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New Panasonic Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver


I’ve said many times before that the best gift ideas are ones that are actually obvious.

  • Dad mentioning a great new set of golf clubs months ago – remember that.
  • Lingering a long time in in the tablet department – make a mental note
  • Swearing and cursing in the bathroom at his current shaver – write that moment down
    {and then continue reading … }

Have a look at the current razor that your man is using. Does it need an update? Notice some nicks made by the current razor, when he’s leaving for the day? Does your man stop whatever he’s doing to watch the latest shaver commercial on TV?

Panasonic has a new shaver on the market that could be the ideal gift for someone you know.

Panasonic’s new state-of-the-art Milano line of grooming products were designed to meet the needs of all men – from the moustached to the clean shaven. From beard and hair trimming to full body detailing, Panasonic offers men a stylish new portfolio developed to provide a flawless shave every time. Check out this Panasonic Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver review!

Panasonic Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver New Panasonic Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver {model #ST25K} – $169.99

  • Designed in Italy, it’s the only shaver with Stubble Sensor Technology, which automatically adjusts the cutting power to the thickness of hair. A perfect shave every time, hear the motor speed up as the sensor detects coarser hair.
  • Milano 13,000 cpm linear motor and three curved 30-degree Nano-technology performance blades for silky smooth skin.
  • Stubble sensor technology – Automatically increases power to cut thicker hair effortlessly
  • Multi-fit arc blades – Fit uniformly under the chin
  • Nano-polished blades (30°)
  • Sensor mode / charge status indicator
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Wet/dry washable
  • 45 minutes use on 1 hour charge
  • One shave with 5 minute quick charge
  • Convenient charging stand
  • Includes carry holder for storage or travel

Pulling and tugging are a thing of the past as the ST25’s motor maintains its high speed, even when the battery is low or when shaving thick hair. Offering European design and quality, the entire Milano line can be found in Sears stores across Canada.



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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. My husband because when he uses a razor to shave he looks like he’s been in an accident, he has so many niks and patches of toilet tissue.

  2. My hubby could definately use this shaver! He needs a new one thats for sure!

  3. My husband! My son got a hold of the razor (no, it didn’t have the blade attached) and lost a few of the pieces when he dropped it on the floor… soooo now he borrows MY razors to finish the job. Please let him win!! LOL

  4. the hubs could – its time for the furry face to go away – i can loose items in the fur

  5. My oldest son would love this, my 16 yr old son hasnt quite started shaving yet, but wont be long for him too

  6. My husband could use this razor. He thinks he doesn’t like electric razors because he tried one as a teen and it pulled so much, but this one sounds different.

  7. I would give it to my hubby but id sneak it and use it for a quick shave of the legs when Im too lazy to do it in the shower.

  8. My husband definitely needs a new one, his is ooold and doesn’t work that well anymore.

  9. Would give it to my son as he is on a budget and this would be a wonderful gift for him.

  10. my son, because just the other day we were in a store and he was oohing and ahhing about the electric razors and said he wanted one!

  11. There’d be a fight in my house between DH, DS20 and DS17 !! Lol maybe fun to watch! Lol more so the DS’s as DH goes to the barber lol

  12. This would go to my son, he has just started shaving and really needs a good quality shaver

  13. My husband points out razors like this all the time when we’re in the stores…I’m sure he’d love this one and gets lots of use out of it! 🙂

  14. If you could see the fierce beard I am growing right now, you would see why I have to say.. me 😛

  15. My fiance could REALLY use this razor & with Father’s Day around the corner, this would be an AWESOME gift!! =)

  16. My husband needs a new razor. His died last month but when I asked if he was going to buy a new one he said, “Oh, it’s not so bad if I shave (as in with his manual razor) every other day.” In other words, it hurts (pulls?) when he shaves. His face needs a more gentle shave.

  17. My husband could really use this razor. His current razors blade is really really dull!

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