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‘Tis the season, and merry love is in the air! If you’re still searching someone to kiss under the mistletoe or toast in the new year with, have you tried finding your match online with eHarmny?

Technology plays such a big part if everyones life’s and while I personally haven’t used online dating sites, I know a lot of people that have. From just a one-off date, or finding a great lifelong friend, all the way to finding ‘The One’ –I have heard it all, over many cups of coffee!

In fact, one of my real-life besties is now married {with kids} to her online love. I smile every time she explains how she had to look through a ton of profiles to find her man, but in the end she did! Her story makes me believe that it really can work.

Rather than one huge ‘hey, look at me’ site, eHarmony’s Canadian dating site has some unique and clever dimensions of compatibility, which boasts that over 5% of marriages in the US take place after meeting on their site. Not saying that meeting anyone, online or in at the mall is ever simple, yet narrowing down your interests, preferences and beliefs may help.

Whether you are looking at dating in Vancouver to the coast of Halifax, you just never know. Your match could be searching for you, just a click away.


2012 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

Therefore, in order to capture those unmissable, picture perfect moments this holiday season with your loved one, one Canadian reader is going to get this Panasonic Lumix 14.1MP Camera thanks to eHarmony {an ARV of $320}! Because you know those mistletoe and New Years kisses always show up on Facebook! What’s more, eHarmony is throwing in a three month membership to eHarmony {transferable if you’re already attached- yet it’s the holidays, you can always give it to someone deserving!}

To Enter, Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good luck!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I would get ready for a date.. by spending the day pampering myself and relaxing.. making sure the outfit is ready from the day before… so theres no stress the day of

    1. Preparing for a date especially to the one whom you really loved takes us for about 1 week…we need to pampered ourselves, go on shopping, and to some stuffs that make us look good. I wanna look good so that my Honey would see that I really cared and looking forward for our date.

  2. Getting ready for a date wouldn’t take me very long at all lol. Some mascara, straighten my hair and I’d call myself ready lol.

  3. I would get ready by getting my hair and makeup down professionally and go shopping for a new outfit

  4. I met my husband online! 2 kids, dogs, cars & houses later, we’re still happily married! We both were in the midst of divorce from our first marriages when we connected online in 2005. We were married in 2009 after our 2nd child was born and now we both work together in our family business with his parents. Life couldn’t be better – I’m convinced there was a higher power that brought us together at the time we both needed someone to love us the most. A date is a rare & special opportunity for us – we really need to get out more!

  5. I wish I cold go on a date! Can I use this camera to take pictures of my kids instead!? 😉

  6. to get ready for a date in an ideal world, I’d have a staff to get me ready, while I slept LOL

  7. im simple when getting ready for date night. Straighten my hair, apply a little bit of make-up and pick out a matching purse and dress 🙂

  8. by shopping for the best outfit and going to the spa to have my hair makeup and nails done.

  9. I honestly wouldnt even know where to start! lol Havent been on a date in forever! But if I actually was…I think I would take my time doing my hair…doing my make up and then stress about what to wear! lol

  10. Sitting back watching the grandchildren open their presents, with family all around. Very romantic…..we started it all!

  11. nice soak bath in my clawfoot tub, some personal pampering, choose appropriate clothes and footwear and purse that make an nice ensemble. Dab of perfume and all ready to go..:-)

  12. Well first of all, I’d have to ditch my husband – good day to do that is when he’s laying on the couch Sunday all day watching football. Next, give the kids something electronic to zone out to. Make sure the dog and cat stay away from me so I am not covered in fur. Clean out the car – full of crumbs and garbage. Get gas, no one else seems to know how – might as well wash the car. Do the dishes and clean up the living room, wouldn’t want to come home to a messy house after my hot date! Might as well throw in a load of laundry, wet laundry into the dryer. Now time to primp myself – shave legs, wash hair, body – makeup, hair, find something to wear, right shoes etc etc. Ya know what – I’d rather just rent Magic Mike and fall asleep – this dating is just too much work lol!

  13. I would buy a new outfit, take a bubble bath to relax and pamper myself, do up my hair nicely and doll myself up 🙂

  14. I would clean up, make myself look presentable. Make sure I’m shaved, groomed, and smell nice.

  15. Pick out some nice clothes, and find a babysitter! I’d love to have a night out with my hubby!

  16. After getting my hair done, I’d go home & have a lovely soak in a scented oil bath, new outfit that makes me look ridiculously glamorous, I’d like to have a stylist do my makeup. Picture perfect!

  17. Spending the morning at the spa, lunch somewhere fabulous and the early afternoon shopping for a dress and getting my hair and makeup done!

  18. The best dates I have been on, have been unexpected with little time to prep. Great makeup, hair, clothes and smile are the best prep 🙂

  19. Hmm well 1st Id have to lock myself in the bathroom… to get showered n purdy… Kids are obviously on the other side of the door banging! lol… sneak to my room… throw on what I can find before someone starts screaming! Then hubby and I are off to the grocery store 😉

  20. A glass of wine, hot rollers, and a hot outfit!! I met my husband on an online dating website, it was awesome!

  21. In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to try on 18 different outfits – I’d know the perfect one immediately.. and my hair would be perfect and I wouldn’t be nervous 🙂

  22. How I would get ready for a date? Well, I’m married now (and I was matched with my now husband on e-Harmony! Yes, it works!) but it’s all about attitude and just being yourself. . and looking fabulous doesn’t hurt! 😛 so getting ready and relaxing and just being yourself!

  23. id have some time to spend on me!!!
    straighten the curls, put some more then 2 minute make up on, pull out the good lightly scented perfume, and maybe….bust out a pair of heels!

  24. Wouldn’t do a lot – I figure less is more – after about the third date then dish out the good shoes etc.!

  25. Soak in a bath first, do my hair and make up and pray I can get into one of my two favorite

  26. I would shower,moisturize,do my nails,give myself a pedi and then do my makeup and pickout my outfit. I would spritz a bit of cologne on a last move.

  27. A nice long hot shower, shave my legs, wonderful smelling lotion all over. I would then dry my hair, straighten my face with not too much makeup and then find a drop dead sexy outfit in my closet to wear

  28. I an ideal world I would get a fresh hair cut and color and I would morph into a 20 yr old body lol

  29. Shower, hair, dry, makeup, nails, and cute outfit. Jeez, I remembered that .. lol .. been too long!

  30. In an ideal world I would be able to walk into Macys take what I like while having someone style me out, then a spa day with great red wine and my girlfrienmds to gossip with

  31. In an ideal world, my hair and makeup would be done professionally and would have bought a new outfit. In reality, I would be doing my own hair and makeup and wear something from my closet.

  32. To get ready for a date, I would shower, put on a little make up (eye liner, mascara, blush, lip gloss), style my hair and have on a cute black dress with nice heels.

  33. I would put a bit of make-up on and straighten my hair and wear jeans and a sweater to go out with my sister ( im single w 6 kids so dont date much lol )

  34. Ideally, to get ready for a date, I’d snap my fingers and I’d be picture perfect in a flash!

  35. I would spend the day at the spa getting the full treatment and on the way home popping in to my hairdresser for a cool updo. 🙂

  36. Total Pampering! I would have my hair, nails, and make-up done (professionally!) and the night would end with a wonderful massage!

  37. I’d have a nice light lunch, do my nails, lay out my outfit for the evening
    and then soak in the tub.
    Get myself ready and wait, hopefully not too long for ‘nice guy’ to arrive.

  38. Little black dress, cute heels & the perfect shade of lipstick! i’ll be camera ready 🙂

  39. If the date is really special, I might have to spend the extra hour just curl my hair! But if anything, I usually pop in an upbeat playlist and dance/sing-a-long while I get ready. It really get’s you into the mood of having a good time.

  40. I would get ready for a date by having my hair and make up done. Then I would buy a new outfit.

  41. I haven’t been on a date for so long, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. I guess by shaving my legs lol

  42. In an ideal world I’d sleep in, go shopping for an outfit, have a relaxing massage followed by mani and pedi, meet my best friend for afternoon tea then head home to get ready for my date. Ahhh one can dream… 😉

  43. In a perfect world it would be pampering and having someone else do my makeup. In reality it would be trying on everything in my closet because I have nothing to wear!

  44. I would get ready by having a nice relaxing bath, then doing my hair and make-up, then getting dressed while listening to some fun music

  45. a date, comfortable out fit, hopefully good hair, make up on and ready to have some fun

  46. I would be wearing a very tight fitting black dress .. no rolls, no bulges, hair would go right the FIRST TIME ! Make up would look perfect, I would smell great and feel like a million bucks !

  47. I would have a hot bubble bath first, then get my hair done, put on my new dress and a pair of new high heels and have a make up done and then ready to go out for the date night

  48. In an ideal world, I’d be just like Cinderella and have lots of furry friends and a friendly fairy godmother who would be able to make me look my best with the swish of her wand. But, since I’m not Cinderella and I don’t have a fairy godmother or lots of furry friends to help me get ready, I would start by picking out the outfit… which can take some time. Once that was done, I’d make sure I had the right accessories and shoes. Next, shower, slather myself in scented lotion, and off to do my makeup. Then add the pre-selected clothes, shoes, and accessories. I’d quickly do my hair, since that is probably the only thing on which I don’t spend too much time, and then, should time allow, I’d do my nail. Phew! Out the door looking and feeling like a million bucks!

  49. With a glass of wine to wear off the nervousness, LOL (hot outfit, hair did and all that jazz too of course)

  50. I’m a low maintenance kinda girl — that being said I’d still like a new outfit (and a shower!)

  51. I would have lots to time to get ready and get a mani/pedi, facial and get my makeup done. Oh and buy a new outfit 🙂

  52. I just need to be out of the house and I’m good. LOL maybe I’d give my hair a quick brush…

  53. well, i guess my personal shopper would have already gotten my garment ready, my stylist will have done my hair after my massage and shower, and my makeup artist will have helped as well.

  54. Date, what’s that? How many years has it been? Lets see, New clothing that’s for sure, and the rest just freshen up.

  55. Shower, shave, makeup, straighten hair,new outfit, accessories, perfume and my charming personality. lol 🙂

  56. In the real world, my kids would allow me to shower in peace, giving me lots of time to shave my legs and completely rinse the shampoo out of my hair. Then, they would ask if they could play together without fighting so that I could get dressed and do my makeup and hair. Then they would tell me how pretty I look and maybe help me pick out jewelry and shoes, the babysitter would arrive (or even better Grandma and Grandpa would have them over for a sleepover) and my hubby and I would go out (or stay in…..)

  57. I would take a nice, relaxing bath and then put some music on and have a glass of wine in hand while I get dressed and do my makeup and hair.

  58. I would make sure to buy a great outfit, pamper myself to feel and look great. I would also have a good night’s sleep the night before so that I’m well rested and energetic on the date.

  59. Cute new outfit, get my hair done, mani, pedi, and make sure grandparents can take care of DD so hubs and I can enjoy a much needed date night! Haven’t had one in 4 years!!! We’re due for one! 🙂

  60. In an ideal world I would shower, comb my hair and put on makeup. The makeup part would be the best part because I don’t get to do that as much as I would like :o)

  61. SInce I am married, and dates without kids are rare around here, if we WERE going on a date night, I would dress up and wear makeup..none of which i do on a daily basis!

  62. I’d get my special clothes out.. have a shower.. do my hair and makeup., get dressed up and go have a blast!!

  63. new clothes, time to be able to do my hair (its very long, and with 5 kids i am lucky to get it brushed normally lol), and time to actually put on a bit of makeup.

  64. i think having a lazy pamper afternoon to get ready is key, mellows the mood of an already stressing moment.

  65. Im pretty relaxed when it comes to dates. Wear something that makes you feel confident and like *you* and some makeup and Im out the door. I dont like putting too much pressure on a first date

  66. Make sure it’s not too dressy if you’re only going to the beach, but if you’re going out to eat make sure it’s not too casual. Above all, make sure that whatever you are wearing is comfortable. For a man (or Bear), a shirt and casual trousers are appropriate for most occasions

  67. Pick out some nice clothes,get showered,makeup ,hair done and dressed,,thats about

  68. even in an ideal world getting ready for a date would take less then an hour – shower, throw some clothes on and a bit of makeup

  69. Hmm.. in my world of squeezing in a date with hubby getting ready would mean a shower, some clean clothes and do something different with my hair, then run for a kid free

  70. for a date i usually sit on my countertop and do my makeup slowly and carefully, straighten my hair and put on a nice outfit. nothing too over the top bc i need to still be me!

  71. My date would be with my Husband and we like to go out to eat. We would dress nice and have a nice dinner. Go out for Steak maybe. Enjoy each other without the kids. Just talk probalby about the kids because that is what we do. But we would still have a good time.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  72. In an ideal world, I would spend the day at the spa relaxing, being pampered and getting my nails done!

  73. It’s been so long, I’m not even sure anymore. Shower? Makeup? Hair? Clothes? Those all sound good.

  74. I”d get ready by having a glass of wine and listening to Girls Just wanna have fun! lol

  75. I will start getting ready 2 hours before (if it is the first few dates). Might spend time trying to decide what to wear. I might get ready and be ready maybe 15 mins early.

  76. I’d go shopping for a new outfit, take a nice long bath, shave, blow dry my hair and then maybe meditate.

  77. i’d have 5 hours! relax, drink coffee and watch tv, then pick out wardrobe. long shower. perfect makeup and hair and attire and have an extra half hour to sit and hang out and perfect my look before going out.

  78. Love the idea of hitting the salon before a date (hair, manicure, pedicure- the works). Having a babysitter that can do it all so that I am not in a mad rush to get the kids all prepped and feed before I leave would be awesome— My oldest is currently in training so this may soon be a reality :)! Date night yes please. And yes, I am a believer that online dating can work :)!

  79. By buying a new outfit just for it, then taking a bath and spending extra time doing my hair.

  80. I get ready by prepping myself to make myself beautiful – hairstyling, make-up and dressing up!

  81. perfect world: walk into a machine, poof, come out washed, cleaned, shaved, hair done, mani-pedi done, teeth whitened, makeup done, perfectly dressed with perfect shoes and purse

  82. I make sure that I shower, and wear something other than Yoga pants. That is a very good start. I would find something that is comfortable (meansing I feel comfortable and really great in ) For me I am always more comfortable and confident in pants rather than a skirt, A great fitting pant suit and some makeup for a change. Oh and no ponytails for dates unless it is a casual one then maybe. 🙂

  83. I would love to have my hair and makeup done, then slip into a cute new outfit….in the real world I would just love to find a babysitter lol.

  84. I’d have a long, relaxing bath, wash my hair, just spend some time on me so I can spend time on ‘we’ later. Thanks

  85. To get ready for a date I would freshen up my makeup and hair then put on an outfit that I most likely haven’t got to wear for a long time, if you have kids you know what I mean…lol

  86. by spending some time shopping for a new outfit, hair done professionally and a nice glass of wine!

  87. What a fabulous addition to our family that camera would be! Fingers crossed…. An exra special Christmas this year. My Dad was diagnosed with incurable cancer in August, we have no idea whether we will be able to spend another Christmas with him, so this year is a big celebration and a close family Christmas. I’d love to be able to catch those moments to enjoy forever!

  88. I would spend the day getting my hair done, makeup, nails and probably go buy myself a nice dress!!!

  89. Spend the day at the spa and the the hair salon. Totally pamper myself to get ready for a date!

  90. New outfit, fix up the hair, freshen my makeup, brush my teeth and gargle with mouthwash and I’m all set for a date!

  91. i don’t have much time anymore to get ready for anything, so if i get a date night i have learned to be super fast. dress, make-up, hair, perfume and running out the door before the kids know what is going on.

  92. I’d get ready for a date the same way I’d get ready to go anywhere else. Shower, do my hair and makeup and pick out an outfit that makes me feel happy. 🙂

  93. Massage and full treatment at the spa, pedicure, manicure and even a brazillian wax!

  94. I would love to own a new camera! I am using my old one for ages only 8mp. This new one is far superior

  95. Make some Dirty Banana cocktails & pop in a movie! A quiet night at home is our favorite date!

  96. In an ideal world? Would just be ready after waking up, all the clothes and makeup/hair magically done up without effort!

  97. No one likes to wait to get ready. Sometimes the best fun is instant and impulsive.

    So in an ideal world, there would be no need to wait to get ready. – good to go from the getgo.

  98. I would get ready for a date.. by spending the day shopping and pampering myself by getting my hair done

  99. Easy. Ideal world!! I would have an uninterrupted shower. Straighten my hair. Put makeup on, choose jewellery (and be able to leave it on all night) and lastly put on some perfume (sigh and dream- haha)

  100. Find a hot little outfit, get my cosmetician friends to glam up my face, and get a sexy blowout! Date night is so much fun!!!

  101. I carry around one of two different DLSR cameras, one is 5D the other a rebel. They are both huge, with a lens my 5D could be used to bludgeon a cow for slaughter. This little Panasonic would be perfect for all of my superstitious photographic needs and all used for cutesy missile-toe photos.

  102. A bit of concealer, some metallic eyeliner, black tights and a body-hugging top and my leather jacket.

  103. Please Enter Me In Your Mistletoe to New Years Kiss! Giveaway
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    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  104. Realistically? Spend an hour convincing my son he will have a great time with the sitter (he always does…but he always worries that he won’t!) ; )

  105. start at the spa with a nice relaxing massage. Then go get my hair and makeup done and go shop for a new outfit

  106. Try to get my hair done while getting a toddler and teenager organized,,, guess who’s more work! Once the kids are taken care of, all that matters is me and my hubby are together..

  107. Find something nice in the closet, give myself a mani/pedi and take extra time with my hair and makeup!

  108. Shower, flat iron hair, natural makeup. Jeans, cute sweater, and heeled boots. I’m a low maintenance girl 🙂

  109. Relaxion- do hair and make up( whoch doesn take long) and put on something in my closet that I already own

  110. Lots of primping involved which includes a shower, applying my makeup, body cream, perfume and styling my hair.

  111. Socks that match, hair done some other way then in a pony tail, teeth both brush and flossed, deodorant applied (not gnawed on by an unruly puppy).

  112. I would love to be the caretaker of this camera. I will treat it with love and care. Be mine.

  113. In an ‘Ideal World’, I would prepare for a date by starting out at the nail and hair salon. And then I would go home, get dressed and put on my sexiest face.

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    1. All I would need to get ready is have a great outfit makeup from mac, a long bubble bath. and thats is

  115. In an ideal world I would be able to have a twenty minute shower (without a baby screaming) where I would have time to *gasp* exfoliate and use a leave in conditioner. Followed by a mask, self tanner, curling hair, makeup and a fabulous outfit.

    I haven’t been on a date since Valentine’s Day…I really need to find a sitter lol!

  116. I haven’t had to get ready for a date in a long long time, not that I wouldn’t mind it…hehe… I’d definatly spend the day pampering myself then get dressed up and ready to go…

  117. get a blow out for my hair, get my make up done and get a whole new outfit and shoes to look super sexy for my man

  118. I’d have a long, leisurely bubble bath to unwind, get dressed into a brand-new dress–matching shoes and purse. Have a babysitter come early, and off we’d go!

  119. In an ideal world, I’d touch my lips with gloss, my lashes with mascara, and slip into my LBD.

  120. I would love to give this to one of my friends. She is a super sweet person and deserves to find love

  121. I’d take half a day off of work and first get a manicure and pedicure, then a massage, and finally go home to relax before putting on a great outfit.

  122. I actually put makeup on, which I normally never wear. And I put earing and a matching necklace on.

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  124. Its been a lot of years since I was out on a date seeing I am married 35 years now. I never was one to fuss over getting ready for a date, I do the usual, fix my hair and makeup and that is it. Take me or leave me lol

  125. I’ve been out of the loop for a couple years now & could probably dive in after shopping for a new outfit.

  126. I would start with a healthy breakfast. Then hit the mall for the perfect outfit complete with shoes. Then get the spa treatment- massage, mani/pedi, hair and makeup. Don’t forget the babysitter!

  127. Getting ready for a date takes me forever. At least an hour. I have to straighten my hair which takes forever and then put makeup on! It’s all worth it in the end!

  128. To get ready for a date, wouldn’t take me long. I don’t wear make up. I like to be myself. If someone doesn’t like me, then that’s too bad for them. They are the ones missing out.

  129. To prepare for a date and new outfit would be in order!!! And maybe a trip to the hair salon!

  130. I would probably just get ready and primp as usual! I like to keep things casual so fussing too much feels out of character.

  131. I would have the perfect make-up and hair already prepped. All I would need to do is put on the new dress I bought.

  132. Well, in an ideal world I would have appts all day for pampering, hair, make up. Then my stylist would come over with racks of clothes, shoes and accessories for me to choose from. Then I would put on my own signature perfume that is sold out across the world!

  133. In an ideal world I would just wear my usual attire, jeans and a shirt, the minimum of make-up and a smile!
    Thanks SO much for the giveaway!!!

  134. In an ideal word I would go to the spa and salon to get ready so I didn’t have to do it myself. 🙂

  135. I would actually put in effort to dressing up, change outfits about 10 times. Instead of the everyday ponytail I would straighten my hair and possibly depending on time curl it. Make sure my kids are all fed up before the babysitter comes. Give my kids huge hugs and try and get rid of the nerves. Also to top it off this is going on a date with my husband of 12 years!

  136. I would love to have my make up and hair done for me and I would love to buy a new outfit too!!!

  137. I would shop for a new outfit and spend some time doing something nice with my hair. Like maybe going to the salon just so I can relax while somonoe does the hard part.

  138. Shower, blow-dry, facial, manicure, carefully-planned outfit, hair and purse contents, and keep it real with simple make-up and style.

  139. It would depend on the date. Somewhere fancy would mean a dress and extra make-up. A hockey game would mean casual clothes and neutral make-up.

  140. I’d sleep in so I’m nice and refreshed, take a super long, hot bath, have someone do my hair and makeup and then put on a brand new outfit!

  141. I would definitely go out and buy a new outfit (not worrying about cost) get my hair styled and makeup done too.

  142. By finding someone that would want to go with me… I guess would be the first step.

    Second make reservations and make sure my cars working just fine.

  143. In an ideal world I wouldn’t have to worry about getting ready, I’d already be gorgeous hahaha

  144. I love getting ready for a date! I do my hair and makeup, and I choose an outfit that not only makes me feel sexy but also very comfortable.

  145. I would buy a new outfit, do my hair, makeup, have a snack and pick out some matching accessories!

  146. I would take a nice, long, relaxing shower(a rarity for me), make myself a cup of hot tea, and precede with picking out the perfect outfit while listening to the music of Michael Buble.

  147. I nice bath, make sure to shave my legs and some pretty perfume and a nice outfit!

  148. Well, I am not sure my husband would like me going out on dates….;-) but of course when I used to, I did the usual stuff such as showering, make-up, hair, sometimes a new outfit if I really felt like the date could turn into more. Actually it did, and I am still married so I think I did something right.

  149. I’d hit the mall to find a new outfit, get my hair done and then head home for a relaxing bath, shave & makeup.

  150. It has been way too long since my hubby & I have gone on a date. I think it would be fun to get all dressed up and go out for a fun night. I’d love to get my hair and makeup done-haven’t done that since our wedding.

  151. In a dream world, I would go to a spa for a little pampering then to the salon for hair and make-up followed by professional dressing by a service. My husband would probably go into shock!

  152. I would do nothing special, just spend 15 minutes getting ready like I do everyday, because in an ideal world, my date would like me as I am, not only when I am all dolled up.

  153. I’d spend the day shopping for the perfect oufit and pampering myself at the spa

  154. My husband and I never go on dates, if we were to have a date (first of all that would be a miracle lol) we’d probably just stay home, so I wouldn’t even have to get ready for it, that’s about how fun my husband is for going out on dates -sigh-.

  155. Would love to spend a whole day pampering myself for my date. BION, I didn’t even have my nails done when my husband presented me with a diamond!

  156. In the real world you say? Would make sure I am glowing looking happy to be there! Freshly applied make-up, my hair all done up. Clean clothes and appropriate for my destination. Wear my favorite perfume. And, enjoy my evening with or without HIS approval.

  157. I get ready for dates by doing a flawless face. I don’t usually go all-out on my makeup, but when I go on a date with my guy I sure do!

  158. In an ideal world I would call my hair and makeup people and my friend Karl Lagerfeld for his latest design to wear for my date.

  159. A brand new outfit, professional hair, makeup, and spa services. Then I’d wait for the limo.

  160. I would get ready for a date by wearing gorgeous clothes and having perfect makeup, all while listening to my favorite tunes!

  161. To get ready for a date, I shower,shave,do my hair and put on a nice outfit. But this camera would be handy for me to take pictures of my kids and other occasions.

  162. In an ideal world I would have all the time I needed. I might even have time to shave my legs! Nothing fancy…just not feeling rushed would be amazing.

  163. I would curl my hair and have a relaxing bath beforehand. Thanks for the great giveaway! 😀

  164. In an ideal world, everything piece of clothing would fit flawlessly, so I would choose the little black dress. Go to an understated restaurant and just talk and laugh about zombies vs vampires. Then we would make out all night long.

  165. go get a massage make sure I was really relaxed and not nervous! the head to the salon for my hair and nails done

  166. I would get a pedicure/manicure and go get a shampoo at the salon because its so relaxing!

  167. Id go through my closet first.. if i cant find something nice, id go pickup a nice dressy top or dress. Then shower, get dolled up and im ready to goooo 🙂

  168. To get ready for a date I wouldn’t fuss too much but I’d probably curl my hair and bit on a bit more makeup than usual.

  169. In an ideal world, I would be alone without little ones wanting something from me. lol. A nice bath, some clean clothes without sticky fingers one them and a few minutes to do my hair and make up would be amazing!

  170. Add a bit of dramatic eye makeup to my everyday face routine and then put on something sparkly to wear with real shoes instead of sneakers.

  171. Wow, a date? What is that? My husband and I haven’t been on a date in ages. I guess the normal stuff: pick an outfit, shower, do hair, get dressed and go.

  172. In an ideal world, I’d have people to do my makeup and hair for me. I’d have a huge closet full of all kinds of gorgeous clothes to wear and sexy (yet comfortable) shoes.

  173. I would prepare for my date by starting out with a day at the spa, then a shopping spree for a new outfit, then get my hair makeup and nails professionally done. Real life, would be a whole nother story.

  174. I would pick out what I was going to wear, maybe look at the places we could go, do my makeup and hair… etc

  175. My ideal date would include a long walk or hike (1 hr at least) through a beautiful area/neighbourhood so I would choose something to wear that would work well for walking and still be attractive/suitable for going out to dinner perhaps, which is how I dress every day anyway. lol

  176. I’ve been married for 30 years, we don’t have date nights, we only go to hockey together lol!

  177. By getting a pedicure and manicure; picking out something cute to wear and primping 🙂

  178. In an ideal world…I’d get my hair and makeup done, throw in a manicure, buy a new dress, shoes and purse. That should do it!

  179. I would get ready for a date with a new outfit and curling my hair (and having it actually curl:0)

  180. Best way to get ready for a date is to work out hours before. A good work out ensures you will be in 5th gear and feel and look at your best. It also releases endorphin that keep you fun and positive.

  181. I would get ready by taking a shower and putting on a nice clean outfit. Make sure there is a bottle and everything the kids need out for the babysitter to find. My husband would have to help get stuff ready for the kids bed time while I got ready.

  182. I would start but cranking up the tunes, hoping in the shower and then getting dressed and get my face/hair on in true dance party fashion!

  183. It can take us a while to find our soul mate… It can take even longer to recognize the one that is standing in front of us! I met my love when I was 13. We were great friends and neighbours. Then life happened, and we went our separate ways. I met another man, got married, had four wonderful children with him during difficult years of abuse of all kinds. My girls truly are the roses from the thorny mess that I was in all of those years.

    One day, I got the courage to leave, girls in tow, with only the shirts on our back. After I got my life back together, I ran into my old friend. We went for coffee, and we’ve been together ever since! We often wonder what could have been all of those years ago, but if given the chance we would never change a thing. We needed to grow, mature, and learn many life lessons before we could be happy together today.

    I wish your friend many years of joy and happiness!

  184. Hair washed and straightened. Full on make-up. Cute new outfit. And money for cab fare just in case I need a quick escape!

  185. Hmm… A great soaking bath with a glass of wine, some time to ‘do’ my hair and make up, and a great new outfit that I feel comfortable wearing and look good in – that’s all I need 🙂

  186. I’m a “date at home” kinda girl, so it wouldn’t take much to get prepped! The best date nights are those spent in our jammies, cuddled on the couch eatin some take out and watching a movie:)

  187. I would go to a spa for a relaxing massage. Then have my hair and make-up done

  188. How would I get ready for a date, ideally? Well, the most important thing would be time to get ready. Nobody likes to rush! I’m already usually nervous on a first date, and having to rush just makes me more nervous. So, ideally, I’d have lots of time to get ready. I wouldn’t get all dolled up, because i like a natural look. Time would be more important to me. A nice shower, simple clothes, just a tiny light touch of face powder and blush, and lots of time to relax before hand.

  189. I wouldn’t go too nuts getting ready. If my date doesn’t like me as is then my date clearly can’t handle me.

  190. A date? What’s that?! Been married for 10+ years! All joking aside, I would take about two hours, have a nice long shower, blow dry my hair then straighten it a bit, do my make up and the longest part would be sifting through my “Mommy” clothes to find something nice enough to wear on a date!

  191. _Getting ready for a date, I would shower, get my hair all pretty, dress in a fancy dress with heels, and meet my man at the door all ready to go out!

  192. I would get my outfit together and get my eyebrows waxed the day before my date then the day of go for a manicure and pedicure. I would be so excited/nervous I would do what ever I could to relax myself and get through my day and then when it was almost date time I would do my hair and makeup and get dressed. 🙂

  193. Pick out appropriate outfit. then 3 hour before heading out, I’ll start taking care of my nails, exfoliate my hands (no rough hands). Then head in the shower, dry & style, change & light make-up.

    Double check in long mirror & that will be it.

  194. I have not been able to afford a good quality camera. So I have misssed so many years of pictures of my girls but more important my grandsons. to win this would allow me to create a great memory booik of my life with my family and friends

  195. getting ready for a date … i take my time to make sure i look good and feel great … cuz feelin like a million bucks and a gr8 smile go a long way to boost your confidence

  196. I’d get ready for a date by getting my hair done, wearing a comfortable outfit and meditating to get rid of the jitters.

  197. I would love this camera. I love taking pictures of my family (grand kids, husband, kids and pets). I also love taking pictures of scenery and animals. pictures are our memories set to paper. hugs to you all and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. God Bless.

  198. I would love to have this camera to take pictures of my family, scenery and animals. pictures are our memories set to paper to share with all we love. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. God Bless (or blessing from your higher power)

  199. I would take a lonnnnnnnnng time to get ready for a date, because my husband and I never go on “real” dates.
    If money was no object, I would buy a whole new outfit: a dress, shoes, and jewellery. A new bag or clutch, too!!
    I would get my hair, make up and nails done! Everything would be perfect! 🙂

  200. i start my day for the date with milk bath with roses, then light a scented candle in my house to create the feeling then after getting ready i will put some fragnance on my palm and it would the magic with whatever i wear.

  201. A date? My hubby and I aren’t sure what that is anymore. He works 2 jobs so we don’t get alot of time together as a family or on our own. However…we are going to Vegas (thanks to a local radio station draw! woohoo) in January to see Lady Gaga! Getting ready for that date might even involve a drink of some sort (why not it’s Vegas!?) while we casually get ready without the kids on our heels chatting up a storm. This camera would gets lots of use, so much to see in Vegas!

  202. I would get ready by shaving/waxing, then getting my hair styled, my clothes nice and pressed and getting my makeup done.

  203. I’d get ready for a date by first picking myself off the floor (where I’d have fallen in shock), then getting myself all gussied up. 🙂

  204. I would get my hair done, an outfit, kiss the kids goodnight and have a dinner out with my hubbie.

  205. I shower, put on my makeup, & choose matching victoria’s secret bra/panties with my outfit.

  206. Gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a “date”…except with hubby! I’d get dressed up nicely, put on some makeup and a nice perfume.

  207. She was a clean cut Christian artist in Nashville named Katy Hudson just a few short years ago.
    Kearns landed an 18 inch rainbow, three 20 inch bows and a 21 inch brown trout.
    Holding a $100 bill focus and saying, “the energy moves through me knowing I am an abundant being,”
    for example is very liberating while making love.

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