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Tradesies Anyone?


January in Alberta, bah-humbug. This morning we woke up to this:

winter in alberta

I debated posting a photo of the cold day here, remarking on how exposed skin can freeze within minutes of exposue. But who needs nor wants to see that?! So depressing. Instead, I stare longingly at this….. ahhhh.


Think warm thoughts. Think tropics …

Hey! Anyone in warmer climates wanna do a tradesie with me? Please?
{said in my most desperate tone of voice, of course}


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  1. LOL I would but it’s been freezing here in London, nice tootsies btw

    Have a fantabulosa week

  2. I would LOVE to be there right now! It’s weird, we are having an unseasonably warm day today. Yesterday the ground was covered in snow, and today it is in the 60’s and all the snow is melted. It’s supposed to be covered again by Thursday. Wish Mother Nature would just hurry up and move summer right along here.

    1. Theresa, I hear you! It warms up, I think Spring and then BOOM.
      Mother nature is so cruel!

  3. We are going to Florida next month. Don’t know if it’s going to be beach weather, but it sure is going to be warmer than where you are right now. Wanna come?

  4. OOOOh and I thought it was cold by me…we are in the teens here! That photo is quite a tease! Thanks for hosting and stay worm!

    1. Freezing teens or above teens? Either way, it’s a trade up!
      Hope my photo warms you up!!

    1. I know, ha! I’m bouncing between travel sites today. I’m definitely needing an escape!

    1. Isn’t it crazy?! On the plus side, everywhere we went today, we RAN, lots of cardio today! lol

  5. OMGOSH! And when it was under 10 degrees here I thought it couldn’t get much worse…

    Happy WW 🙂

    1. Judy, I will be!! I actually won a trip last week for a stay at any Sandals in Jamaica {it’ll be my first time there}. I think we’ll be going in April, yet have no idea which one to choose. Would you happen to have any insight/tips for me???

    1. We’ll have to wait a couple months for our holidays {busy time with the biz}, but each Jan/Feb I LONG to go. I’ve had enough of this cold! Let’s just say it should be … OVER!! lol
      Where are you heading?

  6. Reminds me of one my favorite places to relax – Fiji. Although, looking out the window at NZ summer, I am not complaining.

  7. Boy it was cold here about a week ago, like 5 below. But, I hear tomorrow is supposed to be 60, take about a swing in temperatures! But I’ll take it!

  8. Cold and raining here, with a chance of TORNADOS!! (No joke. We were under a tornado watch this morning.)

  9. We were watching the news and feeling real sorry for the people with all that below zero weather. Made us feel better with our zero degrees.It is warming up this week over here.CT. Hope you get some heat also.

  10. We’ve been having yo-yo weather… it can be anywhere from -30 to 0 in a week or less. On the one hand, I find it frustrating to keep switching between winter and fall jackets. On the other, when I’m being pelted with hail on my way to work one day I can tell myself it will warm up in a few days, lol.

  11. I’m in Florida now, for a few more days.
    Yesterday and today a high of 85*
    Tomorrow dropping 20*……..a high of 64* predicted!
    73* after that!
    Then, sadly home to Ontario, reality, work,
    (and snow)……although I heard they’re having record highs!
    I go while the going is good:)

  12. Oh, goodness that is cold! I’m not sure you’d like the humidity that comes with our 60 degree winter here in Florida 🙂 Of course a cold front is moving in tonight and we’ll actually be in the 30’s.

  13. I need a travel break again too. Warm please. The rain here is appalling. I hate it. It’s not freezing right now which is weird weather, but honestly the rain is cold and I hate getting all wet and chilly taking kids to school. No fun at all.

  14. That looks awesome! The cold snap we were in in Ottawa has gone but now it’s freezing rain. I feel your pain. I’m dreaming of somewhere warm…..

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