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Holiday Hope


Have you thought about Holiday Hope?

The holidays are always a time when I am especially grateful and thankful for family. As a Mom, each and every aspect of Christmas involves and centers around my kids.

I relish in their reactions, wonder and excitement; from little things like baking, to wrapping, a lights tour and reading that classic Christmas book.

The holidays took on a whole new meaning and experience for me since becoming a Mother, my heart feels like it would burst at times. And I’m sure it has.

This time of year is also a time to think of those that do not have children, though the want is met with the same passion. Part of my being grateful and thankful is to also hold those struggling with infertility, close to the heart and in my thoughts.


1 in 6 Albertans are dealing with infertility, and for those affected, I’m sure the holidays are met with some frustration and sorrow. When every TV special and ad emphasizes parenthood and family, people struggling with infertility feel the reminders of what they are missing, even more than usual.

So many are dealing with much emotional, physical and financial stress of trying to conceive. While others trying to support don’t always have answers, or have a solution to ease the stress and pain – there is a way to help.

One huge difference is to ease the financial burden associated with ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ {IVF}, a medical treatment often recommended for people struggling with infertility.

Generations of Hope is advocating for better funding for IVF from the government and private employers. They view infertility as a medical issue that requires support, and I could not agree more.

Each IVF treatment costs ~$13,000.00, and most families cannot afford it, oftentimes re-mortgaging houses in order to try and have a child through IVF. A single embryo transfer up {to three rounds per patient} is usual, which is so costly. Right now patients pay out of pocket and end up transferring multiple embryos in hopes of maximizing their chances, which is very risky to both mother and baby.

Currently Quebec is the only province with publicly funded IVF treatments, while all of Australia does. With funding, not only will it provide ALL Albertans yet it will also reduce the incidence of complicated and expensive multiple pregnancies while also improving medical outcomes for both the mother and the babies.

We’ve established that the treatment is expensive, yet not having it publicly funded costs even more. Take a look at this:

I’m not a ‘political person’ to say the least, yet I know a right thing when I see one.

That is why I personally signed this petition months ago, to inform our government that I believe in the importance of family, that I support those needing IVF and that I think it’s a smart financial decision for our province to make. If you think the same, I urge you to sign as well and share with others.

For more information on publicly funded IVF, please follow @gensofhope on Twitter or the hashtag #ABHC4IVF.


I am proud to be apart of the Generations of Hope social media team, as I 100% support publicly funded IVF.
The opinions on this blog are my own.




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  1. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a wonderful little girl. I cannot imagine life without her or what it would be like to not be able to have the children you want so badly, this time of year must be exceptionally hard, let’s hope our government wakes up and realizes everyone deserves the joy of being a parent…

  2. We were just talking about IVF yesterday. My friend went through EIGHT rounds and is now 27 weeks pregnant with her first. Miracles do happen!

  3. Wow! Very eye opening facts!

    I can only imagine how painful it is for couples who are struggling with infertility – and the holidays being no exception.

    Thankyou for sharing the info!

  4. Christmas is all about my kids. I’m so blessed to have them. I think if any family has the desire to be parents, they should be allowed to try. A silly restriction such as not being able to afford IVF should not stand in the way. I have a few friends who have little children because of IVF. It’s a miracle that should be covered by insurances.

    1. The financial strain added onto such a struggling time? Very hard. Funding IVF would help families, so much. and in the long run, cost less in health care. I fully support this initiative!

  5. Yes, infertility is hard. My mom could have kids but she did lose a child a long time ago. Still hurts. 🙁

  6. Great article. I completely agree and wish it didn’t mean bankruptcy for some folks to be able to have children.

  7. I tried for over 2 years to get pregnant (and it was when I was living in Alberta too). I remember the frustration I felt with myself and I prayed every day for a child. We had just started the process of having tests done at the doctor’s to see if there was a medical cause when I found out that I was pregnant with Bridget. I knew the costs of IVF having seen clients in our accounting practice claim these expenses on their taxes. There was no way I could ever afford it. I think having it funded is a good thing! If Quebec can do it, why not the rest of the country???

    1. Amen!
      Thanks for sharing your experience, Stacie! Many people don’t realize the ‘other side’, and what a hard time that could be.

  8. What a wonderful cause. I tried for a year and a half to conceive with my daughter and was really starting to believe that I would not have children. It was such an awful feeling. Thankfully God has blessed me with two. I hope this post makes people see that there needs to be an alternative of some sort.

  9. I couldn’t imagine dealing with infertility. My heart goes out to those who have and are going through it right now. I’m always blown away by how much treatments cost, but totally worth it to create a child. Great write up here, thanks for sharing.

  10. I come from a large family and an even bigger extended family so not having children of my own was unthinkable. I am very blessed to have them in my life… they are my most precious treasures. I enjoyed reading this post and thank you for sharing.

  11. It is really great that you are getting the word out for this cause. I am blessed with four wonderful children and couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  12. Great blog. We have two wonderful little boys through the miracle of IVF. I couldn’t imagine a world without them just because we couldn’t afford it. It just doesn’t seem right to me. I support public funding 100%

    1. It’s true, until recently I hadn’t looked at my kids and thought, ‘what if I had to buy to conceive? What if I couldn’t have afforded you?’ breaks my heart…

  13. I’ve not experienced this situation personally, but have friends who struggled for years trying to conceive. Ironically, a few of them ended up conceiving naturally after giving up all the treatments and adopting a child.

  14. Struggling with having a child in so heartbreaking. While I didn’t need IVF I struggled with the ability to carry. I think it is wonderful that you are willing to use your blog to help others and get the word of something so important out!

  15. I never knew this was not covered. I respect your opinions, but don’t really believe the govt should have to pay for things that aren’t medically necessary.

  16. I enjoyed the article. Having trouble conceiving our second child myself, i feel for all the others that are dealing with the inability to conceive.

  17. I think it’s amazing that there is this choice available for the ones that really do want to try having that miracle baby…

  18. I have been lucky enough to not have this issue, but I do have friends that do. It breaks my heart to see them struggle. I wish I had an answer for them whenever they are feeling depressed about it.

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