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Deep Fryer, an Advantage in your Kitchen?


Fact: Until recently I’ve never owned nor used a deep fryer.

While hubby and I had considered getting one many times in the past, we never did, for a few reasons which are most likely common.

One, I didn’t want the enticing convenience of available deep fried food, something which I try and limit in my own and my family’s diet. Another is the smell associated, as my nose remembers all too well the stench that deep fryers left behind in a family members home. And that’s a memory from 20+ years ago. Really.

Yet, there have been times when it would have come in handy, and would have really made a great addition to our meals. Mostly when entertaining, and when serving appetizer-type meals. I mean, who can’t argue with deep fried french fries {since we don’t eat them very much, why not go for the best tasting when we actually do, right?!}. Plus, there’s those nights of entertaining when it would be great to serve pub style food, made how it was intended.

So, when browsing my favorite section at SHOP.CA {love me some small appliances!}, I landed on the deep fryers section. I decided to pique my curiosity and get one, choosing the Delonghi Roto Fry 1.5L Deep Fryer.

It’s $70 off right now, plus there’s the added bonus of free shipping and collection rewards points for future purchases when you Shop from the site.

deep fryer review my organized chaos

My deep fryer arrived within days, and I was really excited to give it a spin {literally as you’ll read in its features below}. What did I make first? You bet ya, good ‘ol crispy and delicious french fries! *drool*.

deep fried french fries

What I love most about this particular deep fryer are the things that disproved all my previous assumptions, and made using a deep fryer easier:

  • Takes 50% less oil that traditional deep fryers
  • No stinking up the house thanks to replaceable filters located on the lid
  • Angled rotating basket for even cooking, cycling food in and out of the oil
  • Cool touch exterior, great safety feature for those that have kids
  • Adjustable thermostat and digital timer
  • Fast cooking, who doesn’t love a time saver?

Will my new deep fryer be used a ton in my home? Honestly, probably not as much as my other cooking appliances. Which is alright because when we do use it, it’ll be a great addition to the meal.

It really is nice to have the option of using a deep fryer, I know it’ll come in handy when the occasion calls for one. And, having a deep fryer with the above features? A must!

For my next use, I plan on making fried chicken, using my own Homemade Shake and Bake Recipe, of course. And, hubby has already called dibs on using it for wing-night. His friend deep fried wings on game day once, and he said they were to die for.

Deep frying fans – have a recipe suggestion for me to try? Ideas are needed!


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    1. Yes! That stench gets in everything! I was so happy this didn’t smell, or I probably wouldn’t use it again..

      1. That’s my biggest thing with deep fryer’s the SMELL!… would have to have ZERO smell before I would consider buying one! But deep fried french fries NOM NOM!

  1. Ok I use mine to make light crispy strips for tortilla strips. Deep fry flour tortillas you have torn in strips for about a minute and use for taco salads. My kids eat them straight without anything loving them as they are.

  2. I am not sure why I have never purchased a deep fryer. It’s one of those appliances I always mean to get, but never do. Fries definitely taste better deep fried!

    1. I’m with you ladies. No matter how ‘healthy’ it is supposed to be to bake them deep frying always renders a better crisp. Even frying them in a pan doesn’t cut it because it’s difficult to maintain the proper temperature to keep them from getting soggy.

  3. I’ve been looking at these new deep fryers wondering if they’re worth it but these look super tasty! I’d love to make my own sweet potato fries at home without worrying about them sticking to the pan when I bake them.

    1. Thats a bonus too Danielle, I won’t be deep frying everything under the sun {oreos? lol}, but having a fast meal once in a while will be nice!

  4. We love our deep fryer. I never wanted one and my husband went and got one anyway. I am glad he did! We have deep fry nights with our friends and deep fry tons of appetizers and chicken. Now we just need a bigger one!

    1. Exactly Samantha! Can’t wait for our next entertaining night, give my oven a rest for once!

  5. My mother-in-law has asked for one of these as a gift (she’s subtle w/her hints 😉 ). Thanks for the heads up on the site.

  6. We actually have 3, not because I am crazy about frying (I’m not!), but we were always looking for the “Perfect” fryer. I now have a small mini one for french fries and a larger one for apple cider doughnuts and kakiage (Japanese veggie fritters). I probably only use them 2x a year, but love the idea of your fryer with a filter to reduce the greasy/smoke smell.

  7. my husband has been wanting one for years but I just fear we will end up eating more fried foods than we need to!
    so great for fries though!

  8. We too have avoided getting a deep fryer in this house. But am thinking about it so we can make the occasional treat at home instead of having to go out and get it. Thanks for the review on this one, will take a closer look at it.

  9. I have one but we only pull it out once in awhile if we have french fries because in all honesty fries taste better deep fried.

  10. I don’t own a deep fryer, never have but so want one. A long time ago I used a pot of grease to cook fries on the stove and it caught fire! I will never cook fries like this again. When making fries at home I cook them in the oven now. It’s just not the same as it would be with a deep fryer. This one is so nice!

  11. Oh, I know that smell all too well! Probably also one of the reasons I probably wasn’t interested in purchasing a deep fryer! Good to know that that has been improved upon!

    I think I am still not really able to get beyond the fried aspect though – hard to say if you can make items that aren’t unhealthy, ya know?

  12. When I make fried chicken I always make hush puppies to go along with it. I’d share my recipe but I actually use a different one every time because I haven’t ever written it down. I just find one on the internet each time. I like making them because I can use the same batter I did the chicken in.

  13. I hate the smell to so I just bought the new deep fryers by t-fal that use no grease and they are a dream! No calories and no smell and the fries are so crispy! It’s well worth the expense!

  14. I love my deep fryer but you do have to remember to replace the filters frequently to stop that awful smell!

  15. We use our deep fryer a few times a year… At Christmas when I make homemade Doughnuts and when we make a big.batch of Crispy Chicken Wings or onion rings. I won’t mind using it as much when we have our vent hood put in, but the grease makes a mess on the walls/ceiling, and baking is a much healthier option

  16. I have a deep fryer but I also only use it a few times a year for occasions with friends, rather than family meals.

  17. We retired ours after 8 months and more then a 20lb weights gain between the both of us. Miss it sometimes but it just isn’t worth it anymore.

  18. I have seen in the cooking shows that a lot of them double fry their fries. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not as we usually bake ours.

  19. Wow! That is hard to believe that you had NEVER owned or even used a Deep Fryer before this. They are awesome especially to make cheese sticks in. Love me some cheese sticks! YUMMY! Great article. really enjoyed it.

  20. I purchased a deep fryer a few years ago and in the beginning we used it often enough, but we also gained some unwanted weight. Now it is used for a treat like a meal of hamburgers and homemade fries!!

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