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Build-A-Bear Workshop: New Disney Princess Bears


“The new Disney Princess Collection from Build-A-Bear Workshop brings the magic of the Disney Princess world to life by allowing Guests to celebrate their favorite Disney characters and create princess moments of their own.”

Build-A-Bear Workshop has always been such ‘loved thing’ in the eyes my girls, hence the fact that I’ve featured the brand and their products a few times over the years. If my kids love it and its deserving to be buzz-worthy, you’ll know about it!

Now while we don’t have a Build-A-Bear store in my city, it’s top of the list when we shop in another. Choosing your bear, actually making it and then shopping for accessories, what’s not to love?

There’s great sense of pride and wonderment when a child chooses and creates a loved friend to take home. As a frugal parent, I also appreciate their constant sales and promotions {hint, register for their free newsletter, to get offers and coupons by mail}.


New in 2013 is the Disney Princess Bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop {yay for little Disney fans!}. My daughter got word of the new line in a Build-A-Bear mailing sent to her. Oy, the screams. The smiles. The excitement. So, when our friends at Build-A-Bear offered to send Isabelle her choice of any Disney Princess Bear, I knew she’s be more than appreciative  And gloriously happy.

I actually chose Isabelle’s new Disney Princess Bear for her, though it wasn’t too much of a guess considering she circled her favorite and tacked it to her pegboard. Yet, looking on the site, there are some great ones in the collection, all with difference accessories and features. Quite the impressive selection!

In no time my daughter was sent her very own Royal Disney Princess Bear, and she wasn’t expecting it when the package came for her.

disney princess build a bear review

With a jaw-drop I loved her surprised expression and that instant beaming smile of attachment and friendship. Goes to show that ordering on the site produces that same excited feeling, almost like creating one of your own in stores.


Royal Disney Princess Bear is a pink bear with a Rapunzel costume, purple gem heels, purple panties, crown, wand, and even a glow-in-the-dark wig! Yes, I said glow-in-the-dark wig! My daughter loved that this Build-A-Bear friend had hair to brush yet it can be taken off, which is a bonus if they sleep with their bears, like mine do. As well, we all know Tangled’s hair glows, so this Princess Bear is so true to the character. Yet the adorable factor doesn’t stop there.


The Royal Disney Princess Build-A-Bear comes with a light-up want, removable tiara and a beautiful costume. Her dress has a delicate hem, cameo and tiny details proving quality and thought went into the attire. Yet let’s not forget that every Princess needs shoes, this one with purple sandals with gen accents. Take off the shoes and there’s silk detail on the bottoms of the bears feet {which you can see in the top photo}, proving it really is a Disney Princess Bear.


Just like Disney is in itself, the new bears are magic, extraordinary and bring out the playful imagination in children. Plus being Build-A-Bear, a faithful friend that will be taken everywhere. Isabelle’s ‘Tangled’ actually just went with her on a camp-out with her Girl Guides troop!

WIN IT: Sharing the love and magic, one of my Canadian readers is also going to get their own Royal Disney Princess Bear from our friends at Build-A-Bear, arv $61.00.

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I would also like to get Vaniklla Cream Bunny in Rapunzel Costume for my grandaughter Isabella who just celebrated her first birthday on March 8.

  2. I would also like to get Vanilla Cream Bunny in Rapunzel Costume for my grandaughter Isabella who just celebrated her first birthday on March 8.

  3. Enchanting Furever Hearts Bear is what I would choose. She is my daughter’s fav. colors.

  4. Would love to win for my cousin’s daughter’s upcoming birthday. She’s so into princesses and pink right now!

  5. WE got a Disney Princess bear in California and now they have them in Canada? My daughter is so excited!!!!

  6. Your daughter’s surprised face when she saw what it is, perfect!
    The bear is adorable! I use to collect a bunch of plushies, now they occupy part of my room!

  7. My neice pointed to the harajuku one. Though I must say she may be overwhelmed looking at all of them.

  8. I like the Sleeping Beauty Bear. But truthfully there are so many nice ones. Thanks.

  9. I see that build a bear is coming out with my little pony which my kids would totally love!

  10. I would also love to bring the Furever Hearts Bear in Sleeping Beauty Costume home with me, for my great niece.

  11. I love the pirate bear!! So cute! Happy Hugs Teddy is pretty easy on the eyes too. Naw.

  12. I’m disappointed that there isn’t an Ariel bear – my DD6 would love that one. And for DD3 it would be Snow White. 🙂

  13. Oh how my granddaughter would look! That would be worth it, just to see her face!

  14. I personally want the hello kitty ones, always have LOL. We only recently got them in our nearest city. When I first saw them on our trip to L.A. that was the ONE thing I was deteremined to bring home to my kids (try taking that on a plane lol) The next time, when my family was in Edmonton, and we saw a BAB, the kids were deteremined to go in as well, and my son bought one for his fav aunt, while my daughter got the unicorn. Now we have one in the mall downtown and although we don’t go into that mall very often, when I do, I’m sure to drift into the store just to take a peak at all the neat stuff

  15. They have the newest Hello Kitty collection out now! I got an email about it, and I already have the red, white and pink Hello Kitty, so now I want the yellow one!

  16. My daughter would love to bring home Majestic Furever Hearts Bear and all its friends!

  17. Pretty In Pink bunny is perfect for Easter and would get a lot of love and hugs around here!

  18. my daughter would love the bear that right on the front page!!! she adores it!!!

  19. I would love to get my daughter a hello kitty one.. don’t know if they are in Canada (but I see alot of them in the US)

  20. Aww your kids look so excited! I don’t really want to win this, but I am commenting on “another post” for entry into your body shop one!

  21. The hair on them is too much. Haha

    Very cute. Can’t wait to have a little one of my own to take to Build a Bear.

  22. I would bring home the 16 inch Pink Disney Princess Bear. My daughter had the rabbit and before they closed the shop in Victoria, I bought myself a bear just like the pink one but beige. I bought a few Hello Kitty outfits.

  23. I’m a single mom of twin girls and can’t really afford to buy two of these to have shipped to us (no build a bear store in my town). Would love to win one!

  24. I like the vanilla cream bunny, but my daughter loves the pink princess bear with the sleeping beauty dress!

  25. All the Build-a-bear animals are so cute, it’s hard to pick just one! The Pink Cuddly Hearts Bear looks so cute and huggable. I know my 7 year old would just adore a Disney princess bear! We do have a build-a-bear workshop that is close by so we may just have to go make one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I love your girls’ expressions in these pictures. My daughters love Fashionista Harajuku Hugs™ Panda

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