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Rock and Roll All Nite

 KISS Edmonton Concert 2013:

This past weekend we took a road trip to Edmonton to see a *liitle* rock band called – KISS!

I seen them once before, in 2000 … Wait, does that age me or them?

Doesn’t matter, cause it was seriously the best show on earth! The energy, the fireworks, fire, lights, songs … amazing!

kiss rock and roll all nite

So, I was pretty pumped to go again, which didn’t disappoint in the least. KISS was just as good as I remember, if not better. I was still in awe the entire time.

The Edmonton stop was just one of a lengthy 2 year world tour. The band was supposed to go to Calgary a few days earlier, yet that show was cancelled due to the recent flooding. It was nice that the group mentioned Calgary and paid respects to those who suffered loss from the devastation.

kiss edmonton concert

Fun fact: Edmonton, Alberta was the 1st stop on their very first tour outside the US, in 1974! 

Still going strong boys, forget all nite – they pretty much rock at life.

kiss edmonton show 2013

I never take a ‘camera’ to concerts, yet sometimes I regret that choice.

While my camera phone took alright photos of the concert, there was a specific time that night when I really kicked myself for not having a DSLR with me …

shannon tweed edmonton kiss tour

Canadian born wife of Gene Simmons – Shannon Tweed, sitting with extended family!!

I kept snapping photos of her, hoping one wasn’t entirely blurry, yet this is the best I have. Shannon is very ‘smiley’, played with the kids a lot, and she tosses her hair around more than a haircolor commercial. Seriously. But hey, toss it woman – YOU have every right!

Overall a very memorable trip, I hope to have the chance to see KISS for a third time one day.

What is the best concert you’ve ever gone to?


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    1. She is a stunning woman man, I was in awe!! #girlcrush!
      Oh ma Gah! I would LOVE to see Def Leppard!!!

  1. Hari OM
    Hello Tammi – and WOW if those pix were off camera phone, you have a gr8 unit!! Fabulous. I have enduring memories of my three (yes I got three in!) concerts of Jethro Tull. Never once did the disappoint and on all three occasions go in trouble with management because they just kept playing as long as the fans wanted them to – none of this 50 minutes then cheerio for them!!! The 2nd was the longest at nearly 2.5 hours. Sigh. good days. &*>

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting over at my place. Have a great week. YAM-aunty xx

    1. Thats great Yamini, so happy you got to go 3 times! Yep, was impressed with my camera phone for most of the pics. Not good with far away people, but alright with all the lights on stage!

  2. I saw KISS in ’87 (wow! that sounds like an incredibly long time ago), and I thought they were alright. I’d been a fan since ’78 (seriously, that sounds worse! But in my defense, I was only 8 yrs old in 78!) so I really wanted to see them. I have to say it was a bit of a let down. They were out of the makeup then, and Peter Criss was no longer in the band, so it wasn’t the same.

    My favorite concert was Journey and Bryan Adams in ’82 (Okay, forget it, I’m old!) although the Eagles in ’03 and Cher in ’03 were pretty damn good, too!

    Thanks for hosting and I hope you’ll link up with me over at A Room for Two with a View!

    1. Well, you NEED to see them again then – Peter is back and they are in FULL costume. I hear what you are saying thoguh, I wouldn’t want to see them without the full effect, it’s better like that!

  3. Wow, didn’t know they were still around. Never were my favorite band though. Great pictures though. I remember a day and age when you weren’t allowed to take pictures at concerts.

    1. Yes, I remember that time too, I don’t think you could enforce it now with smartphones! Funny how people use them as lighters to *sway* now too! lol

  4. Ha ha ha, I can definitely tell you are a true KISS fan! What an awesome experience! My favorite concert of all time was seeing Hoobastank and Incubus perform in Minneapolis many many years ago. It gave me chills, it was just so amazing. I love when bands sound just as good live as on record, which is sad these days because so many artists’ voices are digitally altered on record and sound horrible live!

    1. AMEN!! That is my peeve too. Shinedown opened for KISS and while ok, they sounded nothing like the disc. It was a bit of a letdown for sure. Also, seen Shania Twain sing at Greycup one year – lypsynced {sp?} the entire thing. You could really tell. It was terrible.

  5. That looks like so much fun!

    I have a friend that just got super serious about face painting. So much so that she’s been to conventions for it. She painted all 4 of her kids to look like they were part of KISS. It’s pretty funny!

    1. Talented! So many people had their faces painted, of course. Something to see at every turn!

  6. Years ago I saw DC Talk and had a blast. Not just a great concert, but a great experience too.

  7. Looks like it was an amazing show! Cool that you got pics. of GS wife. Amazing that they still rock the house! 😉

  8. Oh boy. My ex husband was (is) a KISS fan and that man dragged me to over 20 KISS concerts. We traveled through different states and even got to meet the guys a few times. It got to be too much and now-a-days I always say “I’m KISSed out” haha. I actually just went to my very first concert over the weekend – it was the first one in 10 years! KISS does put on one of the best shows though, that is for sure!

  9. Ah – how fun! The best concert I have gone to to date has got to be NKOTBSB!!! It was so awesome to release my inner 14-year old self again for one night!

    1. I have friends that just seen them again!! lol
      Dare I admit that NKOTB was my very first concert?!

  10. Looks like a really fun night! Your pix were great considering they came form a phone camera!

  11. Your phone takes nice photos! maybe better than my simple poit & shoot. I have never seen them i concert, but my DIL is a big fan & has been to many, esp when she was younger. I do enjoy there TV program & love Shannon Tweed too! Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails
    (i am very guilty of not weeding y garden! esp the last few years because of injury) Lucky I like the wild look & have wildflower patches all over the yard too 😉 )

    1. I find their family so intriguing. I LOVED that their kids were GOOD KIDS, like really, really good, decent, polite and respectful kids! I had more respect for KISS after watching their reality show, loved each episode!

  12. Best convert ever? Tom petty! Excellent show that guy puts on. I haven’t seen anyone much lately. I saw tommy hunter with my mom and that was her last concert so that will always be very special. Worst ever was Guns and Roses. I thought my DH was going to get beaten senseless and I was going to be kidnapped by Hell’s Angels. Scary scene. These days um backyardigans? Wiggles?

    1. No way… that sounds scary!
      Agree with you on the kids shows, nice to be ‘us’ once in a while, right?

  13. Best concert ever? Tom petty! Excellent show that guy puts on. I haven’t seen anyone much lately. I saw tommy hunter with my mom and that was her last concert so that will always be very special. Worst ever was Guns and Roses. I thought my DH was going to get beaten senseless and I was going to be kidnapped by Hell’s Angels. Scary scene. These days um backyardigans? Wiggles?

  14. *Totally jealous* I was a fan of KISS back in the day and watched Gene Simmons show, Family Jewels, when it aired. Looks like an awesome concert. I honestly didn’t know though that KISS still played in concert. For whatever reason, I thought they quit years ago.

  15. Oh wow! That looks like a real blast! 😀 Even though I am not a huge KISS fan – I would love to see them in concert as they are one of THOSE bands that are iconic!

  16. I have a cousin who’s been crazy over KISS since he was a kid. He still has all the LPs, lol

    I think the best concert I’ve seen was AC/DC. They were full of energy and sounded great.

    1. I don’t know *all* their stuff, yet most is so popular that anyone would find themselves singing along and having a great time!

  17. many many mannny moons ago I think it was the Whitney concert we saw in Ottawa. She was fabulous.

  18. i should also say Brain Adams he did an amazing concert too. the worst one I went to I think was Billy Idol he was gross lol

  19. Awesome pictures! I would say my most awesome concert was Bon Jovi at the old Meadowlands Stadiun in NJ! A few years ago in July…it was unbearably hot and humid but an awesome concert.

    1. Ha, she’s a pretty intriguing woman. Yet Gene – he’s a smart, smart man. Amazing at all things business!

  20. I will be honest the best “concert” I have been to would have to be new years eve in Niagara Falls (2012-2013) because its the only “concert” I’ve been to

  21. I was there too wouldn’t miss it!! We had floor seats and were a few rows behind Shannon, I am just about as old as they are only a few years younger, so grew up on Kiss! No secret I love Bruce Springsteen, but the best concert was my first outdoor Rolling Stones concert in Edmonton which was at the stadium in October, there was so much electricity in the air no one was even cold . Old Mick puts on quit a show!

  22. Sounds like a fabulous concert. I have few fave concerts. I saw Tina Turner ages (and I mean ages) ago. What energy!! And her legs really did go on forever. Loved that show. And my other one was Crosby, Stills , Nash and Young. Not that long ago and it was fantastic too. So many memories..

  23. hmm I know I comment on this post but seems to have disappeared. Whitney Houston best concert ever.

  24. Looks like you had a fab time! The best concert I ever went to was to see DJ Tiesto. Trance heaven!

  25. We went to see Bon Jovi at the Air Canada Centre (in a box mind you – concerts are SO GOOD from the view of box seats). It was the 1st concert we have been to in years.

  26. Don’t know if I’d go to a concert today, but used to go to a lot of them when I was younger

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