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Tim Hortons Home for the Holidays‏ with Tassimo

What kind of Canadian blogger would I be if I didn’t include Tim Hortons into the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide?! Oh yes, my friends. Hang onto your touques!

How I love those Tim Horton’s Holiday Commercials and their touching stories of caring, sharing and generosity. It really does lift the spirit and bring forth that festive mood.

Yet for those not up at the crack of dawn at the hockey rink with friends {thus the opportunity to hit a Tim’s drive thru on the way}, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee in the comforts of home.

In your PJ’s, grimacing at the bitter cold out the window, then smiling over the realization that you don’t really have to leave the house today.

If this depicts your idea of heaven indoors, how about adding a cup of Tim Hortons into those hands. Ahhh, now I’ve painted a very pretty picture, right?

TASSIMO and Tim Hortons have joined forces to launch Tim Hortons TASSIMO T DISCs in three varieties: premium blend, decaf and latte. Now Tim Hortons fans can have the coffee they love at the touch of a button in the comfort of their home.

The premium blend is my favorite of them all, you’ll notice the similarity if you take your Tim’s black. While it’s a delicious brew with my usual splash of milk, I think part of my tim Hortons addiction might lie mainly in their cream. So, to get the ultimate experience for those that prefer the good ‘ol double-double, have some cream on hand.

Another way to bring a Tim home? In celebration of the launch and the festive season TASSIMO is helping to Bring “Tims” Home for the Holidays in more ways than one! TASSIMO is inviting Canadians to nominate a “Tim” (or Tina, or Tom or Uncle Ted), someone they’d like to reunite with for the Holidays. To share a heartwarming story for a chance to win, visit

To get your Tim Hortons T DISCS for TASSIMO, you’ll have to purchase online or visit one of their restaurant locations, they are not currently sold at any box stores or grocers.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide GiveawayMy Organized Chaos is bringing Tim’s into the home of one Canadian reader! The lucky person drawn at random will get their own TASSIMO T55 Brewer!

To Enter, Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good luck!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I love the new look of the TASSIMO T55 mind you I would be so happy to have any one of their brewers in my home my better half is a huge coffee buff and me and the kids love Hot Chocolate and Teas so I am sure it would be put to great use!

  2. me, me, me. i love my timmies. have to have it every day or things can become dangerous for others, lol

  3. I liked the looks of all of them the T65 looks very cool but the T55 says it is height adjustable and has a removable cup stand , would be a hard but fun choice to make

  4. We love Tim Hortons so much, I have 2 sons working at 2 separate stores! My favorite though is the French Vanilla coffee. Would so love to win this prize. I got used to using my daughter’s Keurig until I moved out. But a Tassimo that brews Tim Hortons coffee would be awesome!!!

  5. Tassimo looks just as good–I wouldn’t know; was at a friend’s and she had a Keurig. She made me the perfect cup of coffee–I thought I was gonna die it was SOOOO good. If I win one, hey…BONUS!

  6. I’d be happy with any of them. If I had to choose, I would choose the T65.

    Thank you!

  7. This would be the ultimate ift for my husband. Both of us are Timmies fanatics. I go out every night and get both us coffees from Tim Hortons. The cashiers know my order whenever I go in. Love it.

  8. I currently own a Keruig and i love it but I have always wanted a Tassimo because of the choices thanks for the chance to enter 🙂

    Happy holidays

  9. I would Love to win this especially for the Holidays, to Entertain as we open up gifts, with a Yummy cup of Some Classy style coffee 🙂 Tassimo T65 OR T55 🙂

  10. Any of them really 🙂 But if I HAD to choose I guess the TASSIMO T55 because I like the “pre-adjustable drink strength” feature.

  11. I’M not really sure they all look and sound incredible. I’ve never used one or seen one in action so I couldn’t choose which brewer would be perfect for me but I would be happy to try any one of them

  12. I would love to gift the T45 or T65 to a loved one. this would be a great gift to give this year.

  13. Have never owned a Tassimo … and love TIm Hortons .. it’s a match for a skating mom!!!

  14. I like the looks of the T65. They all have great features, but the T65 was calling my name.

  15. ANY of them. OMG I would LOVE to upgrade to a coffeemaker that doesn’t take 15 minutes!

  16. The T55 looks really nice, but i would settle for any of them, ours is going on 3yrs old and is starting to look it.

  17. Just think of the driving to Timmies having one of these would save! Both the T55 and the T65 look wonderful.

  18. Oh, I love love any of them..Would be nice to see one under my tree but the Tassimo T55 looks nice but they all look nice. don’t they? 🙂

  19. I don’t have a brewer at all, so any one of them would be wonderful………but I do like the features of the Tassimo T55

  20. I would love to win the T55. I am crazy for my tassimo here. We love americano and cafe cream. I’d like to try the Timmies.

  21. wow would love this as hubby works shift work so to make a full pot of coffee rarely happens,,but I still need my caffine fix,,be he sleeping or at work

  22. I’d like to win this for my partner. I don’t drink coffee but he really appreciates it. This looks like a nice easy machine.

  23. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The TASSIMO Brewer.
    In Response To Your Requirement To Visit TASSIMO and tell you which brewer i would like to have in my home!
    I Would Like To Have The TASSIMO T55.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I would love to win a Tassimo as I am the only one in my household who drinks coffee and, if you perk a pot it gets very strong by the end of it. With this machine I could make one cup at a tim. Nice and fresh love it.

  25. love the look of the Tassimo, my husband really wants one for Christmas, thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂

  26. T20
    I don’t know much about them, I don’t know if I would enjoy it or if the prices for the coffee cup things are outrageous, so I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a pc of equip that wouldn’t get much use

  27. I was so excited when I learned about the new pods. It’s the only reason Iwant to get the brewer! I <3 Timmy's coffee.

  28. The T55 model looks wonderful. I’d love to win one of these. My heart and tastebuds long for one!

  29. I’m new to your site but excited to have a look around and maybe try out some of those yummy looking dessert recipes. Thanks for sharing them!

  30. They all look great! What’s better than starting your morning with a Timmies – starting it at home with a fresh HOT Timmies!

  31. The T55 looks great, but anything that would make me a timmie’s at home is amazing

  32. I;ve never tried the tassimo, and I don’t drink coffee, but for my girlfriend i think she’d like the T46 one

  33. I would have to say the T55… it comes in some snazzy colors, and cleans itself. Anything that cleans itself is a welcome addition in my home! 🙂

  34. Any. My brother needs a new coffee maker and this would make a great Christmas present for him.

  35. These coffee makers are a fantastic invention. T20 is perfect because of its smaller footprint.

  36. I would love to win the Tassimo T55. I always wanted a Tassimo and thank you for giving me a chance!

  37. I’m also a mom of multiples…just had triplets in August and they definitely keep me busy! I would love the Tassimo T55! Coffee is what’s keeping me sane! 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. A Tassimo, with Tim Hortons discs sitting on my kitchen counter would be a great way to start any day…

  39. The TASSIMO T55 is awesome but I would looove any one! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  40. The White T20 is purdy. But any machine that dispenses caffeine gets my vote.

  41. I visited TASSIMO and another brewer that catches my eye is their, “Tassimo T46” in red 😉

  42. Gotta say, the Tassimo T65 is pretty sweet with the LCD screen. but the T55 does the job just as well, and I would to have one.

  43. T65… I would be happy with ANY single cup brewer, we don’t own a coffee maker! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  44. Tassimo T20 would look very nice on my kitchen counter top, but hey! I’m not picking! Good luck everyone!

  45. I’m very excited about this! I had a tassimo but the milk leaked into it every time I used a milk pod. I wasn’t a fan of the couple of coffees I tried in it. But now with these pods I think I would definately give it another go.

  46. Wow…. I would love the Tassimo T-55 any color please & thank you very much! 🙂

  47. The Tassimo T55 forsure! I would really like any of them to complete my kitchen! Thanks for the chance!

  48. I always wanted to try one of these “modular” coffee machines. A good friend has this one, and loves it.

  49. I know it’s lame to like the older versions, but the T46 has fully automatic one-button functioning and one button is about all I can manage some mornings!

  50. The T65 looks nice but I like colour options, so if I had to choose one other than the T55 I would say the T46 in red 🙂

  51. The T46 is sleek and does exactly what it needs to do. I would love to share this with my parents because they love Timmy’s, so now they can make their own at home. Cheers and good luck!

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