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Skechers for Him and Her


Winter and the holiday season. When others think of scarves and mitts, I think of boots! I’m not shy in voicing that I despise Winter, but one of the few perks is being able to wear cozy and fashionable boots. So, when you think of boots for yourself or your family, which brand do you turn to?

How about Skechers?

It’s not uncommon to think of a name like Skechers and immediately recall running shoes and casuals, for a long time I had thought that was all they carried. Yet, some might be surprised to know that they have an entire line of Winter boots for all members of the family.

At first glance, I had a hard time deciding on a pair for myself, there’s just so many that I loved the looks of! So, I narrowed it down to 2 and then narrowed it down to one based on which suited my comfort style and usual uses. Also, I tend to be a creature of habit, so I wanted to step out this winter in something different than my usual pairs.

I ultimately decided on the Shelbys in black, since my other boots are grey and brown. Funny how most of my casual shoes are black, but I always opted for other colors in boots? They arrived and I adore the color, plus they ‘go’ with all my Winter coats.

They are made of soft suede, so I made sure to get waterproof spray for wear in snow. Also, they are a split-side slip-on, meaning I can easily put them on when in a hurry to chase after kids, or for when my arms are loaded {with, chances are, kids}. The Shelbys also have a faux fur lining and stitching accents, not your ordinary black suede boot. And, I love that the fur lining is inside the boot as well, adding that extra softness and warmth.

Part of the reason why I chose this pair, is that I don’t like anything with a heel for Winter-wear. A flat shoe combined with the traction sole make it safe for me to wear on slippery ice. This is crucial to klutzy me! Also note, I don’t usually tuck my jeans into the boots, this is for the photo, heh.

Now, this post is titled ‘for him and her’. So, my hubby also got to choose a pair of Men’s boots {thank Skechers!}. He was very quick in deciding his pair, {unlike myself} and immediately chose the Climatic in black.

Hubby’s work involves a lot of time spent outdoors, so the oiled water resistant leather upper feature of this boot were ideal for him. Plus, it has a heel pull on  loop, shock absorbing midsole and cushioned comfort insole.

Yet, they will be used for work, so being insulated with Thinsulate for added warmth and water resistance is crucial as is the soft fabric boot lining. After all, it is Canada and our temperatures were extreme, so he chooses for durability {these are triple stitched}, warmth and comfort during wear.

Truth be told, he’s been away at work since his pair from Skechers arrived, so he hasn’t had a chance to wear them as yet. He’s actually due home just {and I mean just} before Christmas, so this actually might be a pair that’ll be wrapped and under that tree for him {act surprised for the kids hunny!}.

Speaking of, most couples I know shop this way anyway. Sometimes I have to be very exact with my wishlist, right down to store, directions, color and size {with coupon attached to the note}. I even know a ton of couples that actually buy their own gifts and hand them over to the other to wrap. Though the element of surprise isn’t there, at least then you get exactly what you need and want and prevents that dreaded trip back to the store for a return. If this describes your shopping tactics, fill your boots … literally, Skechers boots.

WIN IT: One Canadian reader is going to get their choice of Him and Her Boots from Skechers!

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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    1. I’m trying anyway 😉 …Just gonna be out if i can’t be in
      Women; Grenadine – Kate

      Men; Moyer

  1. I would probably choose the same his & hers pairs as you did, except my husband would prefer a boot with a zipper, not laces.

  2. To be Honest I could use either or in any style! I sure could use a pair and same with Hubby ……I would be blessed to win one or the other =)
    Thanks for a Great contest!’

  3. I would love to have the Natives Thunder boots for myself. The Alamar Terence would be great for my husband.

  4. I like the Women SKCH Plus 3 – Pyramids and for my man….the Men Blaine – Orsen 😀 THanks 😀

  5. We have never bought Skechers so really not sure which ones to choose because of not knowing how they fit but I’m sure with all the selections we could definitely find new boots!

  6. I can not decide between the Women Lunacy – Dragon Tattoo and the Women Shelbys, They both look so nice 🙂
    Men Work: Foreman for hubby

  7. love the climatic ones for me and the SKECHERS SKCH Plus 3 – Doe A Deer boot for my gf,,, thanks and happy holidays!!

  8. for him it would be ….mens blaine-orsen
    and for me it would be …womens dandy perfection

  9. even though it’s raining right now I will soon have plenty of use tor these boots this winter

  10. I like the Shelbys in black for myself and for the hubby he would like the climatic’s they both look so comfy and warm.

  11. For her – Women’s Skechers GOrun Ride Running Shoes
    For him – Men’s Skechers GOrun Ride – All Season Running Shoes

    Thanks and good luck to all!

  12. i would choose the Women Synergy – Flex Force and the men’s Men Huddler – Daystruck

  13. haven’t bought boots in so many years, but Skechers look like fantastic warm boots.

  14. Hers_ Shelby Plush in black
    His- I’d need to check with my son. They would go to him. Thanks so much for this give away.

  15. I just bought a pair of winter boots, so I think I’d pick something more dressy for myself – Navajos Structure or Thunderstone in black. For him – no idea. I’d let him decide.

  16. mens: Men Skechers GOtrail – All Weather
    Women Skechers GOtrail – All Weather

  17. A Boot a little edgy and different from my conservative style. I am particularly fond of the Women’s Grenadine – Kate Style 47953 Chocolate

  18. For him I would get the Men Climatic in brown and for hers, the Women Leverages – Authorize in black.

  19. I love Skechers!!!

    For her (me) – the Sienna Rodeo black wedge boots
    For him – the Drastic Paterno boots in brown

  20. I’d definitely go with Women’s Highlanders – Alpine Valley in black, they’re waterproof which I need! Hubby would get the Men’s Verdict.

  21. I would get the Women Navajos – Structure and the Men Relaxed Fit: Bolland – Treanor

  22. I love Sketchers so much! You’re so right that I always think of them as runners but after looking at these boots they are great! I would love to have a pair and hubby would too! Thanks for the great contest!

  23. I would pick the Natives – Thunder Creek in Grey. They are so cute!! And for my husband the Roven Vellore. Would LOVE to win these…it’s getting cold!

  24. I would choose the Women’s Monuments – Cool Factor and the Men’s Alamar – Terence boots.

  25. As long as I can get him a size 14 that fits I will make him wear anything. I think he will like Belham, Alamar-cabin, Franklin – Leno, Work Canyon, Rutland, Wellington and Kepler -Ryan. Or at least I do!
    I like natives, leverages, lonestar, hardwear, sienna and grand jams. Who can pick just one??

  26. Thanks For The Opportunity To Win 🙂
    If I Win, I Will Choose:
    Women Monuments – Cool Factor
    Work: Foreman
    Good Luck Everyone!

  27. I’d choose SKECHERS Tone-ups Chalet – Jigsaw Puzzle boot (women) and SKECHERS Roven – Vellore boot (men)

  28. OH tough choice lots of nice ones to choose from , the Women Spartan – Echo is really nice and the Men Alamar – Terence are 2 of my favorite

  29. I’d go for the Natives-Thunder Creek for women, and the Revine for him.

  30. I would get Men On the GO – Chukka for him and Women D’lites – Trend Spotter for me

  31. I would choose the “Climatic” as well for my man,,and the “Synergy”,( I think) for myself..

  32. Revine for him – easy to slip on when the dogs need to go out and Keepsakes – Cardigan in brown for me

  33. Without trying them on it’s tough to say, but based on looks alone I’d go for the Grand jams- unwritten for her and the Alamar -Terence for him.

  34. So hard to choose! I would love all of their shoes lol. For me I would choose the Women Highlanders – Glaciers, and for my husband I would choose the en Work: Sierra – Rigor Comp Toe ESD.

  35. I would choose the Women’s Keepsakes-Lucky One winter boots, and Men’s Kepler-Hamlin winter boots.

  36. For him, I would pick the Alamar – Terence
    For me, I would pick the Keepsakes – Canoodle

  37. Id choose the womens Keepsakes – Boiling Point in brown and the Mens Men Work: Alp – Terrain

    tammykd at live dot com

  38. I would choose the Men Alamar – Terence and Women Dandy – Snow Retreat

  39. LOVE the Navajos. My husband would probably choose the Canyon boots.

  40. I like the Women Highlanders – Country Climber boots. I think my husband would like the On The GO – Walla B boots in black.

  41. I would choose Mens Climatic boots Style #72061 and the Women Lunacy – Cult boots

  42. I love the one’s you picked – I have lots of tall boots but those look so cute and cozy for shorter boots. For him, I would pick the GOrun ride – all seasons.

  43. For me I would choose the women’s lunacy chopper…but that could change, lol and for my husband he would probably like the men’s sergeants juma.

  44. So hard to choose!

    I think I might go for the Lunacy Ranger for myself and Ballard Gilroy for him.

  45. For my Husband i would choose the
    Men Sergeants – Juma Style #62982 BLK
    and for me the
    Women Sienna Style #48040 BLK

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  46. wow, did not expect there to be so many to choose from! I think I would go with Sienna for myself, and for him probably the Climatic as well, but would have to get him to choose since he’s pretty picky when it comes to footwear.

  47. ohhh we could sooo use these!! I think my favorites are: his- Alamar- terence
    hers- highlanders- forecast

  48. For me the Grand Jams – Alpine Way
    For Hubs the Men Relaxed Fit Kane – Gerbe

  49. I love the Shelbys as they are cute and I think very Canadian for me and the Advent Zito for him.

  50. I would choose Navajos – Structure, and Climactic! In reality, I would definitely let him choose for himself…

  51. For me: Natives – Thunder Creek and for him: work-foreman. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  52. I would probably pick Women Natives – Thunder Creek and for my husband Men Franklin – Leno

  53. I would choose the women’s Highlanders – Mammoth boots in brown for myself and the men’s Alamar – Terence for my husband.

  54. I didn’t know Sketchers made boots now. Women Keepsakes – Boiling Point and Men Blaine – Orsen. Thanks.

  55. I would like to have Women’s Synergy – Flexers and Men’s Roven – Avoke. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  56. I’d have to let my hubbie pick his if I won, but I think he might like the Kepler Hamlin style. I love so many it’s hard to pick a favourite too! The Hard Wear Complicate ones are pretty sweet, tho. ; )

  57. many to choose from..not sure which ones..maybe the dragon tattoe and the suurreys? Too many!

  58. I’d choose the Men Relaxed Fit: Bolland – Treanor for him.
    and the Women Leverages – Authorize for me.

  59. I would love to have the Alamar Terence boots for myself. The Native Thunder boots Terence would be great for my wife.

  60. I love the Women’s Keepsakes-Blur, and my hubby wouldlove the Men’s Ravine!

  61. For me:
    Women Skechers GObionic – All Weather

    And for my husband:
    Men Interceptor


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  63. I love Skechers. I have a pair of winter boots i have been wearing for the past five years.

  64. This may not be my final choice but at first look I’d pick Men:Men Blaine – Orsen Women:Women Shelbys – Moon Sailor

  65. Women’s = Women’s Rebel Without A Cause
    Men’s = Men’s Relaxed Fit: Merwin – Gillis

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  68. I would choose the mens Sedone – Eben. For the womens id choose the Keepsakes – Lucky One.

  69. For her (me!) Women’s Lone Star #47962 BLK and for my husband Men’s Mariner’s Pilot Style #4473 BOL. Great looking boots and we both need new ones. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Wow. Sassies S R Impressive for her; Oswald Balder for him. Both work shoes because they get a lot of wear.

  71. I would get the Men Relaxed Fit: Botein – Octavious boots and the Women EZ Flex – To The Max. Thank you!!

  72. for me tone up flex Style #11740 LBW in blue and white
    for him skechers go run Style #53508 WNVR

  73. i loe the women’s boots pictured above and my boyfriend would probably get a nice pair of boots as well for snow shoveling, really snowy days, etc!

  74. I love the pair you chose for her: Shelbys in black and then for him: Belhams in black.

  75. Men’s Skechers GOrun Ride neon yellow/green
    Women’s Skechers GOrun 2 pink/green
    Whoohoo, some wild colors!!! 🙂

  76. I’d choose the Skechers go walk for me and the Agility Outfield for my husband!

  77. I would love to win this and my husband would be thrilled as he hasn’t gotten any new shoes in forever. I would pick the GOrun Ride for my husband and the same ones that you picked for me!

  78. I’d go with the Men’s Van Gogh – Airstream and the Women’s Skechers GObionic. Thanks!

  79. The his and hers shoes that I would choose are the Women’s Bikers – Cruisers size 10 and Men’s Relaxed Fit: Arcade II size 12.

  80. For Him: Size 10.5 Franklin – Leno
    For Her – Size 9 – Navajos – Structure
    Thanks for the chance, these boots are lovely!

  81. Please Enter Me In Your Skechers Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win My Choice of Him and Her Boots from Skechers.
    In Response To Your Requirement To Visit Skechers and tell you which him & her pair i would choose.
    For Myself I Would Choose The Climatic Boots And For My Mother I Chose The Tone-ups Chalet – North Star.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!

  82. maybe the Women Stratify – Cheyenne or the ones you got and also the On the Go Chukka for hubby.
    We walk every day and it is hilly, and know what I wear? Skechers! They are the ONLY shoes that feel good on my feet. There are 2 reasons why-the broad and thick base and the suede top which forms to my feet. Other shoes can’t compare!

  83. I would get Agility – Outfield for my husband and Women Bikers – Nimble for me~

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