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The Reviews Are In: Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion


Last month I posted the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion Sampling Opportunity. In this opportunity I gave 25 of my Canadian readers the opportunity to review a new product just like I do here on My Organized Chaos.

The interest shown was amazing, I thank you all for being so eager to test out this new product, on shelves now.


We also had the chance to try this product during our recent trip to Mexico. Sunscreen for the kids was needed, that sun was hot! I can happily say that in 2 weeks time, they didn’t burn, which shows this product worked as intended. I found it easy to apply, though rather thick so I need to do more rubbing in order to get all areas covered. I might like this lotion to be a tad thinner than it is, if I had to be so picky. Yet, I loved that a little went a long way and one bottle protected 3 kids from head to toe, for 5 whole days. Wow!


That’s my take, now here’s what various parents from across Canada thought about the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion!

A. Robison ~ 
“Having pale and sensitive skin, it’s hard to find a sunscreen that actually works for me. I was quite happy with Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50. It give me the protection I needed and didn’t irritate my skin. Like all natural sunscreens, it’s a thick texture, but it rubs in very nicely. Bonus for me, it didn’t have the sunscreen smell to it. Overall, I was very impressed with it, and will be buying it for my sunscreen needs for the summer. And remember it’s not just for kids, sensitive skin adults can wear it too”

Susanne McCarthy
“We had some wonderful summerlike weather and were able to put ‘Banana Boat Natural Reflect’ to the test. The sunscreen is very thick, which I found, makes it difficult to apply BUT this makes it stay on and form the protective, waterproff layer that we need. Very little, if any scent it’s perfect for our daughter with sensitive skin. With a 50SPF it certainly does the job and makes me feel confident that we are doing all we can to protect our girls. I give this sunscreen a definite thumbs up!”

Angie Marriott
“This product held up to my expectations. It was very easy to apply , I did not have to keep rubbing it in and pulling at there skin trying to get it to absorb like other products we have tried. It took seconds to absorb and was not greasy at all. There was no scent applying  it or left on the skin. I loved this product and will recommend it to others.”

Lindsay Cyr
“I was very impressed with this sunscreen. It was easy to apply to seemed to absorb into my children’s skin fairly quickly. I love the fact that it is so natural and didn’t affect my daughter’s sensitive skin on her face. I’m looking forward to continue using this sunscreen throughout the summer!”

Emma L.
“The lotion has a pleasant smell, light, easy to smooth out. The best part, no white streak left on skin (I hate that happens that one has to constantly smooth it out). The product is not sticky at all.”

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen LotionJeannie Lam
“I really REALLY liked how thick the lotion was and how well it coated my kids’ arms, legs and neck. It really made me feel that they were getting some good sun protection. I would also give the 50 SPF a thumbs up. Sometimes it’s hard to find a high enough SPF for kids without all the chemicals. I big plus for me was that it wasn’t really scented. My kids hate when ‘smelly’ things go on them and as far as my kids were concern, this lotion was not smelly at all! The only down side to the thick lotion was trying to rub that onto my kids’ faces. They did not like that one bit. Overall, I would definitely recommend this sunscreen for moms that wants the protection with something natural.”

Angela Forward
“I was so happy to find that the sunscreen was pretty much scent free and it didn’t feel greasy on my hands as I put it on the kids. One of my girls has very sensitive skin and we have had a hard time finding a sunscreen that does not irritate her, this one has been great…no reaction and we have used it 4 days now! It is thick and takes a little bit to get it rubbed in (not always easy with squirmy 2 yr olds!) but other than that I really like this product and it will be my go to sunscreen for the summer.”

Amanda S
“This sunscreen is the only sunscreen with zinc in it that we’ve tried and it is smooth and not oily! It doesn’t feel greasy at all and there are no little white clumps! The only negative thing I have to say is it doesn’t have the ‘banana boat’ scent, I couldn’t smell anything at all! My husband loves that though, making this a sunscreen that’s great for the entire family. This will be our summer sunscreen!

Carol Gouveia
“I love Banana Boat and have been using their product for years and have always been happy! So far, we’re very happy with this product too. I love that it’s more natural. I love that there is no fragrance. I love that it’s not greasy. It is a bit thick and difficult to spread on my kids skin – they don’t stand still for long. But that’s not enough to deter me from using it. Thanks for the chance to try it out!”

cindy nickerson
“I put it on my son and I put it on myself( I burn really easy and didn’t have anything on hand so thought what better way to try it out) and we went out when the sun was at its hottest, we was outside for couple hours and when we came in. Nether one of us got sun burnt at all, did same thing next day and still didn’t get burnt. I think this is a great sunscreen and can’t wait til I can get to beach and see how well it works in water”

Amy Heffernan
“My 4 year old has very light skin, sensitive skin which burns easily in the sun and I have always trusted one brand in the past after trying others before.
I had applied the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen to all visible areas of skin on my son’s legs, arms, neck and face. The very first thing I noticed when applying it was the very light scent, which was wonderful! I also noticed that it was a great thick liquid which was VERY easy to spread over my sons light skin. When you first put it on it is very white and you are going to think “no way isn’t this going to leave white residue” but after rubbing it in just a bit it just disappears. I was SHOCKED that is left NO greasy mess afterwards. This was amazement to me. Every sunscreen I have every tried has left my hands full of a greasy texture after applying it on my son. My son finally has a no shiny nose while being totally protected from the sun’s harmful rays. After 4 hours of play my son’s skin was the same as when we arrived at the park. It protected him great.
I am recommending this to everyone I know. This product gets 10 stars from me. Having a SPF of 50, being 100% naturally sourced and tear free makes it all the better but after trying this product and seeing how great it is we are not hooked for good. Thanks you Banana Boat & My My Organized Chaos for letting me review this wonderful product. I have now found the PERFICT sunscreen to keep my son protected.”

Kelly Gordon
“It’s difficult to find mainstream sunscreen that has titanium dioxide/zinc oxide, not “chemical” sunscreen ingredients, and that also doesn’t have parabens and other nasty stuff. All “physical” sunscreens are going to need more rubbing in, but this one isn’t bad. It works well, and I’m glad Banana Boat finally figured out that people want a sunscreen option without endocrine disruptors. Do make sure it’s reapplied after a lot of sweating, swimming, or towel drying.”

Natasha Severson
“i have used the sunscreen for the last few days on my daughter and myself as i burn very easily. i found that it worked fantastically! my daughter and i have both NOT burnt. it was not greesy which was very nice. it didnt have a strong smell to it which was even better. when i put the sunscreen on us the first time we were inside as i usually wait 20 minutes before going outside (after applying it) and i found it did take a bit of time to absorb into the skin.. and while its absorbing it stayed white on your skin.. my daughter thought this was funny as she was a “ghost” she said. after the 20 minutes it deffantally absorbed fully, and it worked great!!!”

Anu Chopra
“Since the weather has been so nice the last few days and very sunny, I have had the opportunity to use the Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen lotion on my boys. My youngest son is not very patient and didn’t really appreciate how thick the lotion was and that it did not absorb quickly into the skin. I think it’s more of a cream rather than a lotion. I can see why he would get frustrated as I had to massage it in for quite a bit of time before the lotion absorbed into the skin. He asked me not to use it again on him. I liked that it’s made from naturally sourced ingredients and doesn’t have a strong smell. However, as my son was not too happy with the application of the lotion, I don’t think I would recommend this product to others.”

Darlene Schuller
“I found the sunblock very easy to rub in. I am not a real fan of the ‘scent’ of the lotion, though it is very mild in strength. After 5+ hours in the sun, everyone was well protected. During our time using the product it was noted that our skin actually felt very nice instead of that typical sticky or greasy feeling.”

Annie Demill
“It goes on a little thick and white but absorbs into my skin quite quickly. There is no strong smell which is also good. I know this is marketed for kids but I would buy it for myself. I will try it on my niece next week when I see her.”

Michelle Laing
“I have a 5yo with sensitive skin and prone to bouts of bad eczema outbreaks. Like most 5 year old boys my son hates holding still to apply sun screen, it’s a good 30 minute process to capture him and get the sun screen on. After that it’s another long battle of, this smells, it’s sticky, it’s slimy and the inevitable your not putting that on my face. With the Naturals Reflect sunscreen, it was a simple 10 minute if that experience that has been far less trying then past summers. I love that its an easy squeeze tube that allows my son to squeeze and apply the sunblock himself vs a spray can or upright bottle. He applied the sunblock to his legs and some of his arms and did not mention the smell or texture of the block. I was impressed right away. It was not sticky or greasy and did not take along time to rub in as it’s not super thick. What i loved most was 10 minutes later my son was not trying to wipe it off and telling me it hurts. It was easy to wash off his hands after application and left my skin feeling great too. I had to issues getting this on his face as it reminded him of his moisturizer. After a day out in the sun playing and being 5, when we got home my sons skin was still in perfectly soft little boy condition. He had not had a flare up and no red spots. It was amazing. I have found a sunscreen that’s great for keeping him safe from the UV and doesn’t create outbreaks. Thank you”

Emma Walpole
“Trying to find the perfect sunscreen for kids can be tough, so many scents, chemicals, irritants and effectiveness in them that finding the right one is almost impossible. Until now that is, The Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion in a SPF 50 may just be the winner! My son had no reaction to it, didn’t mind the application process (do have to rub it in good) and there was no smell or irritants. Mom loved it to because it works, no sunburn! It was almost like we had put nothing on but I knew I had all the benefits of applying a great sunscreen! We will for sure be using this product all summer long.”


As mentioned in my sampling opportunity post, all testers who submitted their brief reviews were also entered into a draw to win a $50 gift card.

Dusting off the old {hello, old friend!}, their generator will randomly draw a winner from the participants listed above. Drumroll….. and Congrats Lindsay Cyr!


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