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Identity Theft Protection for Canadians #FellowesProtects


If you read my Fellowes Shredder Review from last month, you’ll recall an example I used regarding Identity Theft Protection. Since it was such an eye-opening and jaw-dropping story, which came way too close to home, let me remind you…

In this CBC News Story , “Alberta man wins back identity 8 years after losing wallet“, a man that had his wallet stolen spent years trying to clear his name of things that he didn’t do. His life and those of his family, were shattered when he fell a victim to identity theft.

“As it turned out, someone had adopted Johnson’s identity, and he’d been busy on a petty crime spree across the country … Over the years he’s had to convince new employers and border officials he wasn’t a criminal.”

If you think that Identity Theft can’t possibly happen to you, think again. Here are some astonishing facts:

  • 1 in 6 Canadians claim they have been a victim of identity theft (According to a survey completed for the Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s office and released in early 2010)
  • In 2011, 17,008 Canadians reported they were a victim of identity fraud.
  • A recent Supreme Court ruling (R. v. Patrick) found that rubbish committed to the curb {or to the municipal collection system}, no longer has any reasonable privacy interests in it – it’s abandoned.

Read that last one? {!!}. In other words, toss it unshredded and your identity is free for the taking. wow!

Fact is, shredding documents {really, anything with your name on it}, isn’t just for offices. Your household is full of documents and papers that contain potentially compromising information about you and who you are. Things like bank statements, paystubs, tax reports, bills, memberships, welcome mail, junk mail and even those labels on delivery boxes. All SHOULD be shredded.

Heaven forbid it ever happen {cause you have and use a document shredder, right?}, yet are you covered if it does? And I’m not just talking about lost wallets or documents recovered from your garbage. What if there’s data loss at your bank? Security breaches or your computer is stolen?

Are you ‘covered’?

Protecting Canadians with their line of shredders, Fellowes Canada has now added another layer of security against identity theft for its customers. They have joined forces with Protection Power, a leading Canadian provider of personal information protection services.

The new partnership is aimed at driving awareness of identity theft and the damage it can cause if it happens to you.

Effective January 1, 2013, the partnership will run just in time for the 2013 tax season, and Fraud Awareness Month in March. The new partnership offers:

  • Proactive identity monitoring from SpotMyID
  • Identity Theft Protection Insurance of up to $25,000
  • Identity Theft Restoration Support
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • Expert Canadian Member Support
  • Educational Courses
  • Latest News, Updates, Tips & Tools

As an added incentive, Fellowes will include a free 30-day trial membership offer for the Protection Power Membership, as well as a reduced annual membership rate {12 months for the price of 9 months} when subscribing. This free trial membership offer is available on a select range of Fellowes shredders. These include: P-8C, W-10C, P-12C, DS-3, 69Cb and 79Ci, available at local office product retailers.

“Partnering with Protection Power was a natural fit for us,” said Fellowes Canada Senior Marketing Manager Jeanette Simoes. “It is the recognized leader in personal identity theft protection and will provide a comprehensive suite of services for our customers.”

“This new partnership allows our clients to have peace of mind when it comes to their personal and important information. They will receive the latest news, scam alerts, information, as well as identity theft and credit fraud prevention tips, all with a company they can trust.”

Have you {or someone you know} ever been a vicim of identity theft?



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  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to start using my shredder more often. When I turn it on my cat comes running over and slaps it. That alone should be reason enough to use it more often (funniest thing ever!).

  2. One of my colleagues at work had her identity stolen. Credit cards racked up, and even her SIN number being used. It took forever for her to clear up the fact that she as a 50 year old white woman living in Edmonton, was not in fact a 30 year old black man living and working in Toronto. She is very protective of all of her information now including shredding documents and using extremely tricky passwords for things.

  3. Years ago my hubby was just throwing away our credit card statements. When we got our bill someone had put 1500 dollars from the home shopping network. Thank goodness we didn’t have to pay for it!

  4. Identity theft is a huge problem these days. I always make sure to shred all of my statements rather then just throwing them in the trash.

  5. I usually shred it manually into pieces but maybe a shredder would be in order now a days!

  6. Yes, our credit card was hacked into before 🙁 Thankfully we got it fixed before anything too bad happened.

  7. Same here – never dealt with it – but I’ve had my bank card skimmed – only found out the day I came home with my last baby from the hospital – a horrible feeling – and had no money to buy anything with when I needed it most. I have a shredder but don’t have time to do it as often as I’d like – but I don’t like throwing things away with my name on it – no matter how trivial.

  8. Thanks for sharing this information. Identity left is something we all need to be concerned about. I use a shredder all the time to protect ourselves.

  9. Great Tips! It’s really scary to think this could happen to you, but fact of the matter is that it happens more often then you would think. It’s important to be aware.

  10. Have never been a victim, but thank you for sharing so glad I use my shredder and am very careful with all my identification. It is so scary how easy it is for people to commit identity theft!

  11. I’ve been looking for a good deal on a shredder for a long time. We currently manually rip our papers into little pieces and throw them away in separate containers/recycle bins/bags.

  12. I’ve not been a victim of identity theft (*knock on wood*). And I hope to never be one. The headaches that arises when you have to deal with the clean up – the contacting credit bureaus, the changing of credit cards…ugh!

  13. I’ve known a few people who have had their identity stolen and it’s not a laughing matter as it takes time and causes lots of issues with trying to clear your name and restore your credit. I don’t have a shredder but I’ve been thinking about getting one. I just don’t know which is one of the better ones that will last for a long while and slice through lots of paper fast. I do rip up everything with my name on it and I either burn it or separate it all so that nothing is together with my address/name. People take it for granted but you really have to be careful.

  14. Seriously scary!. I couldn’t imagine going through all the issues, someone had stolen my fathers credit card number and racked it up. What a headache!. I defiantly need a shredder, i usually just tear statements apart.

  15. OK now I have to go rifle through my own garbage to shred everything. Blissful ignorance goodbye, hello obsessive shredding.

  16. I’m really scared of this. That’s why I shred or cut into tiny pieces ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, that has my name, my address or a combination of both on it.

  17. I worry about identity theft, and know how important it is to shred documents and everything with any personal info in it before recycling. I know people who’ve had their blue box recycling gone through….creepy!

  18. some people actually sort through those shreddings if its paper you could burn them. Its Quicker and effective.!!

  19. Wow! One out of every six Canadians! That’s a surprisingly high number. Thanks for the timely information and tips.

  20. I always shred my documents, sometimes even burn them in the fireplace. Thanks for this post, a great reminder especially this time of year!

  21. My sister was the victim of identity theft, what a mess and it took so long to get it sorted out. We use a shredder for everything because we are so afraid of identity theft happening to us.

  22. Wow that Supreme Court ruling (R. v. Patrick) blew my mind. That is unbelievable. thank you for this informative post, myorganizedchos.

  23. I don’t know anyone who has been a victim of Identity fraud. I always use a shredder, I don’t understand how some people just throw out their personal documents in the trash.

  24. I’m just too cheap to buy a shredder. I tear everything up by hand. It really dosen’t require that much effort.

  25. Wow, very glad I shred personal documents! I didn’t know that curbside paper waste is open for grabs by anybody. That is scary! I think I may just start shredding almost everything! Thank you for doing this article, it was informative.

  26. Years ago my wallet was stolen out of a car. In the 2 hours between when it was stolen and when I discovered it was gone, my credit cards had been used for hundreds of dollars at gas stations. Later I also found out the thieves had used my Blockbuster Card and rented several video games and controllers (which they, of course, did not return). I was lucky that neither my CC companies or Blockbuster held me financially responsible for these transactions but it was a huge inconvenience to replace all my cards and ID. A year later, a friend’s younger brother was working as a bouncer at a bar. He actually confiscated my stolen Driver’s License from a girl trying to use it to get into the bar! These days, I shred *everything* that has my name on it. I also have alerts attached to my Credit Bureau summary so that anyone (including me) asking for credit in my name has to provide extra identification. I’ll definitely look into this program and shop for a new Fellowes shredder!

  27. I had to come back and read this. I was just a victim of Identity theft…yes, it’s that easy and it can happen to anyone. Read your statements carefully, and shred everything.

      1. After much anxiety (lots of Advil and Tums) and speaking with many people, it was classified as fraud. I am going to make people aware of another thing here….you know those checks that credit card companies like to send to you?….well, some were stolen from our mailbox. We now have security cameras on our mailbox.We also have a new mailbox with a lock!!! You CANNOT be too careful. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people in the world.
        I also emphasize….check all you statements carefully. I was worth nothing for a few days until all this was sorted out. I had no credit because everything had to be cancelled. It is a feeling of violation and to think you work hard and you cannot even buy a bag of milk until the authorities do their thing.

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