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Parental Guidance Blu-ray + DVD Combo


parental guidance movie review

If you missed it in theatres, it’s now on Blu-ray and DVD – it’s Parental Guidance staring Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei. We recently watched it for the first time as a family and to sum it up? Hilarious!!

Check out the trailer for the movie, which perfectly shows it’s humor and wit.


Old school grandfather Artie (Billy Crystal), who is accustomed to calling the shots, meets his match when he and his eager-to-please wife Diane (Bette Midler) agree to babysit their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents (Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott) go away for work. But when 21st century problems collide with Artie and Diane’s old school methods of tough rules, lots of love and old-fashioned games, it’s learning to bend – and not holding your ground – that binds a family together.

The story is much like Parenthood, the not-so blending of family opinions, and upbringing tactics. Yet, through funny and touching events, they can come together and compromise. I loved that the film touches on different parenting styles, which any family can resonate with.This film takes on a humorous approach on raising kids, and the question of ‘is there a best way’.


In my opinion, they chose the perfect celebs to play the characters , it was nice to see Billy Crystal and Bette Midler in a film together. Bette even sings a number with Crystal, which made me reminisce all the roles she has played and that it was time to re-visit them.

parental guidance

Rated G, I wasn’t quite sure if it was a movie that all my kids could watch, yet they did and they liked it. There isn’t bad language nor any moments that made me rethink choosing this one for family movie night. If anything it reinforced the notion that all families, no matter the style, are ‘normal’. Yet, I think anyone would end the film wishing that they had Bette Midler and Billy Crystal as Grandparents.

We got the Blu-ray and DVD Combo pack, which also includes bonus features;

Parental Guidance Blu-ray Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director Andy Fickman
  • Audio Commentary with Director Andy Fickman and Billy Crystal
  • Gag Reel
  • FXM Productions Presents: In Character with Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei

Parental Guidance DVD Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director Andy Fickman
  • Audio Commentary with Director Andy Fickman and Billy Crystal

For family night, and for a good laugh – pick up Parental Guidance. You won’t regret it!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Wow! I didn’t know it was rated G. That makes it even better in my book. It’s so hard to find G-rated movies these days!! I’m definitely going to get this one for a family movie night. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this movie! It is great for my entire family which is rare and my entire family loves it. Especially my 4 year old, he loves “farty”.

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