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Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration


I’m back from paradise that overfilled with with sun, sand and fun. Our 2-week family vacation to the Mayan Riviera was spectacular!

We had an incredibly good time, ate wonderful food, swam lots, played lots, relaxed a ton – and no one in the family got a sunburn, not even mildly red! Woot!

After so many {MANY} months of Canadian Winter, our chances of burning were great. We were as pale as pale can come. Yet, with diligence and being equipped with great products, we totally rocked paradise safely. Like rockstars, er, slathered with sunscreen.

Before I went out for the day, I wore Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. You can literally SEE the ribbons of protection and moisturizer through the bottle. Cool, right?

Better than how it looks in the bottle, is the great sun protection with added moisture inside. Actually, it’s 12-hours of moisture with waterproof protection. My skin usually dries so much as it tans, but not this time! I applied twice a day, and my skin was well protected and very hydrated. Even considering that I jumped from beach chair to sand to water, many times each day.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Now, I have to talk about the smell – the glorious smell! When I was a teen, I started tanning with friends in the lawn during the Summer, tunes blasted and us giggling. During those years, I used Hawaiian Tropic because I loved the scent – and that luscious whiff of the tropics now is like a wave of beautiful nostalgia. So delicious! I love it.

Now, at the end of the day in Mexico, I used Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion. It keeps skin healthy and hydrated long after the sun goes down. Just as delicious to the senses with mango and shea butter, I actually didn’t wear added spray or perfume at night while in Mexico, to not mask this scent.


I loved walking by my hubby or the kids and hearing, ‘you smell sooo good!’. I will keep using this product all Summer long, it’s great for moisture and since I love the scent.

What I learned on vacation:

There’s some great stuff inside the bottles of the all new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration products, I adore them for the scent, the incredible moisture and for the protection against UV rays. While I’ve found that Hawaiian Tropic is a couple dollars more than other brands on our shelves, I discovered that they last longer. A little goes a LONG way, so it’s actually a smarter purchase to go with Hawaiian Tropic!

In short, I’m now irresistibly tanned, moisturized like silk and have no skin damage at all after 2 weeks in paradise. That’s a little bit of Summer-Awesome right there!


~  Sampling Opportunity  ~


I am looking for 25 Canadians to try out the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 AND Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer {both will be the 59ml sample sizes, great for travel or taking on day trips this Summer}.

** UPDATE: All 25 spots have been taken, thank you for your interest!

All participants who send me a brief review on the product within 2-3 weeks of delivery, are then qualified to win a $50 Visa gift card, follow-up post on the reviews and the winner announcement to come!


** Please note: By sending in your review, you agree that we may publish all or part of your review, on Addresses collected are only used for the purpose of mailing the sample.



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  1. I have very fair skin so need to apply Sun Tan Oil frequently .H T is a great brand and always smells good good luck everyone !!! Thanks for posting this….

  2. I’m so sorry! I lost the email address for the review of this 🙁
    Here it is though,

    I LOVE this sun screen! I have really oily terrible skin on my forehead and this doesn’t make it any worse, but is really protecting. I burn very easily, but didn’t darken with this on. The after sun lotion was gentle enough to use on my face too, and I really loved the scent of both.

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