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pediped Spring and Summer Collection



Another season is here and so is another great collection of Spring and Summer styles from pediped. Founded by a couple who wanted comfortable, stylish shoes for their daughter’s developing feet, pediped is now a well-known and well-respected name for kids footwear.

Sold in over 3000 stores in the United States and 40 countries worldwide with an offering of more than 130 designs for boys and girls between their three lines, Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®. Originals® (soft-soled shoes for newborns to age 2), Grip ‘n’ Go™ (thin rubber-soled shoes for children ages 9 months to 3 years) and Flex® (rubber-soled shoes for children 1 to 8 years).


Along with the Spring season, over 50 new styles have been introduced to the pediped lineup. The collection is sweet like Summer with its pastels, sea side nauticals and bright neons to cover every warm weather adventure.

As well, 15 styles contain Memory Foam Technology™ and The water-safe and eco-friendly Adventure Line has been expanded to allow kids everywhere to enjoy the outdoors in splashy style.

My girls wear the Flex line of pediped shoes, built for the established walker who has developed a confident, natural stride. It’s also in the Flex collection that I *really* become giddy about Spring and Summer 2013. There’s just something wonderful in being able to shop and wear shoes other than boots after such a long Winter. So refreshing, so light – so adorable!

dakota flex pediped shoes kids

My twins got pediped’s new sporty Mary Janes, the Dakota Lavender. Great for both play and when matched with summer dresses, the colors on this pair stand out. It features a Velcro strap, an all natural rubber sole and a mix of suede and synthetic upper. Best of all? It’s a water-safe shoe {hello Spring rain and puddles!} that can be cleaned in the washing machine.

spring and summer pediped 2013

Flex footwear from pediped features the Flex Fit System™, which allows children to adjust the fit of their shoes and prolong the length of wear. They are insoles that can be placed in the shoe if they are a tad too big, then removed to prolong use as their feet grow.


Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development, these shoes are very sturdy yet can easily bend and move. This allows for all the active movement that kids do.

If you love pediped make sure to check out Brian James Footwear, the new women’s line from Angela Edgeworth, founder of pediped.

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WIN IT: One of my readers is going to get a pair of pediped shoes! Winner will choose their top 5 styles and pediped will send one pair, based on stock availability.

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I’d love to win a pair of these shoes so I could donate them to a local charity here in Victoria! I’m sure there is a wee girl oiut there that would really need a new pair of shoes. I like the Flex Evangeline – Fuchsia

  2. I’ve had pedipeds in the past, would love another one for my girls! Love the Evangeline in silver

  3. I love them all, but I think my wee Peanut would love the sparkly, flowery Evangeline. In pink, of course!
    She has really narrow feet, and we often struggle to find shoes that don’t give her blisters. Pedipeds are some of the only ones that work. Not only are they cute and comfortable, they’re well-made and I feel comfortable that they’re not damaging her wacky little feet.

  4. I want to win because my grandsons are constantly outgrowing their shoes and these look really comfortable and durable! My favorite is the Flex
    Gehrig – Grey, Orange .

  5. I would love to win as my twin 4 year olds go through shoes so quickly and my daughter also has a shoe obsession! She goes to bed and “dreams” of pretty shoes. My favourite is Flex Evangeline – Fuchsia, my daughter would LOVE these!

  6. I would love to win a pair for my grandson as he should be walking soon.
    Grip n Go Jake – Navy is the one I would pick.

  7. My girls would love these shoes! I love the Evangeline style with the flowers! So cute!

  8. I would love a pair for my little boy – love so many of them but I really love the Flex Jones Blue

  9. would love to win a pair for son or daughter! love there flex fit !! i love the originals

  10. I’d like to win these for a friend of my daughter who needs good pair of outdoor shoes.

  11. my daughter is always up for a new pair of shoes! love the sparkly ones with a flower!

  12. With four small grandkids, one of them always seems to need new shoes – those little feet keep growing! I’m sure I’d find shoes to fit one of them.
    I like the Flex ones, they look really comfy.

  13. I have 3 girls that LOVE shoes!!! My girls would love the Flex-Evangeline…..I would like the Flex-Minnie for them to run around in!!

  14. My youngest just started to walk and she could use a good pair of shoes to toddle around in! I’m sure she will be busy trying to keep up with her big brother and big sister this summer 🙂 My favorite style is Dakota.

  15. I would love to win a pair for my growing daughter! The flex shoes would be perfect for her!

  16. my niece is going to be an early walker so Grip to Go sounds perfect for her little feet.

  17. I would love to win these for my granddaughter. She is a real girly girl who loves the colour purple and when I saw the Flex Evangeline in Lavender with the flower on them I knew she would just love them.

  18. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up….. would love to win a pair of these for her. I think she would love the Evangeline shoe. She is a very girly-girly tomboy.

  19. I would love to win a new pair for my daughter, I love the Flex Dakota – Brown

  20. I would love to win some from the Flex collection. We had pediped originales for my son his first two years. I had no idea they make shoes for bigger kids though (they aren’t available around here I guess). We LOVED them when he was a baby!!

  21. My little girl loves Pediped and I love how great they are. My favorite Flex is the Flex
    Venus – Silver, Pink. Thank you!!

  22. I have my eyes on Sydney sandals for a few years now, but I never see them go on a good sale, so we could afford them. Winning them instead would be wonderful.

  23. I would love to win because Pediped is a great brand for my children to wear. My favorites are Flex
    Jones – Grey

  24. I’ve never tried pediped, though I’ve heard a lot about them so I’d love to try them. My fave shoe would be the Flex Sahara-blue.

  25. I’d like to win the FLEX MINNIE shoes for my godchild/niece. All the colors are beautiful…..especially POOL!

  26. I’d love to win the Flex Joshua in navy! I have 4 boys and my second son is catching up to my oldest so we can’t hand anything down anymore! He could really use some study sandals for the summer.

  27. I know a little girl who would just love them. Anything in purple I know she’d love. thanks.

  28. I want to win because my granddaughter loves wearing beautiful clothes and shoes. She would like the Flex Evangeline Lavender

  29. I’ve been looking for some nice summer shoes for my daughter. These would be great! I love the Evangeline in Silver!

  30. I want to win because it will be perfect for my girl. My favourite is Flex Genevieve – Silver

  31. My son took his very first steps today!! So it’s time to get him some proper shoes. It would be nice to win some right in time for him to need them 🙂

  32. I like the jones khaki shoes! I’d get them in both flex and originals so my boys have matching shoes.

  33. I would love to win because these are so adorable and great quality for walking with family or doing out door activites

  34. My kids are obessed with new shoes. they must get that from their mom! I like the Flex
    Gehrig – Blue, Grey, Lime pair

  35. my daughter loves shoes, she would love the flex minnie pool, in her favorite colour

  36. I like to win for my little niece who really could use a cute looking good quality shoe, I love the Grip n Go
    Dakota – Fuchsia!

  37. I would like to win because my kids are hard on their shoes and Pediped is very durable. My fave from the collection is the Flex Minnie – Lilac

  38. I would LOVE to win for my 2 year old. He has a wide foot and PediPed is one of the only companies that makes shoes in his size. They’re expensive so winning would really help our family out!

  39. I would lvoe to win these for my daughter they are the best and most comfy shoes she said ..
    Love the flex evangeline

  40. I would love to win a pair for my daughter. I really like the Dakota Lavender ones as well 🙂

  41. I would love to win because my youngest daughter needs some new shoes! I love the Flex
    Venus Pewter, Purple

  42. My son’s first pair of walking shoes were pediped. He’s growing so fast it’s time for his second pair!

  43. The looks nice & comfortable, I’d like to win. Big steps is my fav cause niece is 5 years old.

  44. I like that pediped’s® primary concern is the health of the child’s growing feet. Grip n Go Jake – Navy would be nice to buy.

  45. I want to win a pair of shoes for my daughter because she has almost outgrown her current pair. I like the Flex
    Wren – Silver!

  46. I want to win a pair because they are such good quality which you need for everyday wear. My daughter would love the Flex Venus – Silver, Pink pair.

  47. My boys are very hard on their shoes, and they grow out of them so fast! I really like the Flex shoes in Adrian – Navy, Grey, Red.

  48. i want to win because these are great shoes and I have lots of little feet to keep in shoes! I like the Evangeline

  49. I want to win a ppair of shoes for my Goddaughter. I like the Flex Willow – Pink

  50. I would love to win a pair, because kids grow out of shoes so quickly! I
    Love the Flex Evangeline in Fuchsiak!

  51. I want to win because these are really well made shoes. I bet my son would love them. The Flex
    Delmar – Red, Black look great.

  52. I’d love to win a pair of Dakota’s for my 7 year old. She lives in them. We’ve gone through the dark purple and dark pink ones. She’d love the lavender ones!

  53. I want to win because my daughter is just starting to walk and I want her to be able to be comfy in shoes! I love the flex shoes.

  54. My daughter would love the Flex Evangeline – Lavender. . she is obsessed with bows, flowers and any shade of purple! would love to win these for my daughter b/c a girl can never have too many shoes!

  55. I’d love to win the Flex Steps Originals, because I have a new niece or nephew due soon, and they’ll need a suitable present

  56. I like the Dakota Lavender. I would like to win because my baby doesn’t have any shoes yet. Well, not exactly true. I bought 2 pairs, but they are too big … hard to size baby’s feet apparently.

  57. My daughter is in need of a pair of summer shoes that she could wear with dresses but still run around and explore in. I love the style featured in the review-the Dakota Lavender Mary Janes

  58. I would like to win this for my nephew. I would love to get him the Originals Jamie – Black or another nice one for his birthday this month

  59. I want to win as my daughter loves shoes and I like to buy her nice good sturdy ones! I like the Dakota in blue!

  60. Love the Dakota Lavender! My daughter’s favourite colour is purple so would love to win these for her!

  61. Loving all of them but if I had to choose, it would be the Originals Grip and Go as I have a few baby showers this year plus I am expecting this Fall! Thank you for the chance to win the cutest pair of shoes I have ever seen. 🙂

  62. My daughter is always in need of new shoes, she’s also a little dramatic beauty princess so id love to win her a pair, plus she could pass them down to her little sister!

  63. They are all so very cute! I have lots of little nieces and nephews to win for, but if I win, I would win for my best friends daughter. 🙂

  64. My youngest DD just outgrew her old shoes and we need a new pair. I love the Flex Minnie in Raspberry!

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