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Beat Induction: Let me take you back, the year is 2009 and the twins are sleeping soundly in the living room.

One is in the Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing and the other in the Rainforest Activity Center. The room is silent except for the music from both toys playing at the same time yet not in unison, over and over. And over. Sometimes it gave me a headache as would hearing anything so repetitively,  yet it’s what kept the twins asleep {at other times entertained and happy}, and for that I was so thankful.

To this day, I found myself humming along to this music like I heard it yesterday. When I hear it while other babies are playing, it sure brings back the memories!

Now, I have two beautiful, brilliant girls that have a true love for music, all kind of rhythms and beats. Always singing and dancing {check out their dance moves!}, they are still attracted and play with toys that feature the same lights and sounds.

If you’ve brought home a new Fisher-Price musical toy recently, and are familiar with the ones from years past, you’ll recognize a change. I’d say it’s less ‘storybook’ than music past, definitely more modern. The new line of activity toys and infant music this year focuses on ‘Beat Induction’, the natural dancing and movement to a particular beat of music.

I learned all about the music and how it came to be when I was at Fisher-Price Headquarters earlier this year. The research involved in Beat Induction is incredible, so many aspects of music, movement and reaction were studied.

With Beat Induction and thus what you’ll see in the new Fisher-Price toys is a regular sequence of tones, lights or beats which occur regularly and/or equal time intervals while one listens to music or other sounds. The plays a significant role in the engagement and interaction with the child and promotes play and discovery through those lights and sound.

So, which toys feature the new Beat Induction, which use this beat-based rhythm process? There are many actually, yet here is a few {with video} so you can see yourself:

Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza ~ We seen this one in action at headquarters, a tower with balls, ramps, tubes and all the lights and sounds to go with it. Encouraging the child to play on all levels, it also promotes motor skills and movement. ARV $89.99


Laugh & Learn Dance & Play Puppy ~ One of the most popular Fisher-Price toys of all time! It features baby-friendly motions, lively songs, irresistible wiggles and plenty of interactive learning fun! Great for teaching songs, phrases, movement and cause/effect. Plus, it’s adorable! ARV $49.99


M3 Mickey ~ One of the newest and coolest toys in the line-up, I was first introduced to this toy when I was in the M3Mickey Flash Mob! My girls go crazy over Mickey, mimicking his moves and song. ARV $89.99



I’m apart of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation
with being a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador {#FisherPriceMoms}. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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  1. It’s amazing the changes in all the things for kids now. My youngest is turning 18 in 2 weeks, so my swing had no music! I will certainly enjoy shopping for all these new improved products when it’s time for grandchildren.

  2. Their Laugh & Learn Dance & Play Puppy is great! I love Fisher-Price musical toys & know a new one will for sure be under our tree this year!

  3. I am tempted to run out the store to play with some of the Fisher Price musical things they have on display just to hear the new tunes! Maybe I’ll like them better than the old ones, but either way, I’m sure #3 will like them as much as the first two!

  4. The Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza looks awesome! My 3 year old son would love it!

  5. The Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza looks like a great gift idea for the little ones in my life. Engaging and entertaining while promoting growth and development!

  6. It’s been a long time since I had to think about baby/toddler toys. These changes sound amazing! I’m sure I would be surprised at all the new technology now when it comes to these products.

  7. Love the Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza. Wished we’d seen it before we’d bought the littlest grandchild’s christmas presents… keep in mind for her 1st bday…


    {Pattie’s passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  8. Oh my gosh this is soooo much better. Migraines and uncoordinated sounds are hell

  9. this is really cool! I will have to look into getting some of this stuff for my little guy. He loves music! Thanks!

  10. Thankfully, I’m at work during the day and wouldn’t have to listen to the music most of the time. I think it would drive me nuts, even if it is a great idea… 🙂

  11. Fisher Price toys seem to be a big hit in this house, even when my 7 year old was little. Now his sister is getting in on the action. Thanks for the review!

  12. My daughter wants one of those ballapaloozas. Every time she sees the commercial for it she says “pwease” and motions with her hand. Fisher Price has so many neat toys!

  13. I love how companies are really devoted to helping children develop. These are all such great toys.

  14. I love Fisher Price toys and gear. We have so much of it in our home, and definitely have a few items on our wishlist for Kara this Christmas!

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