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Velata, Chocolate Fondue Warmers

I’m addicted to the bars and warmers, my kids are crazy over the buddies and I’m sporting a to-die-for Grace Adele bag and clutch. Scentsy, you have done it again. This time, you’ve attracted my sweet tooth and the chocolate lover in me with your Velata Fondue Warmers and Chocolate Pouches. Swoon!

Richly decadent caramel milk chocolate. Classically creamy milk chocolate. Sweet, delicate white chocolate. Bold and balanced dark chocolate. Melt the chocolate in its convenient package, twist open the spout, and pour it into your Velata Fondue Warmer. Chocolate fondue has never been simpler.

Have you tried Velata Fondue Warmers and Chocolate Pouches yet?

Fact is, we have the usual fondue pot, yet it’s maybe been used twice. It’s just so messy and hard to clean. Really, it’s been taking up space in our storage room for years. Unlike the others, and just like Scentsy warmers, I love Velata for the safety. No candles, no fires and with no chance of burning yourself or others. As a parent, this is a big plus with me.

To use, warm the chocolate in the microwave, then you can squirt it into the silicone dish. Place on high until fully melted, then switch to warm to keep the temperature consistant. You also could skip the microwave altogether and melt entirely in the dish, your choice. Easy, right?

Like this ever happens, yet say you have leftover chocolate in the dish {again, ha!}. Taking the easy and convenience one step farther, simply store the dish in the fridge until the next time you want to use. Then, melt the remaining on high using the warmer.

Best of all features, I feel comfortable with the kids being around this fondue, unlike the others that are space-savers in my home. The kids can dip themselves and we can all sit back and enjoy the treats. Who knew fondue could be so fun!

Our journey took us to (where else) Belgium — the world capital of fine chocolate. We found the perfect chocolate with the purest ingredients and the velvetiest (sometimes you have to invent a word) consistency. The kind of chocolate fondue you want to dip into, heart and soul.

Scentsy really said it right with that statement, part of my love lies in the Belgian chocolate. It deserves a lot of recognition! It really is delicious and creamy {says the chocoholic}!

I can’t wait to try the one of the other kinds of Velata Chocolate next, possibly mixing it with another. I know, they awakened a whole new fondue-rebel in me.

Find yourself a Velata Consultant and discover an entire line of products, so perfect for family evenings to entertaining!

One Canadian reader is going to get the Velata Blue Razz Pedestal Warmer and 1 package of Belgian chocolate.



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I would love to try the milk chocolate miummm look so good and so creamy 🙂

  2. I like the white Velata square bowls. They’re just so clean and classy looking 😀

  3. Dipper Day! Christmas, here we come! Pretzels dipped in Velata White Chocolate and tossed in crushed up peppermint

  4. They all look really yummy but the caramel milk chocolate looks fantastic! Sucker for caramel!

  5. white (or milk) chocolate dipped ANYTHING is unreal…. was able to have the oppotunity to try the Fudge Covered Ritz crackers recently.. they are really good…but now I am wondering what they would taste like dipped in white chocolate?? lol

  6. All of the chocolate is absolutely delicious! I love the caramel chocolate the best.

  7. would absolutely love to win anything the site has but I love the bowls those would be great to have!

  8. We’ve been ringing in the new year with an awesome fondue party for years! I would love to have the classic white nesting bowls to make serving foods extra attractive! It would match the Velata Blue Razz Pedestal Warmer that I won!! 😉

  9. I’d love to have the Velata colorful plates! They are so stylish and will brighten up my kitchen/dining room!

  10. I love the square nesting bowls, love both coloured and white, but if had to chose, I think I’d go coloured for the fun.

  11. I like the Crisp apple slices + Velata Caramel Milk Chocolate dippable so yummy looking

  12. I like the ideas for dippables. i would never have thought to use dried apricots with dark chocolate, but it sounds good!

  13. MILK CHOCOLATE! I love it! I have never had a chocolate fondue, would absolutely love to try it!

  14. I would love to try the crisp apple slices + Velata Caramel Milk Chocolate or else the rich brownie bites + Velata White Chocolate

  15. I would have to say the Dark Chocolate! My Mom lives with us and that is one of her favorite treats :o)

  16. i think i would try the white, milk, or dark chocolate….as long as it’s chocolate!!!

  17. I love the square nesting bowls in white, they would be perfect for the snacks for the fondue!!

  18. I’d like to try the milk chocolate. All the warmers are cute. I’d be happy with any one of them.

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