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Chillin’ Could Lead to Winnin’ at Tim Hortons


We landed from our 2-week vacation to Mexico, and the first thing we did was hit the nearest Tim Hortons. Call it withdrawal {certified Tims addict here} or perhaps it was routine to have a tasty icy drink daily {habits are hard to break} yet I needed me an Iced Cappuccino. STAT.

The first thing I noticed when the staff placed that devine drink into my hands, was the new cup. What did we miss while gone? {insert brief moment of panic}

tim hortons iced capp

Don’t worry, the change is for the good!

From now until July 14th, you’ll find a special pull-tab attached to the cup of any sized Iced Capps & Frozen Lemonades.

chill to win contest tim hortons

Enter this PIN code at Chill to Win for the chance to win:

  • thousands of hourly prizes: digital cameras, Coleman beach kits & Tim Hortons GC’s
  • daily prizes: $1,000
  • grand prize: $10,000 MasterCard Prepaid card, 10 up for grabs!

WOW, those are some incredible prizes! {hint: there’s “scrape ‘n match” game on the site that you can play without PIN codes too. Bon Jovi anyone?}

While I consider a stop for an Iced Cappuccino a huge treat in itself, this just sweetens the deal, right?

Since we landed last week, I may have stopped at Tim Hortons a *few* times, and as a result I am familiar with … ok, truth: it’s in my bookmarks bar, le sigh.

My fingers and toes are crossed to win big just in time for the Summer season, who’s with me Iced Capp lovers?!

Tim Hortons Giveaway blogger

WIN IT: To help get in the Summer spirit and enjoy chillin’ with their Iced Capps, Tim Hortons is going to give one of my Canadian readers a gift basket {pictured above} which includes:

  • A yoga mat
  • A beach tote
  • $50 in Tim Hortons gift cards

TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Breakfast for my girls every Sunday! Varies between Ice Caps and doughnuts to Ice Caps/coffee bagels… I *always* get a small triple triple

  2. I LOOOVE me my large steeped tea triple triple…. either that or iced caps made with chocolate milk! we have a timmies in the hospital i work at, nothing gets me through my day more than timmies <3

  3. I love my flavored coffees, so my first choice is always French Vanilla (I’m sad our Timmy’s doesn’t carry English Toffee anymore) then I have to have a donut (or it just wouldn’t be right 😉 ) so I hesitate between a glazed and chocolate dip, often the glazed donut wins. Huge Timmy’s fan, love that they are so delish and affordable. I never feel like I’m breaking the bank enjoying a treat at Timmy’s. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize pack.
    @plumerea twitter fan

  4. I alwaysget a large coffee with 1 sugar and 2 cream and the hubby loves his x-large double double.

  5. I adore my beloved double double, and iced capps in the summer with skim milk. Great contest! 🙂

  6. I always order a Lrg 2 milk , 2 sweetener with a shot of vanilla bean! Best Coffee ever!!

  7. normally a peppermint tea, or if it’s lunch a soup and turkey club sandwich combo. i am now DYING to get in my car and pick up an iced capp with chocomilk

  8. I usually have tea…but I love their raspberry lemonade for the warm weather and a turkey club sammy….perfection!

  9. I haven’t been in years (gonna have to admit it isn’t my fav), but my mom loves it so this would be for her

  10. If I was asked what brand I would want to represent it would be Tim Hortons! I love this company, they have such excellent customer service and such tasty Gluten Free drinks 🙂 Fingers crossed, Good luck all!

  11. I usually order a small english breakfast tea double double with milk and a boston cream donut,

  12. double double in the morning and Ice Capp after that! Favorite donught Walnut Crunch

  13. Large regular coffee with milk, sometimes I treat myself to a great tasting French Vanilla.

  14. I order a cinnamon raisin bagel or the sundried bagel & a half hot chocolate/half coffee

  15. large coffe reg cheddar cheese bagel toasted butter bacon extra cheddar cheese and cucumber

  16. if its breakfest,,a bacon and egg breakfest sandwich on english muffin with iced capp with shot mint chocolate..hmmm..

  17. I always order a everything bagel with herb/garlic cream cheese and a diet pepsi (not much of a coffee gal!)

  18. I usually get a medium coffee two cream and if I really want it an apple fritter.

  19. Thanks for the review on the sandals, think they will be a great idea this summer

  20. I’m Canadian – it has to be a double double – (learned this from my parents).

  21. I ordered a coffee and a mini strudel yesterday. My Mum took my daughter, Sara and I for coffee. I love the cold drinks in the summer and I usually order the ice capp…so yummy!

  22. I usually order a med Black, but I have recently discovered the Raspberry Lemonade…mmmm Delish!

  23. I usually get a doughnut – usually something with lots of chocolate. Sometimes I get a Berries and Yogurt.

  24. I am love a ice capp in the summer and triple milk coffee in the winter (maybe a bagel too!)

  25. I love my double double and I did the same thing after the Dominican Republic trip. Raced to timmies! Oh how we missed that!

  26. I usually order a large coffee… unless I am hungry then I order an everything bagel.

  27. I usually order a 12-grain bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese and a large orange pekoe tea with milk and sugar. Ok, and a honey dip donut once in a while! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I usually order a strawberry and banana real fruit smoothie, a toasted, plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a Boston cream donut.

  29. Sundried Tomato and Asiago Bagel, toasted and buttered, and a Medium Peppermint tea with one sugar

  30. Large iced capp- all year round- staff at my fav timmies start making my iced capp as soon as they see me- before i am even in store sometimes lol

  31. My wife got me hooked on the double double and a co-worker introduced me the jalapeño bagels! Yummy!

    Thanks for holding this contest. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  32. I keep it simple with a medium coffee, black. Now that it’s summer, though, I’ve become addicted to their iced coffee!!!

  33. i will usually order a small iced capp and a walnut crunch donut for myself. and a small coffee black and a boston cream for my husband 😀

  34. I would love an ice capp with a Boston cream donut! I would also love to try their ice cream!

  35. I used to order the ice cap with chocolate milk but my husband recently had a heart attack so in support of healthy life, we are now loving the iced lemonades!

  36. Lg black 2 sweetners and a flavour shot….hazelnut or vanilla bean(depending on my mood LOL)

  37. I’m a donut person- I always get a chocolate dipped… ok, ok… sometimes 2 – but when the kids are with me I never eat all of the donut.


  38. I usually order a half hot chocolate / half coffee…. trust me, its better than a simple Mocha!

  39. citrus iced tea and toasted bagel with herb & garlic cream cheese with cucumber and bacon on top. Every, single, time….and if I feel like pastry goodness, a friggin’ boston cream doughnut or white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, my favs!

  40. I always order a large hot chccolate with 1/4 french vanilla and a bagel with half herb and garlic cream cheese

  41. small café mocha for me ..extra large triple triple for my hubs and sometime tim bits for the kiddos

  42. I usually order an Ice Capp or coffee with just cream and a muffin or doughnut! Love their soups and sandwiches, though, too!

  43. Right now my “usual” includes a small iced capp made with chocolate milk & a peanut butter cookie, yum!

  44. Depending on the time of day, either a Extra Large black coffee or and iced cap with whipped topping:)

  45. Like to order a hot cup of their tasty coffee.
    Also, with a cake donuts. yummy
    great giveaway too.

  46. My go to coffee is 3 cream to sugar. In the summer my go to drink is an iced latter with a shot of french vanilla.

  47. Spring-Fall my usual order is an ice Capp and sour cream glazed donut (and a Tuscan chicken panini if it’s lunch time). In the winter I swap the Ice Capp for an Earl Grey Tea

  48. Always a Large Tea with 3 cream and 3 1/2 sugar. Love it…only tea I drink.

  49. I haven’t been to a Tim Horton’s in a LONG time. I’d like to try something cold, without coffee in it.

  50. french vanilla for hot drink or ice cap with choc milk but really starting to enjoy frozen raspberry lemonade,.. mmmmm

  51. I’ve been drinking iced coffees like crazy! The morning the contest started I won a digital camera, keeping my fingers crossed for the grand prize!

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