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Small Sacrifices for the Greater Good {Times}


Never fails; I load the kids into the car, buckle them in, get comfy myself and reach for the pack of gum. Then, the voice you knew would soon hear asks from behind you, “Can I have a piece?“. Always. You open the pack and there’s one piece left. “Sure hun … here ya go“.

Parenting is full of sacrifices. Sure there’s the big ones – some give up vacations, jobs or trade their theatre room for the toy room. Yet, there’s tons of little ones along the way, like that last piece of gum. The sweet-spot on the couch on family movie night or sleep when the littles are up all night sick.

I guess you could put those ‘live on stage’ shows for kids into this category, as most adults get a headache just thinking of them. Picture maybe hundreds of kids that are somehow louder than the music blasting onstage. Guaranteed you’ll get a tiny elbow to the face when they jump up to wave at their favorite character. Parking might be insane, and there will probably be a severe toddler meltdown either from your own kids or the ones next to you.

… It’s like I’m talking from experience here, right? I AM!

I recently took my kids to a live performance of Strawberry Shortcake. Tylenol was needed and bedtime couldn’t come soon enough. And yes, my kids were right in the middle of that tiny pre-school mosh-pit in front of the stage.

strawberry shortcake follow your own beat

Know what though? It was worth it.

Some sacrifices lead to huge smiles and lasting memories. Spare two hours of your time and they get the chance to brag to all their friends the next day, possibly still wearing the show t-shirt from the night before. Being apart of this parents, is so totally worth that sacrifice. Each and every time.

The Thomas Live Tour is an interactive, entertaining, musical show that brings Thomas to life and also features Sir Topham Hatt and Driver Sam. The tour will be travelling to various shopping malls, fairs and different events across Canada throughout the year!

thomas 2013 spring tour

Check out the tour dates listed above, is there one near you?

I love that the one in Calgary is at the Stampede, I’d love to make a weekend of it!

There’s also something great {and FREE} for your little Thomas fan, check out the Personalized Thomas e-story, there’s a new one every month. Create your own personal interactive storybook, and even receive a special edition silver Thomas by purchasing 10 Thomas and Friends engines by December 31st {and entering the info online}. 



I’m apart of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation
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  1. What a great mommy!! It is nice to see that even if you may not want to go and sit at an event like this you do because you know it makes her happy!! Love it! I hope if we have kids one day we will be like that!

  2. I’m laughing at the image of a tiny preschool mosh pit! I’ve held my own in many a mosh pits over the years, but I think I would be too scared to enter one full of tiny tots!

    1. Oh, you should have seen it, I have no words. There was hugging, pushing, crying, arms flailing … wow, what a sight!

  3. lol, you are so write! We do sacrifice a lot for our kids. Those shows are one of them. But I love how you put it, it’ a sacrifice that is totally worth it and something that truly blesses your kids with fond memories. Sadly, or should I say thankfully none of those live shows never come close to us. lol. But we have a lot of other stuff we do for our kids to make memories.

    1. Some come to our city and others don’t, but as long as you find something your kids will enjoy, you are golden. The beaming smiles on their faces are incredible!!

    1. My girls did too, yet not so much these days. Yet, they love live performances of anything, so I’m sure they’d love this one. Might even re-spark the love for Thomas again! 🙂

  4. You are a wonderful mama 🙂

    I think the small sacrifices now are what shape the amazing adults later in life & create the best memories! 🙂

  5. I hear you :)! So far this year, it has been Strawberry Shortcake and Toopy and Binoo and in the fall, Dora and Thomas are on the agenda. I had such a headache after the shrieking but my kids had a fabulous time and that’s what counted. I still remember seeing Sharon, Lois and Bram and Mr. Dressup as a child and I want to create these memories for my kids!

    1. I wanted to see Sharon, Lois and Bram so bad when I was young, but never got the chance. I think of this now when these opportunities come up for my girls – make those memories!

  6. Sacrifices are definitely worth it, they are only young once. Need to hold onto those special times because they grow up too fast. Thanks for sharing the Thomas dates, I know one little boy that would love to go see it.

  7. Oh I know what you mean about sacrifices having to be made for our kids. If I have to sit through one more Disney on Ice show I think I’ll gnaw off my Last year I really did enjoy the Dinosaur show though and this year it is Monster Trucks and thankfully Dad has that one!!

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