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Farmers Market Find


This past weekend we went to our Farmers Market, it was a gorgeous morning. Besides the usual fruits, veggies and handmade goodies, I came across the most beautiful trunks.

farmers market find

There was a bunch of them, different sizes and styles. I stood there debating for the longest time yet didn’t get one. Instead I left with corn on the cob and other vegetables.

While they are a necessity and tasty purchase, they aren’t nearly as cool as these trunks. Looking back, I’m sort of regretting not getting one now, even though I have no idea where I’d put it.

old trunks

What do you usually buy at Farmers Markets?


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  1. We don’t have the best of farmer’s markets around us. Wish we did, though.

  2. Fab photos, It’s been ages since I’ve been to a farmers market but the last time I did was Borough Market in Central London 🙂

    Have a marketastic week 😉

    1. My daughter has been begging to go to garage sales, we might do that this weekend. Hope the weather is nice!

  3. We usually get corn on the cob and fruit. My family loves roasted corn so we visit at least once a week.


    1. Never bought jewelry at the market before, yet with the kids there, I don’t have the proper time to stop and look. Maybe next time I should go myself, right? lol

  4. Those are gorgeous. I would not have had your restraint. I would have bought at least one and then proceeded to explain to my husband why we needed a 4th trunk & figure out where to put it… 😉

    1. Thats a good idea! Maybe photo albums and keepsakes such as all those drawings and pictures the kids give me daily!

  5. I love the London tag on the last trunk. In Hudson, Quebec Canada, when I would visit my grandparents in the summer we would go the the Farmers Market. So many yummy things to buy! Sounds like you have a wonderful farmers market in your area! Happy WW!

  6. Oh my gosh! Those are gorgeous! In case they are there again and you change your mind – could be a toy box, end of the bed storage for extra blanks/pillows, in the living room for same purpose.. etc..

    I love the farmer’s markets! There is something about fresh produce that you cannot get from store bought goods!

  7. I have a fascination with old trunks too. I also have the problem of not getting one because I just don’t know where it would go. We don’t usually shop at the Farmer’s Market here. The prices are higher than what I can pay at the grocery store (which also buys from local farmers).

    1. You do have to watch the prices, sometimes it can be a lot higher! Yet, I got a bag of peppers for $5, which is great considering they are about 3 for $5 in stores. Awesome deal!

  8. Thanks for hosting the WW, I am having one also click here
    Wordless Wednesday w Digger The Cat

    1. I know! That’s what I keep thinking, and imagining a GRANDE life that they’ve had…

  9. Those are awesome. Love the old fashioned snow shoes as well. I’ve been looking for a pair for my walls but they are normally really expensive.

  10. My dad and I would go to a Farmer’s market in St. Jacobs, Ontario when I was younger to sell antiques on the weekends. It was always fun to walk around and explore all of the goodies.

    1. I could go crazy with the wallet at the market, especially to support locally grown and handmade. Lots of goodies!

  11. I haven’t been to one in so long. The last time I went it was only veggies. Nothing like this! Those trunks are fabulous. I SO WANT ONE!!! That’s it I’m going to start going again. We have one downtown here by me every Saturday morning until noon! I’M OFF!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow, that’s really cool! I usually just buy produce, because if I start spending on other stuff, I’ll have a hard time stopping! ha ha. Happy WW!

  13. Usually we just buy fruits & veggies at the Farmer’s Market. Love those trunks though!

  14. We usually pick up fruits and veggies and occasional homemade products like hey’re jams and honey. We like to browse the artisans if some are present, as well.

  15. mannnn, i would have the same feeling about those trunks. SUPER cool but i always try to figure out where it’d go, come up empty, and then lament my choice on the way home!

  16. Awesome finds! I always buy lots of fresh fruit and veggies and then look around for any other treasures that my be of use to our family. Last weekend we found a beautiful hand painted Winnie the Pooh step stool for my daughter to use while washing her hands!

  17. I enjoy the fresh veggies and fruits, I glance over other things but usually just stick to food, I do buy chicken from the butchers that are at our farmers markets so good.

  18. Those trunks are amazing! The farmers market I frequent never has cool antiques like that! I usually just buy seasonal veggies and maybe some baked goods!

  19. I love these trunks. My sister has one like the blue one on the top picture and my sister-in-law has a couple really neat, old trunks. Our farmer’s market is starting up again today! I love going and buying fresh, local veggies. I have my own huge garden this year though so hopefully I will be buying less.

  20. Normally just veggies and fruit but man those trunks are super cool! Coulda made a planter out of a small one!

  21. Oh man those are gorgeous. I love farmers markets, we always buy our fresh fruit there. This older lady makes wicked chicken/beef pot pies and homemade perogies, and another lady brings amazing beef jerky and meats!.

  22. I usually get my veggies and fruit at the farmers market. Ours has a huge playground next to it so we make an outting of it for the whole family!

  23. My dad’s garage is full of old trunks like these! I want them desperately, but have nowhere to put them! I think I need to de clutter to re clutter! lol

  24. I normally just buy food. I did a huge house cleanse a few years back so now it has to be really special to make it in here. And I try and do the one item in one item out thing.

  25. I love being fresh fruits and vegetables. They always taste so much better than the ones at the grocery store, and often are less expensive too!

  26. I love farmers markets for fruits and veggies. Then I mostly just browse. Great finds! I don’t know if I could have resisted not getting one or two!

  27. Ooo these are beautiful! I usually try to buy all of our produce at farmers’ markets. So fresh and great to support locals!

  28. I haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market in a long time but I used to pretty much only get veggies

  29. Those are amazing! Maybe they will still be there when you return — and you’ll have to take it as a sign that you have to make a place for them…

  30. I cant wait for the farmers markets to start here I am longing for my yellow beans.

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