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Improving Your Laundry Experience. No Really!


I must start this post with one fact: I snarl at doing laundry.

OK, let’s clarify that statement.

I don’t mind gathering up all the items {makes the place tidier} and sticking said items in the washer and dryer {love the act of cleaning when I’m not physically doing the work. Score!}.

The lack-luster part of the relationship is that it’s repetitive and takes so long.

… Wow, I really need a ‘laundry attitude adjustment’, don’t I?

Maytag thought so. They asked me to be apart of the #MaytagBloggerChallenge.

I received a smack to my attitude in the form of a huge delivery complete with a pretty red bow. Everyone, please meet the NEW Maytag® Maxima XL™ Front Load Steam Washer with the PowerWash® cycle AND the Maytag® Maxima XL™ HE Steam Dryer with a quiet SoundGuard® drum.

maytag maxima xl #maytagbloggerchallenge

They are big, feature-fierce and they have a mission to change the way I feel about {and do} our laundry. So, naturally, mission accepted Maytag! Prove me wrong!

Like a child with a shiny new toy, I didn’t waste time after installation and started washing clothing immediately. Yet before you throw clothes in and hit that ‘start’ button, it’s crucial to know the key features of this dynamic duo. After all, it’s the newest model with the latest technology. In fact, be prepared to give your current set a dirty {pun intended} look and ask ‘how come you can’t do this?’.

Well, hold onto your socks {both of them please, they love to break apart from each other and drive you insane}, here are the AMAZING features:

Maytag® Maxima XL™ Front Load Steam Washer with the PowerWash® cycle:

  • Extra-Large 5.0 cu. ft I.E.C capacity {come on in big items, there’s room for you}
  • PowerWash and Cold Wash Cycles {gives clean the business}
  • Optimal Dose Dispenser with PowerSpray {this is the boss, more on this in a bit}
  • 12 Hour Fresh Hold option {for those that forget to switch the laundry, ahem, me!}
  • Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle {I love you!}
  • Steam for Stains option {I don’t need to? Awesome!}
  • 6 Hour Fresh Spin option
  • Allergen & Sanitation options {take that germaphobes!}

Maytag® Maxima XL™ HE Steam Dryer with a quiet SoundGuard® drum:

  • Extra-Large 7.4 cu. ft I.E.C Capacity {even drying? yeah, we got this}
  • 10 drying cycles {all of our items aren’t the same fabric, right?}
  • SoundGuard Stainless Steel Dryer Drum {you don’t know quiet until this baby}
  • Wrinkle Prevent With Steam Option {never.ironing.again. Yahooooo!}
  • Auto Refresh Steam Cycle {again for the forgetters, ahem, that’s me again}

You’ll notice in the first photo above, that I was also given pedestals for both the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer. This was the first ‘big deal’ to me, as we opted out of the pedestals with our last front-loading set. It was something I always looked back on, and wondered if we made the wrong choice. I know now that it was – absolutely get the pedestals!

pedestals maytag maxima xl

For storage and organization as well for back-care, they are saviours. My husband, who was recently told that he’ll need a hip replacement soon, adores these pedestals as it’s less painful for him to do laundry. So, while the pedestals aren’t necessarily a feature of the set, they are what I consider to be a necessity when getting front loaders. Absolutely, get those pedestals, you won’t regret it.

Back to the dynamic duo – I have already tried out all the features of this laundry set and have more posts dedicated to my take on the specific options. I have literally washed everything from delicates to bedding, tough stains to stuffed toys.

We had an entire week of rain last week and the girls clothes were very mud and grass stained each day after school. This is where the PowerWash Cycle came in, which was no match for those dirty clothes at all. While I was certain that a few socks and pants would hit the garbage, they came out sparkly clean.

Yet to give you a starting point for this challenge, I’d like to give you my top 3 first-impressions. These are the first things that impressed me right off the bat:

maytagbloggerchallenge maytag maxima xl


“Wash and dry a small load of laundry right in the washer. Whether it’s a last-minute wardrobe change or a kid’s jersey that has to be ready first thing, you can sleep easy while laundry practically does itself. Start the Overnight Wash & Dry cycle before you go to sleep, and clothes are ready to wear next morning.”

overnight wash and dry maytag maxima xl

Umm, hello brilliant! I cannot sing the praises more for this feature!

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 11.53.57 AM

It’s true, I’m a forgetter! I think I’m on the ball when I stick in some laundry only to forget it in the washer all day long or worse, overnight. The Maytag Maxima XL washer really fits with our schedule, since oftentimes I realize at bedtime that I need clean items in the early AM. Who’s going to stay up all night doing laundry? Not this gal!

Improving the laundry experience right there, the Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle quickly became my new best friend.


I noticed on the first wash that on ‘normal’ setting, both the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer each took 10 minutes less per load, when compared to my previous front loading machines. While 10 minutes may not seem that significant, let’s look at this closely. Studies say that on average the typical household does 7-8 loads of laundry per week. Which I’d agree with, when including clothing, bedding, towels etc etc. Let’s go with the lower number of 7, just for this example. And, with 10 minutes saved on BOTH the wash and dry cycle – that’s 14 total loads per week.

  • 14 wash and dry cycles per week = 140 minutes less per week with the Maytag Maxima XL machines
  • 14 x 52 = 728 total loads in 1 year = 7,280 minutes of time saved in 1 year OR 121.5 hours less per year

That’s 5 whole days of laundry people!

That could be a 5-day vacation not spent doing laundry, wow! I could take this one step further and calculate how much money is saved in power in water with 121.5 hours of washing and drying – yet you get the picture. You save less, you do less. Wait, less laundry? Improving my experience!!


The Optimal Dose dispenser stores enough detergent for up to 12 loads, releasing the amount each load needs for optimal cleaning. It works in unison with PowerSpray so the perfect mix of detergent and water is sprayed on clothes for better cleaning performance while using less detergent.

Can you imagine if you had to fill up your gas tank each time you drove your car? The people at Maytag thought of that with their FANTASTIC Optimal Dose Dispenser. Fill once and forget about it again until the light tells you to fill it again.

optimal dose dispenser maytag maxima xl

Husband: “Why can’t I put soap in? When did you stop using laundry detergent? …. that has got to be the best idea ever!”

It’s true, people are fans of cutting corners and taking one less step. If I don’t have to pour detergent into the dispenser each and every time I do laundry {again, that’s over 300 loads a year!}, I’m happy. It’s a neat feature that saves time with less time spent standing at the washing machine.


I used to think the key to laundry was all about the detergent and fabric softener. I have probably spent half my life trying out different brands, various scents, disk vs sheets vs tabs. It was maddening! When I started using the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer, I noticed an immediate change in the feel of the clothing. Using the same detergents that I have been using for some time now, our clothes are coming out softer. Much softer.

maytag maxima xl dryer review

Hubby even pointed out one day, that there was little static to everything {a common previous complaint}. This was despite the fact that a couple pairs of yoga pants and sweaters were washed together among the other t-shirts and such. Yes, I wash most of my clothes all together, no judging allowed. The Moisture Sensing and Static Reduction features in this dryer are a most welcome surprise. That was a huge improvement, which I’ll really appreciate in the dry Winter months.

Share your laundry experiences, what do you love and hate about the task?  

Each of my Challenge posts will be combined with a giveaway, so make sure to follow along as there will be more posts. Catch the convo on Twitter too: #MaytagBloggerChallenge

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I love that its quicker meaning i have more time to play trains and go to the beach wit my boys

  2. I hate waiting for my washing machine to finish when I want to go out. I like how this machine is quicker!

  3. Love the washing and drying part, its getting it from the laundry rooms to bedrooms where the speed bump lies.

  4. Well with kiddo #4 on the way… I just hate the shear amount of laundry I have to do… I am NEVER caught up…. no matter how much laundry I do, there is always more. It can be so frustrating!

    I LOVE the overnight wash and dry cycle… by far the coolest setting!

  5. I hate when i forgot clothes in the dryer. I love when i fold it right away. These washer-dryer are so cool !! I would be a fan of the overnight cycle !!

  6. I absolutely hate putting it away, the washing, drying and folding do not bother me it is getting it from the baskets into the drawers/closet that kills me and I often find we grab from the baskets until it’s time to do it all over again many times haha! I think my favourite feature would have to be that it is quicker … I can’t count the hours waiting for the washer to stop then the hours waiting for the dryer to stop!

    1. I hear ya, I am absolutely terrible at putting the laundry away. We sometimes have 4 baskets full of folded laundry and don’t get me started about the socks, OMG, We have one of those tall laundry baskets FULL of folded socks, and lets not forget the second basket of odd socks needed to be folded of the same size./..

  7. I hate how long it takes. The fact this one is quicker would mean less time spent on laundry and more time outside with the kids!

  8. I dispise ironing!! Try to always grab the clothes out of the dryer before they are wrinkled.

  9. I hate putting it away! Seems like an easy task but one that I just don’t like.

    I love the Sanitation option. Yes, I’m a germaphobe.

  10. I hate that my LG pair don’t have a setting where I can decide what size load I want to wash and how long it needs. Also, not so stable. These look amazing. I don’t mind doing laundry now that I am retired and can do it at my leisure. I have always been a Maytag customer but allowed the salesman to sway me on this purchase. Never again

  11. I was just telling ny husband we need to get a food processor to make dog food. I would love
    To win this 🙂

  12. I love the smell and feel of towels still warm and fluffy from the dryer and I hate the endless supply of dirty clothes, towels, bedding and on and on! The overnight wash and dry cycle would definitely be my favourite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer.

  13. I love the smell of fresh laundry – I hate having to sort colors!

    I like the idea of the allergen setting – not sure HOW it works exactly, but I like it!

  14. love having fresh laundry from the line, nothing like clean sheets day, hate it because have to go upstairs, take the baby & keep entertained, go back up for softener & then drag all outside(nice weather permitting) & repeat & repeat. i really like the wash/dry overnight feature when im in bed chores can get done, safely,, wooooooo

  15. The washing and drying bit are fine. But it really is the folding and putting away of all the laundry. If I can’t have a laundry fairy, the Maxima XL would be fabulous! I LOVE the overnight wash and dry! I’m notorious for forgetting the laundry overnight!!

  16. that laundry detergent dispenser is awesome! I feel like we go through so much laundry soap here. They look like an awesome washer and dryer! 🙂

  17. My favourite part of laundry is having fresh, clean clothes. My least favourite part is doing the laundry! This Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer overnight wash and dry option is great!

  18. I hate that the laundry is never completely done – there is always more to do! It never seems to get put away, and sits in baskets way too long in my house. I love the overnight wash and dry option of this machine! Awesome.

  19. laundry is…. ok! I dislike folding socks they never seem to match. I like the wrinkle prevention feature

  20. I love a washer that takes a big load. I hate the dryer that tangles anything with a strap and eventually rips it. I love the drawer underneath the washer, very good idea.

  21. I hate how long it takes to do the laundry. I am always waiting for the washer or the dryer to end so I can get the next load in or I’ll forget a load in the washer and needing to wash it over again the next day. The overnight wash/dry would be ideal for me 🙂

  22. I hate everything about laundry.. mainly folding all of it LOL!

    I love how much can fit in the washer and dryer!.. definitely a plus with a household of 5!

  23. Actually, laundry is one of my favourite chores. I love folding the warm clean dry clothes….when I remember to put them in the dryer that is! I think I’d love the fresh hold in the washer. I’m usually pretty good, but on those busy days where I am doing a hundred and one things and happen to forget to transfer the load, that fresh save would be much appreciated.
    Not to mention that my current washer/dryer is who knows how old. They came with the house when I bought five years ago. Wait, that’s not true…the dryer cacked out this year and I replaced it with a used one from a friend, as buying a new set was just simply NOT in the budget. It squeaks like a crazed weasel on acid if the load is too heavy….
    I could so use a new set!

  24. I hate folding and putting away clothes! Washing and drying is the easy part. I love that this set is energy efficient. Who doesn’t love saving money and time.

  25. laundry like = i love having fresh laundered linens on my bed. dislike = putting away clothes.

    what i like about the Maytag Maxima XL is the size – it would be nice to lessen the amount of loads done a week

  26. I hate all there is to hate about laundry… I think I love the fact there is a drawer to hold all my laundry supplies, seems kinda odd considering all the other amazing features of this set, but, honestly… that’s huge for me!! Thank you <3

  27. I love the smell and feel of clothes fresh out of the dryer, but that’s where my love affair stops. I hate folding and putting things away.

    1. Oh missed this part. I’d love the extra 10 minutes x 3/day back thank to their shorter drying times. More time for twitter!

  28. There really is not too much I love about laundry, other than the nice fresh smell of clean clothes, everything else I pretty much! My favorite feature is definitely the optimal dose dispenser!

  29. I hate the folding and putting away. If they invented a machine to do that I would totally want one, This pair is so attractive, I think it would make the chore of folding in the laundry room much more enjoyable.

  30. the overnight wash and dry setting is pretty wonderful! and my least favourite would have to be the cloth diaper loads that seem endless.

  31. I love that my husband actually does our laundry. I hate that he sometimes gets distracted and leaves wet clothes in the washer to stagnate, and dry clothes in the dryer to wrinkle. 12 Hour Fresh Hold And Auto Refresh Steam Cycle would be awesome!

  32. I hate that my old machines take so long to wash and dry and i dread the energy they must drain.

  33. I love the clean smell of freshly washed clothes 🙂 I hate how quickly it seems to pile up!!
    The fact that it is a Maytag is one of my favourite things. But the Wrinkle Prevent with Steam? Perfect! I hate to iron.

  34. Soooo nice, nothing like a brand new washer and dryer, love! That red bow is pretty special too, what an awesome touch!

  35. Love the hidden storage on that! I adore doing laundry cheap because I coupon, but I hate that I have to keep doing it – again and again!

  36. I the smell of freshly washed clothes I hate putting the freshly washed clothes away. what I love about washer is the allergy setting Ive never heard of that but fantastic since my youngest has hit her limit on her allergy shots six yrs limited to take them and for the dryer the wrinkle reducer because I hate ironing more than laundry.

  37. With 6 kids it seems to be a never ending chore! I don’t enjoy putting all the stacks away to see clean clothes on the floor the next day or two!

  38. I’m not a fan of the folding and putting it away… if they would make a machine for that! I like the overnight wash/dry cycle….that would be a lifesaver around here somedays!

  39. I love the feeling when the laundry is finally done and the smell of fresh laundry but I hate that it’s a never ending chore that requires me to trudge to the basement several times a day. I would adore the “overnight” feature. My boys are famous for telling me at 10PM that they need something for the morning that they found stuffed under their bed and it smells funny.

  40. Oh, that over night feature would be wonderful! In fact I have a load left in the dryer form last night that will be awesomely wrinkled this morning…

  41. i don’t think there’s much to love about laundry lol … but the worst part is definitely matching all the socks!!

    definitely coolest feature is the overnight wash & dry that’s amazing!

  42. I hate folding laundry and I hate that sometimes I have to turn my washer back on to rinse and spin because my clothes come out soaking wet! I love the drawer on this pair!

  43. I hate having to fold my clothes immediately after being dried, sometimes I forget, and I hate having creases/wrinkles in my clothes, which is why they are ALL hung up! I love the multiple different products that I can use to enhance the scent of clothes, and I love the smell of them, so I’d say that’s what I love and hate about laundry 🙂

  44. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I do hate folding it. My favourite feature is that the machine holds up to 12 days of detergent in it!

  45. The ‘check vent’ is probably what I like the most. My old dryer was busted because of lint trapped in the vent (accumulated hat we didn’t know).
    Laundry is a breeze, I separate in 3 groups: dark, white, colour &did about 3 loads a week.

  46. I can’t really say that I LOVE anything about laundry other than the smell of it when it is clean. What I hate is having to go all the way to my basement to do it. And putting it away. The washing and drying time would be my fave feature.

  47. I love doing our laundry now that we’re both retired as it consists of NO ironing!! The part of doing laundry I hate is that being retired and doing more outdoor work & house renos, the hamper seems to get filled FASTER than ever before!
    I believe the “overnight” cycle would be my favourite of this set!!

  48. I hate reaching to the bottom of my top-loading machine, but I love the smell of freshly-washed clothes.

  49. I love the european machine that you can wash and dry in the same machie but I hate folding the clothes and we 3 daughters we have way too much clothes so need to find room for all of them lol.

  50. The overnight wash and dry sounds awesome! I have forgotten laundry in the washer too many times!

  51. I love that they are new, modern and front loaders. I also love the fact that there is more then one setting. My fav setting would have to be the overnight wash and dry.

  52. I love wearing the clothes once they are thoroughly cleaned, i hate waiting for it!! haha

  53. I hate having to move the wet clothes into the dryer. I love emptying out all the laundry baskets and feeling like I’ve accomplished something.
    I love the Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle. This is perfect for saving on energy costs.

  54. I would have to say that laundry is in fact my favorite household chore. I love the washing , drying and folding….I hate the putting away part though 🙂

  55. Laundry and I have had a love/hate relationship since I had kids… I truly despise the folding of clothes… however as I know that there are no ‘laundry folding machines’ in my future, the second most-hated thing about laundry? How loud it is. I have never been fortunate enough to have a laundry area that was not close to the living area… so we all hear every single minute of the wash and dry. It would be excellent to have a cycle that is regularly quiet…

  56. I don’t mind doing laundry. I love the fresh smell of clean laundry out of the dryer. The best featureis the Allergen Removal Washer Cycle my little one is developing allergies left right and center.. With this duo I can be confident that I won’t cause another allergic reaction from some mysteriously “under done” laundry

  57. I love taking out warm clothes and folding them and getting that fresh smell! But I hate that it takes seemingly forever to do wash and these would hold more so therefor laundry would get done quicker!

  58. I don’t mind doing the laundry, though I don’t enjoy folding it as much.
    My favourite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL would be the Optimal Dose dispenser. I never know how much to put in. Even when following the guidelines the detergent gives you, some times it just doesn’t seem like the proper amount.

  59. Love about laundry? The warm, fresh clothes fresh from the dryer. Hate about laundry? Where do I start? The sorting, time commitment to tend to loads when they’re done and move them from washer to dryer. And the folding, any washers/dryers with a folding feature coming out soon?

    I think my favorite feature would have to be the steam dry. Gotta have that in our next dryer!

  60. What I hate about laundry is how it never ends…would love to have a machine like this that saves me time

  61. I actually don’t mind doing laundry, just hate folding it. Love the optimal soap dispenser option on the set you reviewed!

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    1. I think I can really use that new washer and dryer for sure but since this entry is for the kitchaid 7 cup food processor I must tell you mine is so old it is too old to get parts for and it is not a kitchenaid processor either. I use the processor on a daily basis and wwould love to have this not only for its usefulness but as an attraction to my kitchen!

    2. I like the fact that you have the bottom drawers to keep your soap in. Its like a smart machine. Ours is, well lets just say, its not these.

    3. This washer/dryer pair sounds wonderful! I hate when the children tell me at 11:00 pm that they need something that’s dirty, clean for the next day. This machine sounds like the answer.

    4. I love the smell of laundry when it comes out fresh and clean and I hate the actual task of doing the laundry, But this Maytag combo will make my Task easier I love the digital easy setting functions, just push the button and let it do its job!

    5. I would love to give this to my daughter and her new hubby! I love Maytag appliances. My mom had one!

    1. I would use that overnight washable and dry all the time!! Probably for my hubby’s work clothes 🙂

  63. I love the overnight wash/dry cycle! That is brilliant!
    I actually dont mind doing laundry, I love have clean fresh smelling clothes, but I hate matching socks! lol

  64. I love how quickly the clothes wash and dry. I really hate ironing.

    I love the bottom storage drawers. It’s so neat and organized.

  65. I hate that I have to even do laundry. I think the steam setting is my favorite. Helps to quickly get wrinkles out of my clothes.

  66. I like the extra rinse option. The part I hate is extracting the clothes from my top loader – not tall enough so my husband does the laundry now – he would love it if we could afford a front loader again – also dislike that front loader are so much more expensive than top loaders (well they are here) the last one we had was when we were living in Britain and they are much cheaper, no idea why.

  67. I actually love doing laundry… But I hate putting it all away. Lol. I usually have my kids put all their own laundry away. 🙂

    1. Oh, and since at the moment I do not have a washer and dryer.. I would just love to have them!! I’m not looking forward to having to buy a set!

  68. I love nothing about laundry except I suppose the fresh smell. What I hate about laundry is FOLDING. Ugh.

  69. I hate that the laundry never seems to end… it seems to always multiply so you do more loads than you think.


  70. What I hate about laundry is having to fold it and put it away, I wish there was a magic wand for that, lol.

    The dryness level and wrinkle prevent features are awesome!

  71. I hate how long it takes, how many loads I have to do

    I love the storage compartment, bigger size and the time saver all seem wonderful

  72. My favorite feature is the overnight wash and dry cycle. Great to wake up to toasty warm clothes on those cool Winter mornings..

  73. so weird you have this post. at this very moment we are looking into getting a new set, this looks to be a most amazing set, loving so many of the features! but i didn’t notice a price anywhere in your blog, am i scared to ask?

  74. I hate being tied to when the machine is ready to move along. Therefore, my clothes frequently need to be rewashed or fluffed up in the dryer. The 12 hour fresh hold would be amazing!

  75. I really love the look of the machine! I like the dispensers for the soap.
    I have so much laundry to do, have a wash done quicker would speed up my day

  76. I dislike doing laundry probably because my washing machine is sooo old, time for a newer one

  77. best feature: def. the overnight wash and dry … MUST HAVE NOW

    Most hated about laundry: Waiting for laundry to finish right before bed. UGH

    Most loved about the laundry: the fact that my hubby does it all!

  78. The overnight cycle is awesome! I hate everything about laundry, but love when my hubby and kids do it!

  79. We have learned to do one load a day to keep the weekends free for fun. It takes forever though to just do one load!

  80. I love having clean clothes, I hate having to actually do the laundry to get them that way. Other than the final product, there is nothing I like about doing laundry.

  81. I often start a load shortly before bedtime, planning to put it in the dryer before I go to bed but most of the time I wake up in the middle of the night to switch it. I love the wash & dry cycle on this machine

  82. I love the smell of fresh clean laundry,what I hate is putting it away 🙁 Allergen and sanitation options rock!! I would love this feature 🙂 There’s a few other things I really like about this set too.

  83. I don’t like sorting the clothing but love how fresh and clean laundry smells after it’s done.
    My favourite feature of this machine would be the optimal dose dispenser.

  84. I love the Optimal Dose dispenser, what a great idea! That’s always been a problem for me to know how much soap to put in for each load and with this feature, I would never have to worry about it again!!

  85. I love the fresh smell of Gain… but I hate folding laundry! The overnight wash and dry is awesome feature!

  86. I dislike waiting on laundry to finish. It seems to take forevvvvver. I think my favourite features would be thatits quick and love the drawer to keep supplies organized on the bottom

  87. i just hate when is a heavy wash it takes for ever and specially when I’m in a hurry

  88. I hate going to the dark basement to do laundry. I love have fresh, clean clothes. I love that static can be reduced with this dryer.

  89. I hate that I forget to finish washing the laundry sometimes, or put it in the dryer. I LOVE the overnight feature! So amazing!!!

  90. I hate putting laundry away! I like the overnight wash & dry cycle! Thanks for doing such a nice Giveaway!

  91. Like the feature of the Optimal Dose dispenser storing enough detergent for up to 12 loads,
    What a great idea and so useful too.
    Like that my family gets clean clothes. Such a time saver.Hate going to laundromats, when we travel.
    Do not like folding the laundry.
    great giveaway thanks.

  92. I hate that it takes so long but like the fact of the clothes smelling nice and fresh, still better than dusting.

  93. Laundry the famous monster that lives in the basement I love the thought of it being gone and just when you think it is someone cleans their room! Love the fact that this would help with making it so much faster to do and Maytag the best !

  94. I actually don’t mind doing laundry, but I don’t like having to keep the door open on the front load washers to ensure they don’t get musty smelling.
    Think I’d like the Optimal Dose dispenser most.

  95. Love: Clean clothes!
    Hate: Have to do it Off-Peak hours, which is 4-5 hours before mid night on weekdays. By the time dinner is served, dishes washed, I only have little time to wash and then dry clothes. Most of the time the clothes will get dried and will stay overnight in the dryer which I don’t like.

  96. I’m not a big fan of putting tjhe laundry away. I really like the drawers for storing the soap in.

  97. I love the smell of freh laundry, but hate waiting for it and then folding it. Imagine there was a machine where we put it through and it comes out folded lol

  98. I hate how long it take to do the laundry! So, I think it will be quicker with the Maytag Maxima XL!

  99. i hate laundry. but htis machine that its quicker is great i have twin boys nand they keep me real busy

  100. Simply I hate having to do it, love it when it’s done! Ours has an odor which is not uncommon with Whirlpool and all they do is recommend Affresh to cover the smell, but that doesn’t take care of the actual problem of the drum. Bad purchase there. Love the one button press for wash AND dry! True convenience!

  101. I LOVE all the fantastic smells that come with different laundry soap, the feeling of clothes fresh out of the dryer (in winter) and how it makes the house smell fantastic! I HATE having to go up and down the stairs with heavy baskets, and how our laundry has no storage room for me to store my soaps..

  102. I hate breaking my back hauling it all from one machine to the other, this maytag set would solve that, no lifting to the upper machine!

  103. I hate folding and putting away. I like that the are both going to be Quicker to use. so i will have more time for other chores

  104. I hate waiting for clothes to dry I like to get it done fast especially if I am wanting to go somewhere

  105. The part I hate about laundry is the folding afterwards. If they came out fo the dryer folded, I would pay megabucks lol. My favorite feature is the dose dispenser. How ingenious is that? There are times where I forget if I put detergent in or not lol.

  106. What I love? The fresh, clean feeling of clean clothes. What I hate? Putting up clothes for all the people in my house. 🙂

  107. hate how long it takes,the fact that it is quicker leaves me time for other things such as my quilting.

  108. Steam for stains option! Ah… I hate stains that are left after the washing is done. Love? Nothing to love about my laundry…

  109. that I have to do it at all. haha I would absolutely love the wash and dry overnight button.

  110. I love the aroma of fresh laundry but I hate the frequency of having to do laundry and the ironing. Winning this pair would be a boon as we are using the same washer and dryer that came with the house when we moved in 11 years ago – and they weren’t new then.

  111. I hate folding the laundry and putting it all away. I would love the Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle hands down..

  112. I hate front loaders that have a moldy smell and I love the smell when they come out of the dryer.

  113. I hate when I don’t check on time and things get so wrinkled. Therefore the Wrinkle Prevent sounds just wonderful.

  114. Love nothing about laundry. Hate how long it takes, sorting, folding, ironing etc.
    Overnight cycle is appealing to me!

  115. I love the smell of the clean laundry all throughout the house. However, I cannot stand folding laundry. It ends up just piling up over time.

  116. OPTIMAL DOSE DISPENSER is so cool. Love the way the rooms near the laudry smell when a few loads are done.

  117. My favorite is the OVERNIGHT WASH & DRY CYCLE that would be so handy, I dont actually mind doing laundry and I love clean clothes and really love clean sheet day lol

  118. I love doing laundry, I just hate that it doesn’t fold itself!. I like the overnight wash/dry

  119. aw shoot, i’m not canadian. I wish I noticed that before I did my comment entry!

  120. I love doing the laundry. It is such a great feeling to have it all done and put away, That brings me to the thing I hate about laundry – putting it away. I force myself to put it away immediately or it would probably just sit there forever!

  121. i hate waiting around for the dryer to stop so i can get the clothes before they wrinkle. I would love the overnight wash and dry feature.

  122. my front loaders take way too long to wash and dry – I love that these ones are much quicker

  123. I enjoy the fresh scent of freshly cleaned laundry but must admit sometimes when there is lots of loads to do I hate waiting for the rinse cycle.

  124. Well I hate doing laundry for the simple fact that its in the basement! I don’t mind doing the switch from washer to dryer! What a chore!! I love the fact that clothes come out feeling softer! My old dryer is ruining our clothes! Time to get a new one!

  125. I hate that I forget to check the lint trap long after it should be cleaned, so the lint screen indicator on the Maytax Maxima XL would help catch my attention.

  126. What I hate about doing laundry is lugging all of the clothes to the laundry room, and then having to sort them out. Yuck! What I love about doing laundry is having clean fresh smelling clothes to wear. The features I like most on the Maytag Maxima XL washer is the ‘Wrinkle Prevent, and the ‘Reduce Static’ settings. I can’t remember how many times I have worn clothes fresh out of the washer/dryer only to have them clinging to me, and shocking me.

    Thanks so much for hosting this very generous giveaway! =)

  127. I hate FOLDING laundry. Right now I have 5 scattered baskets around my house of half folded/to be put away/needs to be hung up craziness!

  128. I hate folding laundry. I like the OPTIMAL DOSE DISPENSER. I don’t have to worry about putting too much or too little or forgetting to put detergent in at all.

  129. love having clean clothes but hate having to do laundry a lot. Love the wrinkle prevention

  130. I love the smell of fresh clothes out of the dryer or off the clothes line.. I really hate folding the clothes and putting them away. Hubby folds them thankfully..but he only puts his away..I have to work on

  131. I hate the length of time it takes to do laundry , but love clean clothes… and clean sheets 🙂 Anything to make laundry quicker but still as clean is a-ok in my books! Good luck everyone, and thanks for the contest!!

  132. I hate how long it takes so stuff end ups staying in washer or dryer and needs to be rewashed. I would love larger capacity and faster cycles to get through laundry faster

  133. I hate organizing my clothes to wash and then it seems to take so long to wash them.

  134. I love that the machines do all the work but hate sorting, folding and putting them away, I love that you can fill it with detergent and not worry about adding more till the light goes on..yes!

  135. I love the feeling of freshly laundered sheets, when U first climb in to bed. I dislike the folding part of laundry.
    I like the fact that there is no static in the clothes when u use the awesome Maxima Laundry Set.

  136. yes I know it’s weird, but I actually don’t mind doing laundry — worst thing about it is folding! The overnight wash/dry option is very appealing to me 🙂

  137. Energy efficient washing and drying + cleaner clothe washing and quick drying

  138. I love the fresh smelling warm clothes!! I hate when it piles up and I love love love the overnight wash and dry feature about the new maytag maxima XL!!! Soo jelly!!

  139. I hate how long it takes to dry the clothes, and then I hate folding the clothes. Love looking at the empty wash basket when I’m done with the wash, haha.

  140. I hate washing clothes,then forgetting it is in the washer,and it stays there for a couple…..I love hanging clothes on the line and how fresh it smells after. My favorite feature is the overnight wash and dry cycle,,awesome!

  141. I hate that I have shared laundry in my apartment. It makes me so sad. People take my laundry out of the washer if I’m even 2 minutes late collecting it… it’s awful.

    I would LOVE the stain steam option!

  142. i love seeing the pile get smaller and smaller i hate when people leave laundry everywhere..i think i would like the overnight cycle feature

  143. Wow – just seeing that pull out drawer at the bottom of the dryer/washer made me misty….currently my detergents are stored on the floor of my living room (long story) that involves a 100 year old country house, 10 loads of laundry per day and not enough get up and go to stow the detergent in the kitchen which is in another acre of household. Seriously, that laundry drawer would make me cry.

  144. Love the smell of fresh laundry, just don’t like hanging clothes up to airdry! The overnight wash and dry cycle is my favourite feature

  145. I love putting it in, but I hate folding it and putting it away! I would love the steam clean function 🙂

  146. I love the smell of laundry. I hate doing laundry. The favorite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer is their Optimal Dose dispenser.

  147. I actually don’t mind washing and drying vs. other household chores. I just wish that I could have a superfast dryer so that the dryer would be ready for the next load as soon as the washer is done :). On the Maytag, I love, love, love the Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle!

  148. I hate folding laundry but love the fresh smell when it comes out of the dryer! My favourite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer is the overnight wash & dry feature. I’ve stayed up late waiting for the wash cycle to complete so I can put clothes in the dryer we need in the morning. How awesome would it be not to have to stay up late!

  149. Best Parts of Laundry: The warm clothes fresh out of the dryer
    Worst Part of Laundry: All the trips to the basement to get it done.
    The Optimal Dose dispenser seems like an amazing feature would save time and detergent! What a good idea.

  150. I love that I don’t have to do laundry by hand like they did inthe olden days, I hate that I always forget the clothes in the dryer and end up ironing way more than I should, and I like the fact that it has a static reduction feature!

  151. i love having fresh, clean sheets on the bed once it is all done, but i can’t stand sorting through the dirty items and making the various light/dark piles. my fave feature would be the Optimal Dose dispenser – very cool that it can hold so much detergent and use it efficiently.

  152. I love getting stains out of clothes, call me crazy but there’s something satisfying about it, I hate waiting for my clothes to be done and then folding, I have a cruddy back and it kills me to fold. The Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer – LOVE THEM – I think the fine tuning controls are awesome, plus the little extras like steam injection and the drawers. I wish I could afford a set like this, maybe one day!

  153. I hate sorting the laundry and I would love the Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle I always forget to wash My sons clothes ( He like to act like He only has one pair of pants lol )

  154. that overnight wash and dry sounds like heaven, I think that is what appeals to me the most. especially during soccer season, I cannot keep up on my boys laundry. this would help me a ton.

  155. I love the overnight wash and dry cycle! I had to read that feature twice to make sure I read it correctly. That is amazing!!

  156. I love the overnight wash and dry cycle! I had to read that feature twice to make sure I read it correctly. That is amazing!

  157. I hate doing laundry, but I love the smell of fresh from the dryer clothes! And that Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle???? OMG!

  158. My favorite feature of the machines is that there is an overnight wash/dry cycle. My least favorite thing about doing laundry is that it never done!

  159. I love the Wrinkle Prevent With Steam Option (dryer). So many things that don’t get worn or purchased because of ironing!

  160. I have always enjoyed doing the laundry (I know, strange…) but one thing that I don’t have is the steam feature on my washer, wish I would really like to have. I also wish I had the pedestal for the washer to sit on, I see from your photos that it’s a great storage space.

  161. I hate doing the laundry but I love putting on freshly washed clothes. I like that this one is quicker

  162. I love throwing the laundry in to the washer in the morning and putting it in the dryer when I come home. So easy!

  163. I like the smell of freshly done laundry, but I hate doing laundry. Sure, that’s definitely a bit of a pickle. My favorite feature of Maytag® Maxima XL™ Front Load Steam Washer is hands-down the overnight wash and dry cycle! It’s pure genius!

  164. I like doing laundry but I suppose there are days when putting a large load away into dressers would be the thing I don’t like about it …. sometimes. I love the Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle. That blows my mind actually.

  165. The wash cycle takes too long!
    I love the fresh scent of clean laundry!
    The overnight cycle is a great idea.
    Would really love to win this pair!

  166. I hate forgetting about the wash only to find it a day later – and then having to re-wash it again because it stinks. so – i would love the over night wash and dry!

  167. I like the dose dispenser. I love having fresh clean clothes but hate the time it takes to get them

  168. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from doing the laundry, but honestly…it is tasking and overwhelming at times. Most days I wish my cats knew how to do the laundry..hehehhe…. I personally was in awe of the Overnight Washing/Drying…I mean, that is an idea I have daydreamed about!!!!! The moment I read that, I immediately had to tell my Husband about it – because it was that awesome!!!!! Enjoy them Tammi!!!

  169. I hate how long it takes to wash and dry clothes, especially for multiple loads, and that most of the time is just WAITING. I love that this machine cuts the waiting time!

  170. I dreamt about this washer and dryer last night! And it was much more dream than nightmare, which is contrary to most of my laundry dreams

  171. I think I’d find the steam feature most useful.
    My biggest peeve is the high temp in my dryer even when set to low.

  172. I love freshly washed sheets, there’s nothing better. Yet I hate making the bed, thats the worst to me. usually I try and bribe the kids into doing it for me 🙂 love the short cycles, that would make things a lot easier

  173. Allergen Removal Washer Cycle – my grandson has terrible allergies so this would be my favorite feature. what a great post, this new set is something alright!

  174. Love about laundry is the smell of blankets scented with Bounce. What I hate is the constant HEAPS that can be found throughout the house, they are everywhere. Feature I absolutely love is the steam for stains – my charismatic active 9 year old Evan, has many jeans in those HEAPS with hopeless grass stains….

  175. I love the effect of in wash scent boosters in my laundry,they make doing laundry a pleasure! I don’t like that its just one extra chore to do and I have to hang around the house while I wait for the machines to finish which is why Ilove that the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer takes less time!!

  176. Laundry is an endless chore and I like the overnight wash and dry cycle. This would be wonderful for my hectic lifestyle.

  177. I love the smell of fresh laundry. I hate how long it takes. My favourite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer is the overnight wash and dry cycle.

  178. hate the trying to get the clothes out of the dryer at the right time thing about laundry
    I like the Overnight wash and dry cycle

  179. Love the clean clothes and fresh scent; hate the folding, but I still do it ASAP. I like the ‘Steam for Stains option’, which is new to me.

  180. Wow, I wish I had a set like that when my four kids were little. They are adults now but some of them still like mama to do their laundry on occasion!,

  181. I love the smell after there clean. I hate having to separate them for washing. I like the temperature of the dryer.

  182. The best part about laundry is that hubby doesn’t mind doing it 🙂 I’d love to have a set like this with the pedistals, the storage is awesome 🙂

  183. I love laundry in that it gets my clothes clean but hate going through the process of sorting, washing, drying and hanging. Wish I have a maid to do all this! Love the Steam for Stains option for the Maytag Maxima XL washer

  184. I hate how long it takes. I love having clean clothes.
    I like the Optimal Dose dispenser feature.

  185. Love laundry for helping me clean my clothes. But hate process of sorting, washing, drying and hanging clothes. Wish there was a maid to help me do all this! My favourite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL washer is the Steam for Stains option!

  186. I love that this is quicker, but the real appeal for me is the overnight wash. With our hydro bills geared for best billing during non-peak hours, this would be a real money saver!

  187. Love sorting anfd loading the washer with all the dirty laundry but when the hamper-full is washed and dried — the dreaded part – folding & putting it away… there never seems to be enough room in the closets. I love the overnight wash & dry feature… I sometimes do a treadmill run after the kiddos go to bed if I’m lucky weatherwise I might do another before breakfast the following day — then my fave gear would be all washed, clean & dry for the morning run! Yay! (and yes- we have pedestals too and store our supplies in there – would not go without those).

  188. I love warm clothes fresh out of the dryer…but hate that I sometimes forget about a load & leave it in the washer/dryer overnight! I LOOOOVE the Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle on the Maytag Maxima XL!

  189. What I love about laundry is the end result – clean clothes. What I hate about laundry is folding it and putting it away. Sometimes things just pile up. I’d most like the “Overnight” feature on this machine – that is great.


  190. I hate the sorting, the pre-treating…just about everything about laundry….but I love the steam boost on the dryer. 🙂 Thank you.

  191. I love the smell of clean clothes, especially if they come off the clothes line and there’s nothing better than pulling a warm, freshly dried comforter out of the drier of a cold winter’s day and wrapping yourself in it until all the heat’ gone.

    I hate actually doing the laundry – it takes me forever since i’m constantly forgetting that I have a load in the machine – that’s why my hubby’s taken over that chore 😉

  192. I actually don’t mind doing laundry but what I hate is having to fold and put it away lol

  193. Ooh I love the drawer to put in all the laundry supplies!
    I don’t mind doing laundry the only thing I don’t like is the bending to.put the clothes in the dryer.

  194. I love the clean smell of laundry, but I hate hanging things up. I think that the day/night wash/dry is a neat option

  195. I love when a machine takes a shorter time. Helps us save money and we can get our laundry done quicker.

  196. I love taking the warm clothes out of the dryer but really do not enjoy folding and putting away.
    I think the the overnight wash and dry cycle is amazing!

  197. I hate putting it away, or, I hate that I can’t put EVERYTHING in the washer at once..or if I do it shakes across the room causing a flood…woops. I LOVE the overnight wash and dry cycle. HOW cool….so many nights I forget to wash hubbys work clothes for the next day…and they’re sitting in the washer haha.

  198. I love getting everything all nice and clean but hate having to put it all away. My favorite feature is the Optimal Dose dispenser, so handy

  199. I dislike not getting all my clothes in one load. I like the front loading and faster wash times.

  200. I love that the time to wash and dry is less than a lot of washers and dyers (less than mine atleast). I do not mind doing laundry at all, its folding clothes that gets a little irritating. I have a 6 year old who has a million pairs of socks that never seem to have matches haha!

  201. What I love about this washer/dryer set is all the settings – so my laundry should come out perfectly cleaned…right? I like loading the machine, but not folding and putting everything away.

  202. I don’t like when I have not noticed a stain on clothes before washing and then realize I ended up setting the stain. Ouch!

  203. I don’t mind washing clothes because I love the fresh smell. Folding is not so bad either, but I hate putting everything up and ironing. My favorite feature of the Maytag Maxima XL is the overnight wash and dry-HOW AWESOME!

  204. I hate that laundry seems to be never ending but I love (I am thankful) to have clothes to wash! My favorite feature would be the overnight wash and dry cycle. I cannot count the times my son has given me a last minute washing request, just before bed, that leaves me up late washing and drying clothes.

  205. I love clean laundry 🙂 I hate having to pay to do it at the laundry mat! So my favorite thing would be having an awesome washer and dryer at home 🙂

  206. Maytag is the brand that you want in your laundry room.
    Looks,functionality,efficiency—Maytag has it all.

  207. Quicker loads means I can do my laundry in the morning before work. The washer I have now is old and slow.

  208. I love the smell and feel of laundry when it comes out of the dryer. I hate sorting all of the laundry. My favorite feature would be the Overnight Wash & Dry cycle

  209. Not sure that I love anything about washing (except that I have clean clothes to wear). I hate putting them away as soon as the dryer is done.

  210. Love having clean clothes hate remembering to switch from washer to dryer. Love that it will save time doing laundry

  211. Hate lugging the clean laundry up my 6 sets of stairs to be able to sort it and put it away where it belongs……YUK! I love the versatility of all the custom combinations for doing laundry for sure! Think it would make things so much easier!

  212. I hate not having time to fold clothes and put them away…so I would love the feature that does laundry in less time

  213. My biggest frustrations with laundry is when there’s a white soap film on my darks. The Optimal Dose Dispenser feature would prevent me from overdosing on soap. That way my darks will remain dark!

  214. I definitely don’t mind washing the laundry – i just hate the folding and putting away. I like the dose dispenser. It makes doing laundry that much easier.

  215. I like the smell of freshly cleaned clothes but do not enjoy ironing or not being able to do a load of laundry because it’s too late for me to stay up to put in the dryer and wait for it to dry. I love that overnight wash and dry cycle and would probably use it quite often

  216. love the dose dispenser! would be great since my husband over uses soap all the time!

  217. there is nothing I really l;ove about laundry except some of the scents of the new fabric softners and detergents and I really hate sorting it and folding it

  218. I don’t like folding the laundry. I do love hanging clothes outside in nice weather.. I like the wrinkle free feature.

  219. The part I love about laundry – is selecting the scent I plan to use that cycle. I have this issue with having the 3 products smell all alike so when you’re done, the laundry smells amazing – That’s the best part for me :).

  220. I hate that it takes so long to dry the clothes with our machine. I like the Optimal Dose Dispenser!

  221. I hate the sorting before and the folding afterwards but I love the smell and feel of clean clothing. I would love the dose dispenser feature.

  222. I love the smell of clean laundry, but hate putting it away. Do they have a machine for that? I like the Overnight wash and dry – what a cool idea.

  223. I love having my own laundry and dryer, but I hate that my washing machine doesn’t clean well and that the drying takes quite a while, The Optimal Dose dispenser that stores enough detergent for up to 12 loads is the coolest feature ever!

  224. I hate how fast laundry builds up. It seems that I just get all caught up and wham there’s another 3 loads to do.
    However I do love the feeling of accomplishment when all the laundry is finally caught up, organized and put away.
    Favorite feature is the steam for stains option. This would save so much time and money spend on stain removers that don’t do a darn thing. They should be called stain lighteners. lol
    I’m seriously going to have to look at purchasing a set like this, as my washer just started making a loud grinding noise. Hubby says the bearings are shot. Not good with a family of five and the closest laundry mat is 30 minutes away. Ugh!

  225. I don’t like collecting and sorting it before wash. I like the timer feature on the maytag set.

  226. I love when laundry is done…hate dealing with difficult stains. FAvorite feature is the wrinkle prevention

  227. The drying time for big blankets. I love the overnight cleaning setting on this washer.

  228. I don’t mind doing laundry but I don’t have a dryer so I hate hanging everything up.

  229. I hate folding and putting the clothes away. I do at least one load a day, usually 3.

  230. the allergen feature is pretty cool. never saw that on a machine.
    i hate washing hoodies!

  231. My laundry machine takes forever for one load. It means so much time lost waiting for each load to finish and then hang to dry. I would love to get some of my weekend back!

  232. I love the smell of freshly washed laundry. There is nothing I really don’t like about it. It is one chore that I don’t mind doing. I guess maybe ironing the lclothes – so I really like the wrinkle prevent with steam option

  233. I love doing laundry and knowing that I will soon have fresh clean clothes to wear. My favourite feature is the Overnight Wash & Dry cycle. I tend to do my laundry in the late evenings because it’s cheaper and can go to bed early with this setting.

  234. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE that there’s storage in these washers for detergents etc! With the tiny laundry rooms these days, that is REALLY useful! The one laundry task I HATE is putting away clothes – I don’t mind washing and drying or even folding…but putting away, for some reason, frustrates me! I love smelling fresh cleaned clothes – especially if it were hanging out to dry in the sun….nothing smells as good as the sun 🙂

  235. I hate waiting for the clothes to finish drying. I like the Optimal Dose Dispenser feature.

  236. I like washing, drying and folding but I don’t like putting it away. I love the overnight wash and dry cycle.

  237. I hate when there are 10 socks in the basket with no matches
    that over night cycle feature is AWESOME!!

  238. I don’t mind the washing or drying but it is the folding and putting away that I would rather leave for another day…but then everything would be wrinkled or the cat would lay on it!

  239. I actually really like doing laundry. I’d love the Allergan and Sanitation option on the washer as I have a baby as well as family members with seasonal allergies. FOr the Dryer I’d love the Wrinkle Prevent With Steam Option because I really hate ironing!

  240. I love the smell of laundry but I hate how long it takes, I would love the overnight wash and dry feature!

  241. Not having to use detergent every wash is great! I don’t like folding or ironing but it has to be done!

  242. love the optimal dose dispenser- i don’t mind doing laundry at all except if I have to go tot the laundromt

  243. I do not love anything about laundry. What I hate about it trying to remember to get clothes out of dryer before they wrinkle.

    I love the storage space beneath them!

  244. I love it when the laundry is all done and put away but I really hate ironing. I like that the Maytag washer and dryer are quicker.

  245. The overnight wash and dry for sure!! I’ve never heard of that feature before. Sounds like something we would use. And I love how big this set is! You have me sold on them for sure! I just hope they are stackable…

  246. My favourite feature is the drawer to store everything! Awesome 😀 Saves me space. I actually like doing laundry for some reason I find it relaxing

  247. I hate folding laundry but I love the smell of freshly laundered clothes.
    My fave feature is the optimal dose dispenser.

  248. I like that it’s quicker. I hate taking clothes out of the machine and the hanging and folding.

  249. p.s. I love your Vine clip 🙂 I hate laundry. We have my now deceases Father in Law’s washing machine, it’s losing it’s balance abilities. Most of the time, it tries to escape the laundry room. I find it across the room all the time. The 2nd thing I hate is folding and putting away the laundry… is there a machine for that? 🙂

  250. I like doing laundry because I like the smell of freshly washed clothes, towels, sheets, etc. My favourite feature is the optimal does dispenser.

  251. The overnight wash & dry cycle is brilliant. Then I can dream about the little fairies that will have folded and put the laundry away for me before I wake up. 🙂 ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  252. What I love about doing laundry is the fresh scent when it comes out of the dryer. I would love to see a sanitizing feature on a washer.

  253. I don’t like the loud sound of my washer…and i love the 10mn cycle saved with this combo

  254. I love having clean clothes and the awesomeness of putting on something that’s still warm from the dryer, but I hate pretty much everything about the laundry process. Since I don’t iron ever unless I’m absolutely forced to, my favorite feature would be the Wrinkle Prevent With Steam Option!

  255. I love my front loader, as they hold so much, but I absolutely hate folding laundry…..3 kids and 1 adult means at this point I’m doing it all myself.

  256. I hate the sorting and then the folding of the laundry…:)….and I Love the optimal dose dispenser 🙂

  257. I hate mystery stains that I find after they come out of the dryer. I also hate orphan socks. I would love the Optimal Dose Dispenser. That would be so awesome and a money saver!

  258. I hate the time it takes, would love the quicker wash cycle! I love the smell of clean clothes 🙂

  259. I love the clean scent, but hate carting clothes to the unit
    My fav feature are the pedestal drawers

  260. although I generally don’t mind folding clothes, I hate when it suddenly piles up and I have so much laundry to fold it is overwhelming.

  261. The overnight wash and dry would be really handy! I love when all the laundry is done, I hate seeing the piles of laundry to do!

  262. I hate putting away the laundry. My favorite feature is the Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle

  263. I hate that it’s never done for long enough! I love the soap dispenser. That’s a great idea!

  264. The dose dispenser looks awesome! I hate having to touch the detergent bottle before removing clean clothes from the dryer.

  265. i really don’t mind doing laundry. I love hanging it on the clothes line. It’s just hard finding time to fold and put away the clothes after!

  266. I loved that it is a steamer washer/dryer that comes in handy a lot and better washing quality. the part I love about washing is that it well i’m cleaning everyones clothes up so they don’t wear dirty clothes! 🙂
    but I don’t like the messes and stuff I have to clean up in laundry.


  267. I hate that no matter how often you do it, there’s always more laundry waiting for you! I would love the sanitize cycle – I think I’m a bit of a germaphobe – especially during the fall/winter when there’s so many flus and colds spreading around!

  268. Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle is my favorite feature. I love how my clothes smell after washing them, hate folding clothes.

  269. I hate having to get everything out of the dryer right away because otherwise it will be all wrinkled. I love the way clean laundry smells. My favorite feature would be the Static Reduction feature.

  270. I love having clean clothes come out in the end, but I hate having to wait until off-peak hydro times to save money and help ease pressure on our local grid. I would appreciate the shorter wash and dry cycle times on those machines.

  271. I hate the time it takes, but love the smell of clean clothes. I love the overnight wash and dry!!

  272. Do you know what the total height is with the pedestals? I bought these units with the pedestal at Sears last night then got home, measured the cabinets above my old washer/dryer and realized I may have to move up the cabinets just a tad. Looking at the specs I’m predicting the height with pedestal will be 54.25 inches (38.75 + 15.5) but since I read on some other site that the washer feet are taken off when using the pedestal wondered if that would decrease the height just a tad down from 54.25.

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