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The Body Shop: New Lip Glosses and Eau de Toilettes


It was The Body Shop lip balms that won me over back in Junior High. I was always seen with the latest flavor adorning my lips for many years, and recall with nostalgia the fruity taste that brings the memories back. Even today, with many products from The Body Shop filling my purse, bathrooms, pockets {etc}, it’s still the lip products that I love most.

With spring just around the corner {we are so close, I can feel it!}, The Body Shop is thrilled to introduce their NEW yummy range of Lip Glosses and delicious Eau de Toilettes! What better to set the stage for sun filled days than with some new yummy products to welcome the season.

the body shop lip gloss

First, it’s the new Lip Glosses from The Body Shop {$10 each}, 11 super-glossy shades each featuring lip-smacking and delicious flavors to freshen your look and lift your mood. While each gloss is enriched with vitamins E and B5 and Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil, comes in sleek tubes displaying loud and proud the flavor that is held within – it’s THE FLAVOR that has be crushing.

Despite having the full collection in front of me, my wide eyes spotted the strawberry, it was love at first sight. Nostalgia! The shiny pout, tasty and fragrant gloss – swoon! Yet, since their arrival, I have also taken to all of the flavors {raspberry and coconut and currently in my coat pocket and are taken everywhere}. The only flavor I didn’t try myself, is plum. That one was scooped up very quickly by my 8 year old, so proud of her new gloss to carry in her purse. I can see the shine, smell the luscious plum scent on that smiling face when she skips by, and know that one day she’ll have memories of The Body Shop just like her Mom.

 the body shop eau de toilettes

If gloss isn’t your thing, opt for one {or many} of new Eau de Toilettes from The Body Shop {$14 each}. There’s 8 in the collection {Strawberry, Moringa, Coconut, Mango, Shea, Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla}, all derived from extracts from nature.

My top fave is Vanilla, which again stems from my early fragrance wearing days. Yet, the same goes for Satsuma. There’s another scent that I was absolutely crazy over, for many years. Nothing makes someone feel more carefree and young that the the giddiness of Spring and Summer PLUS the feeling of nostalgia hitting the senses and producing smiles. Hello Spring 2013!!

The Yummy new New Lip Glosses and delicious new Eau de Toilettes can be found at The Body Shop right now!


  • One My Organized Chaos reader will get the entire new Lip Gloss Collection {value $110}
  • A 2nd winner will get the entire Eau de Toilettes Collection {value $112}.

TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I would love to win The Body Shop lip balms my lips are so dry from the winter & from living in Edmonton , Alberta! I would share with my daughter too but I think I would keep the plum for myself 😉

  2. I am looking forward to being able to walk around without a parka, gloves and hat or hoodie. I’m also looking forward to all the blooming flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass and everything just coming alive again.

    1. Sweater weather and smell of fresh flowers. (Sorry, please delete my first comment, I misread the question)

  3. What excites me the most about the upcoming spring season is being able to wear short sleeves again.

  4. I love the nice weather….when spring comes and I can get out more and walk the dogs and when the paddock dries out and I can get out there more! love when the weather is nice and I can get outside and play with the kids

  5. The sunshine is what I am most excited about this spring. Can’t wait to feel it’s warmth 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to feel that first real spring breeze on my face. We’ve had about ninety feet of snow here in North Ontario, which is great for blueberries, but I’m ready to see some grass.

  7. Being able to be outdoors and have the windows open are what I’m waiting most for right now. I also have alot of work to do for my veggie garden this summer.

  8. Warmer weather! We just moved and I can’t wait to take the boys out on the walking trails. There’s so many around.

  9. Being able to open the doors and windows to air everything out as well as shedding the winter wear.Thank you for all these great giveaways and good luck to everyone who enters 🙂

  10. Seeing Pavement & the GRass!! Smelling the grass!! ohhh man, I can not wait. Over Saskatchewan winters!

  11. The prospect of getting back into my vegetable garden! Oh, and driving with NO ice and snow on the roads!

  12. What I love about Spring is: The fIowers, the fresh scent of rain. Most of all I love that Summer is just around the corner.
    would love to win this. I love matching different scented colorful lip glosses with my outfit for the day.

  13. Being able to take my kids out to play and to the park in a sweater and sneakers!!!

  14. I love the smell of spring when you go out for a walk and you know it’s still cool but getting warmer. Not like fall when it’s cool but getting cooler. Spring just seems to warm you up. And I love the the flowers growing as well!

  15. I can’t wait to just walk out the back door to my backyard to garden and have my chickens, cats and dog following me 🙂 Yeh sounds crazy, but true!

  16. Springtime is the best for all the sun shining, warmer temps and the flowers blooming/

  17. I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the sun and seeing flowers grow and going for walks and running in the sprinkler with my son.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  18. the smell of freshly cut grass (which we’ve already experienced a few times here in Victoria) 😛 The blooming Japanese Cherry trees and a warm ray of sunlight!

  19. I’m not fussy either prize is fantastic – thanks again for another CDN contest! Summer it is.

  20. I’m most looking forward to minty green blouses and SANDALS, SANDALS, SANDALS!!!

  21. The warm weather excites me most about Spring! I’ve had enough of the cold and snow now.

  22. I am so ready for an end to the cold and the rain. Sunshine means more days at the park for me and the kids!

  23. spring…not having to wear the heavy winter coats and mitts and scarves and boots…

  24. What excites me the most about spring is the month of May. Me and my kids have our birthday that month, so there will be lots of cake 🙂 I also love preparing for their birthday party.

  25. Seeing the green shoots come up, the trees starting to bud – every spring is a rebirth of new life. I feel encouraged when I see new life every spring!

  26. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The entire new Lip Gloss Collection Or the entire Eau de Toilettes Collection.
    In Response To Your Question Of what excites you the most about the upcoming Spring season?
    I Am Just Looking Forward To Nice Weather And Being Able To Have The Windows Open
    And Putting The Winter Clothes Away.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  27. What excites me about the upcoming spring? EVERYTHING! But most importantly, getting the garden ready.

  28. So much … like starting my garden, building our screen house and biking again.

  29. spring excites me for warmer weather and more fashion options. and not wearing a heavy coat, lol

  30. The new Spring Collection looks AMAZING!!! I would love to win either set! 🙂

  31. So excited for the warm weather so I can take the babies outside to enjoy it and love all the different flowers:)

  32. I like seeing the trees bud and the grass turn green. It makes me want to be outside after a long winter.

  33. I can’t wait to be able to go out onto the balcony again and play cards with my mom and friends. Good coffee, good friends and a game of canasta, I can’t wait!

  34. What excites me most? No more snow and cold temps!! Windows open and grass appearing.

  35. I love that spring is on its way so I can put away all those bulky winter clothes , snow shovels gone and winter boots see ya next year. The flowers poking there heads out, buds on the trees and all the beautiful birds coming back. There are so many lovely things I love that spring is coming, it puts a big silly grin on my face. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  36. I think what excites me most about Spring are the sunrises. Although I live in Victoria, BC where the weather is fairly mild…winter can be a bit blue. I love the Spring Bulbs most of all…I have a few planters on my patio that have already bloomed.

  37. Hope to have some sunny days to go for a nice long walk. I can’t wait to be able to hang my washing out on the clothesline.

  38. can;t wait to get out in the sun and start the gardens, both vegetable and flower.

  39. I am excited for spring and the crocuses and tulips blooming, going outside without a coat, gloves and a hat, not freezing, not slipping on the ice, not shoveling snow, not slipping around on the icy roads, etc, etc, etc. I am NOT a winter person.

  40. What excites me the most about springs arrival is that I will soon be gardening. It is so hard when the weather starts to turn nice to not jump the gun and plant too early, so I take pleasure in sitting out in the sunshine and planning my vegetable and flower beds.

  41. most excited about not having to bundle up anymore. i’ll be wearing flipflops for short errands if possible – i don’t even care if it’s cold, as long as there is no snow. done with winter!

  42. what excites me, not having to wear heavy coats, I love seeing the buds of trees and grass!

  43. This spring I am so looking forward to introducing our puppy to rass and our pool in the backyard. I gained a bit of weight so my usual shopping for Spring clothes has a little less hope for me. I love planting flowers too!

  44. to be able to get out of the boots and jacket and scarf and mitts and everything else that makes us look like the Michelin man.

  45. Well, it’s snowing today and completely gloomy…but I’m looking forward to tending to my garden and soaking up the sun. Those lipglosses look lovely!

  46. I’ll be happy if Spring ever comes- way too long of a winter in Saskatchewan!

  47. anticipating a great garden season and counting the days until I can kayak every day! Things I love about spring!

  48. One of the things that excites me the most about spring is wearing lighter brighter clothes and also sandals and pretty dresses and colourful purses…I need colour in my life!

  49. I’m so looking forward to taking my kids on more nature walks and enjoying the outdoors with them more:)

  50. What excites ME most about the spring season is WARMTH! I hate cold. HATE it. I love spring dresses and running shorts 🙂 And of course nail polish!

  51. I can’t wait to sit in the sun with my 2 little dogs. We love to sit on the grass together…I enjoy going and getting flowers at the garden centers too! Even though it’s the day before Spring its snowing something here…ugh!!!

  52. I love seeing all the baby animals and pretty flowers that spring brings, thank you:)

  53. NO MORE SNOW!! 🙂 Being able to wear some cute flats and skirts and lots of bright colors and cute sun hats! <3

  54. I’m looking forward to spending more time outside with the kids, and not having to get all bundled up. I don’t like hot weather, so try not to complain when it’s cold out, but this winter seems to be neverending!

  55. I am most excited about the fact that I am that much closer to being able to swim in my pool.

  56. I am excited about taking the bikes out of the basement to use outside (and not having the kids biking in the basement)

  57. I’m excited about the spring color emerald and getting back outdoors after all these months inside.

  58. I’m excited to start planting my garden! The soil is all ready and my garden plan is all set!

  59. Looking forward to warmer weather…I believe this time last year we were wearing our summer clothing
    early and putting on sunscreen…

  60. I love the longer days and being able to be outdoors more – whether it’s a bike ride, being out in the garden or a backyard BBQ!

  61. I’m excited to go hiking in the mountains again! It’s great to be able to see the lush green trees, the nice pristine waters on the lakes instead of frozen white everything!

  62. The snow melting! It’s the first year that I tried planting tulips and now with about 3 feet of snow, I really doubt they’ll come up lol!

  63. What am I looking forward to the most this spring? Getting to start my new job – in about 3 weeks, my family and I will be in our new place and I will be THE BOSS at work! 🙂

  64. I can’t wait for Spring to really arrive and spend more time outside walking in the parks and planting flowers. It’s my favourite time of the year.

  65. Love the flowers growing, warm weather and being able to open the windows, gardening and being able to get out and get some fresh air!

  66. the warmer weather and things like all the new Body Shop Lip Glosses! So fresh for spring and a go-to item to carry with me even when it jean pockets.

  67. I am excited for the beautiful weather, being able to do some gardening, going on family adventures with my husband & son

  68. I am looking forward to the nice weather.. and finally being able to get outside without being all bundled up! =)

  69. I am most excited that the snow finally melts and I can go outside without my thick wool winter coat on.

  70. The most exciting thing about spring season is to to finally wear shoes without socks!!! Love the sun peeking out as well.

  71. I love the Body shop, would love the eau de toilette collection, that would be an amazing prize.

  72. I look forward mainly to the glories of Nature in Springtime – the blossoms on the trees, the flowers springing up, the return of the birds, the return of the Sun…

  73. wonderful prize that I would share with my two daughters. I can’t wait to start planting my veggie garden and have brought my geraniums up from the basement and some are blooming!

  74. What excites me most about Spring is the scent of grass and flowers and hearing birds chirping!

  75. I’ve got a toddler, and we are already LOVING spring for it’s wonderful gift of puddles to splash in!

  76. I am looking forward to getting out and walking without misery! Nevermind, I could really use some “green” right now too. Bring back leaves on the trees!

  77. What excites me the most about this spring season is being able to get my hands dirty planting new flower beds.

  78. For the snow to be all melted and we can spend more time outside enjoying the sun and nature.

  79. I soooooooooo want to put my winter coat away, I sooooooooooo want to not wear a jacket.

  80. No more winter clothes, scraping ice of the car or taking 20 minutes
    to get dressed just to get out in the cold! Looking forward to
    sundresses and strappy heels!!!

  81. I can’t wait to leave the house in less than three layers. It’s been a long cold winter in Edmonton (as usual!)

  82. I’m so excited Spring is here! Longer days, sunshine, warmth 🙂
    I remember “discovering” The Body Shop in my teens. And with a daughter that JUST entered her teens I would definitely be sharing either prize with her if I won!

  83. Being able to go OUTSIDE! We have been cooped up with snow and rain and I’m looking forward to trips to the park, aquarium, zoo and drives up the mountain

  84. I’m most excited about starting up my garden again… IF the weather ever cooperates!

  85. Getting my hands into the dirt..planting and cleaning up the yard. And of course shorts and tees 🙂

  86. Spring to me means regrowth, birds singing, more sun and longer days to enjoy each day. I also get very dry skin and badly chapped lips so this giveaway is amazing. Thanks for the chance to win,

  87. I love the smell of spring rain. I know after it rains is when the grass starts to turn green and flowers start to bloom, so refreshing

  88. Yay thank you!! First time I’ve ever won anything 🙂 can’t wait to try them out I loooove lipgloss!!

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