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  1. Your tree looks terrific got mine to do yet arrgh! LOL

    Have a sparklytastic WW! and week 🙂

    1. What a mess hauling everything out from under the stairs, which led to cleaning that area out – but all was well in the end!

  2. That is pretty.
    And no, we didn’t put up our tree. We don’t put up a tree. Though we do have to get our Advent Countdown tree up. Just a tad late.

  3. I have one of my 4 trees up. My favorite and one of the small ones. The big one will go up this weekend. (I hope)

    1. 4, wow!! I guess we do have 2 other small mini-trees, yet the kids take those from room to room. It’s kinda like a game of where’s waldo…

  4. I just got my tree up and the lights on yesterday. Still don’t have all the decorations on but slowly getting it done. I feel so behind!
    Your tree is beautiful!!

  5. Hey love your blog – I must admit the tree is amazing – I like to think mine is pretty cool – will have to post a pic once I get it up!! I love the blues – I always stick to 3 colours also!! – You must be one busy mumma – I’ve got 3 but not twins!

  6. Beautiful tree! You do a great job decorating! I think Baby B is still too young to be around a Christmas tree without a major disaster, so we’re sticking to our little tabletop tree again this year!

  7. What a great tree! Our tree has been up for 2 weeks now but it has no ornaments on it. I’m not sure we’re going to be able to put any on. Our kitten has decided the tree is his personal playground… *sigh*

  8. We put our tree up on the weekend. But I am feeling like such a bad Mom, I haven’t taken any pictures of it or the kids with it yet. I just hope it’s not going to be time to take it down before I get my camera out.

    Your tree is wonderful!

  9. This is beautiful and I agree the sentimental ornaments are “perfect”… We’re torn about real vs fake this year — we’ll have to decide soon!

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  11. WOW!!! What a gorgeous tree! Putting up the Christmas tree always puts us in the Holiday spirit! We put our up the last week of November because my 4 year old was so excited!!

  12. We haven’t put our tree up yet; I guess we should start thinking about it lol Your tree is gorgeous

  13. All our Christmas Decorations are packed & moved already so we have a “Christmas Snowman” standing in our livingroom….not a tradition….won’t be a new tradition….but we love him for this year!! 🙂

  14. Love the tree! Mine is going up this weekend as we are trying a real one this year….ahhh! Not sure how it will go but keeping my fingers crossed.

  15. Love your tree! Ours isn’t up yet, but we’ll be doing that this weekend. I think we’ll be going with red this year – bows and ribbon 🙂

  16. Any tree decorated with memories is the perfect tree.
    P.S. I’m guessing that there is an old string ornament hiding somewhere on that tree.

  17. Beautiful tree!!!! I LOVE this time of year. My house doesn’t look so “empty” & ugly!!

  18. We go to family at Xmas so I put up “Charlie Brown tree” I got it at home hardware it looks just like the cartoon.

  19. We do have our tree up, but it’s not fully decorated yet. I’m finishing it this weekend!

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