here I am, 2 years later, and we are very happy with the decision we made. I have enough space for my family of 6. Our van rides great during road trips. We just drove 5 hours to Hollywood with my Mom in the van and everyone was comfortable. Having everything automatic helps, especially with groceries. We have a Ford Trac and we were moving we were able to pack more in the van than the truck. Having seats that fold away into the floors helps a great deal too. I love our van and recommended it for anyone looking for space and comfort.

  10. I would love a sunroof!

    We had a lemon of a vehicle so I can relate to the frustration… I hope you can reach a decision together!

  11. That’s always a big decision. Right now, I’m going through that debate with my partner, and we are looking into what our cars would sell for, and what a used car would cost. Maybe I’m a little biased towards getting a new car (haha), but cars will get dirty and they can be cleaned!

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